Easter Sale 2024 |Yoga Or Meditation | Beginner & Non-Beginner.

Discounted 10 Packs, & Free Yoga Class Packages. Money Back Guarantee.

For New, Lapsed, & Some Current Beginners & Non-Beginners. Online & Studio.

Easter sale 2024. Buy one Beginner yoga 10 pack, & get one free. Or, Non-Beginner yoga or meditation 10 packs at 50% OFF (with 2 free classes). So, see when do Easter sales start at Flametree. This Easter holiday sale, try our huge Easter clearance sale.

Get these Easter sale 2024 deals for either beginners or non-beginners.

Beginners: Buy one 10 pack, & get one FREE

  • Buy one beginner 10-pack of classes, and get one FREE.
  • For New & Lapsed (if no classes done for 3 months, & no current passes).
  • So you get 20 classes for $99.
  • Go to this link:
  • Press “Add To Cart“. Then, at Checkout, use this discount code: “BuyOneGetOne
  • When you use the code, you’ll see the 10 free classes added to your shopping cart.
  • For 48 hours after buying, if you change your mind, get your money back.
  • A limit of TWO 10-pass Easter sale packs each. (A limit of 40 classes).
  • Also, for newcomers, a FREE trial class even if you’ve already bought (and even if you don’t).

Non-Beginners: 50% OFF 10 packs, & 2 FREE classes

  • 50% off 10 class packs for new or lapsed non-beginners.
  • A total of 12 classes for $4.58-$8.13 each (online only, or concession, or regular)
    • (Lapsed means no classes done for 3 months, & no current passes).
  • Even current YOGA non-beginners can also use the deals for MEDITATION (if you’re new or lapsed at meditation)
  • Current Non-Beginners: Please also see details in next section
  • Every 10 pack includes 2 FREE classes if you buy now online.
  • A limit of TWO 10-pass Easter sale packs each
  • Also, for newcomers, a FREE trial class even if you’ve already bought (and even if you don’t)
  • Plus, a money back guarantee for 48 hours.

Current non-beginner 10 pack deal

Just to be clear, the half price ten pack (plus 2 FREE classes), if bought by current non-beginners, is to use for pranayama meditation classes.

It’s a way of giving current students the opportunity to try meditation at a very cheap rate.

If it’s for pranayama meditation, Flametree tracks its use as a separate 12 pass (of 10, plus 2 for free).

It gives you a total of 12 classes for $4.58-$8.13 each (online only, or concession, or regular)

So, if a current non-beginner buys a half price pass, Flametree will assume it is for pranayama, and issue that type of pass.

In this regard, various people have more than one pass. The teacher then marks off the classes, as they’re done, on the appropriate pass.

Easter clearance sale for new & lapsed

These 10 packs are only for those who are NEW to Flametree, or LAPSED for 3 months.

We mean that you have not been to classes for 3 months, and have no other current passes or 10 packs (unless you are just buying a 10 pack for meditation).

If you buy without meeting the new or lapsed criteria, then the passes to attend the classes you bought will not be issued.

Or, when you’re a current non-beginner, you’ll get a pass for 12 pranayama breath meditation classes, as outlined above.

To get the deals, use the discount codes when you check out at any of the deals.

Do-able class levels, & Special Focus options too

At Flametree, there are class levels to suit everyone.

For instance, beginners get super easy classes that all can do.

Plus, there’s many Open Level electives too, like Gentle Yoga, Yoga For Backs, Restorative Yoga, Immune System Yoga, and more.

The Gentle Yoga class is especially suitable for either Seniors, or those wanting Chair Yoga, or pre-natal yoga.

Yoga For Backs is also super-easy, and works for those wanting Seniors Yoga, Chair Yoga, or yoga for stiffness.

All of the above Open Level classes can also be used by both Beginners or Non-Beginners.

Many of the classes are also taught by a certified Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist.

In addition, all other classes are taught by experienced, 300 hour trained teachers.

NON-BEGINNER Easter sale 2024 deals

Buy at any of the links below. Each package also includes 2 FREE classes.

The non-beginner passes can be used for yoga or meditation, or both.

So, any current yoga non-beginners, if you have not been to a pranayama meditation class for 3 months, can also get a deal just to use the Easter sale passes for breath meditation classes.

To get any of the passes:

  • Just go to the link above. Press “Add To Cart”.
  • Then, at check out, use the discount code: NONBEGINNER10PASSHALFOFF

When you use the code, you’ll see the 2 free non-beginners classes added to your shopping cart.

Depending on your package, the value of the FREE non-beginner classes ranges from $22 to $42.

These Easter sale deals work for you right now.

Just go the the green links above.

From the Easter Sale 2024, get all these benefits, and more

Easter sale 2024

Yoga delivers all the benefits of conventional exercise. Plus, it works more evenly with all parts of your nervous system. So, you also get much greater de-stressing, calmness, and other benefits. In addition, you get very significant help with up to 117 health conditions that yoga has been clinically proven to assist. Get started with any of these special Easter sale 2024 deals.

When do Easter sales start?

