Yoga Instructor Training At Up To 90% OFF


Yoga Instructor Training At Up To 90% OFF


Payment for a Flametree Yoga teacher training weekend (of 3 sessions over 3 days), followed by a one-to-one review meeting of a half hour.

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Use any applicable discount coupon you have.

Huge discounts for your first year of training

As you can see above, the yoga teacher training cost for each of the 5 weekend Training Sessions per year is normally $550.

For now, for newcomers, the cost is discounted 90% for the first weekend, so you pay only $55 initially. (Use the code 90%OFF)

In addition, for newcomers, the other 4 weekends in your first year are discounted 50%. That means you pay $275 for each of those subsequent 4 weekends.

If you have any other discount coupon, such as from our Xmas sale, then use that instead.

A newcomer trainee includes any trainee who has been lapsed as a teacher trainee for 6 months or more. 

Further down this page, you can see the discount codes you use to get these discounted prices for yoga instructor training .

Each weekend, and the overall course, can be done via an agreed mix of online and in-studio sessions.

Self-development, personal transformation, better yoga, & new job options

Among other things, Flametree’s teacher training program is excellent for:

  • self-development and personal growth
  • dramatically improving your yoga (& being certified & insured to teach it)
  • getting many more yoga benefits
  • improving your pranayama breath meditation (& being certified & insured to teach it)
  • understanding what’s happening in the mind and body of yourself and students
  • immense yogic insights and yoga philosophy learning
  • having part-time teaching options while training, to improve progress (see below)
  • motivating yourself to do more yoga and pranayama, and / or
  • getting a new full-time or part-time role in life.

The extensive discounts above will end as soon as the program is completely full. So please consider it now.

If you wish, see more below, or go to our more extensive outline of Flametree’s yoga teacher training course.

The above outline includes more important benefits of yoga teacher training, as well as the unique benefits of doing yoga instructor training at Flametree.

Also, please check out the short reviews of Flametree Yoga teacher training, including some by current Flametree teachers who Chris Lalor has trained. They’re further down this page.

In 2024, the next yoga teacher training weekends

In 2024, the next yoga teacher training weekends are:

  • June 1, 2, 3
  • August 24,25,26
  • Nov 23, 24, 25.

Each weekend involves 3-4 hours in the early to mid-afternoon. So, the times for these weekend trainings are:

  • Saturday 12.30-3.30pm;
  • Sunday 11.30am-5.30pm;
  • Monday: 11.30am-4pm.

As much as possible, future weekend dates are decided based on the commitments of those actually in the program.

Each year, there are 5 such weekends. Some mix of them can be attended online.

Level of yoga skills required

To start, you need 3 years of Iyengar yoga classes.

However, your skill with yoga poses, when you start, simply need to be at the Intermediate or (ideally) the Experienced Level.

Once you start yoga instructor training, you’ll have at least 3 years to further develop your yoga pose skills.

In addition, over that time, you’ll get additional coaching, from Flametree’s Senior Teacher, that will accelerate progress with your yoga poses.

Yoga instructor training is less about where you start, than it is about where you finish.

Join anytime until limited spots are gone

Unless the course is full, students can join at any time.

Students are also required to join the Iyengar Association of Australia (as a trainee).

The course will be full, and discounts will cease entirely, when I (Chris Lalor) reach the relatively small number of teacher training students I am permitted to have by the Iyengar Association.

So if you’re interested, don’t miss the best value Iyengar Yoga teacher training you’ll find.

To start, just pay for your first weekend.

You pay by using the “Add To Cart” function.

Then, at checkout, in the box on the lower left of the screen, use the discount code 90%OFF

Payment options

Please make your payment before each weekend commences.

You can pay in any of these 3 ways:

  • credit card at this teacher training weekend e-commerce facility below, using applicable discount codes;
  • direct bank transfer to the Flametree account below;
  • by EFTPOS or cash at the studio.

If you use bank transfer, cash, or EFTPOS, work out any applicable discounted payment, and pay that amount.

