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Get 2 FREE group fitness classes, & 10 at HALF price.

Searching for a gym Darwin location? The best fitness classes Darwin has, combine movement, yoga poses, strength building, fitness, calming, & more. So, for top fitness gyms in Darwin, check out Flametree’s approach to Darwin gym classes. Try the best gyms Darwin has, with HALF price deals, & FREE class options. And, see our answer to: “Can I do gym and yoga together?”
All yoga fitness classes are in-studio, or LIVE online, with interactive guidance.
Non-Beginner HALF price deals include super cheap concession prices, & online only options.

2 FREE Classes With Half Price 10 Pack. A Total Of 12 Classes At $4.13 Each.

Try Flametree’s version of the best gyms Darwin has. Get the best fitness classes Darwin has, at any yoga fitness studio or gym.

3 Darwin, gym style fitness class locations, as well as online

Fitness classes are at Flametree’s 3 Darwin locations in Woolner, Casuarina and Palmerston. (The Google maps at the links shows details, including street addresses).
All classes are also online. Flametree passes let you attend online or at any mix of the 3 locations.
Get the best yoga fitness classes that any Darwin gym has. Plus, get the best deals of any gyms in Darwin.
In addition, here’s why Flametree delivers the best fitness classes.
  • Yoga fitness stretching gives you longer, leaner and more attractive muscles.
  • Plus, classes include movement like lunges & standing poses to build heart rate & aerobic fitness.
  • Even better, class sequences are varied so they’re interesting, sufficiently challenging, & the time flies.
  • As well, the poses replenish hormones via targeting your glands. (Key hormones decrease from your 20’s onwards!)
  • And, with our fitness class sequences, you’re working evenly on both your nervous systems, so as to improve fitness, calmness, compassion, & focus.
  • If you want, yoga fitness helps you reduce body size (if you wish) via stress reduction, which in turn reduces appetite.
  • Flametree exercises builds flexibility, as well as strength and fitness. (Stiffness increases rapidly from your early 20’s).
  • Yoga fitness also improves posture, and avoids getting hunched over, or muscle bound.
  • Flametree deals are excellent value, especially the HALF Price 10 class deals.
  • In, addition, there’s one-to-one guidance in classes, as well as in chats before or after class. (No extra package needed).
  • Flametree has the most highly trained instructors of any you’ll find.
  • Large timetable of classes, including at up to 5 different levels.
  • Classes can at home, or in 3 studios, or by on-demand video, or a mix of all options.
  • If you wish, your instructors can also give you personalised sequences, or adaptations, to help specific health conditions, or any permanent disability your managing.
  • Yoga is engrossing and pleasant, & you’ll make a whole bunch of new friends.

Therefore, try the best yoga fitness classes at any gym Darwin has

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Other major benefits you’ll get from Flametree’s fitness classes

Studies show some of the other major benefits of yoga, are:

  • Getting stronger physically AND mentally
  • Feeling happier
  • Helping any mix of up to 117 health conditions (as proven in clinical trials)
  • Getting more “me” time
  • Feeling less lonely
  • Unplugging from tech.

Plus, you don’t need to be flexible to start! Whatever you may have heard about yoga, our easy, introductory classes are suitable for all ages, genders, and fitness levels.

Can I do gym and yoga together?

Plus, at the bottom of this page, there’s our answer to: “Can I do gym and yoga together?”

Remember, yoga fitness moves are a key part of all the fitness classes that Flametree has.

Check out the timetable for beginners or non-beginners.

Gyms in Darwin for fitness classes darwin

Class options at Flametree fitness gyms in Darwin & online

Flametree has about 30 live online and in-studio classes a week, for both non-beginner and beginner yoga fitness. The classes are high quality, including a lot of visual demonstrations and verbal help with doing moves and poses.

In addition, the classes have both aerobic and anaerobic moves. As a result, you’ll get a workout, stretching, strength building, calming, and much more.

Most importantly, the teachers are all experienced Australian teachers who are easy to follow. That includes if you’re participating via the interactive, LIVE, online teaching.
Even better, you can always find a level, from beginner to advanced, that will work best for you.

Below, there’s more about our 3 beginner yoga fitness options, online and in-studio, for getting started.

But, if our class times don’t suit you, then please either see the video yoga fitness deals in Option 2 below or check out Flametree’s streaming, on demand yoga fitness video options.

