The Huge Benefits Of Yoga For Men.

Get yoga for men in-studio or online. So it’s also a great option if you’re looking for “yoga classes for men near me”.

Yoga for men gives you a workout, & much more. It’s in-studio or online. So if you’re looking for something like “yoga classes for men near me”, then check this out.

Yoga also delivers particular benefits that men need (& don’t get elsewhere). Plus, the upper body strength that men have means there are many yoga poses that men can do very well (plus some others that can easily be learnt).

Classes are already up to a third men. Check it out with the FREE 2 week deals.

Yoga works for men too

Men developed yoga! So yoga for men works for them too.

There’s a wide range of ways that yoga for men helps.

So if you want yoga for men near me? Or yoga classes for men in a studio? Then try the best yoga for men, including online yoga for men.

It isn’t surprising that yoga works for men because it was mainly men who originally created yoga.

Benefits range from improving core strength and fitness to increasing intimate physical performance, and avoiding serious health issues.

You don’t have to be flexible!

Testosterone declines constantly in men, with numerous negative impacts! Yoga for men can help head it off.

Its yoga designed for stiffness, using props to make it suitable.

Beginner classes are easy, introductory poses suitable for all sizes, ages and fitness levels.

Most popular yoga packages for men or women

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Flametree provides all yoga props at its 3 locations. But if you’re online, have a mat or non-slip surface.

Some particular benefits of yoga for men include:

Focus & productivity | Ability to manage emotions | Helps weight control | Helps prevent diabetes | Improves fitness | Fights heart disease | Increases flexibility | Reduces stress | Better physical intimacy | Stronger erections | Eases pain | Strength without bulk | Helps to prevent prostate cancer | Combats depression | Better relationships| Better performance at sports | Straightens lop-sided development from many traditional sports

FREE 2 week beginner yoga trial, with money back guarantee, & online or in-studio options

A 6 week beginner course (including a 2 week trial), for $89, is the comfortable, low cost way to give yoga a try.

You get an unlimited choice of any or all of many classes a week.

There’s also pay by week subscriptions, and a casual class option.

You’ll learn basic yoga that will serve you well in your yoga journey. And you’ll be able to use the strength that comes so easily to men.

Done yoga? Try our popular non-beginner yoga for men deals:

All classes can be LIVE online, or in-studio (Darwin, Australia region), or both.

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Raj (pictured) has written his personal story about how yoga fixed his back, when nothing else worked.

Standard poses, PLUS Special Focus classes:

Beginner and non-beginner deals also include Special Focus classes like:


Gentle Yoga

50+ (Non-Beginners)

Easy Restorative Yoga.

The best yoga for men deals. Any or all of:
LIVE online
on-demand, or
in-studio (in Darwin, NT region).

Still not sure?

See quick summary of beginner deal.

Watch & hear this quick summary of the beginner yoga deal, including some of the easy poses done at beginner level. Then use the the free 2 week trial to check out “yoga classes for men near me”.

Or check out the pictures, videos, reviews and personal stories below… from Flametree Yoga male students.

Men can and do attend all Flametree Yoga classes (except Yoga for Women). Here is the convenient beginner timetable with many levels & options.

Try the 2 week free trial of beginner yoga

Spontaneous reviews by Flametree yoga students

 Students at Flametree Yoga wrote these reviews or comments on our Facebook Page.

The reviews were unsolicited, from real students.

“I give the whole credit to my recovery to yoga…and especially the style of yoga I’m learning at Flametree.
Apart from my now recovered physical abilities, I am now light and full of joy at the world around me. 
Yoga fixed my back and my head!”

Raj. See his picture above. & his full story about yoga for backcare at Flametree Yoga

“…at Flametree Yoga, as I got calmer, de-stressed, and less angry, I also got leaner and stronger.  The process continues, even as I head rapidly towards my 70’s.

Stuart, & see picture below, & his story on gyms versus yoga. 

Most popular yoga packages for men or women

Corporate yoga discounts for organisations & staff

yoga studio townsville

Stuart, a Flametree student. Sometimes, the use of yoga props is encouraged at Flametree Yoga. Your yoga teachers also ensure good room ventilation. It’s not a tough workout, but there is sufficient challenge for the level you’re at. If you want yoga for men near me, or yoga classes for men in a studio, then try the best yoga for men, including online. Check it out with the 2 week free trial.

“I have always found Chris and her team of instructors very helpful and informative. When COVID arrived early 2020 in Darwin, which made going to classes difficult, Chris was quick to provide classes online which made it possible to continue yoga classes from home, and in addition access classes from a library whenever it was convenient to the student. I cannot recommend The Flame Tree Yoga School too highly!” John.

“I have been enjoying Yoga at Flametree for some years, both online and in the studio, with significant health benefits, both physical and mental. I have participated in the classes of four teachers. All are excellent, friendly, and make the yoga journey both comprehendible and fun!!!!”. David.

“Have tried yoga a few times at different gyms, and thought I’d never get it.  But after going to Flametree I’ve achieved so much in 7 months.  The teachers are great and make sure you understand why you are doing the poses and the benefit of each one.  It’s an inviting and calming atmosphere.  Great place to take your first steps in learning the right way to practice Yoga.  I wish I had for gone there years ago.”  Michele

online yoga for men

Colin H. found the flexibility from yoga helped his cycling hobby. See Colin’s story and video.

Yoga for men: better than physios, and more

“Better than 10 physio sessions. Highly recommended”. Nathalie

I love Flametree Yoga! Whenever I am in Darwin I make sure I book into classes because they are:

  • fun
  • fantastic for technique. I take away what I learn in “my muscle memory”, and apply it to my practice when I am out of town. If you are new to Iyengar yoga, don’t be put off by the chairs, blocks and belts. When used properly they can teach you a lot!
  • the classes aren’t rushed, so you leave feeling you’ve had an uplifting experience. Go try!  Colin F.
Flametree Yoga Timetable

Guy took up yoga after 30 years of driving trucks. See his story and video.

“Love this place. The best yoga studio in the NT” Rachel.

“The teachers are very supportive and make each incremental step seem small and before long you realise you are achieving poses you could never have imagined. Developing a greater understanding of your body and mind is very therapeutic. Christine.

“Thank you for all you have taught me over the past couple of years. I can’t wait to start 2020 as your pupil again. Huge love and appreciation from me to all of the amazing teachers at Flametree. You have changed my life. forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Angie

” …We are so lucky to have this school here in Darwin”.  Harry

Try yoga for men with 2 week’s free

Yoga helps men with cardio, flexibility, stress, physical intimacy, relationships & much more. It’s in-studio or online. So try “yoga classes for men near me” with one of these top deals.

Beginner yoga with 2 weeks FREE

Non-beginner yoga: 14 days for just AUS$29

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The fitness, health & movement you get from yoga, will help avoid an unwanted trip to ED. See Guy’s story about starting yoga in mid-life. Online yoga is also an excellent way to get yoga for men near me.

Most popular yoga packages for men or women

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