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Want restorative yoga classes near me? Or restorative yoga Brisbane, or restorative yoga Melbourne, or far beyond. Then try online it (or in-studio, Darwin).

Beginner deals include 2 weeks free trial, and non-beginners get 30 days of unlimited online yoga for just $14.95.

Learn to systematically relax & de-stress whenever you choose

It’s wonderful to feel completely relaxed. Easy restorative yoga can deliver this, and much more.

For example, this style of yoga systematically calms stress. As you may know, stress is a major risk factor in heart disease, and many other conditions.

In restorative yoga Brisbane, or for wherever you are, you get complete, systematic relaxation. Among many other benefits, it will give you a feeling of quiet pleasure. So you get the satisfaction of being alive, and joyfully connected with the rest of humanity.

Everyone has to be taught how to relax. Learning to systematically unwind is a skill. In other words, relaxing is learnt.

Of course, once you’ve learnt these restorative poses and sequences of poses, you can regularly apply it.  Whenever you wish, an efficient manner, you can do the poses.

For instance, many use the restorative poses for better sleep, or for getting over an upset.

Use Flametree’s top deals for restorative yoga Melbourne, or for wherever you are. Online yoga is highly effective, and easy to set up.

Beginner & other passes, for restorative yoga Melbourne & far beyond

NON-BEGINNERS. Learn restorative yoga poses & more. 30 days for $14.95

Systematic deep relaxation helps keep your heart rate in the normal range. In restorative yoga Perth, and far beyond, restorative classes are used to turn on a relaxation response. Use of props helps, such as folded blankets and an eye pillow, will help. Whatever your fitness levels, you can do a suitably taught restorative yoga practice. The restorative practice will include long holds of restorative postures, with fewer poses in the sequence. A restorative yoga session will include poses such as forward bends, bridge poses (like the one above), child’s pose, and more, You’ll also notice deep breathing with this type of yoga. The goal of restorative yoga is mental, physical and emotional relaxation, as well as dealing better with stressful times in daily life.

Heart disease sneaks up on women, in their 40s & 50s

Below, Dr. Clara Chow talks about some of the key reasons we need to systematically relax.

She’s a Professor Of Medicine, and the Academic Director of the Westmead Applied Research Centre, at the University of Sydney, Australia. In addition, she is a cardiologist at Westmead Hospital, in Sydney.

“Women look at me incredulously when I tell them they have just survived a heart attack. I can see it wasn’t on their radar.
Many women assume heart disease is something men suffer. But, while on average men may have their heart attacks earlier than women, heart disease is the leading cause of death and disability in both women and men.
As a cardiologist, this means it’s not uncommon for me to see women patients in their 40s and 50s.
… Heart attacks often manifest differently in women. Women are more likely to have atypical symptoms – breathlessness, fatigue, discomfort as opposed to pain, and are less likely to have the stereotypic crushing chest pain.
Women with a heart attack are more likely to present late, less likely to get the necessary investigations. For example, these include a coronary angiogram, to as to diagnose and treat their heart disease. Furthermore, they’re less likely to start on preventative treatments. As a result, they subsequently have poorer outcomes…”

Extra risk factors that restorative classes can improve

Dr Chow goes on to say this.

“…The lifestyles normalised by society also make us more prone to diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight, and inactivity. Most importantly, these all drive heart disease.
High blood pressure is the leading modifiable cause of heart disease in the world. Studies show about half of people with high blood pressure are unaware of having it. In addition, of those who know they have high blood pressure, about half again are undertreated.
…For women, there are additional risk factors such as pregnancy-related diabetes and hypertension, as well as the stresses and challenges of being everything to everyone in work and family.
So these rising cardiovascular risk factors are some of the reasons why I see heart disease a growing future threat for women.

Rest and restore yoga, in whatever form suits you (including restorative chair yoga), is a top way to help with health issues, and much more.

Beginner & other passes, for restorative yoga Melbourne & far beyond

NON-BEGINNERS. Learn restorative yoga poses & more. 30 days for $14.95

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Your yoga instructor (Chris Lalor) will show you how this type of hatha yoga can be done for lower back issues, as well as many other situations. The longer periods of time in poses are a great way to improve your daily routine. The longer holds, and slower pace of restorative classes, are loved by restorative yoga practitioners. For LIVE online classes, have a non-slip surface, or your own mat, plus at least some improvised props. (See more below). With the long periods of time used in this yoga style (so long as you are in the pose correctly), you’ll notice your levels of stress just melt away.

