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Flametree Yoga has Special Focus classes that are perfect for pregnancy. See why.

If you’re looking for “pregnancy yoga near me”, or in particular places, then pregnancy yoga online can be your best option.  Get your own yoga for pregnancy near me. To emphasise the importance of high-quality pregnancy yoga, I’ll start with two tiny, sad stories. They illustrate how the safe and effective pregnancy yoga at Flametree Studio can help you, via our Special Focus classes. After my stories, I’ll outline why pregnancy yoga online Australia wide, at Flametree, is a good option.

Of course, some of you may be able to access our in-studio pregnancy yoga Darwin in-studio options. You can also read more about these Darwin pregnancy classes under the Pregnancy heading on the Flametree FAQ.

But, as an alternative to in-studio classes, LIVE pregnancy yoga online options are an excellent way to get what you need. Do it from anywhere, with great convenience and privacy.

Flametree’s Special Focus classes and other support, are entirely suitable for pregnant women. They ensure you get the type of quality yoga that is so critical to maximise your physical and mental health, and have the best birth.

Before I tell you the stories I mentioned, I stress that at Flametree, you’ll get high-quality, regular (and gentle) classes that pregnant women can come to, and that will be of great benefit to them. In other words, you join a suitable Special Focus regular yoga class, and are given alternatives that help with the various stages of your pregnancy. (I contrast Flametree’s approach to that of a dedicated pregnancy class of only pregnant women).

The very quick guide to Flametree’s yoga for pregnancy options

You get a mix up to 6 yoga classes a week, including Gentle Yoga, Women Only Yoga, Back Neck & Shoulder Yoga, and Restorative Yoga.

If you’re planning to get pregnant, the best time to start yoga is right away. Then you have the many benefits of yoga right through your pregnancy.

If you’re already pregnant, then please follow these steps.

  1. If you’ve done yoga already, start anytime via Flametree’s beginner or non-beginner deals, including those at the orange links below.
  2. But if you are a total beginner, you can start at 15 weeks, via a range of beginner deals, including those below.
  3. If a beginner, and will be doing online classes, you first need to first do a 30 minute private class ($49). It’s for safety, but you’ll also get some useful yoga tips and poses. Do this also from 15 weeks onwards.

All the above steps can be done online from anywhere, or in-the-studio (in the Darwin, Australia region).

Read on for more details of the classes, my stories about why to use yoga, and what to expect using Flametree’s yoga for pregnancy options.

If you have questions, or to book the private class, contact us via our Custom Service contacts. (They’re also at the bottom of this page).

Non beginner deals: from 30 days for $14.95 (AUD), for online, unlimited classes 

30 minute private class to start online beginner yoga for pregnancy

CLICK for Beginner Yoga Ten Class Pass options (from $7.90 a class)

CLICK for Beginner Yoga for pregnant women, & 2 weeks FREE (from $9.95 a week unlimited)

My friend’s sad story

To introduce this topic, the first story I want to tell you is from a male friend of mine. His partner was able to get pregnant, but was no able to complete the pregnancy. In turns out his partner kept up daily power walking exercise during the first trimester.

Speaking as a Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher, my view is that my friend’s pregnant partner would have been much better served by doing yoga.

The reason is because yoga would have helped both parts of her nervous system. It’s likely that such yoga, whether online or in-studio, would have prepared her both mentally and physically for what was to come. Below, I talk about why, and what Flametree offers to help.

yoga for pregnancy near me

Kim, a Flametree Yoga teacher, demonstrates a Restorative Yoga pose. It’s restful, and reduces anxiety, but also still stretches your hamstrings, leg by leg. It’s taught in many of the Special Focus classes that are suitable and effective for pregnant women. Check out Flametree’s Special Focus classes and deals. They’re an excellent way to access pregnancy yoga online Australia or in-studio pregnancy yoga Darwin options.

Beware standard exercise with no adjustment

The second story concerns a yoga pregnancy classes student who had a background of doing many lunges in a gym’s fitness classes.

At the gym, she was using a conventional exercise process that mainly accesses the so-called sympathetic nervous system. From her first class, this student found it difficult to be patient with yoga for her alternate (or parasympathic) nervous system.

In other words, she knew too little about how to chill out and accept the numerous changes that were happening to her body.

This student also found it difficult to accept that some yoga practices had to be modified for pregnancy. Sadly, after she gave up pregnancy yoga, she had a difficult pregnancy, including a lot of lower back pain.

Pregnancy can of course be a happy and flourishing time of your life. But the right yoga can help you hugely in your journey through it.

