Pranayama Videos On Breath Meditation, Plus 10 Free Classes.


Pranayama Videos On Breath Meditation, Plus 10 Free Classes.


Pranayama and mindful meditation videos, including 10 FREE classes

This page lets you get the 4 videos in the course by accredited Senior Pranayama Breath Meditation Teacher Chris Lalor.

Chris delivers an Introduction To Pranayama Breath Meditation.

The benefits of the meditation skills you’ll learn include mindful eating, better sleep, less anxiety or stress, & better overall wellness. 

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By the way, if you want more detailed steps to access your videos, see the more detailed steps in the very next section.

A tiny sample of our breath meditation training

Chris Lalor, showing different meditation techniques

How to get your Pranayama videos

  1. On the Flametree site, under the PASSES tab, go to the sub-menu for the “Pranayama Breath Meditation Videos”. (This is where you are right now).
  2. Use “Add To Cart”, below, to buy a pass, or use any coupon code to do so. (Make sure you use the email you normally use with the Flametree site).
  3. Open the email you’ll get.
  4. At the bottom of the email, click on “your account“. (It will take you to your account on the “My Account” page of the Flametree site.)
  5. Login into your account with Flametree (using the same email as above).
  6. Go to the “Memberships dropdown on the left.
  7. Press “View” to see the four Pranayama videos.

If you have questions, please email [email protected], or talk to us via Messenger at the Help button on the pages of this site.

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Deal includes 10 free LIVE pranayama classes

When you buy this pranayama video course for $49, you also get 10 free LIVE online or in-studio pranayama breath meditation classes at Flametree.

The bonus of 10 free classes is only available if you meet these conditions.

  • You’ve never otherwise had this free 10 class bonus from Flametree as part of our breath meditation courses.
  • Even when you are eligible to get the 10 free class bonus (because you’ve not had it before), there is a limit of one such bonus per person. In other words, even if you buy two videos, you only get one bonus of 10 free classes.

So, after you buy the pranayama mindful meditation videos, if you’re eligible based on the above conditions, then use the discount code at the page about the 10 free LIVE pranayama classes.

The regular, weekly Flametree pranayama breath meditation classes are LIVE online and in-studio at 19b Bishop St., Darwin NT. Here is the Flametree Yoga Google map link for the studio.

These LIVE classes are at 6.30am Tuesday & Thursday, Darwin Australia local time. Our timetable shows class times in your local time.

We recommend that at least while you’re using these pranayama training videos, you also be doing some yoga, or have done some yoga. Among other things, yoga will build your spinal strength, improve lung capacity, and also quieten your mind. All of this will assist with your breath meditation.

How to access these pranayama mindful meditation videos

Initially, just “Add to Cart”, and follow the links to the pranayama mindful meditation videos.

(If you have a coupon code, use it in the box that shows up on the left, as you checkout).

If you need more information about how to access videos, see also the instructions and picture at the bottom of this page on Flametree videos.

But, for you convenience, before you check out, we’ve included below the steps we put at the top of this page.

In addition, if you need more help, feel free to contact us.

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Pranyama breath meditation videos for mindfulness meditation

Best mindfulness meditation videos you’ll find, including pranayama videos. They’re taught using pranayama breath meditation techniques. It’s a 4 class course, with 10 extra pranayama meditation classes. So, check out a very useful set of pranyama videos. It’s a great option to try our very effective mindfulness courses. In addition, you’ll be learning from a  top breath meditation teacher online & in-studio (Darwin NT Australia).

If you need, see above for how to access the videos.

Plus, further information supplied as needed, or contact us if you have questions.

So, to get your videos, use “Add To Cart” above.

Mindfulness meditation chair for pranayama

Chris Lalor, Flametree’s Breath Meditation Teacher, online & in-studio. In the Breath Meditation Video Mini Course, there’s no need to do any difficult pose, or even sit cross-legged. You sit in chairs, like you see with this post, or lie on the floor (with blanket support), like I am in the picture above.

Props for using your pranayama videos

For Flametree’s style of breath meditation, any type of chair will do, but backless chairs are best.

By the way, a live online and in-studio version of these mindfulness meditation videos is done from time to time, mainly on  long weekends. 

Mindful eating & other benefits of pranyama

As well, here are some posts I’ve written about breath meditation, or mindfulness meditation.

In addition, I’ll also keep adding to this course content, as you master the basics.

So, to help you thrive in the new and ongoing health challenges we all now face, please give Pranayama mindfulness meditation a try, via these videos, online, or in-studio at Flametree Yoga Studio.

As well, remember there are two LIVE classes a week, at 6.30am on Tuesdays and Fridays (in the local time of Darwin NT Australia). LIVE classes are often the most powerful way to do any type of mindfulness courses.  See more at our timetable.

So, to get your videos, use “Add To Cart” above.