Alternatively, it you’d like more information about additional benefits of yoga fitness,  then also check out the video at the bottom of this page.

So, try the best yoga fitness classes at any gym Darwin has.


2 FREE classes, & 10 HALF off

OPTION ONE: 10 classes at $4.95 each, & 2 totally free classes ($49.50 in total). Use at any mix of 8 beginner yoga group fitness classes a week, at any of our yoga fitness centres in Darwin, Palmerston, & Casuarina. You can also buy these with cash at classes (or EFTPOS at Woolner). Otherwise, go to the link, & then use the discount code you’ll get by email.


Pay-By-The-Week Beginner Level Packages (& 2 Weeks FREE)

OPTION TWO to start beginner yoga is to get a weekly beginner pay-by-the-week pass.

Once you get underway with yoga, these passes are the best value for ongoing classes.

The in-studio, online, or playback streaming video options are also in the Table below. In addition, each weekly subscription option includes 2 weeks of free classes.

These passes can only be bought online.

In-Studio (Offline), Online & Playback Packages By Weekly Subscription

  • FREE 2 week trial
  • All live, online classes
  • All yoga video classes
  • All offline classes
  • Price (per wk for subscription)
  • Price (valid for 3 mths)
  • Yoga Videos
    for Beginners

  • yes
  • no
  • Unlimited
  • no
  • $6.95
  • -
  • Beginner

  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • Unlimited
  • $15.95
  • -
  • Ten pass

  • 10 online / offline in total
  • no
  • 10 online / offline in total
  • -
  • $99.00
  • Ultimate

  • yes
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • $19.95
  • -
  • FREE 2 week trial
  • All live, online classes
  • All yoga video classes
  • All offline classes
  • Price (per wk)
  • Price (valid for 3 mths)
  • Yoga Videos
    for Beginners

  • yes
  • no
  • Unlimited
  • no
  • $6.95
  • -
  • Beginner

  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • Unlimited
  • $15.95
  • -
  • Ten pass

  • 10 online / offline in total
  • no
  • 10 online / offline in total
  • -
  • $99.00

Ultimate Beginner package with an unlimited mix of all in-studio, online or on-demand beginner classes, including a FREE 2 week trial: $19.95 a week.


Casual Beginner Pass

OPTION 3 to start beginner yoga is to buy a casual pass to come to one class. This can be used for online or in-studio classes.

Money back guarantee for first paid week of classes.

There’s a money back guarantee you can use during the first paid week of the weekly subscription (pay by the week) packages.

These pay-by-the-week packages start with 2 weeks FREE. You need a credit card, but it is not debited unless you continue beyond 2 weeks.

If you’re still wondering about yoga, at the bottom of this page, see our answer to: “Can I do gym and yoga together?”

So, try the best yoga fitness classes at any gym Darwin has.

How to reserve all classes, and location of In-Studio classes

For in-studio classes, just turn up. There’s no need to reserve classes.

For online classes, as soon as you reserve a class, you’ll receive a Zoom link to join that class at this scheduled time.

To reserve almost all beginner classes, go to class reservations.

In addition, at the above reservation link, you’ll see a timetable of classes.

But, if you’re just attending in-studio, see the timetables on our site.

Using Zoom for online classes, and where to reserve them

As we mentioned, all online yoga classes are via Zoom. On the first occasion, you’ll need to download this app on your phone, iPad or PC, and open a free account.

To get your Zoom link, make sure you reserve the online version of the class.

Then, the Zoom link will be sent you as soon as you reserve the class. After that, when it’s time for the class, you just click on the Zoom link you will be sent by email.

If you need, there’s more about the very quick and simple setup for online classes.

Beginner locations & class times in your time zone

See the beginner timetable, in our local Darwin, Australia time zone, as well as in your own local time zone.

There’s also information in the timetable on the physical location of each class in the Darwin NT region.

Therefore, try the best yoga fitness classes at any gym Darwin has

Help with reservations, payments, information or any other customer service

  [email protected]
  Message via Facebook
  0448 444 834 or 0448 112251 (Phone or text)

Summary of the benefits of yoga versus any Darwin gym

Best deals at Flametree Fitness Gyms in Darwin

Handstand Flametree Yoga fitness Studio

Kim, one of my instructors at Flametree. Handstand builds upper body strength because you’re lifting all your own weight. It also builds balance & courage. You learn such poses via a series of easy steps over time, with one-to-one assistance and guidance.