Prenatal yoga classes, & postnatal yoga

In this post, I’ll focus mainly on the prenatal yoga practices that are appropriate before the birth.

As you’ll see, you can certainly start and do yoga in your prenatal period of time. It will also help you hugely in the postnatal period, via postnatal classes after the birth. There’s much more on our site about postpartum yoga options.

However, if you are planning to get pregnant, the best time to start beginner yoga is right now. It will be the best physical and mental health preparation for pregnancy. Read on and you’ll see why.

Below, I also outline:

  • what Flametree pregnancy yoga online and in-studio offers,
  • key practices for pregnant people (whether you’re doing yoga or not),
  • how online pregnancy yoga (or in-studio yoga) works, and
  • the variations to pregnancy yoga over the three trimesters.

Non beginner deals: from 30 days for $14.95 (AUD), for online, unlimited classes 

30 minute private class to start online beginner yoga for pregnancy

CLICK for Beginner Yoga for pregnant women, & 2 weeks FREE (from $9.95 a week unlimited)

pregnancy yoga Brisbane

Chair yoga is used on all of the Special Focus classes at Flametree. They’re supplied at Flametree studios. But if you’re doing online yoga for pregnancy, we suggest you have your own, even if only a simple kitchen chair. Ideally, have one that has an open back, like the one Kim is using. Chairs give you plenty of stretch, but also conserve energy.

Pregnancy yoga at Flametree, via Special Focus Classes

Yoga Special Focus classes for pregnancy at Flametree (as well as the pregnancy yoga course online), offer you an unlimited mix of up to six highly suitable Open Level yoga classes each week. It’s both LIVE online and in-the-studio pregnancy yoga Darwin.

The classes are open to both beginners and non-beginners at yoga. (That’s why they are called “Open Level).

Via the Special Focus classes, the pregnancy yoga options are on any of five days a week, with three different fully accredited and registered yoga teachers. I (Chris Lalor) am one of those teachers, and I am also the lead trainer of the others. Each of us will, depending on your class, be your prenatal yoga instructor.

The Special Focus classes are called Gentle Yoga (at three different optional times), Back Neck & Shoulder Yoga, Women Only Yoga, or Restorative Yoga For Heart Health. You’ll see the class times on the Flametree Beginner Yoga Timetable. Together they ensure you get safe and gentle pregnancy yoga. (All these classes are in a sixty minute session).

It’s also worth saying that the poses in these classes will be much more effective, and ongoingly doable, than any of the massage techniques that you may be offered at other venues.

How Special Focus classes work for pregnancy

Among other things, all the above classes use restorative yoga poses to offer you a variety of effective relaxation techniques. But that is not anything like all you’ll get. You will have a balanced program of stretching, toning, strengthening, and some appropriate yoga flows. Taken together or separately, the classes are a great option to prepare you for the birth center and birth experience.

Women Only Yoga also offers you a yogic version of pelvic floor exercises.

Overall, the wide variety of classes gives you so much more than just traditional yoga. With Flametree’s Special Focus yoga classes, you are an active participant to the level that is suitable for your situation. It can also adjust dynamically over your three trimesters.

All in all, you’ll get your very own pregnancy yoga for beginners, via using our Special Focus classes in the way I outline.

Classes and teachers of your yoga poses for pregnancy

Below, I’ve included more about how some poses, in whatever yoga class you attend, are ongoingly modified by your yoga teacher.

You’ll notice I’ve included only some classes and some teachers. First, I’ve included the above class types because they are suitably modified for you to do pregnancy yoga poses safely and effectively.

I’ll also turn briefly to the yoga teachers I’ve included, who teach these particular classes.

In this regard, the quality standards of the Iyengar Yoga style of yoga requires that teachers of pregnancy yoga must have completed 300 hours of teacher training, over three years, and then completed a rigorous independent accreditation process. (Iyengar teachers are certified by their own organisation. It’s different from Yoga Alliance, which you may know of).

For this reason, in contrast to much else you’ll find, Iyengar yoga classes have especially high standards of safety and effectiveness.

Additional Special Focus classes for Non-Beginners

All of the above classes are at Flametree’s so-called Open Level of yoga skills. That means they can be done by both beginners and non-beginners. If you have recent previous yoga experience, you can also attend suitable classes in the Non-Beginner Timetable.

For example, such non-beginner classes include Breath Mediation (Pranayama), Yoga For Immune System, and Restorative Yoga.

In particular, Breath Meditation will help develop your breathing, focus and lungs for the pregnancy breathing practices you will learn as part of the normal training for pregnant people.

