Online non-beginner casual class


Online non-beginner casual class


This single, online pass, for a hatha yoga taught in the Iyengar yoga style at Flametree, gets you LIVE online, interactive, non-beginner classes for one person only.

  • Access to any choice of online classes except dedicated Beginner classes (non-mixed level Beginner classes)
  • Includes Special Focus classes such as Backcare, Women’s Only, Breath Meditation, Pranayama, Gentle & Chair Yoga, Slow Gentle Yoga, & Restorative Yoga.
  • Subject to your yoga skills, the class Levels include any mix of Transition to Intermediate, Intermediate, Experienced, Advanced, & Mixed Non-Beginner classes.

Once you’ve bought the pass, go here to reserve the class, and get your link to join it (or follow the links there):

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*non-refundable & non-transferable

This pass gets you a single LIVE online yoga class at Flametree Yoga Studio.

In a LIVE online class, you and the teacher can see and hear each other. The teacher will demonstrate poses, and talk you through them. If you wish, the teacher can also give you more guidance based on your situation.

In any case, the teacher will be giving verbal and other guidance to the whole class. At least some of this guidance, or maybe all of it, you’ll find immediately useful for progressing your yoga. It’s also motivating, and helps the time pass quickly.

Having the class occur at a specific time is also often helpful in allocating time in your day for yoga, exercise and rejuvenation.

You’ll be connecting with the teacher by Zoom. (See more about that below). You can of course turn off your own video, so nobody can see you. That’s your choice. If you turn off your video, you can can see and hear the teacher, but neither the teacher, nor the other online students, can see you.

Flametree has many beginner classes each week, so this pass can be used for any one of them, including Special Focus classes, as listed above (or you can see them in the Timetable below). There is also no need to do the same classes each week.

Once you’ve bought this pass, reserve the class you wish to come to. They can be reserved for up to a week in advance.

When you reserve the class, the online link to join that class will be emailed to you, plus a reminder before the class.

Most non-beginner classes are reserved here. (

Alternatively, if your class happens to be in one of our other classrooms, then you may need to reserve it here. (  )

At each of the above links, or on the Flametree Beginner timetable, you’ll see exactly where to reserve & join your class.

Please also consider what yoga props you may want at home, as they will give you even more value from your yoga. You can also use household furniture, like a kitchen chair.  See more about props.

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We look forward to seeing you at Flametree Yoga Studio.

This pass is not transferable to another student.  Please see our full class timetable here.