Iyengar Yoga Head Wrap For Migraine, Anxiety, & More

Want Iyengar yoga for migraine? Or anxiety, or a range of other issues? Let me quickly outline a powerful solution for you to consider.

From time to time, I teach an Iyengar yoga head wrap technique that’s especially good yoga for migraine or headaches, as well as for reducing anxiety, sleeping better, getting calmer, getting more energy, and much more.

So check out my post, or read the detailed captions of the pictures, and then try a head wrap for pranayama breath meditation, as well as for Iyengar yoga for migraine, anxiety, and much more. (We’ve separately outlined more about the Iyengar style of yoga).

Content of this post

For a start, here is the content of this post about Iyengar yoga head wraps and the many powerful outcomes they offer you. I will cover:

  1. My own story of how I’ve used this wrapping head for headache technique.
  2. An outline of some of the many benefits of the so-called Pune head wrap technique. (This also shows some its many uses).
  3. How the head wrapping technique is an adapted yoga mudra, developed by Mr BKS Iyengar, as another yoga prop.
  4. The Iyengar yoga view of consciousness, and where science currently is with consciousness research.

The head wrap technique can also be used in any of the poses I’ll also show in the pictures with this post. Such yoga poses or yogic practices, include relaxation pose (so-called corpse pose), various restorative yoga poses, and pranayama (breath meditation).

Flametree yoga for migraine

Chris Lalor, author this Post, & Senior Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist at Flametree Yoga, showing the bandage used to wrap the head in this type of yoga for migraine, as well as to get many more outcomes. So try her classes, especially those on using a head wrap for pranayama breath mediation, and / or Iyengar yoga for migraine, anxiety, and much more. 

Discovering the power of the Iyengar head wrap technique

In my own yoga and breath meditation practice, I have used this particular technique for many decades.

It’s not something I’ve so far talked about a lot, because some think it’s weird, or undo-able.

That’s because the technique involves wrapping the forehead or eyes, or both, with a bandage. Then, the yoga or meditation practices are done with the bandage on.

However, we do of course lift the edge of the bandage a little, so we can see enough to do the pose, and get into the pose.

Finding peace, & natural solutions, after tragedy

Many years ago, when my partner Peter died of cancer, I used this powerful yogic technique to help me recover from grief.

At that very sad time, it was immensely helpful with eventually moving on with life in a way that Peter would have wanted for me.

Using this Iyengar head wrap technique also helped me quietly reflect, get clarity about what happened, find a new peace, re-order my life, and have the courage to move forward.

Among other things, the technique worked because it’s a highly effective way to quieten the endless chatter of our minds.

Although I’m about to outline some of the many other benefits and uses of this so-called Iyengar head wrap, I do of course also recommend it strongly for managing grief.

Clearly, grief is something that we all face from time to time. As with all the yoga and breath meditation taught at Flametree, any natural solutions you can find for challenges you face, will often be superior to drug based options.

At a minimum, I suggest you try such natural solutions first, or in conjunction with whatever you’re using (as appropriate), or as soon as you can transition away from drugs (and their often very unpleasant side-effects, or worse).

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Yoga for migraines

Demonstration of the well known down dog yoga pose using an Iyengar head wrap to further quieten the endless chatter of the so-called “monkey” mind.

This particular yoga for migraine is not for total beginners

The yoga head wrap technique has many uses beyond helping with grief. I’ll outline them below.

In my own case, I was fortunate that I already did yoga at the time of my grief. As I’d already learnt the technique, and had some ability to quieten by mind, I was able to use a process I already knew.

However, if you’re just starting yoga, then I suggest you first get underway with some regular beginner classes.

Then, after a while, come to a Restorative Yoga Class, when I teach the use of head wraps. Alternatively, if you have an urgent problem requiring yoga for migraine or whatever, consider a private class.

By the way, if you have any trauma in your background that involves bandages, then I suggest you avoid classes teaching this approach, or even reading further in this blog post on Iyengar Yoga head wraps.

Forward bend

A forward bend, done in a restorative style, is an excellent option for yoga for migraine, or whatever problem you’re using a so-called Iyengar yoga head wrap, to address.