Non beginner deals: from 30 days for $14.95 (AUD), for online, unlimited classes 

CLICK for Beginner Yoga Ten Class Pass options (from $7.90 a class)

CLICK for Beginner Yoga for pregnant women, & 2 weeks FREE (from $9.95 a week unlimited)

pregnancy yoga online

Here I am (Chris Lalor), demonstrating Triangle Pose using a chair. Standing poses like this develop strength and flexibility, including your inner leg muscles. As an accredited Senior Yoga Teacher, I developed and supervise each of the Special Focus classes at Flametree, including Women Only Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga For Heart Health, and Back, Neck & Shoulder Yoga. These classes, taught by myself and other certified teachers, provide a wide range of physical and mental benefits for pregnant women. Check out Flametree’s Special Focus classes and deals. They’re an excellent way to access pregnancy yoga online Australia or in-studio pregnancy yoga Darwin options.

Practices for online pregnancy yoga via Special Focus Classes

Before I talk about practices for each of the three trimesters of pregnancy yoga, I’ll outline how online pregnancy yoga works.

With online pregnancy yoga please do these things.

  1. During the class, please keep your screen on. This allows the teacher to see you, so as to double check that safe yoga practices are being followed. The teacher can see and hear you, and vice-versa. Please also ensure you position your phone, or other camera, so the teacher can see you clearly.
  2. Please do one 30 minute private yoga class before you start the online classes. These helps us deliver your subsequent yoga classes for your maximum benefit. In the course of the class, you’ll also get some helpful tips and practices for your pregnancy yoga journey.
  3. Have the yoga props and equipment for supine (or lying) yoga pregnancy poses. The main props you’ll need are a chair, bolster, yoga blanket, belt, and blocks. (Read more about these on our yoga props page).
  4. If you’ve not done inverted or upside-down yoga poses at all, then please don’t do them when you are pregnant. In other words, unless you are a non-beginner with experience of yoga inversions, don’t learn or do inverted poses during pregnancy.

Before I leave the discussion of props, you may notice the use of chair yoga in pictures or videos of our classes (as well as some of the pictures on this page). That’s because chair yoga for pregnancy, and for many other situations, is highly effective. If you are online, you can use a normal kitchen chair. But also consider the type of yoga chair you’ll see us using, or something similar.

The online yoga practices will set you up well for a safe pregnancy yoga path, and a good birth. Following these and the other general pregnancy yoga poses outlined below is a very effective way to prepare for your wonderful pregnancy journey.

Other key pregnancy yoga practices

During either LIVE online classes, or in Flametree’s in-studio classes Darwin, you’ll be able to do most of the poses. However, in some cases, there will be some modifications given to you by the teacher.

You’ll get the modifications given to you in a discrete way, as the class proceeds. Over time, you’ll also get to know the modifications. You’ll then be able to do them on the spot without even any prompting.

In the process, the poses via the type of Special Focus classes I’ve mentioned above, or the modifications, will give you safe and effective pregnancy yoga. As I’ll show further below, it will also be adjusted over the trimesters of pregnancy.

One example of a basic modification that you’ll get concerns any time when the class may do a lunge.

You’ll no doubt know of lunges, such as you might at a gym or in some of the vinyasa styles of yoga. (At the beginner of this Post, I mentioned an example of how such lunging can be a problem, including how it has a focus on the sympathetic nervous system).

Ensuring an even balance of both nervous systems

Throughout all yoga, especially pregnancy yoga, Flametree’s focus is to get you in touch with both of your nervous systems. You’ll naturally find that that it’s easy to access the sympathetic nervous system. It’s the centre-piece of all normal activities, including other types of exercise.

In contrast, accessing the parasympathic nervous system is especially great for managing stress or anxiety, or developing more patience.

In addition, the parasympathetic nervous system help you build acceptance. Such acceptance will help you adjust to the fact that you (and your baby) now have particular and special needs.

gentle yoga

In this pose, I’m using two bolsters to demonstrate a classic Restorative Yoga pose, While its still lengthening your leg muscles, it’s also hugely de-stressing. In the process, it allows you to access your parasympathetic nervous system. Within a short amount of time, these restorative yoga poses will teach you a whole new way to chill out, build acceptance, and reduce anxiety. Obviously, such yoga poses are entirely safe for your pregnancy. 

Basic pregnancy yoga practices for any classes

Whether you are doing online or in-studio classes, here are a few basic practices to help your pregnant body. They may be obvious, but here they are, just in case.

I suggest you also follow these for any yoga classes at home too. In your online or in-studio class, the Flametree yoga teacher will also help you stick with these practices.

