Yoga For Women Only: To Maximise Female Health

If you’re looking for a “yoga class for ladies near me”, then try this class online via a 2 week free trial

The Yoga for Women Only class is for both beginners and non-beginners. The class also includes good options for yoga for period pain, and menopause. The class is one of our class options where certified yoga teachers explain matters that you’ll only hear about in these yoga classes for ladies only. In the class, you’ll also do the poses recommended. They can be done in Flametree’s regular classes online or in-studio. Consequently, it will help ensure the poses are built into your regular weekly routine.

In the second half of 2022, here are the important topics will be the focus of each Women Only class. In addition, the matters covered in the upcoming topics of mindful eating, and intermittent fasting, are also outline extensively in this Facebook post. This topics will also draw on our discussion on this site about mindful eating and weight.

The Women Only class focuses on yoga asanas (poses) that a woman of any age should do in a regular practice so as to maximise female health. Context and additional information is given so you can see the importance of each pose. Knowing the context can also help your motivation to do regular yoga practice.

As a result, attending class, online or in-studio, or via yoga video, is the best way to ensure you learn the poses, and do them regularly.

The poses are suitable for all phases of a woman’s life cycle.

You’ll get many physical and mental benefits from regular Women Only yoga.

This weekly class can be done by itself, or combined with the a large number of other class types and formats. For example, this class has some chair yoga, but there are other classes that have much more.

All yoga includes strength training. Whatever your fitness goals, you’ll be able to achieve the goals you can in a fitness studio. But you’ll get much more from Flametree’s exercise program. Among many other yoga benefits, you’ll boost energy and body strength.

At the end of every class, people of all ages will feel the benefits of Flametree’s in-studio or virtual classes.

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Survey shows female health concerns

In 2019, a survey of 10,000 Australian women had worrying findings. More than 40 per cent of women said they had been previously diagnosed with a nervous system condition. These includes an anxiety issue or depression.

In addition, the survey also said that a “concerning” number of all ages had trouble sleeping. Many worried “excessively about different things”.

The study also found the biggest health concerns of women across all ages were:

  • menopause, including hot flashes, and mental clarity at times
  • period pain
  • heart disease
  • breast cancer
  • bowel health
  • mood swings common to premenstrual syndrome
  • hormonal shifts
  • mental health
  • levels of stress, and
  • painful physical intimacy.

Other issues for ladies only

Younger women in the study were also concerned about fertility, and endometriosis.

At various life changes, women also often have issues with lower back pain, weight loss, body weight, belly fat, or weight gain.

In addition, some women regularly experience chronic pain.

Clearly, there is much that can be addressed that is of particular concern to women. Issues also include stress levels, as well as physical and mental well-being.

No matter what your body type, the practice of yoga will make a huge difference.

So Flametree’s weekly Women Only yoga classes will address all of the issues above, and more.

You’ll learn yoga postures, get commentary from the teacher in class, and be able to participate in questions and answers.

There are things you can only comfortably talk about in these yoga classes for ladies only.

In these yoga classes for women only, the yoga poses are specially designed sequences (or sets of poses) for women only yoga. They address all the issues above, and more.

In addition, many of Flametree’s other regular weekly yoga and breath meditation classes also help with addressing these women’s issues.

Most importantly, they provide additional time for regular yoga practise of what you’ll learn in these yoga classes for women.

In particular, if you’ve led a sedentary lifestyle lately, then a yoga intervention, is excellent alternative medicine. In addition, in this women only yoga class, you’ll learn poses that can be built into a variety of yoga routines.

Flametree yoga timetable Palmerston

If you’re looking for +women’s yoga near me”. then try this class. It’s online too. Create your own home studio room where you keep your yoga props. Or use any room at home at any time of  day that suits.

Busy lives lead to exhaustion & frustration

Women live very busy lives, especially in any professional life they have. As well as all that, they have multiple roles. Often the struggle of family, and other paid work, leads to exhaustion and frustration.

Biologically, women also face specific issues. First, for decades, they face the physiological and hormonal changes that occur monthly.

Second, they face changes and challenges with age as they progress to and beyond menopause.

These challenges bring their own set of unique problems and internal conflicts.

Flametree’s Women Only classes also help women find more calm and balance in the way they live. Plus, as discussed, it’s a class as address their specific health concerns for women, via yoga.

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Weekly Women Only class

Each week, Flametree has a  Women Only class.

These classes will show women how to use asana (yoga postures) and pranayama (breath meditation) to find physical and mental well-being.

In each class there will be women of all different ages. Some will be menstruating regularly, others will be perimenopausal, some menopausal, and some will be post-menopausal.

So, in some cases, there may be specific poses given to each group. There’ll also be a group of poses that will be able to be practised by the whole group. It will include yoga for period pain.

The main difference between the beginner and non-beginner classes is that the beginner postures will be limited to easy, introductory poses.

No matter where you are located, use our online classes to get your own “ladies only yoga near me”. Or if you’re in Darwin, Australia, then come along to the Woolner studio.

women's yoga near me

At Flametree Yoga Studio, Women’s yoga classes can be part of any yoga programs. If it’s your first time at yoga, then build it into a beginner course or pay-by-the-week deal. Both come with a 2 week free trial. If you’ve been doing yoga a long time, then include this specific women’s health class into your yoga practise.

