How Yoga Full Body Flow Can Deliver The Best Full Body Yoga Stretches For Weight Loss.

Outline of in-studio and online yoga classes for weight loss, including videos about yoga for weight loss.

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Below, you hear about the best type of yoga for weight loss. Plus, you’ll see the options for in-studio or online yoga classes for weight loss. The discussion includes yoga full body flow. You’ll also learn what’s the best full body yoga stretches to use, & why yoga is the best way to lose weight.  If you wish, just follow the links to go direct to weight loss yoga for beginners. Below, there is also a video about the experience of Angie, who successfully used yoga for weight loss.

Most of all, don’t miss Dr McCall’s explanation below, on why yoga works to cut weight, or manage it better ongoingly, or both. In particular, it does not require fat burning difficult exercise. You’ll see that it’s more about using yoga poses that reduce stress.

In the same way, beginners yoga for weight loss is not about power yoga, aerobic exercise, lifting the heart rate, sun salutations, difficult upper body lifting. or even lots of physical activity. Instead, regular yoga practice, or yoga sessions, are used to reduce stress. Below, you’ll see how stress is a key villain, and what yoga can do to help reduce it, and thereby reduce weight.

Intermittent fasting, assisted by yoga, is also an important path to weight loss and many additional health improvements. See our separate post on yoga and intermittent fasting. In that blog post, you’ll hear Chris’ inspiring story of fasting. See also her further story about intermittent fasting in a separate Facebook post.

In addition, to hear or see yoga’s weight loss results, read Angie’s story of how she lost weight with yoga. Alternatively, watch her video below about her beginners yoga for weight loss journey.

Below, there’s also a video on easy beginners yoga for weight loss. At Flametree, try it as in-studio or online yoga for weight loss.

How Yoga Full Body Flow Can Deliver The Best Full Body Yoga Stretches For Weight Loss

Try Flametree’s weight loss programs, or learn more.


Why to mix full body yoga flow, & relaxing yoga

To find the best type of yoga for weight loss, the first thing to note is that yoga cuts stress. That means your body produces less of the stress hormone called cortisol. In turn, that lowers your appetite, and achieves your weight loss goals.

Yoga also makes you more mindful about what you eat. As a result, all this means that yoga can be the best weight loss exercise.

In addition to cutting stress, and producing mindful eating, studies have found yoga is good as weight loss exercise.

As you will see below, well known medical practitioners have written about how you can lose weight with yoga.

For instance, further down this page, there’s a section by Dr McCall. He talks about why yoga works, and scientific studies that show it does.

The good news is that it means you don’t have to jump about furiously looking for the best weight loss exercise.

It’s more important to do a range of our easy postures that reduce stress. These include easy restorative classes, gentle yoga, women only yoga, and others.  These classes are all part of Flametree’s beginner yoga and non-beginner yoga programs.

People of all shapes and all sizes do yoga very effectively. Flametree does not have a view about body size. However, if you choose to use yoga postures for weight loss (especially for stress reduction, and relatively mild exercise), then they can help a lot. Many of our students have found this too. Stories by some of those students are also below.

The outcome is that best type of yoga for weight loss is not what you might have thought. In addition to what we’ve already said, Dr McCall explains this at more length below.

Yoga for weight loss success stories

On Flametree’s Facebook Page, you can see some weight loss success stories our yoga students have shared. There’s also more in the testimonials at the bottom of this page.

If you view the stories, come back to this page for current yoga class details. For example, we have a new 6 week beginner course that has replaced the beginner courses that these student’s did. (In other words, this page has the most up to date links for beginner yoga, including the new Yoga Beginners Introduction).

  • Angie’s success  at using yoga for weight loss. Her yoga group were all happy with beginners yoga for weight loss, after trying other physical exercise options.
  • Miriam’s success, using consistent yoga practice to greatly reduce body fat. For instance, she says: “I trimmed 13 of the big K’s in the first half of the year I started yoga. Yes, 13!”
  • Guy’s success is in the video here. With yoga, he cut weight gain, and the number of calories consumed. As a result he lost a significant amount of weight.
  • Chris says: “…the mindfulness that I get from yoga makes it easier to control my eating.”