  1. Don’t lie on your tummy at any time
  2. Don’t do any strong abdominal poses
  3. No backbends
  4. Step out into positions rather than jumping.
  5. Use yoga props as needed, even if some others are not (especially in the first trimester)
  6. Follow the yoga pose alternatives that are given. (There may be reasons that are known to your yoga teacher that may not be evident to you).

As I said, most of the above practices are common sense. But some may be easy to forget, especially when you have others who are doing particular practices.

Maybe you’re ready to get underway with what I’m suggesting for your pregnancy journey. If so, please check out Flametree’s Special Focus classes and deals. They’re an excellent way to access pregnancy yoga online Australia at Flametree, or our in-studio pregnancy yoga Darwin options.

First trimester practices

I’ll now move on to discuss the yoga you’ll learn and do over the trimesters of pregnancy.

First, if you are totally new to yoga, please don’t start classes (even the private class), until after your week 15. This is to maximise your protection in the first several months.

If you have been doing regular yoga before you got pregnant, then it’s fine to start Flametree’s classes in the first trimester.

As a non-beginner at yoga, even though you may be doing yoga via our non-beginner packages, you can still access all the Open Level Special Focus classes, and other non-beginner classes, that I have been outlining. (You can of course use our beginner packages too. If you have not done Iyengar style of yoga, that may in fact be the best approach).

Even if you are starting yoga in the first trimester, remember that pregnancy can be demanding and confronting.

Of course, everyone has a different experience of pregnancy. But some pregnant people will experience nausea, or tiredness, or both.

These are just some of the ways you need to adjust to being pregnant. In addition, many take time emotionally to adjust.

If you’ve already done yoga, you will, among other things, get great benefits from being able to access Flametree’s Restorative Yoga classes. These classes help you improve sleep, as well as reduce stress and anxiety. They also improve acceptance, as already mentioned above.

Other classes, such as Back, Neck & Shoulder Yoga, help you prepare for a well-known issue with pregnancy.

Non beginner deals: from 30 days for $14.95 (AUD), for online, unlimited classes 

yoga Brisbane

Using a chair for a modified version of the famous Tree Pose. Tree pose develops balance. It also strengthens the single leg you’re standing on. In the next picture, you’ll see Kim demonstrating the full version of this pose. By the way, all versions of this pose both straighten the spine, and uplift your spirits. Try it and prove what I say. 

Second Trimester

In the second trimester, many pregnant women are feeling confident, happy and strong.

As mentioned, this is a good time for starting Flametree’s beginner yoga classes. You can start beginner classes at any time, or you can wait for one of the regular Beginner Yoga Courses.

Modifications to poses are still given as needed. For instance, modifications are given for lengthening and spreading your body so there is room for your baby to grow.

As your baby grows, you will become aware of the postural changes that are taking place, and how it impacts other areas of your body. For example, such changes have implications for your breasts and back.

Third Trimester

Again, I stress that everybody has individual situations, including with your mental health and outlook.

For example, some people look forward to the birth, or even get “clucky”.

With or without this, others are anxious. If so, yoga will help reduce it.

Therefore, keeping up a regular yoga practice throughout this third trimester will help manage your mental state. It will also help with ongoing physical adjustments, physical toning, and preparing for breathing practices.

Among other things, your teacher will help you with new ways of doing poses for space, breath, back pain, and energy.

In the process, you’ll get a tried and tested method to strengthen women and prepare for birth.

As well as that, your teacher will guide you with the yoga over the tree trimesters so that it will steadily change in the ways I’ve outlined.

Non beginner deals: from 30 days for $14.95 (AUD), for online, unlimited classes 

30 minute private class to start online beginner yoga for pregnancy

CLICK for Beginner Yoga Ten Class Pass options (from $7.90 a class)

CLICK for Beginner Yoga for pregnant women, & 2 weeks FREE (from $9.95 a week unlimited)

Standing poses

Chris, demonstrating a version of Mountain Pose. Among other things, it extends your chest. In the process, it improves your state of mind and positivity. Like all yoga, it gives you extra resilience for dealing with the challenges of pregnancy and all other things in your life.

Breath Meditation in your third trimester, or earlier

If you are already doing breath meditation, then keep it up. Breathing exercises, via yoga, are a unique and powerful type of breath work.

If you’ve never done such yoga breathing practices, then start now or earlier. You’ll learn and practise highly useful breathing techniques.

They are excellent background and training for the particular type of breathing used at birth. As you’ll see at the link below, they also offer many other benefits, including being a huge help with anxiety.