The many benefits of an Iyengar Yoga head wrap

Some of the many benefits of this Iyengar yoga head wrap technique include:

  • Reducing anxiety, and finding inner peace
  • Dealing with headaches and migraines
  • Sleeping better
  • Getting calmer, and reducing or managing stress
  • Feeling secure and nurtured
  • Reducing the distraction and discomfort of windy or hot weather
  • Quietening the mind and nervous system
  • Accentuating the energy, clarity, and insight that flows from pranayama breath meditation
  • Delving into wonderful aspects of your consciousness.

I find this head wrapping technique so useful that I always take a suitable bandage on my overseas travels.

Again, that’s not something I tell people until they know me a little better!

Below, I’ve explained the benefits in  more detail. In addition, the captions on the pictures give you a quick idea of how wrap the head, and some of the typical yoga poses you can do while using a head wrap.

Flametree Yoga head wrap for headache

To wrap your head in the way that I (Christine) recommend, start by holding the loose end of the bandage at the back of your head. Have the rest of the bandage roll in your other hand. Then, wrap in a crisscross style to cover at least the ears. One head wrap style is done just covering the ears. and the other is done while also covering the eyes. 

Quietening the chatter of the mind

Richard Rosen, a well-known Iyengar yoga practitioner and author, describes why it’s useful to use this type of bandage wrap technique.

Rosen says the technique is used:

“… to seal consciousness, to prevent it from leaking out into the world, and stimulate the subtle sound (nada), which serves as a seed for meditation….This helps quiet the brain, and calm the fluctuations of consciousness”.

(This quote, & those below, from R Rosen The Yoga of Breath.)

As you can see in the picture below, the top of the head can end up covered, or not, depending on your crisscrossing.

By the way, some of you may already be familiar with using a yoga “eye-pillow” for covering the eyes.

If so, you’ll already know the extra peace and mind quietening that an eye-pillow creates. A so-celled Pune head wrap (because it was invented by Mr BKS Iyengar), creates a similar, but much more powerful, quietening of your mind.

It’s just another reason why I suggest you try a head wrap for pranayama breath meditation, as well as for Iyengar yoga for migraine, anxiety, and much more.

Pune head wrap for migraine headaches

Wrap your head, including ears and eyes, so that it’s firm enough to not fall off, but not so tight that it creates any uncomfortable pressure. But, do it so you can lift the edge of the bandage and see out under it… so as to get into and out of poses. 

Another of Mr Iyengar’s yoga prop inventions

Richard Rosen also notes how the technique was developed by Mr BKS Iyengar. He saw it as a variation of the so-called Six-Openings Seal (or Shan-Mukhi-Mudra).

In other words, Mr Iyengar is very creatively using a simple bandage as another very useful yoga prop. It’s also a variation of a so-called mudra.

In class where I use the technique, I will show you how the bandaging technique can either be used across the forehead and ears, or just how it can also include the eyes.

Richard Rosen goes on to say this.

“….the seal is used to partially block outside sounds and light, and soften the eyes and skin of the forehead”.

Exploring your consciousness

Mr BKS Iyengar also of course knew that the brain is the centre of consciousness.

But, as Richard notes below, Mr Iyengar also considered that:

“….our brain and consciousness are everywhere, diffuse throughout the body, and the “head” brain is in fact an object of perception, just like an arm or a leg.”

It’s now well known that at least one major nerve (the vagus nerve), throughout your neck and abdomen, is often considered to be an extension of your brain into such parts. So, for that reason alone, it may well be that Mr Iyengar was onto something.

Whatever the nature of what goes on physiologically, there is no doubt that this technique works in practice.

That’s why, from time to time, in classes such as Yoga For Immune System, or Restorative Yoga, I’ll be training you in how to use the technique.

All this also means that with the bandage on, there are ways that you can explore such perceptions of consciousness.

Some of you may remember or know of the famous band called “The Doors”. They were in fact meaning the doors of perception. It demonstrates that humans have been curious about such issues for a very long time.