Do Yoga To Eat Better, Manage Weight, & use yoga for weight loss

The postures used in this video are at experienced level. The good news is that the easy, introductory yoga poses taught at beginner yoga will work just as well for reducing or controlling weight.

Other benefits from yoga full body flow, combined with relaxing yoga

Studies show some of the major benefits of yoga, are:

  • Reducing tension and stress
  • Getting stronger physically and mentally
  • Feeling happier
  • Getting more “me” time
  • Feeling less lonely
  • Unplugging from tech.

You don’t need to be flexible to start yoga! Our easy, basic yoga classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

online yoga classes for weight loss

best full body yoga stretches

Dr McCall: on how yoga full body flow, with relaxing, works

Here’s Dr McCall* on why yoga produces long lasting weight loss, plus other benefits. He’s a medical doctor & yoga therapist in the USA. He says:

“Can yoga help you lose weight? Certainly, the scientific evidence is that it can. However, it’s not for the reasons that you think.

In contrast to conventional ideas, what yoga does, is that it relieves STRESS. In addition, it does it by lowering the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In turn, this lowers your appetite.

Furthermore, when you eat extra calories in a state with a lot of cortisol [from stress] in your bloodstream, then your body is very efficiently going to turn those extra calories into fat.

Even worse, where’s it going to put that fat? It will put the fat in between the layers of your abdominal organs. It is the worst place from a health standpoint, because that’s tied to diabetes, heart attack, inflammation, metabolic syndrome, and many other things.”

Studies show yoga is very effective weight loss exercise

Notice that Dr McCall does not get into all the usual issues of muscle mass, muscle tone, belly fat, unhealthy foods, calorie deficit, blood pressure and more.

Instead, Dr McCall goes onto to say:

“… The data also shows that people who do yoga tend to weigh less. For instance, this has been shown in several studies.

First, in the Ornish studies of heart disease treatment, … they lost 24 pounds (11 k’s) in the first year of the program.

Over the second year of the program, …they kept about half of it off. Consequently, the outcome was that about 12 pounds (5.5 Ks) of weight loss, was able to be maintained.

Furthermore, a more recent study, … found that among women over 45 … the more hours of week of yoga they practised, the lower their body mass index (BMI).

… Those women or men who are losing weight with yoga are also tending to SLEEP better, [and without yoga nidra]. In addition, they have a better MOOD, have less bodily pain and many other of the benefits of a yoga practice.”

Examples of the de-stressing yoga Dr McCall discusses.

Easy beginners yoga for weight loss. At Flametree, try it as in-studio or online yoga for weight loss.

Yoga improves mindfulness & peace of mind, plus reduces appetite

As well as all this, Dr McCall also talks about how mindfulness helps. Such mindfulness can include the type of mindful meditation and yoga that you’ll get in Flametree’s breath meditation or yoga classes, or both.

Again, he does not need to bother with topics like comfort food, or hot yoga, or how much weight you lose by any particular activity. Instead, he says:

“…. When you start to be aware of your eating, for example, when you’re really paying attention as you eat, you may notice the subtle cues that suggest that you’re getting full.

In comparison, if you’re distracted… as you’re eating your food, you may not notice those cues. As a result, if you make your food time … [more mindful by yoga], then you really do notice those cues.

…That is to say, there’s evidence for this as well in scientific studies. In summary, the more people practise yoga, the more they tend to improve their other habits.

Wholistic process to keep weight off

Lastly, Dr McCall points out how yoga is a long term weight loss process that is part of an overall wellness plan. Essentially, he’s saying beginners yoga for weigh loss is a great way to get to a healthy weight.

“Really, losing weight is part of a holistic plan where you look at everything. For example, you look at your psychological well-being, and your dietary habits. In addition, you look at your exercise, and at your stress levels. You should consider all those things. The outcome is that you make your whole being function better in a holistic way.

Then, things like body weight tend to just sort themselves out. Consequently, your body will naturally slowly move you in the healthy direction.

