Chris Lalor, personal trainer and yoga instructor

Chris’s yoga instructor journey began in Melbourne over 30 years ago. It began by going along to an Iyengar yoga class. Read on for her story, or for details of other personal trainer and yoga instructor options at Flametree.

After leaving her first class Chris recalls having a strong feeling that her life was about to change. Even then, she thought that Iyengar yoga would be the driving force behind the changes.

Since that first class Chris has been passionately involved with the practice of yoga.

In 1997 Chris started to teach yoga in Darwin and in 2002 opened Flametree Yoga studio.

Chris has over 12,000 hours of teacher training

In 1997 Chris started to teach yoga in Darwin. In 2002, she opened Flametree Yoga studio.

Watching students use their yoga practice to unlock their full potential, gives Chris an immense feeling of satisfaction.

Chris trained for many years under Alan Goode. She also still travels to India to study with the Iyengar family. Chris is an accredited Senior Iyengar yoga teacher, with over 12,000 hours of teacher training.

For the last few years, Chris has been on the panel of about 30 of the more senior Iyengar teachers. These panels assess the new teachers who wish to get their initial Iyengar yoga qualification in Australia.

Chris teaches Beginners, Transition , Intermediate, and Experienced level students. In addition, Chris conducts Yoga Intensives, teaches Pranayama (breath meditation), and runs the Teaching Training Programme.

Among other things, Chris has a particular interest in Women Only yoga. Chris introduced the first programs in Darwin that specialises in this area… at both Beginner and non-Beginner level.

In Flametree’s beginner program, in addition to designing the program, and supervising all teachers, Chris herself teaches the  Back Care class  and Non- Beginner Women Only.

Each month, Chris presents the Monthly Special Event that has a short lecture on a topic of special interest, followed by poses that address the topic.

There’s more about Chris Lalor’s story in this video.

Beginner yoga, online or in-studio, with a 2 week free trial

Non-beginner yoga: for new or lapsed non-beginners. Online or in-studio. 14 days unlimited for AUS$29

Yoga Instructor Jade Phillips

Jade began yoga in 2008. Her my main motivation was to improve her physical health.

Jade recalls being sporadic in her engagement with yoga. Outside of attending one beginner yoga class each week she often didn’t make the best choices to align with her value of physical health.

But despite being sporadic in the early years, she kept being drawn back to yoga.

Slowly Yoga crept up on her. Along with many other things, she found that what kept her in yoga was how it made her feel grounded and clearer. She says:

“Slowly over time it has shown me how to live a healthier life, both physically and mentally, and taught me to make better choices. Choices that are more aligned with my values and choices that make me happier.”

Jade’s professional career has focused on health and the body, with an emphasis on neurological disorders. She has always been fascinated by the complexity of the human body.

When asked to reflect on her yoga journey, Jade said:

“Over time, the posture’s have taught me an incredible amount of knowledge about the body. In addition I’ve learnt about bodily systems and how they interact.

I have found iyengar yoga to be an incredibly holistic approach to caring for my health. It understands the many layers of the body and mind, and teaches them to get along.”

Jade teaches both beginner and non-beginner level students.

Currently, she teaches these two classes:

Belinda Hoult (Belinda H), personal trainer and yoga instructor

Belinda started dabbling in yoga in 2001 in Darwin. She became more dedicated and serious about the practice as the years passed.

She always saw herself as not a physically skilled person. But then, Belinda began to see, through her own home yoga practice and attending classes, the changes that could be made. The improvements provided ease and coordination in the whole body.

In addition, yoga also began to provide mental clarity and a sense of calm that is beginning to be translated into other areas of her life.

Belinda is a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher.

On the Flametree blog, Belinda’s story also tells many other powerful and inspiring parts of her yoga journey.  You can also see pictures of her beautiful tats!

Apart from teaching and practising yoga, Belinda has a lifetime of experience as teacher in the education sector.

Belinda teaches Beginner Yoga, Transition to Intermediate, Intermediate / Experienced, Women Only, and the Over 50`s. You’ll find all her classes on the Flametree timetable.

Renae Moore, personal trainer and yoga instructor

Renae is a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. She holds Introductory Level 2 with the BKS Iyengar Association of Australia.

Renae first began to practice yoga in the 1990s in Melbourne, when attending a small yoga school in her local neighbourhood.

She recalls how different she felt in both mind and body following these classes. As a results, she was eager to continue attending no matter what the weather!

Renae sought out yoga classes upon moving to Darwin in 1995. Now, she continues to be amazed at what she discovers about herself ‘on the mat’.

Through both attending classes and through her own home practice, she has found a sense of peace and clarity. In addition, it continues to extend through all aspects of her life. Renae teaches the Gentle Yoga Class on Sundays.