So, this is yet another technique to let you journey into the doors of perception.

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In Flametree’s special classes where we use a head wrap, a clean, slightly elastic bandage is used (and washed after every class). The elastic content of the bandage is not tightly applied. It’s really just to help it sit on your head firmly enough to not fall off. If necessary, wash your bandage several times in hot water, so as to help ensure it is not too elasticised. Or, experiment with a few different styles of bandage.

Consciousness is an emerging area of research

By the way, I also note that the nature of consciousness is one of the current areas of scientific research.

In such research, the issue of consciousness is taken very seriously. Although there are various theories about the nature of consciousness, no modern scientist is sure exactly what it is.

Although most of the modern scientists of the mind agree that consciousness exists, it’s still a huge area of exploration.

Obviously, many yogis, like Mr BKS Iyengar, and others, have explored and worked with consciousness for millennia.

Science will one day catch up, describe what it is, and probably outline further ways to use it better.

Pranayama & Iyengar Yoga For Migraine, Anxiety, & More

breath meditation for migraine

Demonstration of breath meditation, or pranayama, done lying down over support for the chest, and using an Iyengar yoga head wrap.

Yoga For Immune Class, Or Restorative Yoga Class

As a result, the techniques I’ll be teaching you are a very practical way for you to be guided by that ancient yogic knowledge of your own consciousness.

In addition, you’ll learn how to use the techniques for practical outcomes like managing or reducing anxiety, fixing headaches, improving sleep, de-stressing, and the many other benefits I’ve already mentioned.

When I show you these head wrap techniques, I’ll also explain when you should not use the technique, and what to avoid when you do use it.

Online students should bring a suitable bandage

In class, after I show you how to use the bandage as a head wrap, I’ll check you have the bandage on correctly. It’s especially important to ensure that it’s not too tight.

We will then do some suitable yoga poses, and variations of the head wrapping technique, so as to allow you to get the full impact and dimension of the use of this particular yogic prop.

If you’re attending Flametree Yoga classes online, please bring a longish bandage, ideally with a small amount of elastic in it. I’ll give you plenty of notice of when these Iyengar Yoga head wrap classes are scheduled.

As you may know, such bandages are in both chemist shops (or drug stores in USA English), and many supermarkets.

If you’re worried that whatever bandage you have, has too much elastic, then just wash it in hot water a couple of times.

We already have such bandages at Flametree Yoga Studio (which I wash after each use).

For those who may be buying such a bandage, I’ve included a picture of such a bandage above.

At some point soon, I’ll also explain further aspects of the head wrapping technique.

Iyengar Yoga For Migraine, Anxiety, & More

Flametree yoga for headaches and migraines

Sitting position for yoga for migraine, headaches, anxiety, and much more. Notice the chin lock, typically also used for Alternate Nostril pranayama. So try a head wrap for pranayama breath meditation. Among other things, use it for Iyengar yoga for migraine, anxiety, and much more. 

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Practising yoga and breath meditation is the super highway to everything you want from yoga, including what you may not even know that you want.

In particular, with the use of special techniques such as outlined in this post, you can get an even wider range of yoga benefits.

Particular types of yoga, like Gentle Yoga, or Back, Neck & Shoulder Yoga, or Easy Restorative Yoga, are also especially good. They help address common problems like bad backs, stiffness, or anxiety.

The above classes, are excellent beginner classes when you have not been exercising for a long time, or if age or menopause is causing additional stiffness. As well as improving flexibility, these classes reduce stress, and fix imbalances.

It’s best to start pranayama breath meditation after you’ve done at least about 3 months of yoga posture learning and practise.

Ideally, as soon as you’ve done at least 6 months of yoga come to Flametree’s yoga retreat in Bali. It’s also another way to quickly access healing yoga options, and much more.

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So try a head wrap for pranayama breath meditation. In addition, use it for Iyengar yoga for migraine, anxiety, and much more.

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Wide leg pose

Wide leg yoga pose, in a restorative yoga style with head support, and head wrap. It’s a typical pose used in an Iyengar yoga sequence for anxiety, & much more.

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