If you’re not yet ready to get underway, see more below, or reach out to us via the CHAT button, or contact us.

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In-studio & online yoga instructor training

Looking for the best “yoga instructor training near me”? See the best certified in-studio & online Yoga Instructor Training Australia has, Iyengar style. Please consider one of the top yoga instructor training course options. Read on to see why.

The Flametree Yoga Teacher Training program takes place in accordance with the outline of the online and in-studio yoga teacher training course.

All parts of the course, including each weekend, are with Chris Lalor, who is demonstrating the yoga poses in the video below. She is accredited as a Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, and yoga therapist.

By the way, our e-commerce payment facility lets you make a payment for each one of the several yoga instructor training weekends each year. In other words, you can pay as you go.

Chris, Accredited Senior Teacher, Will Do Your Yoga Instructor Training

You may be more ready and able to do our yoga instructor training course than you think.
If you want to discuss, please contact me.

Discount codes for newcomers, including those lapsed 6 months

For our discounts, newcomers, at checkout, should use the codes below.

A newcomer is someone who has not yet arranged with Chris Lalor to commence teacher training. It includes anyone who has been lapsed as a teacher trainee for 6 months or more.

Newcomers First weekend in Year one

To get 90% off, use this discount code: 90%OFF

Newcomers 4 other weekends in Year One

To get 50% off, use this discount code: 50%OFF

So, to get started with your yoga instructor training payment, you click the “Add To Cart” button above.

Then, at checkout, you’ll see a box on the left hand side where you add the appropriate discount code, if they apply to you.

If you’re unsure if the discounts apply to you, please contact us.

Flametree Bank Account Details for payments for yoga instructor training

In order to make a yoga instructor training payment direct to the Flametree Yoga studio bank account, please use these details:

BSB: 065-901

Account Number: 10464634

Account Name: Flametree Yoga Studio

Arm Balances Lift Your Whole Weight

yoga instructor training near me

Chris Lalor, accredited as Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, & a yoga therapist, demonstrating an arm balance in Darwin NT. Check out one of the best certified in-studio & online Yoga Instructor Training Australia has.

Please consider one of the top yoga instructor training course options.

Receipt for yoga instructor training payment

When you make a payment for yoga instructor training, with the credit card facility above, you are automatically emailed a receipt.

If you make a payment direct to the Flametree Bank Account, as above, then please contact us for any receipt you may require.

To make this payment now, just click “Add To Cart” above.

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Iyengar teachers a custom technique of precise verbal instructions

If you’re still “on the fence” about yoga instructor training, here’s one more reason why Flametree’s Iyengar yoga instructor training is unique and effective.

Hear me give a tiny lesson on Forearm Balance


Energy, stamina, strength, core, calmness. Get it all from Forearm Balance yogapose. HALF price Novice 10 pack ($5 a class) #yoga #onlineyoga #darwin

♬ original sound – ChrisLalor – ChrisLalor

Watch the video to see some of the best certified in-studio & online Yoga Instructor Training Australia has.

Please consider one of the top yoga instructor training course options. Read on to see why.

Mr BKS Iyengar, who brought high quality yoga to the West, pioneered the use of a new style of precise verbal instruction.

The above video is one tiny example of it. It’s just one of the many unique aspect of Iyengar yoga.

In the video, you’ll hear me give a tiny example of how teachers are taught to just give you one tiny instruction at a time.

Then, they wait until you do each such step.

I (Chris Lalor), have always found that this type of instruction will take you further than you thought possible.

Testimonials about yoga instructor training, and regular classes

Belinda Hoult, a current Flametree instructor, has written her story of the huge number of benefits she has already gotten from yoga. In terms of yoga instructor training, she says:

“Flametree Iyengar yoga teacher training is rigorous and challenging. Not just on a physical level but how it asks you to look inwards, at your habits, ways of thinking, and being in the world. For me, it not only got me a teaching qualification but also some lifelong friends.”

