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My first, tiny, yoga benefit was magical

Have you ever paused to think about what transformation you want from yoga?

Or that you’ve already got from yoga?

Before I (Christine) started yoga, I wanted nothing more than better sleep. I got it after my first class.

It was a tiny transformation, but it was still magical.

That alone transformed every other part of my life. In due course, I got a whole new and wonderful life from yoga. If you wish, see more about my yoga story.

So, please refer a friend and save at Flametree Yoga. Get the big refer a friend bonus and discount for each person referred.

Give the gift of huge yoga benefits to friends or family.

You get a half price 10 pass as soon as they buy (beginner or non-beginner), plus a FREE class right now. So, refer a friend and save now.

space darwin

Give & get HALF price 10 pack/s for online or studio yoga, for beginners or non-beginners. Refer a friend and save today.

Student stories of transformation

Many come to yoga wanting freedom from pain, or freedom from some physical limitation.

For example, on the Flametree yoga blog, Raj tells how he got transformation from enormous back pain, and physical confinement.

Others have used yoga to transform their eating habits.

Angie and Miriam have told us their stories of this journey. Dr McCall , Dr Sinclair, and Dr Fung have documented how this happens. Again, see our blog posts for more on this.

Meanwhile, Dr Dave Chapman transformed his exercise habits. In doing so, like almost all of us on a yoga journey, he found a new mindfulness that he never anticipated.

The yoga stories, all on our blog, are just a fraction of the enormous number of personal transformations people get from yoga.

Refer a friend & help transform the world

Yoga, and Flametree, and our many students, are transforming the world one person at a time. I think it’s the most effective way to get so much of the change that the world needs.

I mean not only change like better health, longer lives, and lower health bills.

But I also mean more meaningful lives, greater happiness, better relationships, and far less upsets and aggression.

The many stories people constantly tell us prove that all this is possible, and much more.

So, refer a friend and save at Flametree Yoga. All students can use a big refer a friend bonus and discount.

As we said, you get a half price 10 pass as soon as they buy (beginner or non-beginner), plus a FREE class right now. So, refer a friend and save now.

yoga for hips
Fogg dam conservation reserve darwin northern territory

I’m Chris Lalor, accredited Senior Yoga Teacher, & Yoga Therapist, doing yoga at Fogg Dam, near Darwin NT, Australia.
Please refer a friend, or bring a friend, to Flametree. Give them the power, beauty, & transformation of yoga.

What transformation do you want for you & others?

If you can see hints of the transformation your seeking, or the possibility of it, then please invite a friend via Flametree’s refer a friend program.

Every day, at Flametree, students ask for and get help with getting the transformation they’re seeking in their life.

In my role as accredited Senior Yoga Teacher and yoga therapist, I of course see more, and hear more, then I can ever mention.

But it’s just more proof to me of the powerful transformations people get from yoga, every day of the week.

Please put our refer a friend program to work for you and your friends.

Yoga is a secret power that delivers so much more than you even know about now.

So please, right now, refer a friend and save, with Flametree’s half price 10 pass deal.

Get started now with Flametree’s bring a friend program.

Refer a friend and save

bring or Refer a friend and save via a bonus and discount

Chris Lalor demonstrates an easy beginner yoga posture. Refer a friend and get discount now.

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