Slow or Gentle Yoga Class (Back, Neck Shoulders) Non-Beginner Class

This class is a slower paced class designed to help you understand your shoulder girdle area and strengthen your back.

Many who attend this gentle yoga class  are dealing with specific issues related to neck, shoulders, mid and lower back pain.  Very often  stiffness, and niggling pain, if not attended to can result in further problems at a later date, like a  frozen shoulder or disc related issues.

The poses  that you will get to practice are designed to help with stiffness in the ligaments and muscles of the lower back. You will also get to practice poses designed to strengthen abdominal muscles and address issues that are related to poor posture. Postural issues, weakened muscle tone and muscular tension will be also addressed as it specifically relates to the neck, and shoulder girdle area.

A yoga practice teaches you how to “see” yourself. It teaches you to look more deeply at how your habits can become so entrenched that it is impossible to see yourself.

The class aims to show you the effects of your actions on your body and mind and breath. You will get to review your thinking and look at what habits you have that may have that  produced  muscular ,skeletal and fascia imbalance in your body. Fascia refers to the sheets of connective tissue beneath the skin that attach, enclose, stabilize and separate muscles and cover organs. We consider it is very important to understand fascia.

When you start to break down your thoughts around the areas causing pain, it becomes possible to imagine that you can change your actions and habits. But first you have to “see” yourself and often when in pain that is difficult. This is where a gentle yoga class can help.

Many of our students have used yoga to both alter their views around their current injuries and to move forward. Here is a quote from Raj, one of our long term students….After starting yoga, I slowly realised “I can get better”. My mental blues lifted…. I give the whole credit to my recovery to yoga…and especially the style of yoga I’m learning at Flametree.

Apart from my now recovered physical abilities, I am now light and full of joy at the world around me….Yoga fixed my back and my head!