Salome, a Flametree Teacher-In-Training, who’s already completed 300 hours of Flametree Teacher Training, says this.
“I started the teacher training because I wanted to teach yoga. I do now and I love it. But there are things I didn’t expect. For instance, I am more resilient and my energy is better. In addition, I am also more confident with my voice.
I like Flametree Yoga because it’s an inclusive yoga school. It caters for all kinds of bodies. Chris [the senior teacher] understands the body in a holistic way, as both emotional and physical, and I think this is what makes the Flametree teaching so special.
Yoga is supposed to do this, but I feel that at Flametree it is really lived.
All the teachers have been trained by Chris and I think this deep understanding pervades the teaching throughout the school.”

As well as the above testimonials by Flametree’s yoga instructor former trainees, check out these genuine reviews of what current students say about their yoga classes at Flametree, and the yoga instruction by Chris Lalor and other teachers.

Elsewhere,  also see more about how yoga instructor training gives you huge personal development.

Learn to teach poses that make yoga accessible to your students

chair prop

Your yoga instructor training course will include using props so as to make yoga accessible to all sizes, ages, and genders.

Yoga Instructor job options with Flametree

Within 12-18 months of starting as a yoga teacher trainee, you’ll have acquired sufficient training to be able to get the insurance required for teaching.

Thereafter, as you work towards getting certified as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher, it’s very helpful for you to actually do at least some LIVE teaching.

Teaching actual students, in a yoga studio, rapidly gives you more confidence and skills. As a result, it will greatly assist you when you actually teach for half an hour as part of the independent and objective teaching certification process.

Flametree is more able than most studios to be able to give you paid, part-time job options.

In the process, in order to help you acquire the skills that you need to teach well, as well as to help certification, Flametree will give you additional, FREE coaching with your yoga instruction skills.

In addition, if you live elsewhere than Darwin, Flametree has processes that enable you to teach, under the Flametree brand, in your local area. Ask, if you want more details.

So, the outcome of Flametree’s approach is that you have paid part-time teaching options. In turn, these give you extra ways to further develop your teaching, and associated personal development.

More about job options

Later, with or without certification being completed, there are also options to possibly even teach relatively full-time.

Of course, any yoga instructor options, are subject to you being rapidly able to attract and keep students due to your teaching skills. Other factors, like approachability, relatedness skills, and so forth, also help.

Again, these are all learnable skills where LIVE teaching experience can greatly help.

We hasten to add that you’re not expected to do any marketing. Flametree has a well developed marketing program to support its teachers, and attract a stream of new students.

However, factors like so-called word-of-mouth marketing, are still important processes that good teaching will generate.

Online yoga instructor

Chris Lalor demonstrating a more advanced yoga pose

Becoming a registered yoga teacher

In the Flametree in-studio and online trainings, the actual certification is done by the Iyengar Yoga Association of Australia. (They’re an alternative to Yoga Alliance, or Yoga Australia).

Our payment plans allow you to work at your personal practice, and learn yoga philosophy (including the Yoga Sutras), at your own pace.

In addition, you’ll also learn a wide range of techniques, and postures (including our version of yoga nidra).

Flametree’s 3 yoga studios allow our teacher trainees, in their own practice as yoga practitioners, to have maximum convenience in their practice of yoga.

So, our 300-hour training, gives you all you get in a 200-hour yoga teacher training (or 200-hour training), plus much more.

In fact, especially if you teach at Flametree during the latter stages of your certified yoga instructor training, you’re end up with learning more equivalent to a 500-hour yoga teacher training.

The hours of training include of course the:

  • use of props,
  • the science of yoga,
  • the principles of alignment,
  • special options like restorative yoga,
  • practical applications,
  • and other yoga education.

Flametree is of course a registered yoga school, and is fully able to offer yoga training for you to become a certified yoga teacher.

Your yoga instructor certification in-studio and online classes will include some of the professional development offered from time to time for Flametree’s existing teachers.

