Yoga teacher jobs online or in-studio

Flametree studio has yoga teacher jobs in Darwin, or for online classes. Opportunities come up quite often. There’s part time or full time yoga teacher jobs, as well as short term “class cover”  opportunities. Send your job application for yoga teacher casual or long term positions. Read on to see the options for our yoga instructor jobs.

Flametree is growing and active.

In 2021, it has approximately 35 classes a week, both online, and in its two studios in Darwin, Australia.

All classes are simultaneously online and in-studio. It will continue with online classes in any lockdown. Among other things, you’ll learn the special skills of teaching online.

At the moment, there’s no community transmission in Darwin. In additon, Darwin’s situation is likely to remain much better than almost all other places.

Full time yoga teacher jobs

Classes are taught at all levels of Iyengar yoga. As a result, there are many opportunities for yoga instructor jobs. There’s also a range of interesting Special Focus classes. Such classes include Women Only Yoga, Fifty Plus, Gentle Yoga, Backcare Focus, Pranayama, Restorative, and more. Our site has more on these various yoga class types.

At Flametree, you get the opportunity to learn how to teach these and other classes. In the process, you are mentored by a Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Chris Lalor.

The studio ongoingly pioneers various improvements and class types. Such options are well received by students.

Chris Lalor, owns the studio. She goingly invests in the growth and improvement of the studio, so that it offers many opportunities to both students and teachers.

The studio has full time yoga teacher jobs for the person with the right combination of skills. There’s also temporary or part time yoga teacher jobs available from time to time, either online or offline.

In particular, you need to be able to help attract new students (due to your teaching), and keep those students once they experience your teaching.

Subject to being able to be well understood by our mainly Australian audience, there may also be opportunities to teach online classes from anywhere in the world.

The offline job would be based in Darwin, where we teach at two main locations.

Job application for yoga teacher

Applicants must be either Iyengar certified, or sufficiently advanced in their Iyengar teacher training.

If you’re still an Iyengar yoga trainee, there’s the option to earn income while in your more advanced stages of training. If you wish, you can be part of Chris Lalor’s Iyengar yoga teacher training program.

You get good pay, plus the opportunity to be coached by a dynamic, experienced and informed Senior Iyengar yoga teacher.

Flametree has around 8 teachers, with many classes and levels of options for students. That means many opportunities for teachers.

See our yoga instructor jobs

As you may know, it is often difficult for trainee teachers to get sufficient teaching hours.

In contrast, Flametree offers you the opportunity to rapidly develop your skills and experience. It’s done via teaching opportunities, and close supervision and mentoring.

Chris Lalor, the Senior Teacher and owner, also trains a growing team of yoga teacher trainees, both online, and in-studio, or both.

Interested in a job with us (or any type), whenever available? Then please record your interest now.

Send Chris your job application for yoga teacher, with qualifications and experience, or have a chat with her.

For more about these yoga teacher jobs, contact Chris Lalor via message through our Facebook Page, or +61 448 11 22 51, or [email protected].

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