The Easter sales Australia has, start at different times over the Easter holiday sale period. Some Easter sales are Good Friday to Easter Monday only. Other brands run only Easter Sunday sales, or Easter Monday sales.

But, Flametree’s yoga and meditation sale runs from NOW until we sell out spare space in current classes.

It’s an Easter clearance sale. Once these class spaces are gone, there are no more for now.

So, buy now, or learn more below.

Easter sale TWO FREE class bonus

When you purchase online, via our e-commerce, 2 free classes are also added to any of the 10 packs.

So, 10 packs bought via e-commerce, are actually 12 packs.

Plus, if you’re new, you get a free trial class as well, whether you have bought or not.

To get the FREE trial class, you need to make a make a class reservation, whether attending in-studio, or online.

For online, when you make a reservation, a Zoom link is emailed to you.

Easter holiday sale for meditation or yoga

when does easter sale start in australia

Newcomers, with 3 months of yoga, can also get 50% off meditation too. Current non-beginners, who are lapsed at breath meditation, or new to it, can as well. Just use any of the HALF price non-beginner deals.

Easter holiday sale timetable links

All Flametree classes normally run continuously.

Classes are also taught at the level of those actually in the class on the day.

Props and individual guidance are given as needed.

For more details, see the beginner timetable, or non-beginner timetable.

But, over the 4 days of Easter, the special timetable is only on our class reservation page.

By the way, for classes in the studio (except for FREE trials), there is no need to book. Just turn up 10 minutes early.

All mats and props are provided.

For online classes, or for any free trials, please make a reservation. For online, a Zoom class link is emailed to you.

Easter holiday sale money back guarantee

On every deal, you get a 48 hour money back guarantee.

If you want to change your mind about an Easter sale deal, just contact us.

To buy any package listed, to the checkout page (via the “Add To Cart” button).

Then, use the HALF price discount code for either beginner yoga, or non-beginner deals.

Fitness, wellness, & happiness via Easter Sale 2024

Best easter holiday sales

Easy beginner yoga options. Plus non-beginner yoga as advanced as you want.

​Online or at 3 Darwin locations

Doing online yoga is easy and convenient.

You just make a reservation, and we’ll send you a link for Zoom class.

Alternatively, just turn up to yoga at any of these locations:

Google maps are at each of the links above.

At check out, just use the Easter sale discount code.

Best easter holiday sales

Don’t miss these fantastic yoga deals… online or at 3 Darwin locations. Grab them in our Easter clearance sale.

FREE first class

Flametree’s FREE first class is only for newcomers who are residents in the Northern Territory (who’ve never bought a pass), or anyone who’s attending online from anywhere.

It’s a trial to see if you like yoga.

All you need to do is reserve the class at this FREE yoga class reservation page.

Easter clearance sale summary

  • Beginners: Buy one 10 pack & get one FREE.
  • Non-Beginners: get HALF price 10 packs, including 2 free classes with each 10 pack.
  • Newcomer free trial class too (whether you buy or not).
  • Money back guarantee for 48 hrs from sale
  • Limit of 2 half price deals per buyer
  • Plus, 2-pack deal only available when you 1st buy. (You can’t add it later).
  • And, 2 FREE class bonus only via e-commerce (not at studio).
  • But, Easter sale 10 packs, without the free classes, can be bought with cash or EFTPOS at our studios.
  • Deals only while available during our sale.

So, don’t miss the best Easter sale Australia has.

What students say about Flametree’s yoga & meditation

Check out genuine reviews of what customers say about their classes with us.

In addition, see the wide range of benefits they say they have received.


Beginner yoga example of what you can buy via Flametree Easter sales

Chris Lalor, Flametree’s accredited Senior Teacher & Yoga Therapist, shows easy beginner yoga.

​Easter deals to add to your Easter celebration

This year, have your Easter bunny deliver new ways of looking after yourself.

Have your Easter baskets for yourself, or others your care about, also include our free gift of a trial yoga or meditation class.

Or, buy a yoga package with our exclusive discounts, and send it to a friend with our studio or online gift cards (or “emusement””  cards).

​Make this Easter weekend a life changer.

By all means do all the things of Easter seasons, like an egg hunt, eat Easter eggs, or whatever family fun pack you have in mind.

But then grab an Easter sale deal with a free item like a class at any level you choose.

feb fit 2024 & what is yoga fit at febfit darwin

Do yoga with your partner, or bring a friend to our studios. Get started with our Easter sales.

Easter clearance items

​Flametree’s Easter clearance sale includes all current online or studio classes in our current range.

Once you’ve had whatever is the perfect Easter egg for you, and maybe over consumed Easter candy, or whatever other Easter items that inhabit this time of year, use our special promotions to start a new direction.

So, at our free trial link, just add yourself to the email list, and put all those artificial colours and tastes of Easter decor behind you.

In the spirit of Easter, get our 10 class pack discount deals, for the very small payment we offer.

The full, current price will be back as soon as our Easter sales are over.

Any variety of sizes or ages can do yoga or meditation or both.

Maybe make a corner of your home into a place where you can do our online yoga.

In particular, online meditation is extremely effective. Try it.