Yoga Instructor Cheryl Winstanley

Cheryl has been practising Iyengar Yoga for many years. She was attracted to the Iyengar method right from the start of her yoga practise.

She commenced the Teacher Training Programme with Chris Lalor 5 years ago. In her view, it was further her interest and knowledge in Iyengar yoga.

Then, in 2016, Cheryl started her teaching at Flametree. She taught a Transition to Intermediate class on a Sunday morning.

Cheryl now teaches Transition to Intermediate on a Saturday morning.

Yoga Teacher Mary O’Brien

Mary originally came to yoga looking to improve both her mental and physical health. Over many years of coming to classes Mary found that her practice of Iyengar Yoga helped her to feel fitter, stronger and more comfortable in her body.

Mary also discovered that her regular practice provided her with great insight into who she really is. In 2015, Mary started Teacher Training with Chris Lalor in order to deepen further her understanding of yoga.

When recently asked why she keeps practising yoga, she said:

“It enables me to feel whole. It helps to quieten my monkey mind , to connect my mind, body, and spirit.

But put simply, I feel better on the days I do yoga than on the days when I don`t.”

Mary is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher.

She teaches the Beginner level, and Mixed Level classes.

Yoga Instructor Salome Harris

Salome first started doing yoga in 2001 at her local gym.g

She says: “I was immediately attracted to it because it gave me relief of aches and pains, and a feeling of calm”.

In addition, she also felt that she was achieving. She could see she was flexible and could make the shapes.

Over time, she has learned that yoga is so much more than ‘achieving’ the postures. She says:

“It teaches me to meet myself in the present moment and to accept and work with what’s there. Yoga is so much more than making the shapes!”

As she practices she continues to be astonished at how much mind and body are one. In her view, we can approach our physical ailments through the mind, and work with our mental states physically. She loves this element of yoga.

Salome signed up to do yoga teacher training in 2017. Among other things, she wants to share what she has learned, and help other people experience the benefits too.

Yoga Teacher Margie Landrigan

Margie  is a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher with over 12 years teaching experience. She started practicing yoga in Sydney in the eighties, discovered Iyengar yoga in the late nineties, and began teaching in Darwin a decade later.

Margie has studied with numerous senior Iyengar Yoga teachers within Australia and attended the Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Institute in India, for intensive learning. 

In Margie’s experience:

“Yoga provides a way for me to get to know myself more deeply. Like any relationship worth having, sometimes being with yoga seems like a lot of effort and at other times it seems to just flow.

This relationship with yoga is a precious one in which I can grow and share my knowledge and technique with students, while also learning how to listen to my own body with presence and awareness.”

Margie currently resides in Hobart. She teaches online classes for Flametree.

Kim Faehse, personal trainer and yoga instructor

I’m from the Northern Territory of Australia, so I’m a so-called “Territorian” by birth. I was born in Alice Springs, and raised in Darwin, Australia, before heading south for university.

As a young girl, I was heavily involved in gymnastics. It gave me strength and flexibility, but often led to injury.

I was first introduced to Iyengar Yoga (which is the yoga style at Flametree) when I was 16. My mother got me started, as she had been attending Iyengar classes for many years. However, it would be over 20 years later before I realised that my mum was onto something remarkable. In turn, this led me to commit to the yoga journey.

The benefits of yoga for me

In contrast to my early years in gymnastics, yoga gave me equal strength and flexibility, but also with connection between mind and body.

I find that yoga practice looks after all the different parts of me. I’m more in tune with my body and no longer have neck and shoulder pain. Yoga was also instrumental in recovery from Ross River virus 2 years ago.

Yoga is teaching me to stay more grounded, present and calm within the usual crazy, busy world.

I currently teach two beginner classes each week. They are both at 2 Smith Street, Darwin, in the Harbour Room, on the corner of the Esplanade.

Both of my classes are also available live online at the local Darwin time scheduled for the class (5.30pm Tuesday, and 9.30am Saturday).

Some of my classes are also available in our Beginner streaming video playback which is available on demand. All beginner playback classes are at this link.

In the standing picture below, I’m in the Harbour Room (2 Smith Street), where I teach in Darwin City. In my hand, I’m holding the timer that we use to make sure poses are held for just the right amount of time.
In the picture with my pink tights, I’m demonstrating a twist, using a chair, bolster and strap as props.

Apart from teaching yoga part-time, I work in the health industry. Yoga gives me an whole new insight into mind and body, and complements the other health work I do with individual clients.

Beginner yoga, online or in-studio, with a 2 week free trial

Non-beginner yoga: for new or lapsed non-beginners. Online or in-studio. 14 days unlimited for AUS$29