All in all, you get a comprehensive program that allows you to make a new beginning, or simply to develop your own yoga practice, and personal development.

Another Prop You’ll Learn To Use & Teach

Casuarina darwin

Rolling over a Flametree barrel is one of the ways we improve spine flexibility. Plus it delivers the many advantages of backbends, such as energy. In your certified yoga instructor training, you’ll learn the use of all such props.

In-studio and online yoga school for yoga instructor training

Flametree yoga instructor training is easy to do via the mix of in-studio and online training options.

The in-studio and online yoga teacher training course is deliberately designed as an online course as well.

So you get the best option for whatever mix of in-studio and online programs that work for you.

The course material is fully flexible to accommodate what you need from online teacher training.

The Iyengar yoga you’ll study is similar to, but better than other different styles of yoga you may know. For example, we mean hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, and Ashtanga yoga.

So, its the best online yoga teacher training you’ll find. It’s includes flexible LIVE sessions, plus some weekend residence options. There’s are more details on our other teacher training page.

Therefore, if you’re looking for top yoga certification programs, please consider Flametree’s in-studio and online yoga teacher training programs.

On this page, and in our other reviews, you can also see the strong recommendation that fellow students have given Flametree’s certification course.

It will give you a strong foundation for teaching successfully in the yoga industry.

Hybrid training that works for your yoga journey

Flametree gives you a comprehensive training, and an affordable payment plan, especially in the first year. That’s especially because of the huge discounts we offer. (However, they will only last until the current course is full).

From your first class, our Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program will build on and accelerate your knowledge of yoga, and whatever years of experience you have.

There’s no time limit for finishing, or getting anywhere on a deadline. The learning process commences at the training start date, and finishes when you choose.

Along the way, you work on your yoga postures at your pace. There are also generous deals for unlimited asana classes.

Of course, if you want, you can also make it a more intensive course. In that case, your training hours will grow faster. It’s likely that your teaching experience will too.

Meanwhile, every training session will do more for you than a health club, including for any specific area of your body or mind you especially want to address.

Asana practice as part of your yoga instructor training

Flametree’s teaching training courses spend more time than average on teaching how you can help students get all the benefits of yoga.

Due to how we use Zoom, all this is quite possible in our in-studio and online yoga teacher training courses.

Along the way, you’ll learn what you need to know about important matters like prenatal yoga, hands-on assists, and all other necessary yoga teaching skills.

Byron Bay, Surry Hills, Gold Coast, Bondi Beach, or wherever

Flametree Yoga already does online classes, and online courses, for its existing students, wherever they may be in their daily life.

These public classes, online and in-studio, are a great opportunity for you to get practical experience in due course (as soon as your basic training and performance is sufficient).

Once you achieve such a level, it can continue through your yoga certification course.

Your ongoing practical training, plus your in-studio and online study, will keep making you the best version of a yoga teacher that you choose to be.

You’ll Learn “Do-Able” Inversions, & How To Teach Them Step By Step

certified yoga instructor course australia

The huge value discounts will cease as soon as all current places are full. Please consider this top value yoga instructor training course.

Please consider the next yoga instructor training weekend for you

In 2024, there will be the usual 5 weekends of in-studio and online yoga instructor training.

The times for these weekend trainings are at the top of this page.

So, please consider that you may be more ready and able to do teacher training than you think.

Plus, wherever you are with yoga, and your own self development, yoga teacher training will be a huge, new step in your personal journey.

Therefore, please consider teacher training, for your interest, or to further develop your yoga, or for a new or additional role in life.

If you take the plunge, you’ll be joining some of the best, certified in-studio & online Yoga Instructor Training Australia has.

Of course, if you want to discuss any aspect of this, or just want to get on with it, please contact me.

If you wish, please also check out our Flametree teacher training page for more on the course, and these new DISCOUNTS.

Check out more tiny videos of Chris Lalor demonstrating various levels of yoga poses.

To make this payment now, just click “Add To Cart” above.

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