More on what happens in a Ladies Only type class

The yoga teacher will do a number things.

First, they will demonstrate a pose. Depending on the pose, the women’s only teacher will tell you where to put your right hand, or right foot, or right shin, or right leg, or whatever.

In addition, for instance, they may show how your abdominal muscles, or sit bones, or inner thighs, work together to improve a particular pose.

In yogic exercises, there is also a straight line between the pose, and matters like your your blood flow, blood circulation, physical health, and much more.

The teacher will focus on teaching the pose, and having you do the poses. But the comments from your teacher will draw out some of why the pose is being done.

The hatha yoga poses work for all age groups, and all levels of skills. Consequently, they are suitable for advanced y0gis to beginners. The class consists of the best yoga poses for these purposes, adjusted for who is the class.

The classes are a great way to set yourself up to get all the health benefits of yoga, plus address the special issues for women. Like all yoga, depending on what you want, there are also spiritual benefits, as well as the generation of inner peace.

Details of yoga for women classes, including yoga for period pain

The weekly Women Only class is simultaneously LIVE online and in-studio (in Darwin, NT, Australia). A selection of the classes are also available in Flametree’s On-Demand option.

The in-studio class  is held at 19b Bishop Street, Woolner, Darwin.

This class runs on a Tuesday evening from 7.30pm-8.45pm. It’s taught by Renae Moore. She is a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher.

Women Only classes include more restorative yoga poses than the average yoga classes. Among many other things, it’s also helpful yoga for period pain.

yoga for ladies near me

Chris Lalor uses bright yoga pants so her classes can be watched easily online. Her demonstrations also show better yoga than you’ll see in most stock photos. Chris’ general health, and women’s health, have both seen immense benefits from doing poses taught in Women’ Only yoga.

More on menopause & menstruation

At these links, Flametree has addressed yoga for menopause or menstruation with substantial further information. There is also some details of the yoga poses taught and used in the Women Only yoga classes.

At Flametree’s page of links about the various benefits of yoga, you can see various links that you may find especially relevant to this topic.

There’s also a range of useful articles in the Flametree yoga Blog. 

Or see stories from women about how yoga for women has helped Wayan or Chris.

Suitable as prenatal yoga

This woman yoga class is suitable for pregnant women, from advanced yogis to beginners.

If you also want prenatal classes, and you’re a non-beginner with a regular yoga practice, then it’s a good idea to immediately incorporate this class.

But if you are a beginner, and are doing yoga online, then please do one 30 minute private class first.

This class is one of up to four classes a week in Flametree’s prenatal yoga program.

Your yoga sessions will deliver all the beneficial effects of yoga. Consequently, they’ll have a very positive effect on your pregnancy journey. Among other things, there’ll be benefits like helping any high blood pressure.

The yoga at Flametree will also help enormously with sleep, without any need for yoga nidra.

In addition, if you wish, once you’ve done at least 6 weeks of yoga, you can try 10 free breath meditation sessions.  These classes teach you how to use deep breathing, and breathing techniques, to achieve even more calmness, relaxation, de-stressing, and more.

Whether or not you want any kind of spiritual practice, or spiritual support, breath meditation is an excellent addition to yoga.

Ideally, create or follow a daily yoga routine.

In the class, if needed, your pose will be adjusted to fit with a prenatal yoga sequence.

If you have a more advanced practise, then your yoga instructor can advise on any adjustments needed.

beginners near me

If you want “yoga classes near me for ladies”, then try our online yoga classes, or any of Flametree’s yoga studios across Darwin., Australia. No matter what your yoga skill level, or fitness level, Flametree Yoga’s group classes will work well for you.

Highly qualified teacher

Renae teaches Women Only yoga. She is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. This style of yoga is well kn0wn for its quality, as well as the extensive training of its teachers.

All of Flametree’s Australian yoga teachers are trained by Senior Teacher, Chris Lalor. She has regularly trained on the indian subcontinent with all the best yoga practices of ancient india.

Her teaching is also guided by the latest science from various national institutes of health, both Australian and international.

In the studio, all props are provided. At home we suggest at least a yoga mat. One or two yoga blocks also help.

More about Flametree Yoga

In Darwin Australia, Flametree has a local yoga studio in Woolner, Casuarina and Palmerton. All classes are also online, in a virtual format.

There is also a variety of classes, with or without these “yoga classes near me for ladies”.

There is a class format or yoga sequence to help many types of health condition, or healing process.

Due to yoga’s holistic approach, some of the best things you get from yoga are flexibility, calmness, and overall health. Such yoga benefits are in addition to the aerobic exercise and full-body workout.

New students who are non-beginners get the deals at the button or links below. Some beginner options also have 2 weeks FREE trial.

Personal trainers in yoga or breath meditation are also available. Depending on your yoga experience, such personal training is another great option to start yoga, or address particular conditions.

The best value packages include unlimited access by the week.

In addition, there is also a range of yoga videos options. They are among the many different ways you can access class types. With such formats, it’s even easier to involve yoga in your daily life.

So all this means that Flametree is a great option to start or continue your yoga.


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