Best Corporate Yoga Sessions For Performance.

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Best Corporate Yoga Sessions For Performance.

USD$32.59 USD$526.72

Corporate Yoga Encouragement Program

When an organisation assists employees to start, re-start, or continue with some mix of yoga or meditation, or both, there are a wide range of proven benefits for the organisation, and its employees.

Below, organisations can buy Flametree packages of casual beginner yoga classes at $4.95 each. This very low price enables organisations to then distribute some yoga vouchers to staff, so as to maximise such benefits.

It’s also a process to help kickstart more of their staff doing yoga and meditation, at their personal expense.

Below, you’ll also see why workplace yoga classes at the office, or wherever,  don’t work. That’s why Flametree has an excellent alternative to office yoga classes.

If you’re already convinced, then go ahead via “Add To Cart” below.

To learn more, see the contents below about:

  • Benefits of corporate yoga sessions
  • Why corporate yoga at the workplace underperforms
  • How our Corporate Yoga Encouragement Program works better

If you’re an employee, please mention it to your employer, and other employees.

Another option for corporate yoga is to do Flametree’s non-beginner classes at $9.95 each.

Obviously, the overall cost will depend on issues like:

  • the number of staff an organisation has
  • the extent of participation
  • the number of free yoga classes you provide to kickstart the corporate yoga program.

The more classes an organisation buys, the lower the cost per class, as shown in the dropdown menu below.

To get started with a corporate yoga program, select a package from the dropdown menu below.

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So, if you want corporate yoga sessions, or corporate meditation classes, check out Flametree’s workplace yoga classes, and office yoga classes solution. With 25 years of experience, we have found it the best yoga for corporate wellness option.

Benefits of yoga for corporate wellness

Yoga has been proven to build:

Corporate yoga sessions, via the process outlined below, also has many other benefits for the staff of an organisation.

For instance, after employees did yoga via an employer’s program, a survey of benefits, included these:

  • reducing stress, tension, and fatigue
  • feeling more mentally alert, focused, creative, and productive afterward
  • feeling renewed and refreshed
  • providing relief from feeling overwhelmed
  • feeling more positive about the working environment
  • gaining perspective
  • staying calm and balanced
  • interacting with co-workers from other areas of [work]
  • centring oneself
  • staying healthy and in shape.

Yoga and meditation at the workplace is not the best option

Unfortunately, yoga at the workplace never works as well as employers and some employees hope.

The reason is that most employees don’t like doing yoga at work (even though they say it’s a good idea!).

With many organisations, there have been repeated attempts to build employee participation in corporate yoga sessions. They have all either failed, or vastly underperformed.

In short, they don’t get sufficient and ongoing attendance.

Flametree classes include many types of yoga, at all levels.

They’re customised for whoever’s in the class at the time. 

Why office yoga classes attendance is poor

Some of the other reasons that attendance of corporate yoga sessions at the workplace dwindles quickly, or very little attendance is achieved in the first place, are these.

  1. The times for corporate yoga sessions, or classes, such as the lunch hour, or even right after work, don’t suit enough individuals.
  2. Many don’t like rushing their lunch, or eating at their work station at the yoga class.
  3. Many don’t like appearing vulnerable, or partly clothed in exercise garments, or unskilled at yoga, in front of their workmates.
  4. Many think that yoga is woosy or woo-woo, or just not “real exercise” (even though they have not tried it, or know little about it, or both).
  5. The corporate yoga space at the workplace, or yoga props, or both are usually insufficient. (Good props make yoga much more accessible, and also improves outcomes and learning).
  6. Some individuals prefer to choose among a wider range of options like a regular beginner yoga class, gentle yoga, yoga for back neck & shoulders, or whatever.
  7. Some individuals want and need more than one or two yoga classes a week, including on the weekend.
  8. If people are going to start yoga, they like to set it up around a regular time they build into their life, and then turn into a habit.
  9. At regular classes, we can always provide the most experienced and qualified teachers.

Yoga Classes Bonus works better

Flametree Yoga has an alternative option to corporate yoga at the workplace. It works much better for both the employer, and employees.

In addition, there’s no doubt that plenty of employees are interested in yoga, and recognise the need to exercise, reduce stress, and more.

We know this because of the range of yoga classes we provide each week across Darwin and beyond, and the level of interest in yoga that has been measured across many surveys over recent years and decades.

corporate yoga sessions

Flametree beginner classes, and all corporate yoga sessions, are suitable for all ages, genders, and fitness levels.

Key elements of Flametree’s yoga for corporate wellness

So we suggest our Corporate Yoga Encouragement Program instead, like this.