What people are saying about Flametree Fitness Gyms in Darwin

“…by regular practice, & Special Focus classes, I’ve learned to a more mindful approach to movement & food choices, & have lost 30 kgs.
Kelley, Google

“My first online class last night from my lounge in Brisbane, fantastic! Thanks Flametree”
Bridget, Facebook

“The Zoom sessions are going really well. I’m so grateful for having them”
Gina, Facebook

“… can’t wait to start back at the studio and of cause those all so important after class catch ups over coffee”
Michelle, Facebook

More testimonials too

“This is awesome! Thanks for sharing your practice around the globe.”
Jason, Facebook

“Yoga is an important contributor to my bike riding habits and increasingly an important part of my other-life too.”

“Great [backcare] class tonight Chris and such a gift to be able to start yoga again online after a couple of years of not being able to juggle classes with family routine! “
Janet, Facebook

“I’m so grateful – my first headstand at home! thank you Chris and team.”
Sam, Facebook

Even more reviews!

“…Chris…. you are a truly inspirational women in my life.”
Angie, Facebook

“Loving the classes. All of them. The quality of teaching is of course fabulous, but the range of options, the convenience and flexibility that allows is wonderful”
Penny, Facebook

“I like the friendly teachers and the feeling that you are not trying to compete with everybody else in the class”
John, Facebook

“The classes are brilliant and bring the joy (and discipline!) of yoga into your home. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to continue classes this way.”
Deirdre, Facebook

More about Flametree fitness gyms in Darwin, Northern Territory

At Flametree classes, you don’t need to hire additional personal trainers, or personal training.

Your class instructor will give you whatever guidance you need or seek to get a healthy lifestyle, and meet your fitness goal.

Whatever level of sports performance you may be after, strength training you want, or other fitness goals you may have, Flametree’s group fitness instructors can help.

Flametree has options for mat elements of Pilates, a low impact workout, pelvic floor special workshops, building lower back muscles and core strength, cardio intervals, and cardiovascular fitness. It has the best range of options of any yoga fitness studio.

3 locations & online

The Woolner yoga fitness studio is only 3 kms from the Darwin CBD, between the Stuart Highway, and the Tiger Brennan.

It’s a great location because most Darwin residents pass it on their way to or from Darwin City. So it’s very convenient for your regular classes.

In addition, the Woolner studio has the widest range of equipment, including its own version of monkey bars, aerial yoga slings (or silk hammock), functional training area, and free weights.

Best of all, at Flametree’s 2 other great facilities, all props and equipment are also supplied.

Apart from anything else, if you’re visiting Darwin, it’s well worth a trip to one of its studios, because they’re much better than whatever the best hotels, or any other Darwin gym studios, provide.

Plus, Flametree fitness Darwin gyms are open weekdays and weekends, based on the class timetable for group sessions at each location.

But, if you’ve only got a little time in your lunch break, consider using one of Flametree’s on-demand video classes, including this 4-class yoga introduction (including 3 FREE classes)..

However you can make it happen, have a strong focus on being a part of a healthy Darwin.

So, wherever you’re at in your fitness journey, Flametree will keep you up with the top fitness trends, and link you up with a community of like-minded people.

Chris Lalor

Lunges, in various sequences that your Instructor will guide, are one excellent way to do movement based exercise for aerobic health.

So, try the best yoga fitness classes at any gym Darwin has

Yoga Fitness For Beginners: 2 FREE Yoga Classes & 10 At HALF Off

Can I do gym and yoga together?

Students often ask me this about doing yoga and gym together. They may mean concurrently, in the same day, or week. Sometimes, they even mean on the same day, such as gym in the morning, and yoga in the afternoon. At other times, they also mean going to the gym, and then doing a yoga class, right away, or the other way around. So here are some quick points on the issue to consider.

Can I do gym and yoga together?

