Home Practice Yoga Sequences for Experienced Practitioners

The Experienced level sequences are designed so that you can do a well rounded practice at home with minimal props.The Sequences will take up to one hour to complete or longer if you do repetitions and hold poses longer.

Sequence 1

Is a sequence THAT MIXES ACTIVE STANDING POSES with INVERSIONS and SUPINE AND SUPPORTED FORWARD BENDS. It is suitable for practice during the build-up and other times during the year when you wish to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Sequence 2

Is a “Restorative” Sequence with SUPINE POSES, INVERSIONS and supported FORWARD BENDS. You should hold the supine pose for 4-5 mins, Inversions up to 5 mins and Forward bends up to 2-3 mins each side.

Sequence 3

Is an active STANDING POSE Sequence with many TWISTING STANDING POSES, ABDOMINALS and INVERSIONS. It will work well to restore balance during “The Wet Season”

Sequence 4

Is an active STANDING POSE Sequence with TWISTING STANDING POSES, ABDOMINALS, INVERSIONS and FORWARD BENDS. This practice will also help restore balance during “The Wet Season”.

Sequence 5

Dry Season Practice number 1 for Experienced Students.

Sequence 6

Dry Season Practice number 2 for Experienced Students.

Sequence 7

Is a shorter Back-bend practice