  1. You promote to employees they can get a free introductory class provided by Flametree (even if they’re at Flametree now), plus several free classes from you the employer.
  2. The classes are at any of Flametree’s 3 locations in Casuarina, Woolner, and Palmerston, or online. (Hence, they can also be done at home, when travelling, or at the workplace).
  3. Employees would participate in any of 8 one hour beginner yoga yoga classes run by Flametree each week. Classes include regular beginner yoga, or Special Focus options such as Gentle Yoga, Back Neck & Shoulder Yoga, or Restorative (focussed de-stressing) Yoga. (See below for the separate non-beginner program).
  4. These workplace yoga classes are on the Flametree Beginner timetable.
  5. At all in-studio classes, all yoga props, mats and equipment are provided. The locations are air conditioned, with good air quality that is monitored.
  6. The classes provided by you, the employer, cost you $4.95 each per employee (or less as per the drop-down menu), if and when employees turn up. (It’s much cheaper than we provide them to the public, except via a limited first time promotion).
  7. Each employee has a limit of classes provided by the employer. (For example, it may initially be 3 classes, valued at $14.85 for each person in total). Later, you may increase or decrease this, once you know more about the uptake (which we would report to you).
  8. So, your employees could start these corporate yoga sessions at any time, and continue (via online or in-studio), within any limits you set.

Cost options around office yoga classes program

  1. Three corporate yoga sessions at your workplace would normally cost $447. For that same cost, you could have your employees do at total of up to 90 classes provided by you, and one free class provided by us. For example, 30 employees could do a total of 4 classes per employee.
  2. Having 30 employees do a total of 4 yoga classes each would, for any small or medium size organisation, be a very successful corporate yoga program. (It’s also dramatically better than what will be likely to happen if office yoga classes are done at the workplace).
  3. With the exposure that these 30 employees would get to yoga, there would be a reasonable proportion of them who would continue it, at their own expense. In turn, that also helps with all the productivity and wellness benefits outlined on this page.
  4. Alternatively, you could also purchase further instalments of this Corporate Yoga Sessions Bonus. (See the dropdown menu at “Add To Cart”). Obviously, the more classes an organisation provides, the better it will work. (It takes time to build habits, and individual budgets are especially challenged at the moment).
Gertrude Knight Of Flametree Yoga

A Flametree Yoga Darwin city teacher demonstrating a simple stretch to straighten the spine, and improve posture.

Mechanics of Workplace yoga classes program

  1. Flametree’s beginner classes are all very high quality, and students are very happy with them, as you can see from our student’s reviews. (Unless it’s high quality yoga, of the right type, and taught the correct way, the benefits of corporate yoga will be much less, or worse).
  2. We’d provide you with a corporate yoga classes individual voucher document, that you could print off and give to employees such as you choose. They would show that to us when they attend, thereby allowing us to track uptake overall, and per employee. (Alternatively, just email any student about their individual voucher/s, and have them bring a copy of it to class.)
  3. For their first free class, participants in the workplace yoga classes program just need to reserve a class via our site.
  4. Either before or after employees complete their 4 corporate yoga sessions program, Flametree can give them a 15% discount for 3 months at the next level of yoga, on a range of our regular ongoing yoga packages. (This is for when they move beyond beyond beginner classes).

If you have any questions, please contact us, or call 0468 362 641, or use the CHAT button on the Flametree Yoga site.

Non-beginner Corporate Yoga Sessions Bonus

The reality is that most of those who’ll participate in corporate yoga sessions are beginners.

However, there are some who currently do yoga, or have done a lot of it in the past.

These employees will prefer to do Flametree’s several levels of non-beginner yoga.

Obviously, it will work for the organisation, and the employees, to do more yoga, or re-start yoga.

Flametree will also provide a free first class for those of your employees who want non-beginner yoga.

For each non-beginner class that the organisation provides, the price will be $9.95. Again, this is lower than all of Flametree’s prices, except once only introductory classes.

Otherwise, the non-beginner program will work as outlined above. For now, if any such persons attend a non-beginner class with one of your vouchers, we would invoice you for those non-beginner classes.

If you have questions, please contact us, or reach us on +61 (0)468 362 641 (mobile or WhatsApp).

corporate yoga sessions

Flametree’s studios are fully equipped with yoga equipment and props. They help students get started, improve their postures, and get the most from each pose.

Corporate meditation classes too

Those in the non-beginner corporate yoga sessions can also attend Flametree’s twice weekly breath meditation classes.

Together, corporate yoga and meditation have been proven to increase the outcomes that both employees and employees will get.

In addition, those in the beginner program can attend both corporate meditation classes as soon as they have completed 3 months of yoga.

The reason is that the initial yoga builds lung and spine capacity, so as to facilitate both corporate yoga and meditation.

Start your yoga for corporate wellness now

So, if you want corporate yoga sessions or classes, or corporate meditation classes, try out Flametree’s workplace yoga classes, and office yoga classes solution.

Over 25 years of doing office yoga classes, we have found it the best yoga for corporate wellness option.