  • It’s OK to do yoga and gym together, or concurrently.
  • But, don’t do them right after each other.
  • So, leave at least a few hours space after gym, before doing yoga.
  • That’s because gym winds up your nervous system, and tires you out.
  • When you get to yoga, you want to be rested, because yoga is also often quite intense.
  • In contrast, with yoga, you also learn to balance both parts of your nervous system.
  • So, if you’re exhausted, you won’t get the best “rest and digest”, that yoga is also rightly famous for.
  • In addition, gym contracts and shortens your muscles, so hamstrings etc will get shorter, than by just doing yoga.
  • Plus, areas such as your neck, and hips, and more, will get stiffer (via tight muscles build up).
  • Yoga still builds strength & fitness, via longer, leaner muscles.
  • In gym, you’re usually just focusing on strengthening.
  • But in yoga, you work on strength, balance, stretching, mindfulness, and more.
  • With gym, your parasympathetic nervous system, which impacts calming, also gets less attention.
  • So, if you’re doing gym and yoga together, work even more at stretching, and calming.

Last, whatever else you do, make sure that you’re doing enough high quality yoga, so as to get the mix of benefits summarised in the image below.

That usually means doing your yoga at a specialised studio like Flametree, where the accredited Senior Yoga Teacher, has over 12,000 hours of training as a teacher. Get the advantage of the experience, knowledge and skills of such teachers.

Don’t miss the many benefits of a studio specialising in yoga

Can I do yoga together

If you’re considering: “Can I do gym and yoga together?”, then also take into account the very wide range of benefits that yoga delivers. Whatever else you do, don’t miss out on getting these many benefits.

 Gym workouts or a yoga session?

If you’re wondering about questions like “Can I do gym and yoga together?”, then muscle strength, and muscle mass are certainly important.

But, when you consider the best way to do a workout routine, then also consider what you can get from regular yoga.

Some of the important benefits to ensure you get from high quality yoga are:

  • mind-body connection
  • minimising the risk of injury
  • maximising blood flow to important area like the pelvis, and all it contains
  • building body awareness
  • ​improving mental health
  • using at least some flow classes so as to include a fitness routine
  • weight loss, via cutting stress, and increasing mindfulness
  • building a better range of motion via yoga postures
  • reducing or managing blood pressure
  • decreasing muscle tension via using the correct yoga pose sequences
  • improving lung capacity via an erect posture
  • numerous other proven health benefits as listed by Dr McCall.

​As mentioned above, too much weight lifting, or weight training, and other such intense workouts, often overlook muscle flexibility.

​So while that type of exercise is a great way to bulk up, it’s not the best type of exercise for the wider range of body benefits listed above.

For best results, or better results, Flametree recommends that you at least do a balanced type of workout to build both strength and flexibility.

So, a yoga routine, and dedicated yoga practice, should be a key part of your specific goals.

Best fitness centre?

So, if you’re looking for the best gym or yoga studio, then there is a range of things to consider, including what we’ve mentioned.

Add what we’ve said to thinking about:

  • cardio equipment and what it can or can’t do for you
  • change rooms and bathrooms
  • central location, and otherwise across Darwin
  • how many group classes they offer
  • spacious room, including monitored ventilation (Yes, Flametree does).
  • air conditioning. (Yes, Flametree is).
  • a friendly environment. (Yes, Flametree is.)

Feel free to ask for more details of anything we’ve discussed.

Flametree Darwin fitness philosophy

For prospective customers, here’s more on what to consider if you’re looking for a new gym or yoga studio.

Especially, if it’s your first time at more activity, Flametree recommends you take a gradual approach, in a controlled environment. By that we mean a good quality yoga class, online or in-studio, with a specialist and experienced yoga fitness teacher.

​Then, develop your personal programs for fitness and health, making use of the yoga instructor’s in-depth knowledge of fitness and yoga, and the type of classes you need.

​Among other things, you’re unlikely to need one-on-one personal training beyond what a good yoga class can provide.

So, you can save on the cost of a personal training fitness studio, or larger memberships you’ll probably pay for larger gym facilities.

The Flametree Darwin fitness lead trainer (Chris Lalor), who has 30 years of experience, can also advise you on issues such as:

  • ​senior fitness programs (if relevant to you)
  • exercise goals
  • any yoga or gym equipment you may want for online yoga classes
  • other aspects of a fit lifestyle, such as how to develop mindful eating.

Chat to her before or after a yoga class, or get in touch via the CHAT button on this page.

So, try the best yoga fitness classes any Darwin gym has.

Plus, use the orange links to get the best deals of any gyms in Darwin.