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Beginner Timetable

Flametree Yoga Beginner Timetable

New Course starts Monday 2nd March 2020

Courses run for 5 weeks.

Class lengths: Beginners 1 hr,  Transition to Intermediate are one & a quarter hrs. All others unless indicated 1.5 hrs



In 2020  The City, Classes  will run on the following days

 Monday 4.00pm , Thursday 5.15pm,( Anxiety, stress reduction )

Saturday 10.00am

 In Room 2 14 b Bishop St Woolner .Classes run on

  Monday 5.45 pm,

Monday 7.00pm

Tuesday 5.45pm

Tuesday 7.00pm(Back care Focus)  

Wednesday 5.45 pm

Wednesday 7.00(Restorative Focus)

 In room 1 19 b Bishop St Woolner Classes run on the following days.

Wednesday 4.15pm(Womens only)

 Thursday 10.15am

Thursday 7.30pm 

Friday 10.15am(Over 50`s focus)

Saturday 4.00pm Ezy Restorative 

Room 2 is upstairs at 14b Bishop St , Woolner

City studio is Harbour Room, 2 Smith St.(Corner of Esplanade,beside Anglican Cathedral)

Non-Beginner DEAL: $29 for 14 days

Get unlimited entry to any Flametree class except Beginners, subject to level appropriate to your yoga skills. (New Flametree students only).

Class types

More information on the content of special focus beginner classes is at the bottom of this Timetable page.

Information on non-beginner special class types can be seen by clicking on the name or types of these classes:

What is done in the above types of beginner classes

With a beginner course pass, you can each week come to any combination of the above beginner course

You don’t need to come to the same class each week.

In each week, beginner course classes have a similar content and syllabus, with some variation for your
interest, and based on the focus of the particular teacher. The particular types of classes (other than just
Beginner Course classes), listed in the above timetable, have these meanings:

  • Beginner Standard Poses. These classes are all those beginner classes that are not marked with a
    special focus. In these classes, approximately 20-30 introductory and simple yoga poses are taught over
    the several weeks of the course. They are also revised regularly. This allows you to get better at them
    steadily, and also allows people to join the course over the first couple of weeks of the course.
  • Some extra focus on aerobic movement, including dynamic sun salutes
    and lunges.
  • Beginners Course (Youth Focus) – Class is open to all, but with a special focus on teaching children &
    teens from 8 years upwards. Open to youth, parents & anybody else. Parents can leave child & come
    back, or can watch, or can participate. Open to all students, with or without children participating. Teacher
    is very experienced with teaching children & adults and holds a Working With Children certification.
  • Beginners Course (Women Only) – Information & postures for women whether menstruating, pre-
    menopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal. Plus matters for improved intimacy. (The Women Only
    mixed level class deals with similar issues, but includes a wider range of postures, and ones that are not
    suitable for beginners.)
  • Beginners Course (Easy Restorative) – Focus on restorative poses for energy, renewal, de-stressing &
    relaxing… & easier than the average beginner class. This is also a very good place to start for anyone
    who is worried about whether the yoga is easy enough for them, and/or some who are fifty years plus.
  • Beginner (Fifty Plus) – Some of the standard beginner poses are more modified into preparatory stages,
    so as to help with stiffness or less strength than average. The class, like all beginner special focus
    classes, can still be attended by those under fifty. (Some non-beginners also come to this Friday class and
    are very welcome to do so).
  • Beginner (Backcare Focus) – This class contains more than average of beginner poses that address
    common back issues for people. However, any beginner will still find the postures useful to learn as part of
    the Beginner yoga syllabus.
  • Beginner  Course (Anxiety Issues, Fuller figure). This class looks at how  yoga helps quieten the mind to build “intentionality” and quieten the nervous system to help control anxiety and weight.

Special focus beginner classes open to all beginners

As you may know, we have several special focus beginner classes each week.

They include Easy Restorative, Fifty Plus, Women Only,  Youth Focus, and Backcare Focus.

All of these classes have introductory poses for beginners, and can be attended depending on your preference. There’s
more information about them on at the bottom of the timetables here.

The beginner classes that don’t have a particular focus are a set of 20-30 introductory poses you steadily learn over the

Even if you are not looking for the particular focus that is contained in any of the special focus classes, you can still come
to them. For example, you may not want or need any particular focus on your back, but you can still come to the Beginner
(Backcare Focus) class, and you will still find it is a very useful and satisfying class.