…In order to lose weight, take a slower approach, and an easier approach. It can be one that incorporates stress reduction, instead of doing it via extreme drugs or dietary supplements. Among other things, extreme diets actually stress yourself out more, and interfere with long term weight.

To sum it all up, it’s really just about taking the little steps in the right direction every day” *

He’s saying that restorative yoga, plus other yoga learnt in the beginners yoga for weight loss, will naturally create a mind-body connection that will cut emotional eating, as well as abdominal fat. Yoga is also a good stress buster that will also deal with issues like poor sleep.

In the process, Flametree’s beginners yoga for weight loss does not have to get into picky issues like having your feet hip width in your yoga asanas, or where you put your right leg, or left foot, or right knee, or left hand, or right hand, or left elbow. Yes, forget all that blah blah you may have seen some teachers talk about.  Your teacher will also not be talking about what major muscles are involved, or the intricacies of fat loss, or excess weight. With Flametree’s yoga, all that will look after itself. As you can see, Dr McCall agrees.

The bottom line of what Dr McCall says.

Essentially, Dr McCall says the best type of yoga for weight loss must contain at least some gentle yoga or restorative yoga, or both. These types of yoga work especially well to reduce stress.

So, to clarify, any options for in-studio or online yoga classes for weight loss don’t have to be vigorous fat burning exercise.

The options can include yoga full body flow, but also less active yoga, where you can include stress reduction options.

Below, you can learn more about what’s the best full body yoga stretches to use.

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Many online, in-studio, and on-demand yoga options.

Try the best type of yoga for weight loss

Flametree Yoga has over 30 live online and in-studio classes a week. Yoga classes include both non-beginner and beginner yoga. The yoga is high quality, hatha yoga, including a lot of visual demonstrations and verbal help with getting into poses.

Almost all classes are both online and in-studio.

The teachers are all experienced Australian teachers who are easy to follow, and offer interactive online teaching.

On top of all that, Flametree teaches in 5 levels. As a consequence, you can always find a level, from beginner to advanced, that will work best for you.

The rest of this page is about our 3 beginner options for getting started.

On the other hand, if you have already done yoga recently, than check out our non-beginner yoga deal. 

If our class times don’t suit you, then please either see the Playback streaming yoga deals in Option 2 below. Alternatively, check out Flametree’s streaming, on demand yoga options here.

For more information about additional benefits of yoga, check out the videos at the bottom of this page.

Online yoga students come to Flametree from all over the world. Consequently, on this page, we also sometimes mention our in-studio classes, as some students in the local region of Darwin, Australia, find it convenient to do a mix of online and in-studio classes.

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Get a mix of standard and Special Focus Beginner classes

Many online beginner classes run each week. Some are just standard, easy beginner postures. Other classes have a Special Focus such as breath meditation, backcare, women’s health, restorative yoga, slow yoga, fifty plus, and more. Each week, you can choose an unlimited mix of these classes.

Every so often, these beginner classes include a tiered and sequential beginner course over 4 weeks. However, you’ll also find it easy to start in any week, no matter where the beginner course is at. Every class is adjusted by the teacher to be appropriate for whoever is in that particular class.

The teacher can see and hear you, and you can privately tell the teacher particular matters it may be good for the teacher to know.

Three yoga deals & payment options

See the numbers below for 3 easy options to get started with beginner yoga, including options with FREE trials and money back guarantees.

Once you choose a pass, then you book a class, using the class reservation process we also outline below.


Ten Class Pass, Online Or In-Studio

OPTION ONE to start beginner classes, as soon as you like, using a Ten Class Beginner Pass. The pass for classes in the studio is $99. (You can also use it for online classes). This means you’re paying $9.90 a class. If you just buy casual classes, then they’re $11 each. (See Option 3 below). This Ten Pass is a good option if you plan to do one or two beginner classes a week. If you want to do more than that, then the pay-by-the-week deal is cheaper. For those passes, see Option 2, or go direct to all pay-by-the-week packages. If you’re just doing ONLINE classes, then the Online Ten Pass is even cheaper at $79, or $7.90 each. Click the button for the Ten Class Pass (In-Studio & Online). If you refer a friend, or bring a friend, then there are also ten passes at HALF price. 

