Yoga gives men a strong workout, and your male strength is a plus.

Yoga gives you a strong workout.
And it also delivers particular benefits that men need.

Plus, the upper body strength that men have means there are many yoga poses that men can do better than women.

Men developed yoga!

There’s a wide range of ways that yoga helps men.
This isn’t surprising because it was men who mainly created yoga.
Benefits range from improving core strength and fitness to increasing intimate   performance and avoiding serious health issues.

                 Try Flametree’s easy introductory yoga that’s for all ages, sizes and genders.

               Money back GUARANTEE on all packages for first 2 weeks of the course

Do the beginner course as many times as you want.

Tests show that doing a new activity for 1-6 months creates a lasting habit.

             Once you have a habit, and fully appreciate the many benefits, it’s easy to make it an ongoing part of your new, fit and healthy life.

Some particular benefits of yoga for men include:

Focus & productivity | Ability to manage emotions | Aids weight loss and preventing diabetes | Improves fitness/fights heart disease | Increases flexibility | Reduces stress | Better intimate performance | Stronger erections | Eases pain | Strength without bulk | Helps to prevent prostate cancer | Combats depression | Better relationships| Better performance at sports | Straightens lop-sided development from many traditional sports| Pain Relief| self confidence.

FREE first week trial and other very low cost deals

$89 for 5 wks UNLIMITED BEGINNER CLASSES (with free first week trial if bought online). There’s no obligation to do anything more than give it a try. Zero financial risk.

Plus there’s an easy $89 instalment package is available over four weeks.

$69 each for 2 (or agreed staff discount deal).

$49 for 5 class pass.

$11 for casual classes if you start in first 2 wks.

Youth pass $10 a class (cash only at class).

A five week beginner course for $89 is the comfortable, low cost, no obligation way to give yoga try. The free fist week trial is only available with the $89 (non-instalment deal).

A five week beginner course for $89 is the comfortable, low cost,no obligation way to give yoga try.The free fist week trial is only available with the $89 (non-instalment deal).
You get an unlimited choice of any or all of the many beginner classes a week, for as little as $17.80 a week. Each class will cost only $3-5 each, depending on how many you choose per week.
You’ll learn basics that will serve you well in your yoga journey. And you’ll be able to use the strength that comes so easily to men.

There’s several payment options, including a free first  week trial(this can only be purchased online), paying by weekly instalments, or once only. There’s also a group deal for friends, families or organizations that’s the cheapest of all.

Special OfferMATES Rates! Buy from 2 to 9 beginner passes together & get 22.5% off each. Buy 10 plus & get ONE THIRD OFF. Ask family, work places, & teams.

Other than you, students must be new to studio. They attend at any time that suits them. Group discount only applies to full price & instalments, not free trial. One option is for a workplace and employees to share the instalments. When you purchase online, insert the number of courses you want, and the price will then adjust to give you the relevant saving.

The best yoga deal for men in Darwin

You get a specialised beginners yoga course for as little as $3-5 per class (depending how many classes you do per week.)

The course runs for 5 weeks & starts Tuesday 5th May

As part of our extremely low cost deal you can enjoy five weeks and up to 60  sessions of beginners yoga for just $89, with a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied!

Our discounted Early Bird Deal is available until midnight Monday 18th May.

 All classes are live online classes for the foreseeable future

 Our Studio is located at 19b Bishop Street, Woolner, Darwin or 2 Smith St, Darwin CBD.

You can start any time within the first two weeks of the course.




Remember, your money back if you’re not completely satisfied!

When are the classes?

Our beginner yoga course will run for 5 weeks from Tuesday 5th May – Sunday 7th June. You can join the course for up to 2 weeks after it starts.

We will be running many and varied classes during this period with the convenient timetable you can see below.

There’s both easy introductory hatha yoga classes (called “Beginners” in the Timetable below), and Special Focus classes.

The Special Focus classes are more oriented to particular issues such as bad backs, or age groups such as Fifty Plus, but can still be attended by any beginner. See more about them in the section below about what’s done in particular types of classes.

Class Length, Price & Locations

Class length: Beginners ONE hr.

Room ONE, upstairs at 19b Bishop St Woolner (near Stuart Pk).