Easy restorative yoga

I (Chris Lalor) have found that restorative yoga. has so much to offer. Many of Flametree’s students agree.

So that’s why we offer it at both the Beginner and Non-Beginner Level.

Moreover, we incorporate it into our general level classes, as well as our Special Focus classes, like Women Only and restorative chair yoga (via our Gentle Yoga classes).

Learn more about the most popular passes, including restorative chair yoga options.

NON-BEGINNER & lapsed student deals (including 30 days for $14.95)

De-stressing delivers physical, mental and emotional health

The human body is an amazing piece of finely tuned “machinery”. It allows us to survive threats and then return to a state of balance.

All sorts of health problems arise because so many of us are living a life where we are “wired” 24/7. In other words, we don’t return to a state of balance.

The “fight or flight” part of the nervous system is continually turned on. We never switch it off.

As a result, every system in our body is under threat of burnout or of exhaustion. Certainly, humans were never designed by evolution to operate like this.

In addition, our immune system works to fight off foreign invaders, and keep us healthy. It can function optimally when all the other systems are not overwhelmed and exhausted.

So in this style of yoga classes, you’ll also get yoga poses for immune system improvement.

When you do these poses, your digestive system can send the correct signals to the rest of the body. As a result, it can play a key part in delivering mental  and emotional well-being.

But it only happens when we take the time to turn on the relaxation part of the autonomic nervous system. In other words, you are turning on the so-called parasympathetic nervous system.

The vagus nerve is the major nerve in this system. It wanders from the throat to the gut. Among other things, that’s why you feel upsets both in the mind and the gut.

Beginner & other passes, for restorative yoga Brisbane & far beyond

NON-BEGINNERS. Learn restorative yoga poses & more. 30 days for $14.95

Bhramari Pranayama benefits

Miriam, a Flametree student, doing a LIVE online restorative class at home. Flametree Yoga teachers periodically use a restorative yoga sequence in some other classes too. All you need to get started is a folded blanket or two. Viparita Karani (or Legs Up The Wall), supta baddha konasana (or supine Cobbler Pose), as well as bridge pose is also part of stress relief at nearly every non-restorative class. In restorative classes, you’ll also often see a forward fold with a head support. You’ll feel the positive impact of full body restorative yoga from the soles of your feet, to your inner thighs, to your shoulder blades, and all parts of your upper body. Regular practice of these longer duration poses are fantastic for your connective tissue and blood flow. Try it with a free two week trial.

Horrible problems of not learning to relax

When we fail to take the time to learn how to relax, every part of us suffers.

For instance, one outcome is that your gut feel distressed, tied up in knots, and full of acid. In addition, you can become short tempered, chronically anxious, overwhelmed, and depressed.

You may also find your breathing is affected. That’s because your lung’s capacity to deliver energy becomes compromised. A good sound night’s sleep often becomes a thing of the past.

So the poses you’ll learn help you unwind. You learn how to extend your chest region so you can breathe well.

As well as all that, you’ll how to lengthen your exhalation and de-stress your gut area. In addition, that also helps with issues like IBS.

Beginner & other passes, for restorative yoga Brisbane & far beyond

NON-BEGINNERS. Learn restorative yoga poses & more. 30 days for $14.95

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To improve sleep, restorative classes are likely to be as good as yoga nidra (which is a guided meditation practice). The low deep stretch takes you to a deeper level of whole body rejuvenation. Flametree also often includes restorative poses in its special events or yoga workshop, breath meditation session, yoga teacher training, and after active asana practices. With the advice of Flametrees qualified yoga teachers, this restorative type of stretch yoga can also be the best thing with managing chronic pain. Check out the excellent value in Flametree’s payment plans, including two week free trials. The iyengar restorative yoga taught at Flametree Yoga, which was invented by Indian master teacher Mr BKS Iyengar, is also more effective than the restorative classes you may see in vinyasa yoga, slow flow, flex hot yoga, yin poses, or yin yoga classes.

How these restorative classes help

So when you feel anxious, watch yourself closely. In the process, and in the classes, you learn to appreciate that it is possible to be proactive via systematic de-stressing.

