Look out for 'MATES RATES' group discounts on our Beginner Course!

Yoga gives men a strong workout, and your male strength is a plus.

Yoga gives you a strong workout.
And it also delivers particular benefits that men need.

Plus, the upper body strength that men have means there are many yoga poses that men can do better than women.

Men developed yoga!

There’s a wide range of ways that yoga helps men.
This isn’t surprising because it was men who mainly created yoga.
Benefits range from improving core strength and fitness to increasing sexual performance and avoiding serious health issues.

Some particular benefits for men include:

Focus & productivity | Ability to manage emotions | Aids weight loss and prevents diabetes | Improves fitness/fights heart disease | Increases flexibility | Reduces stress | Better sex | Stronger erections | Eases pain | Strength without bulk | Helps to prevent prostate cancer | Combats depression | Better relationships| Better performance at sports | Straightens lop-sided development from many traditional sports

FREE one week trial and other very low cost deals

$89 for 5 wks UNLIMITED CLASSES (with free first week trial if bought online). Instalments available.

$69 each for 2 (or agreed staff discount deal).

$49 for 5 class pass.

$11 for casual classes if you start in first 2 wks.

Youth pass $10 a class (cash only at class).

A five week beginner course for $89 is the comfortable, low cost way to give yoga try.
You get an unlimited choice of any or all of 11 classes a week, for as little as $17.80 a week
You’ll learn basics that will serve you well in your yoga journey. And you’ll be able to use the strength that comes so easily to men.
There’s several payment options, including a free one week trial(this can only be purchased online), paying by weekly instalments, or once only. There’s also a group deal that’s the cheapest of all.

Special OfferMATES Rates! Buy from 2 to 9 beginner passes together & get 25% off each. Buy 10 plus & get ONE THIRD OFF. Ask family, work places, & teams.

Other than you, students must be new to studio. They attend at any time that suits them. Group discount only applies to full price & instalments, not free trial. One option is for a workplace and employees to share the instalments. Price adjusts at check out.

The best yoga deal for men in Darwin

You get a specialised beginners yoga course for as little as $1.48 per class (depending how many classes you do per week.)

The course runs for 5 weeks from Monday 20th January – Sunday 23rd February.

As part of our extremely low cost deal you can enjoy five weeks and up to 60  sessions of beginners yoga for just $89, with a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied!

Our discounted Early Bird Deal is available until midnight Monday 27th January.

Studio is based at 19b Bishop Street, Woolner, Darwin. You can start any time within the first two weeks of the course.




Remember, your money back if you’re not completely satisfied!

When are the classes?

Our beginners yoga course will run for 5 weeks from Monday 20th January – Sunday 23rd February. You can join the course for up to 2 weeks after it starts.

We will be running 60 classes during this period offering a flexible opportunity to enjoy up to 12 beginner yoga classes each week.

Class Length, Price & Locations

Class length: Beginners ONE hr.

Room ONE, upstairs at 19b Bishop St Woolner (near Stuart Pk).

Room 2, upstairs at 14 b Bishop St Woolner.

CITY classes are at Harbour Room, 2 Smith St, Darwin (beside Anglican Cathedral, near walk-way to Waterfront).

$89 for 5 wks UNLIMITED CLASSES (with free first week trial if bought online). Instalments available.

$69 each for 2 (or agreed staff discount deal).

$49 for 5 class pass.

$11 for casual classes if you start in first 2 wks.

Youth pass $10 a class (cash only at class).

See more at the buttons to view our packages and deals.

What is done in the above types of beginner classes

With a beginner course pass, you can each week come to any combination of the above beginner course classes. In each week, beginner course classes have a similar content and syllabus, with some variation for your interest, and based on the focus of the particular teacher. The particular types of classes (other than just Beginner Course classes), listed in the above timetable, have these meanings:

  • Beginners Course (Back Care, 50 Plus, Anxiety, Full Figure.) – Some extra focus on poses adapted for each of these situations.
  • Beginners Course (Youth Focus) – Class is open to all, but with a special focus on teaching children & teens from 8 years upwards. Open to youth, parents & anybody else. Parents can leave child & come back, or can watch, or can participate. Open to all students, with or without children participating. Teacher is very experienced with teaching children & adults. See also the special low cost Youth / Carer / Parent Deals at the “View Packages” button on this Page.
  • Beginners Course (Women Only) – Information & postures for women whether menstruating, pre-menopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal. Plus matters for improved intimacy.
  • Beginners Course (Easy Restorative) – Focus on restorative poses for energy, renewal, de-stressing & relaxing… & easier than the average beginner class.

Fast access from any part of Darwin & Rural Area

An air-conditioned studio, with mats and props supplied.
Props support the learning process, while still getting you the many benefits of yoga.
There’s fast, easy access off Tiger Brennan Drive to 19b Bishop St, Woolner.
$89 after the free trial, or by instalments, or once only. Reduced from $120.
A credit card is needed to book outright or to reserve the free trial, but you pay $0 unless you proceed after the one week trial.
Filling fast. Book Now online, or text: 0448 112 251 (Leave your name & number, & we’ll call you, or text your credit card details to confirm a spot).

*Payment by instalments is only available online via this page.
It cannot be reserved at the studio in cash or any other way.
The Money Back Guarantee is available only for 2 weeks after course commencement.
More information on private health refunds for yoga is here.
Classes sell out. Please buy a pass now to get the class times that suit you best.