The practice of yoga is very worthwhile, but adding breathing (or even visualization techniques), are extra dimensions.

If you are a non-beginner, you can start Flametree’s Breath Meditation at any time. If you are a beginner, then you first need at least a couple of months of beginner yoga. So if you started beginner yoga during your second trimester, then you are able to do Breath Meditation in your third trimester.

At the appropriate time, a good way to start Breath Meditation is via the Flametree’s ten free introductory Breath Meditation classes.

See the picture below, where I am demonstrating the relaxed Breath Meditation pose that we use for many types of breathing.

Special issues like blood pressure, anxiety and stress

As well as issues like back pain, yoga can and does address many other particular conditions.

For example, blood pressure is sometimes an issue for pregnant people.

In this regard, restorative yoga is especially good at helping with blood pressure. You’ll do all of these poses at Flametree pregnancy yoga. However, you can also use these poses for pregnancy yoga at home, at any time.

You’ll also find they are especially useful for sleep, anxiety and the likely added stress in your new life. (After all, you are getting already also looking after a new person in your life!).

breath meditation

Pregnant women would be shown how to do a further modified version of this Breath Meditation pose. The belt supports you. Breath meditation (aka pranayama) will also develop your lung and breath capacity. In turn, that will help with the breathing exercises that are helpful at birth. (You will of course learn those separately in your pregnancy preparation.)

Flametree Yoga Studio summary

These last few sections give you a summary of Flametree and the class pass options.

Flametree classes are LIVE online, at the local time of Darwin, Australia (+9.30GMT).

You’ll get a supportive environment with special attention appropriate to each of the stages of pregnancy.

Yoga postures are always appropriate and adjusted as needed. You’ll get all the many benefits of yoga at this special time of your life.

The classes are all standard, introductory hatha yoga poses, done in the Iyengar style of yoga.

If you are looking for pregnancy yoga near me, or near any other location, then the online classes allow you to get a wider range of classes and options.

Summary of Special Focus class options

There’s many options, including Gentle Yoga, Women Only Yoga, Yoga for Back (& Neck & Shoulders), and Restorative Yoga For Heart Health. (These classes are also available a prenatal yoga video).

Mostly, all the classes are a mix of active but gentle yoga, plus restorative yoga. Restorative Yoga For Hearth Health is obviously only about restorative yoga, with a some focus on poses for heart. But you’ll still do a wide mix of restorative poses.

The restorative yoga poses are especially useful for pregnancy, anxiety, toning, stretching, blood pressure, and reducing stress.

At the non-beginner level, there’s extra options like Yoga For Immune System, Fifty Plus Yoga, and more advanced levels. (Fifty Plus classes can be attended by those under fifty).

If you’ve already done some yoga, you can also get ten FREE breath meditation (pranayama) classes.

In addition, you get top Iyengar yoga opportunities. This high-quality yoga is otherwise very hard to find, especially Iyengar yoga for pregnancy.

If you like, check out what other Flametree students have said about Flametree’s online classes.

If you’re looking for a yoga school in your area, then please consider the wide range of high quality options available via online yoga at Flametree.

Yoga school options for anywhere

The online Flame Tree beginners yoga can be started at any time (unless you are in your first trimester).

There’s also a two-week free trial. You need a credit or debit card, but unless you continue after the trial, you pay zero.

Follow the relevant links to learn more about the most popular of Flametree’s beginners yoga deals.

Beginners can just pay week to week, or there is also a beginner course, in-studio or online.

Some students, as discussed above, also start with a private class, and then move onto regular online or in-studio classes.

A small number of health care providers may give you some recognition of your yoga class investment, so check with them.

I hope you’re ready to get underway with what I’m suggesting for your pregnancy journey. If so, please check out Flametree’s Special Focus classes and deals. They’re an excellent way to access pregnancy yoga online Australia at Flametree, or our in-studio pregnancy yoga Darwin options.

Flametree’s many online or in-studio options, with an unlimited mix of classes, will give you the best pregnancy options, wherever you are. Try the 2-week trial to check it out for yourself.

Non beginner deals: from 30 days for $14.95 (AUD), for online, unlimited classes 

30 minute private class to start online beginner yoga for pregnancy

CLICK for Beginner Yoga Ten Class Pass options (from $7.90 a class)

CLICK for Beginner Yoga for pregnant women, & 2 weeks FREE (from $9.95 a week unlimited)

One last option for pregnancy yoga online Australia wide, or beyond

Online videos including gentle pregnancy yoga Special Focus class options.

For pregnancy yoga Darwin in-studio deals, use the in-the studio versions of the above passes.

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