Yoga Class Cost, With ALL Flametree Studio Prices

Best prices & packages online, in-studio & via on-demand yoga videos.

NEW & 6 months lapsed beginner HALF price 10 class pass (10 X $4.95). $49.50 package.

NON-Beginner Newcomer & lapsed HALF price 10 pass deals (10 X $9.95, or less).



Including links with deals & to learn more about each package.

Get the best yoga class cost, or private yoga classes cost. Flametree Yoga always offers you the best yoga class price, yoga cost, & yoga pricing. For instance, if you want the best private yoga classes cost Melbourne, or wherever, then also read on. For example, the cost of online yoga classes for the one month introduction is only 50 cents a class. So check out the best cost of yoga classes you’ll find.

Beginner Packages With Up To 2 Weeks FREE

SCROLL down for each beginner yoga deal. Then follow the live link to learn more about what’s included in the Flametree yoga class cost, or to buy the package. In addition, see the lowest yoga class price. Or scroll to the bottom for this page for the private yoga classes cost.

Another good option is to just check our Flametree’s most popular yoga passes.

After you’ve checked it out, you can buy it via online ecommerce right now, or buy it by EFTPOS or cash at Flametree’s main studio at 19 Bishop St., Woolner, Darwin NT.

The Beginner TEN PASS deals below also have a HALF price option. It lets you get two for the price of one, if you buy with a friend. For more information, click the Ten Pass links below.

If you have questions, please get in touch via the Custom Service contacts at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, for more information, please see our list of why to choose Flametree studio.

All prices are in Australian dollars. They include Australian GST (value added tax).

When you go to the page of the actual package of classes, you can see the price in other various currencies. Just click on the currency symbols on the top right of the page.

If you’ve already used either a half price newcomer beginner 10 class pass, or any other bought package, and you then commence a direct debit pay-by-the-week beginner yoga subscriptions below, then you also get 2 weeks of free yoga at the start of that subscription.

These pay-by-the-week deals are debited weekly. You can pause or cancel anytime. These are the lowest cost, best value packages for regular, beginner students.

These pay-by-the-week packages will debit until you pause it or cancel it. (For instance they are like a Netflix subscription).

The 2 week free component is only available to you once, no matter how many times you stop and start a weekly packages.

Introductory deals for new or lapsed NON-BEGINNERS

Introductory deals for non-beginners who are new to Flametree, or are lapsed for 6 months. Moreover, the cost of online yoga classes for unlimited non-beginner classes, for the one month, is only 50 cents a class.  If new to Flametree, you need to have have done yoga relatively recently. Otherwise, please consider our beginner deals, in the box above.

Alternatively, please also consider the HALF price 10 passes for newcomers and lapsed, which are below.

Non-beginner 10 Pass For Yoga Classes. In-Studio OR Online.

Another good option is a ten pass. In contrast to packages, ten passes can be used as you want, over 3 months. Because of this, they give you great flexibility.

New non-beginners, or those lapsed 6 months, can initially get each of these 10 passes at HALF price. Go to the page and use the discount code “HALFOFF”.

Non-Beginner Week-To-Week for the the best yoga class price

With these week-to-week deals, you get the very lowest yoga class price. In addition, you’ll find it will keep you regular. However, you can always pause as needed.

Want to upgrade or downgrade your pay-by-the-week pass?

  1. Subscribe to to the new package
  2. Manually cancel your old package. (It won’t cancel automatically).
IN-STUDIO & ONLINE COMBINATIONPackage PricePrice per class
Mixed Double Non-Beginner Weekly (2 online, & 2 in-studio)$42.00 a wk$10.50

Breath Meditation Classes & Deals

Beginners and Non-Beginners can use the passes below, so long as you have about 3 months of yoga experience.

Yoga Videos; Plus NON-BEGINNER Newcomer & lapsed deal

So we get that even our big Flametree timetable may not meet your needs. Above all, stay regular with your health and fitness. Therefore, we’ve given you the option of yoga videos.

Yoga Class Cost For Casual Classes

But what if you just want to try out some of these options? Then check out these casual classes.

pranayama for sleep

Private Yoga Classes Cost For One Or More

In contrast to the scheduled classes above, a personal yoga trainer, can be arranged where and when you want. In addition, you can have as few or as many in the session as you want. So here’s the private yoga classes cost, online or in-studio. In addition, if you want the private yoga classes cost Melbourne, or wherever, then also read on.

Four easy steps to set up for online classes

In conclusion, the yoga class cost is even lower for online classes. For instance, getting set up for online yoga or pranayama (breath meditation) will help if there are lockdowns, now or later, in your region. Here’s how to set up for online yoga.

  1. Put the ZOOM Client app on your phone, iPad or PC.
  2. Reserve an online class via the links at (for most non-beginner classes) OR (for most beginner classes).
  3. When it’s time for class, follow the link for the online class that will be sent to you when you book.
  4. Arrange your phone or the camera on your computer so the teacher can see you. You can also just turn off your camera off if you want.

We’re very happy to chat by phone and talk you through any of the above easy steps to get online. Just get in touch with our Custom Service Team via the contacts in the bottom right of this page.

Alternatively, check out the best cost of yoga classes you’ll find, including 2 week free deals.

What students say about Flametree Yoga and it’s benefits

If you’re still not sure about yoga, check out genuine reviews of what customers say about their yoga classes at Flametree.

In addition, see the wide range of benefits they say they have received from both online or in-the-studio yoga at Flametree.


Or use the links above to go direct to the deal that suits you. Please also consider the Beginner Introduction below. 

Yoga Beginners Introduction.


Pay cash, online, credit card.
EFTPOS is available at 19B Bishop St, Woolner.
After you turn up, please pay the yoga class price before class starts
Ph +61 448 444 834 or +61 448 11 22 51.