Group class, online, at our place, or yours


Group class, online, at our place, or yours


This is the fee for a group private class at your location, in our studio/s, or and / or online. You get one yoga or breath meditation class with Flametree’s personal yoga trainer. See more below on a private yoga instructor online or in-studio, including for groups.

To get the major benefits of yoga or meditation, we suggest you consider more than one class, or subsidising your own group members to attend Flametree’s regular classes.

If an organisation wants to encourage its staff to attend Flametree’s many regular classes, then check out the Employee Yoga Encouragement Program.

Flametree yoga group class fees are good value. For example, for a class of 20 people, the private group yoga class cost shown above per one hour class, works out at just $7.45 per person.

Please arrange any group class directly with us at a mutually convenient time. To do this contact Customer Service, or use the contacts at the bottom of this page.

Payment arrangements for group yoga classes

Then prior to the class, please buy this private classes pass. (When you make a payment, a receipt is automatically sent to your email. It will contain Flametree’s ABN & other details).

If you need a separate invoice or receipt, please let us know at the email below. You can also make a direct payment to our bank. If this is done, please also let us know. Details for payments are below.

  • Flametree Yoga Studio at 19B Bishop St., Woolner NT, 0820
  • ABN: 188 011 899 67, BSB 065-901,  Account No. 10464634, Account: Flametree Yoga Studio
  • E: [email protected]

Confirmed arrangements are necessary

Prior to a class being paid for, we will only tentatively schedule it. However, it will not be confirmed, and a teacher will not attend the class, unless it is paid for in advance.

Alternatively, some alternative agreement to confirm the booking, including arrangements for payment, need to be agreed via an exchange of emails with us.

Please appreciate that Flametree already arranges over 30 classes a week, via several teachers, online and in three locations.

Arrangements for your private class or classes, plus ensuring that yoga props are available (from us or otherwise), requires considerable logistics on our part.

Hence, to ensure you get a class or classes at the time you require, we need confirmed arrangements, and definite payment arrangements.

Yoga props & yoga classes at our yoga studio

The advantage of coming to our air-conditioned locations in Palmerston or Woolner, is that we have yoga mats, and yoga props, on site.

In Woolner, we have both yoga props, and other equipment, including for restorative yoga, and our version of aerial yoga. (Our Woolner studio is 3 km from the Darwin CBD).

If we come to you, we can usually bring yoga mats and blocks.

Yoga props will improve the quality of the yoga class, and the extent to which beginners of any age (who are usually quite stiff), can get the benefits of yoga.

If we come to you, we highly prefer that the yoga is done in-doors. The reason is that, in Darwin, insects and heat can often be a problem.

Each class at our locations can have a maximum of 22 persons per class. This is necessary for COVID safety, as well as to ensure students get sufficient attention.

The venues have good quality ventilation that is constantly monitored.

With group classes, please bear in mind that more people will say they are coming, than will actually turn up.

Normal, comfortable, sports or casual clothing is all that is required.

If you come to us, work around our timetable

If we are coming to your venue, then we an usually arrange one our several teachers to come a time that suits you.

If you are coming to our venue/s, then it needs to be at times other than when other than those in the Flametree beginner and non-beginner timetables. 

In other words, our location/s needs to be free of our other classes.

In Palmerston, our location is shared, so we need to liaise with you around a time that works. (In addition, at Palmerston, there is an extra charge for the venue).

At checkout, specify the quantity of classes

Of course, if you’ve arranged a class or classes with us, then at checkout, you can use the quantity tab to buy more than one of these class passes.

Get started by reading more below, or go direct to check out by adding the correct number of passes to your shopping cart.

Then proceed to checkout.

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If you want group yoga classes near me, then nothing’s closer than an online class at your location. But we can also come to you (or you can come to us). See more below on any private group yoga class cost and details. For your yoga group class, you’ll get top group yoga classes.

To book a class, please contact Customer Service, or talk to us at class.

If you wish, read more about our private classes.

Alternatively, please consider having your staff come to our regular classes. We’ve outlined why this is a good option, at our page on the Employee Yoga Encouragement Program.

Or you can contact the Customer Service Team via contacts at the bottom of this page.

Highly trained yoga teachers make a major difference

private group yoga cost

Chris Lalor, accredited Senior Yoga Teacher and yoga therapist. Get in touch, or see more below. A highly trained and experienced teacher can adjust the sequence of yoga poses on the spot, so as to cater for the level, or different levels, or those students in your group yoga class. This makes a major difference to the value people will get from the class. 

What students say about Flametree Yoga and it’s benefits

If you’re still not sure about yoga, or a private class, check out these genuine reviews of what customers say about their yoga classes at Flametree.

In addition, see the wide range of benefits they say they have received from both online or in-the-studio yoga at Flametree.

Or come along to the next Yoga Beginners Introduction, in-studio or online.

You’ll also see examples of our yoga, and it’s many benefits, on our TikTok page.

See the button at top of this page. Add the correct number of passes.

Then proceed to checkout.

Tiny video about Novice Yoga Darwin, & Online.

Want a private yoga class teacher? Check out the private yoga class price options.

Before your private class, please also ensure that the private class cost is paid. For a class of 20 people, the private group yoga class cost, works out at just $7.45 per person. 

Or, consider the Employee Yoga Encouragement Program