Yoga Poses For Immune System Class

Learn & do regular yoga poses for immune system

With Chris Lalor, Senior Yoga Teacher.

Yoga poses for immune system

This is a new weekly class is called “Yoga Poses For Immune System”. At the end of each class, it will also include a short amount of yoga breathing for immune system. Each week, you will learn and do different variations of a yoga sequence for immune system. Try it.

It’s on Thursdays, at 5.45-7.15pm Darwin time. The class is taught by Chris Lalor, Senior Yoga Teacher. The class is both online and in-studio, at 19 Bishop Street, Darwin, Australia.

Flametree’s timetable page has our yoga class international time zone conversions.

At the moment, it’s a stressful time for all of us. That’s why yoga for your immune system health is so important. And your immune system is ongoingly important, at any time, and for a wide variety of reasons.

You may already know that anxiety has increased a lot in the last 18 months. The times will we live in are likely to become even more stressful as some amount of opening up of borders happens (or cases otherwise grow or continue).

This class will therefore give you tools and yoga sequences to support and strengthen your immune system, as well as help with stress and anxiety.

We stress of course that we strongly recommend full or double vaccination. We will talk more about that another time. Our teachers got double vaccinated some time ago.

But, as mentioned, your immune system is important for all aspects of your wellness, including anxiety, and even maybe your survival.

Dr Merad, a world class researcher,  has also talked extensively about why your immune system is your best doctor.

Active, restorative, & breathing poses

The Yoga For Immune System class will have active postures and restorative poses.

Active poses include standing poses, and standing twisting poses. These will be done with and without support.

To to help even more with de-stressing and anxiety. there will also be yoga breathing for immune system. The breath techniques are taught in the last 15 minutes of the class. They are an easy introduction to Flametree’s breath meditation classes.

Those who are familiar with Flametree’s breath classes will know that correct breathing both de-stresses, and improves physical health.

In addition, we want to do poses to nourish your lungs, as well as increase blood oxygenation to the lungs. This will include some backbends.

All poses, including backbends, can be done at various levels, depending on your yoga experience. The teacher, Chris Lalor, will provide alternative poses, as required.

Good circulation and immune boosting will also be promoted via the use of inverted poses.

There will also be twists to improve circulation into the abdomen, kidney and liver. A more advanced inversion and twist is illustrated with this Page, but don’t let that put you off participating.

There will be poses suitable for all levels of non-beginner students.

It is always important to do yoga that assists your digestive system. Digestive issues are of course related to stress.

The resting poses taught will rejuvenate your whole body.

This new class is not like the Restorative Yoga Class on Friday night, but there will be some elements of that.

Instead, as already outlined, you will do the much wider range of yoga pose types.

Take charge of your destiny

Come along and try out this new class.

Over time, you will be able to create and do your own yoga sequence to build and strengthen your immune system. Again, in these trying times, it may be one of the most important yoga sequences you ever learn. It gives you a new ability to be in charge of your own destiny.

You’ll be getting the skills and experience of Flametree’s certified Senior Yoga Teacher, Chris Lalor. Her proven innovations, combined with tested yoga practices, have been shown to get you excellent health outcomes.

Existing students can use their normal passes.

New non-beginner students can get 14 days of unlimited non-beginner classes for just $29.