Build core strength to lift up in Lolasana

Yoga poses to help build core strength to lift up in Lolasana, and shift your mindset Lolasana- with help from a belt and blocks Lolasana- Pendant Pose is a pose that stops many people in their tracks. It is not an easy pose. And yet it is one of the first arm balancing poses that […]

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Nadi Shodhana Benefits & How Alternate Nostril Breathing Works

nadi shodhana benefits

Including how to do nadi shodhana pranayama. Nadi Shodhana benefits are what you get from nadi shodhana breathing pranayama. In short, it’s breath meditation using alternate nostrils. Each nostril has a separate and different “pathway”. So it makes sense that directing your breath through those different pathways can have very different affects. Nadi shodhana breathing […]

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