Beginner Pay-By-The-Week Options For In-Studio, Or Online, Or Yoga Video

OPTION TWO to start beginner yoga via a pay-by-the-week deal. The in-studio,  or online yoga classes, or yoga video options, are also in the Table below. For comparison, we’ve also included the ten class pass. Each pay-by-the-week option includes 2 weeks of free classes. You can start as soon as you have bought a pass. The pay-by-the-week passes can be paused or cancelled at any time. Just reach out to Custom Service.

In-Studio (Offline), Online & Playback Packages By Weekly Subscription

  • FREE 2 week trial
  • All live, online classes
  • All yoga video classes
  • All offline classes
  • Price (per wk for subscription)
  • Price (valid for 3 mths)
  • Yoga Videos
    for Beginners

  • yes
  • no
  • Unlimited
  • no
  • $6.95
  • -
  • Beginner

  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • Unlimited
  • $15.95
  • -
  • Ten pass

  • 10 online / offline in total
  • no
  • 10 online / offline in total
  • -
  • $99.00
  • Ultimate

  • yes
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • $19.95
  • -
  • FREE 2 week trial
  • All live, online classes
  • All yoga video classes
  • All offline classes
  • Price (per wk)
  • Price (valid for 3 mths)
  • Yoga Videos
    for Beginners

  • yes
  • no
  • Unlimited
  • no
  • $6.95
  • -
  • Beginner

  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • Unlimited
  • $15.95
  • -
  • Ten pass

  • 10 online / offline in total
  • no
  • 10 online / offline in total
  • -
  • $99.00

Ultimate Beginner package with an unlimited mix of all in-studio, online or on-demand beginner classes, including a FREE 2 week trial: $19.95 a week.


Casual Beginner Yoga Pass

OPTION 3 to start beginner yoga is to buy a casual pass to come to one class. This can be used for online or in-studio classes.

Money back guarantee for first paid week of packages

There’s a money back guarantee you can use during the first paid week of the 6-week beginner course package, or the weekly subscription packages.

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How to reserve all classes, and location of In-Studio classes

Once you have bought a pass, the beginner classes can be reserved as you go.

To reserve almost all beginner classes, whether in-studio or online, go here.

At the beginner timetable on site, and at the reservation page above, you’ll see the location of in-studio classes.

Using Zoom for online classes, and where to reserve them

All online yoga classes are via Zoom. You’ll need to download this app on your phone, iPad or PC, and open a free account.

As you can see from the timetable, most online classes are in so-called Room 2 (a virtual location on via Zoom). It is marked on the timetable as ON.2. Again, to see a list of these online Room 2 classes, and reserve them, go here.

If it is an online class, the login via the Zoom app will be sent you as soon as you reserve the class. The easiest option is just to click on the Zoom link you will be sent by email.

Beginner class times in your time zone

See the beginner timetable, in our local Darwin, Australia time zone, as well as in your own local time zone.

There’s also information in the timetable on the physical and online location of each class.

Try in-studio or online yoga for weight loss, or for the best full body yoga stretches, or for whatever else you’re after.

Help with reservations, payments, information or any other customer service

  [email protected]
  Message via Facebook
  0448 444 834 or 0448 112251 (Phone or text)

Benefits of yoga, & the best full body yoga stretches, & more

What people are saying about Flametree Yoga Studio

Below, hear from Flametree students about the best type of yoga for weight loss, and yoga generally.

For a start, Miriam says: “I trimmed 13 of the big K’s in the first half of the year I started yoga. Yes, 13!”

Angie says: “Over several months, I lost all that waist  12K (or 26 pounds) that had come with menopause … without even trying.”

Guy says: “Over the 12 months, there were 8 of those K’s gone… and it’s continuing to drop at a steady 200 grams a month.”

Wayan says: “Suddenly, 8 of those Kilos were gone! And I maintained it.”

