Non-Beginner Mixed Level Class Is Top Yoga Exercise

Non-Beginner Mixed classes are made up of students at any of Flametree’s three main non-beginner levels.

Those classes are called Transition to Intermediate, Intermediate, or Experienced Level.

If you’ve done something equivalent to that elsewhere, then that is also fine.

Non-Beginner Mixed classes are both LIVE online and in-studio (in the Darwin, Australia region).

If the time does not suit, there are also Mixed Level yoga videos which can be used on-demand.

Non-Beginner Mixed Yoga gives you more yoga

Non-Beginner Mixed classes at Flametree give you the opportunity to maximise the yoga classes you can do each week.

As with anything, the more yoga you do, the better you get, and the more benefits you get. Here’s when the Non-Beginner Mixed class now runs:

  • Jade teaches it at 9.30-10.45am every Monday.
  • Belinda Hoult teaches it at 8.30am on Fridays, as well as 9.30am on Sundays.
  • Renae or Cheryl teach it on Sundays from 4-5.30pm.

The non-beginner timetable has full details.

Wide range of benefits of yoga as an exercise

Among other things, one focus of these Non-Beginner Mixed Level classes is simply to get yoga exercise. You’ll also get all the usual benefits of yoga, such as strength, cardio benefits, flexibility and calming.

Over time, you’ll learn a wide range of new postures, as appropriate to your level.

Poses are taught by experienced yoga teachers with variations that are suitable to your level.

A good level of pace is maintained so as to make maximum use of your time. It also allows enough time at the end of the class for more calming pose that will ensure both your nervous systems are engaged.

Class taught to the average level of students in the class

In Flametree’s Mixed Level classes there can be a wide range of student capability, with each working to their own capacity, with guidance as needed by the teacher.

These are combined classes. This means you have more scope for working at the level that suits you best. It also helps you get the most from the class.

In any class at Flametree, the teacher will also base the level of that individual class on the average of the skills of the students in that particular class.

In other words, the level of the average skills expected on the day of any particular class is adjusted on the spot by the teacher, so as you maximise your experience of the class, and the returns you get from it.

Payment options and class reservations

You can choose to pay by DIRECT DEBIT, or buy a 10 CLASS PASS, or pay at the CASUAL RATE. It is a far cheaper option to use the weekly Direct Debit. This means the more classes that you do each week, the less you pay per class.

There are also other significant benefits if you are part of the Direct Deposit payment system.

We encourage students at this level to do at least 2 classes per week, as well as their own home practice.

As you steadily do more online or in-studio classes, it will also become easier to learn how to do your home practice, and find the motivation to do it.

All of the price packages are here.

Once you’ve bought a pass, please reserve a class. At in-studio classes, reservations allow us to manage space for safety reasons.

For LIVE online classes, the reservation process gets you your link to join the class by Zoom.