Free Yoga Classes Online For Beginners.

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Learn free yoga for beginners at home

Here are six weeks of free yoga classes online for beginners. You get loads of free yoga for beginners sequences. It a simple, free yoga app. See the week by week headings below. Just click through the weeks as you progress.

Depending on your level, or age, you may also like to check out the free sequence of poses for seniors, or those who may have stiff joints at this point.

Another good option is our free online yoga class videos, including a Gentle Yoga class, and a Backcare Yoga class.

A “sequence” is the order in which yoga poses are done. Save this page so you can also access the easy sequences shown by week below.

Using poses in different orders produces different benefits. Over time, you can vary the order of the poses shown below for each week.

For example, slower poses that calm you down are done towards the end of a sequence of poses. On some days, that is maybe all you want to do.

Particular health conditions or other situations are also addressed by doing certain poses in a certain order.

For example, there’s also sequences for menopause or menstruation challenges.

If you’ve already learnt the beginner poses on this page, try some of the higher level free sequences of poses.

The poses demonstrated below are all using the very high quality Iyengar style of yoga.

Yoga props will always help you do these poses, or get the most from them. Here’s more on how to improvise or buy props.

All pose sequences are best done to supplement some formal classes by a trained teacher.

The teacher can give you guidance on the spot in a way that will highlight particular issues, and also help you accelerate your learning.

In addition, going to classes is an excellent way to motivate yourself, and make some new friends.

At the links above, or at the bottom of the page, you can check out the free and low cost deals that may work best for you.

free yoga online

Free yoga app you can print, or save, or both

At each of the weeks below, there is a set of poses for a beginner yoga home practice session.

You’ll see an arrow that lets you click through the different poses. You can also read more about them.

Click on the sketches to see and read them better.

Save this page and schedule your day to do a mix of these poses.

While you’re at it, save the free online yoga class videos, including a Gentle Yoga class, and a Backcare Yoga class.

Ideally, allow an hour for a good practise session, using any of the yoga sequences below. But any amount of time is a good start.





Introductory poses for Beginners: Week 1

Follow up: Week 2

Keep going: Week 3

Now you'll be feeing the many benefits: Week 4

Week 5

Great work, but don't stop now: Week 6

Beginner Course, Or Beginner Level Classes, With Up to 2 Weeks Free Trial

As well as using these free sequences, online or in-studio classes will accelerate and improve your yoga. You’ll also get even more of the benefits of yoga.

Flametree’s beginner level deals are for LIVE online beginner classes, or in-studio classes, or both. You can start at any beginner class, on any day of the week.

As soon as you get a beginner pass, you can start attending any beginner level class for FREE.

You get up to 2 weeks of free classes. There is also a money back guarantee for the first paid week of any of these packages.

(You need to use a credit card to get the pass. But it is not charged until the end of the FREE 2 week period).

Class types and times are in the beginner timetable.

The class types include standard hatha yoga classes, backcare, women only, easy restorative yoga, and gentle yoga. At the “Class Types” tab on this site, you can see more about each of these classes.

The Special Focus classes are useful to all, even though they have a particular focus.

The beginner level classes run every week. Every so often, Flametree also has a beginner course.

But you can still start the beginner level classes at any time. You then do the beginner course, as and when it runs, as part of your normal weekly classes.

All classes are taught so as to allow you to start them at any time. If needed, the teacher will also provide particular poses for different skill levels of students.

Then, do extra practise with this free yoga app… anywhere, anytime.

If none of the class times suit, and you want more teacher instruction, learn more about the yoga video classes. 

Free yoga classes online or in-studio deals

With all Flametree yoga beginner deals, you get two weeks free up front. It’s obligation free. Try it out, and then choose.

The beginner course is $75 for the whole 4 weeks of unlimited, daily beginner classes, in studio, or LIVE online, or both.

As an alternative, you can also subscribe by the week, at $15.95 a week for classes in our 2 Darwin, Australia studios.

Online beginner classes are only $9.95 a week.

You can also buy a weekly pass for COMBINED online & in-studio classes.

With any weekly pass, you also get a FULL free 2-week trial.

Yoga gives you physical and mental benefits far beyond what any other exercise will do.

All beginner classes are easy, introductory poses suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

You don’t have to be flexible to start yoga! Get started by the week, or via a 4-week beginner course package.

Do as many classes as you wish each week. All classes are simultaneously in the studio and online, including streaming video options.

The in-studio yoga is in Darwin, Australia (at 2 Smith St, CBD, and at 19B Bishop St, Woolner).

Learn more below.

FLAMETREE’S BEGINNER level classes can be joined at any time… online and in-studio. There are FREE 2-week trials and a money back guarantee. Here are 3 easy options for starting easy beginner level classes. You don’t have to be flexible to start yoga.

NON-BEGINNER NEWCOMERS to Flametree, or students lapsed for 6 months, who’ve done yoga, get 14 days of unlimited non-beginner classes for just $29.

ALL YOGA PACKAGES including ten passes, casual classes, and low cost options for ongoing non-beginners.