Moreover, you can then practise breathing techniques. They will also calm you down. You can do it with a few specially targeted restorative poses to soothe your nervous system, and improve breathing.

In this restorative yoga class, you’ll steadily learn and practise all these options, and much more. Chris Lalor, the accredited Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher, running the class. includes appropriate commentary about how and why the restorative poses work.

Then you can apply them anytime, including when you need to sleep. As well as all that, you’ll get restorative yoga poses for your immune system.

The most common sound that I hear in a restorative yoga classes Sydney (or far beyond via Flametree’s online restorative yoga classes), is a long quiet sigh. It’s never that loud, but it’s there.

In addition, the most common reflection after a restorative yoga class goes along these lines:  “That’s feels so much better! I really needed that! I feel refreshed, energised and ready to go out and tackle my life with newfound energy!”

This class is open to all students, and is online and in-studio in Darwin Australia. So it also works well for restorative yoga Melbourne students, or for anywhere.

It’s a so-called all level restorative yoga class. That means it is for both non-beginners, and is also restorative yoga for beginners.

Beginner & other passes, for restorative yoga Brisbane & far beyond

NON-BEGINNERS. Learn restorative yoga poses & more. 30 days for $14.95

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In Darwin, Flametree teaches online & in-studio restorative classes from a beautiful studio that is a blissful intimate space. Whether you’re there, or at home, you have a safe space. Give your mind and physical body the option to be the best version of you. Meanwhile you’ll still develop or maintain physical strength, as well as use myofascial release techniques in a wide range of restorative poses. Personal development, inner peace, good health, and a great community are some of the many other benefits that will flow from the type of yoga asana restorative practice at Flametree Yoga. Try restorative yoga Brisbane, or for wherever, in a convenient and low cost LIVE online way.

Summary of restorative yoga class options

In summary, Flametree’s Beginner and Non-Beginner yoga passes include restorative classes, online, in-studio, or on-demand via yoga videos.

Many students find that Flametree’s LIVE restorative classes are very effective from your home, via the online class option.

In the studio, all yoga props are supplied. At home they can be improvised, such you’ll see in our yoga props guide.

However, if you plan to do ongoing online restorative classes, then it’s worth considering if you also wish to purchase some props. The most useful items are a yoga mat, a yoga strap, a yoga block, and a yoga bolster.

For even more about restorative classes, go to our non-beginner Restorative Yoga Class page.

If you have an interest in restorative classes, please also consider breath meditation. These classes, and restorative classes, work especially well together. (You can start breath meditation, which is also known as pranayama, with ten FREE classes).

This Easy Restorative class  is at 4pm on Saturdays, in Central Australian standard time. (Please check our timetable for seasonal times).

Both this restorative class, and the one of Fridays at 5.30pm, are taught by accredited Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher Chris Lalor.

So that means you are also getting high quality Iyengar restorative yoga. (It was Mr BKS Iyengar who invented this full body restorative yoga.)

If you want restorative yoga Melbourne, or for far beyond, try these top online deals.

In Flametree’s non-beginner and lapsed student deal, there’s also two non-beginner Restorative Yoga classes each week. Go to the button below. It also includes our non-beginner timetable.

Want restorative yoga classes near me? Or restorative yoga Brisbane, or restorative yoga Melbourne, or far beyond? Then try it LIVE online (or in-studio, Darwin).

Beginner & other passes, for restorative yoga Brisbane & far beyond

NON-BEGINNERS. Learn restorative yoga poses & more. 30 days for $14.95

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If it’s your first time at beginner restorative yoga sessions at Flametree, or you’ve only had light exposure to yoga, no previous experience is needed. This class, taught by accredited and experienced yoga teacher, is also excellent as part of a prenatal yoga practice. The dedicated yoga teacher will adjust a wide variety of props to get you the most effective mental, emotional and physical practice. The yoga ticket price at Flametree also allows you a profound combination of restorative yoga, breath work, and muscular effort, in a powerful creative way. The beautiful practice at Flametree will allow you to appreciate the present moment, and achieve or maintain a relaxed state. Use the two week free trial, or other deals, to get restorative beginner yoga classes, or great value non-beginner classes.

Beginner & other passes, for restorative yoga Melbourne & far beyond

NON-BEGINNERS. Learn restorative yoga poses & more. 30 days for $14.95