Plus, Chris, the Senior Yoga Teacher at Flametree, successfully manages her weight.

Chris says: “…the mindfulness that I get from yoga makes it easier to control my eating.”

They have used mixes of in-studio or online yoga classes for weight loss. Many have used versions yoga full body flow, and other Flametree class types.

Hear about the results they have gotten from the best full body yoga stretches.

Try Flametree’s weight loss programs, or learn more.

“…Thank you for all you have done to keep yoga accessible, it has been so beneficial, and also lots of fun “
Tania, Facebook

“My first online class last night from my lounge in Brisbane, fantastic! Thanks Flametree”
Bridget, Facebook

“The Zoom sessions are going really well. I’m so grateful for having them”
Gina, Facebook

“… can’t wait to start back at the studio and of cause those all so important after class catch ups over coffee”
Michelle, Facebook

More testimonials on the quality & impact of Flametree

“This is awesome! Thanks for sharing your practice around the globe.”
Jason, Facebook

“Yoga is an important contributor to my bike riding habits and increasingly an important part of my other-life too.”

“Great [backcare] class tonight Chris and such a gift to be able to start yoga again online after a couple of years of not being able to juggle classes with family routine! “
Janet, Facebook

“I’m so grateful. Belinda’s class this morning was brilliant – my first headstand at home! thank you Chris and team. “
Sam, Facebook

“…Chris…. you are a truly inspirational women in my life.”
Angie, Facebook

“Loving the classes. All of them. The quality of teaching is of course fabulous, but the range of options, the convenience and flexibility that allows is wonderful”
Penny, Facebook

“I like the friendly teachers and the feeling that you are not trying to compete with everybody else in the class”
John, Facebook

“The classes are brilliant and bring the joy (and discipline!) of yoga into your home. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to continue classes this way.”
Deirdre, Facebook

beginners online yoga for weight loss

Yoga for weight loss at home works well too. This page has covered best type of yoga for weight loss, & online yoga classes for weight loss. Plus yoga full body flow, & best full body yoga stretches. In the picture, Miriam demonstrates some of this yoga for weight loss. Once you get on a yoga mat in Flametree classes, your entire body will benefit. You will very likely lose weight, like the studies and reports show, but you’ll also find it very good for your mental health, and each part of your body, like you lower back, upper back, abdominal muscles, and much more. You’ll also find it easier to consume fewer calories, so you will worry less about things like calorie burn, or water weight, or whatever. 

Go directly to beginners yoga for weight loss options, including 2 weeks free

beginners online yoga for weight loss

Try a full body yoga workout for beginners. Here is Miriam doing yoga at home, with Flametree classes via PC connected to her TV. In it’s restorative yoga classes, and all other classes, Flametree talks plain English! We don’t use terms as if you were reading the International Journal of Yoga, In Flametree classes, you won’t hear terms like surya namaskara, ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga, or adho mukha svanasana, Instead, your teacher will use English names for poses, like downward dog pose, plank pose, chair pose, bow pose, and bridge pose. 


best full body yoga stretches

Miriam again shows some of the best type of Yoga for weight loss. It does no all have to be vigorous. It’s also very important that in-studio or online yoga for weight loss is calming. By the way, what she is doing is not a spiritual practice. It’s just using Flametree’s style of yoga as an effective tool to get better results with weight loss efforts. It’s a good choice if you want to avoid having a personal trainer to push you through something that you’d rather not do. Instead, Flametree’s styles of yoga, will give you best full body yoga stretches to achieve your weight loss goals. 

Try Flametree’s weight loss programs, or learn more.

Fast, guided way to start yoga. Two class Beginner Introduction

[* Source of Dr McCAll quotes: This is a transcript of part of Dr McCall’s You Tube discussion that you can Google if you wish. (See “Yoga and Weight Loss — The Science and the Myths”). Dr. Timothy McCall, a medical doctor, and formerly Yoga Journal’s Medical Editor, is also the author of “Yoga As Medicine: The Yogic Prescription For Health And Healing“.]