What Are the Benefits Of Yoga To Look For When Choosing A Studio

What are the benefits of yoga in terms of what it does for you is very well researched, and you can find it readily.

There is much less about what are the benefits of yoga in terms of what to look for when choosing a studio.

In particular, can the style and quality of the yoga you’ll get actually deliver the researched benefits.

The truth is that some yoga does, and some does not.

Then there is the issue of what suits you best, and whether you can put up with the way it is being delivered to you.

Read on to see what we suggest to look for to ensure you get yoga that works for you.

The yoga benefits that make the biggest practical difference

The benefits that make the most difference for you on a day-to-day basis at a studio are things like:

  • The number of classes available, and their times
  • The level of the classes. Too many studios teach one size fit all!
  • The number of beginner classes, and their level
  • The availability of special focus classes for backs, women, stiffness, de-stressing & more.
  • If the teachers are pleasant to you
  • Whether the teacher offers guidance to get you into postures that actually deliver the benefits
  • The price of the packages, including if you get deals that allow a lot of yoga

To choose a studio, you need to know what to look for, and whether a particular studio can deliver what is needed.

If you’re new to yoga, it can be difficult to choose among yoga studios. In fact, their offers, value and quality are significantly different.

It’s worth looking closely at what you’re likely to get from them, and knowing some criteria on which to assess them.

The points below suggest some CRITERIA worth using to assess studios, classes and teachers.

On this page, we are particularly talking about online yoga, but much of what we say is applicable to in-studio yoga as well (and Flametree offers both).

The benefits of yoga at Flametree

The points below also give some strong reasons for doing your ONLINE yoga at Flametree, and sticking with one main provider of your online classes. Your location of course means some people can only do yoga online. Others, who are closer to Darwin, or in Darwin, do a mix of online and in-studio classes at Flametree. These reasons are worth considering whether you are in the online only category, or have the luxury of being able to do a mix of online and in-studio yoga.

  1. Flametree teaches the highest QUALITY modern classical yoga, including all types of yoga poses. Among other things, yoga is about doing the right positions, in the right way, for the right amount of time, with the right supports, and in the right order. The teachers need to have enough knowledge and experience to do all this for you, so you get everything that you should from each class… with a touch of humour, and plenty of kindness and humanity. Flametree’s teachers are trained for a much longer period of time than most studios, and are closely supervised by a Senior Teacher with over 12,000 hours of yoga teaching experience.
  2. Flametree’s teachers closely watch what you are doing, and at the right time, and discretely, give you customised FEEDBACK. This means you get more from each posture, and also progress at the best rate. (You’ll find that in many studios, there is either no feedback or it’s not done with the level of knowledge that is needed).
  3. Flametree’s package deals give you the lowest COST yoga you’ll find, either for online, or in-studio yoga. There’s also options for a mix of online, in-studio, and / or streaming playback classes 24/7. (Yes, it is cheap yoga, but the low, low cost is the only way it is cheap. It’s in fact very high value).
  4. You’ll be able to discuss YOUR PARTICULAR ISSUES with the teacher/s. Where necessary, they review your situation in their own private discussions among teachers. They will remember the issues and solutions, and ongoingly work with you on them.
  5. Over time, teachers can steadily work with you so you PROGRESS at the rate that’s right for you. In class, or before or after class, they will also advise you on any particular customisation of poses that is best for your situation.
  6. You can, from time to time if it suits, visit for in-studio classes and retreats. If you work in a remote area, or via FIFO, the online and in-studio mix is particularly good when you periodically visit Darwin for breaks. Among other things, it means you not only build a whole new COMMUNITY in your life, but also get a heightened version of the various learning benefits discussed in this list.
  7. Unlike almost any other studio you’ll find, Flametree teaches yoga in FIVE LEVELS of training. This means there is always a level where you’ll find a suitable mix of ease and challenge. You can also progress steadily in a way that works for you.
  8. Flametree’s physical teaching is supported by a steady amount of verbal and written INFORMATION about what you’re doing and why. This can help motivate you, plus ensure you are doing the right postures in the right way.
  9. Flametree offers a range of SPECIAL FOCUS CLASSES such as Women Only, Breath Meditation, Backcare, Restorative, Slow, Fifty Plus & Youth. These work for anyone, but particularly for the issue/s or group/s they address.
  10. There’s enough VARIETY OF TEACHERS, and of varying ages, to ensure you can find one or several who works well for you.
  11. There’s a LARGE AND CONVENIENT TIMETABLE of classes. Almost all of Flametree’s in-studio classes are simultaneously provided online. If needed, this means you can also swap backwards and forwards between the same class each week, or even find a very similar version of the class in the Playback library.

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