Yoga Poses For Period Pain, & Video

yoga poses for period pain

Learn what pose to do for each of your 4 menstrual stages of the month Beginner yoga deals with 2 weeks free Non-beginner yoga deal: 14 days for $29 Yoga poses for period pain eased and reduced all the symptoms of menstruation I had. Although I didn’t realise it, I actually also needed to yoga […]

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Managing Effort in Your Yoga Practice.

Top Darwin yoga space

Yoga is not about grunt or effort FREE yoga sequences, video classes & breath meditation classes Beginner Iyengar yoga online course, or in-the-studio, with 2 weeks free Non-beginner Iyengar style yoga, online or in-the-studio When I first started yoga I tried so hard to understand what it was all about. In those days, the closest […]

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Power of Pranayama. Try It With 10 Free Classes Offer

power of pranayma

Ujjayi Pranayama Iyengar Style With 10 Free Breath Meditation Classes Pranayama stopped my adult tantrums! I had a well-earned reputation for tanties! The power of pranayama fixed these dramas. It led me to learn and teach the science of pranayama. I looked in the Urban Dictionary for more about my old self. “Tantie”, as you […]

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