Don’t miss Flametree’s Easter sales 2024

feb fit 2024 & what is yoga fit at febfit darwin

Restorative yoga, like the pose shown, is excellent for reducing stress. In the process, it also helps hugely with weight loss. Don’t miss our Easter holiday sale.

A great way to be a happy bunny

Flametree’s best deals let you give great Easter gifts for yourself or loved ones.

​Our many years of experience at teaching yoga or meditation ensure that every class you attend becomes a perfect time to extend your wellness and happiness.

​With these Easter sale deals, you can get up to many classes at half off each session fee.

So, do a spring cleaning of your health and happiness.

The Easter furry friend visit is a great time to make the best buy of the season.

​Flametree’s steep discounts, to give you the lowest prices, only lasts until this flash sale is over.

Get started on yoga or meditation, and maybe work towards coming to our regular yoga retreats.

feb fit 2024 & what is yoga fit at febfit darwin

Use these great deals to start or re-start Flametree’s breath meditation. Just get a pass, and turn up in Woolner NT for pranayama classes. If online, reserve a class. so as to get your Zoom link.

Best Easter Deals of all

Flametree’s customer reviews, with almost all five-star reviews, demonstrate the extraordinary care with which we deliver your yogic classes.

The average rating of Flametree is excellent.

Plus, our 5-star reviews are also another way to see a whole host of yoga or meditation benefits.

So, as soon you’ve dealt with all the easter-themed items you may have around, then make your fitness a first order priority.

Remember, yoga and meditation are the most powerful tools to start a new season in your life.

Whatever has happened in the last year or two, turn over a new leaf.

Easy online options too

​Plus, if you’re in remote local communities, use our online yoga.

If online, just log in to the latest version of our Zoom classes with whatever privacy preferences you choose. Then our expert support is never far away.

And, if you buy right now, you can even maybe do a class before your Easter brunch.

The good news is that with our deals, your bunny bags have never been so healthy.

If needed, reach out to our Help Center, or talk via our CHAT button.

Get this deal and your Easter savings start now, and maybe last a lifetime. Digital items will have never delivered as much to you.

​To get started, just put your own information into our e-commerce, use the discount code, and your underway.

Our fast delivery of yoga passes means you can start immediately you make a choice from the deals in this Easter sale section.

​There’s no need to worry about free shipping options, or the other intricacies of the global market place.

Buy discounted 10 packs today.


Yoga at home, with Flametree’s online classes, is convenient & effective. Your animals will love it too! Also use these sales to get early Xmas sale and New Year Eve deals for yourself or friends.

Easter Season holiday sales with deep discounts

For yoga or meditation, you won’t find a better way to start, or expand, your health and fitness.

Flametree’s great bargains are the best shopping deals of the Easter sales.

Best of all, these Easter clearance deals give you a head start on a variety of deals.

​So, grab the great savings. You won’t find cheaper alternatives.

Flametree’s top sales, cheap items, and great prices, still give you the highest quality yoga experiences.

Don’t wait until next year. The coming weeks are the best times to create a new you.

​A good time to start is right now.

Flametree does not participate in a lot of seasonal sales. Right now, we’re doing an Easter clearance sale because we have some unfilled spots.

But they will be gone by the end of our Easter Day sale. So, don’t miss out.

Get well & happy via the best Easter sales Australia has

easter clearance sale Australia 2024

Even if you think you’re too stiff for yoga, use our Easter sales to get started.

When does Easter sale start in Australia

The Easter sales Australia has, start at different times over the Easter holiday sale period. Some Easter sales are Good Friday to Easter Monday only. Other brands run only Easter Sunday sales, or Easter Monday sales.

But, Flametree’s yoga and meditation Easter clearance sale runs from NOW until we sell out spare space in current classes.

Don’t miss the best Easter sale Australia has.

Flametree Easter Sale 2024

easter clearance sale Australia 2024

Don’t miss the great half off Easter sale deals below.

Use your Easter clearance sale discount code while it’s still active.

The Easter Sale 2024 discounts work for you right now. But, only until deals sell out.

Newcomers, and lapsed 3 months yogis, (and current non-beginners wanting to try meditation) can use the non-beginner deal for breath meditation.


Beginners: Get the buy one, get one free deal is at this link, including 2 extra free classes with each pack.

The code for the Easter holiday sale deals is BuyOneGetOne

Buy one beginner 10 pack $99, & get one FREE. Studio or online. (24 X $4.12 each)


NON-Beginners: Buy at any of these links. Each package also includes 2 FREE classes.

The discount code for these Easter holiday sale deals is NONBEGINNER10PASSHALFOFF

Non-Beginner IN-STUDIO & ONLINE 10 class pass $195. Now $97.50 (12 X $8.13)

Non-Beginner CONCESSION IN-STUDIO & ONLINE 10 class deal $155. Now $77.50 (12 X $6.45)

Non-Beginner ONLINE ONLY 10 class deal $139. Now $69.50 (12 X $5.79)

Non-Beginner Concession ONLINE ONLY 10 class deal $110. Now $55 (12 X $4.58).


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