Room 2, upstairs at 14 b Bishop St Woolner.

CITY classes are at Harbour Room, 2 Smith St, Darwin (beside Anglican Cathedral, near walk-way to Waterfront).

$89 for 5 wks UNLIMITED CLASSES (with free first week trial if bought online). Instalments available.

Please note the course is 5 weeks in total – if you choose to continue. The first week trial is the first week of the course.

$69 each for 2 (or agreed staff discount deal).

$49 for 5 class pass.

$11 for casual classes if you start in first 2 wks.

Youth pass $10 a class (cash only at class).

Organisations that internally circulate information about Flametree’s yoga courses can also have their staff or members buy at the $69 rate. (See details on our site, or message us by Facebook or Phone).

See more at the buttons to view our packages and deals.

What is done in the above types of beginner classes

With a beginner course pass, you can each week come to any combination of the above beginner course classes. In each week, beginner course classes have a similar content and syllabus, with some variation for your interest, and based on the focus of the particular teacher. The particular types of classes (other than just Beginner Course classes), listed in the above timetable, have these meanings:

  • Beginners (Anxiety Focus) Aims to show how to deal with stress and quieten the mind to help relax and build mental intentionality to help with weight issues among other issues.
  • Beginner (Backcare Focus). This class uses less poses than average, with a focus on poses that have been proven to help with back issues. Others will still find the poses useful, so feel free to attend the class whether or not the back is something that you particularly want to address.
  • Beginner (Fifty Plus). This class addresses particular issues which are of greater challenge to older people, and does it in a way that works better for them. On average, more props are used, including some of the particular facilities and equipment in our Woolner rooms. Again, persons under 50 can also attend if they wish.
  • Beginners Course (Youth Only) – A special focus on teaching children & teens from 8 years upwards. Parents can leave child & come back, or can watch.  Teacher is very experienced with teaching children, with a Working With Children clearance, and children of his own. Youth class is $10 a class, payable only at each class.
  • Beginners Course (Women Only) – Information & postures for women whether menstruating, pre-menopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal. Plus matters for improved intimacy.
  • Beginners Course (Easy Restorative) – Focus on restorative poses for energy, renewal, de-stressing & relaxing… & even easier than the average beginner class.

Fast access from any part of Darwin & Rural Area

An air-conditioned studio, with mats and props supplied.
Props support the learning process, while still getting you the many benefits of yoga.
There’s fast, easy access off Tiger Brennan Drive to 19b Bishop St, Woolner.

                There’s plenty of street parking available on Bishop Street, Woolner.

The City room also has plenty of street parking at the front, and additional parking at the back (via access from the Esplanade).

The most popular times sell out fast, so hurry to get the best options.

Book Now online, or text: 0448 11 22 51 (Leave your name & number, & we’ll call you, or text your credit card details to confirm a spot).

Spontaneous reviews by flametree yoga students


Students at Flametree Yoga wrote these reviews or comments on our Facebook Page.

The reviews were unsolicited, from real students, and are still on our page.


“Have tried yoga a few times at different gyms, and thought I’d never get it.

But after going to Flametree I’ve achieved so much in 7 months.

The teachers are great and make sure you understand why you are doing the poses and the benefit of each one.

It’s an inviting and calming atmosphere.

Great place to take your first steps in learning the right way to practice Yoga.

I wish I had for gone there years ago.”  Michele


“Better than 10 physio sessions. Highly recommended”. Nathalie


“Love this place. The best yoga studio in the NT” Rachel.


“The teachers are very supportive and make each incremental step seem small and before long you realise you are achieving poses you could never have imagined. Developing a greater understanding of your body and mind is very therapeutic. Christine.

“Thank you for all you have taught me over the past couple of years. I can’t wait to start 2020 as your pupil again. Huge love and appreciation from me to all of the amazing teachers at Flametree. You have changed my life. forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Angie


“ …We are so lucky to have this school here in Darwin”.  Harry

*Payment by instalments is only available online via this page.
It cannot be reserved at the studio in cash or any other way.
The Money Back Guarantee is available only for 2 weeks after course commencement.
More information on private health refunds for yoga is here.
Classes sell out. Please buy a pass now to get the class times that suit you best.