Experienced classes are for experienced Flametree Yoga Darwin In-studio or LIVE online students who progressed through the Beginner, Transition to Intermediate, and Intermediate Levels (or their equivalent elsewhere).

Chris Lalor, the certified Senior Iyengar Teacher and founder of Flametree, teaches all the Experienced classes.

Some Experienced classes are combined Intermediate / Experienced levels. Chris or certified Iyengar Teacher Belinda Hoult, teach these classes.

Flametree has a non-beginner timetable of over 30 non-beginner Iyengar classes a week, at all levels of normal Iyengar yoga. The Experienced Level (sometimes called Level 2), comes after Intermediate (Level 1), and before the Advanced (Level 3) Level.

Those new to Flametree get unlimited non-beginner classes for 14 days, including many classes at this level (and / or other levels), for just $29 (or less than $2 a class if you do daily classes). Go here for this non-beginner deal.

At this link, there more about how and why Flametree teaches Iyengar yoga, and its benefits. 

At Flametree, almost all online classes are available LIVE online. This means is just like being in a real class. Unless you choose otherwise, the teacher can hear you and see you, and give you on the spot guidance.

If you wish, you can also do on-demand yoga video Experienced and other classes, with or without these live online or in-studio classes. Flametree’s package also give you the option of various combinations of these on-demand, online, or in-studio formats.

Flametree Yoga Darwin adjusts to the level of the class

To be at this Experienced level, you’re likely to have been practising Iyengar Yoga regularly at those levels for at least a couple of years.

In Flametree’s Experienced Level classes there can be a wide range of student capability, with each working to their own capacity. Some students will have just moved up from Intermediate, while others may have been at this level for years.

As you probably know, your skills and capacity will be due to both how long you have practised yoga, and how often each week you practise yoga.

If you are unsure if this level is suitable for you, then we suggest you attend either an Intermediate class, or a Mixed Non-Beginner class,  or an Intermediate / Experienced class. These are combined classes. This means you have more scope for working at the level that suits you best. It also helps you get the most from the class.

Flametree teachers, including its Senior teacher, Chris Lalor, have a particular focus on adapting classes for the level of those students actually in each class.

We mean that in any class at Flametree, the teacher will also base the level of that individual class on the average of the skills of the students in that particular class. In other words, the level of the average skills expected on the day of any particular class is adjusted on the spot by the teacher, so as you maximise your experience of the class, and the returns you get from it.

At this level all the different inversions are taught, such as full arm balance, full head stand, & all their variations.

More about Flametree’s many certified Iyengar yoga teachers is here. 

Payment options for Flametree Yoga Darwin

You can choose to pay by DIRECT DEBIT, or buy a 10 CLASS PASS, or pay at the CASUAL RATE.

It is a far cheaper option to use the weekly Direct Debit. This means the more classes that you do each week makes the rate for each class much cheaper.

As mentioned above, if you’re new to Flametree, or lapsed 6 months, get 14 days unlimited for $29, via the non-beginner deal.

For regular students at Flametree, there are significant other benefits if you are part of the Direct Deposit payment system.  We encourage students at this level to do at least 2 classes per week as well as their own home practice. All of the price packages are here.

Once you’ve bought a pass, please reserve a class. At in-studio classes, reservations allow us to manage space for safety reasons. For LIVE online classes, the reservation process gets you your link to join the class by Zoom.

Get a pass & then reserve a class at Flametree Yoga Darwin

Class reservations are easy. You can see the timetable, and reserve classes, here.

Once you reserve the class, the Zoom link to join the class is emailed to you. Then you just click the link. (Only on the first occasion you use Zoom, you’ll need to download it here.)

Periodically we offer intensive classes for experienced students. These are theme based classes designed to deepen students understanding.

Deals for regular, Experienced students, or new students

In summary, if you’re an existing Experienced Flametree student, or want to try that level, we suggest you use the direct debit or ten-pass deals.

Or, if you’re new, use one of the generous introductory deals below to give yoga a try… for whatever you need from it.

Here again are the two top deals to get started or re-started.

NON-BEGINNER Iyengar yoga deal, online & in-studio, or both: 14 days unlimited for $29. Learn more. 

Iyengar BEGINNER yoga deal, online or in-studio, or both: Intro poses in a 2 week free trial & money back guarantee. Learn more.