Yoga Poses For Immune System Class

Learn & do regular yoga poses for your immune system

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Yoga poses for immune system

Each week, you will learn and do yoga poses for immune system health, and yoga for immunity boosting. In the process, there’ll be different variations of a yoga sequence for immune system. At the end of some of the classes, it may also include a short amount of yoga breathing for immune system.

At the moment, it’s continuing to be stressful time for all of us. But in reality, there is always a lot of stress in this modern world. That’s why yoga for your immune system health is so important. And your immune system is ongoingly important, at any time, for a wide variety of reasons.

For example, you may already know that anxiety has increased a lot due to the challenges of our times.

So, Flametree Yoga teaches twice weekly classes with a special focus on yoga for immunity boosting.

One yoga for immunity boosting class is on Thursdays, at 5.45-7.15pm Darwin, Australia, time. The class is taught by Chris Lalor, Senior Yoga Teacher, and Yoga Therapist.

In addition, there’s also a second weekly Yoga Flow For Immune System class is every Saturday from 8.30-10am, taught by either Chris Lalor, or another experienced Flametree Teacher, Kim Faehse.

In holiday periods, please double check our current Timetables, either under the TIMETABLE tab on this site, or when you reserve the class.

Both classes are both online, and in-studio, at 19 Bishop Street, Darwin, Australia.

Flametree’s timetable has our yoga class international time zone conversions (except for the holiday timetable).

Darwin time is +9.5 hours GMT. Conversions can be done via these useful tools.

Expert says your immune system is your best doctor

This class will give you tools and yoga sequences to support and strengthen your immune system, as well as help with stress and anxiety.

As I (Chris) mentioned, your immune system is important for all aspects of your wellness, including anxiety, and even maybe your survival.

Dr Merad, a world class researcher,  has also talked extensively about why your immune system is your best doctor.

The impact of stress on your immune system

Stress weakens our immune system. But often we have no idea that we are living with too much stress.

Yoga helps you become sensitive to the signs of too much stress. It shows you how to switch off all those thoughts that make you anxious. Even worse, those same thoughts can stop you sleeping at night.

In turn, given the importance of sleep, stress can become a vicious circle.

The importance of good yoga is that it also cultivates mindfulness. In addition, it teaches you how to breath properly, and let’s you feel grateful for what you have.

FREE first class for newcomers

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Active, restorative, & breathing poses

The Yoga For Immune System class will have active postures and restorative poses.

Active poses include standing poses, and standing twisting poses. These will be done with and without support.

To help even more with de-stressing and anxiety. there may also be yoga breathing for the immune system. The breath techniques are taught in the last 15 minutes of the class. They are an easy introduction to Flametree’s breath meditation classes.

Those who are familiar with Flametree’s breath classes will know that correct breathing de-stresses, and improves physical health. Breathwork also improves mental clarity and performance.

In addition, we want to do poses to nourish your lungs, as well as increase blood oxygenation to the lungs. This will include some backbends.

I (Chris Lalor) also recommend you try yoga breathing (pranayama), with these TEN FREE classes of pranayama (or breath meditation).

Poses that improve your immune system

All Yoga For Immune System poses, including backbends, can be done at various levels, depending on your yoga experience. The teachers will provide alternative poses, as required.

Good circulation and immune boosting will also be promoted via the use of inverted poses.

There will also be twists to improve circulation into the abdomen, kidney and liver. A more advanced inversion and twist is illustrated with this Page, but don’t let that put you off participating.

There will be poses suitable for all levels of non-beginner students.

It is always important to do yoga that assists your digestive system. Digestive issues are of course related to stress.

The resting poses taught will rejuvenate your whole body.

This class is not like the Restorative Yoga Class on Saturdays at 4pm, but there will be some elements of that.

Instead, as already outlined, you will do the much wider range of yoga pose types.

The Saturday class will also have some important aspects of yoga flow. This works for your immune system in other important ways.

Take charge of your destiny

Come along and try out these classes.

Over time, you will be able to create and do your own yoga sequence to build and strengthen your immune system. Again, in these trying times, it may be one of the most important yoga sequences you ever learn. It gives you a new ability to be in charge of your own destiny.

These classes have been developed based on the skills and experience of Flametree’s certified Senior Yoga Teacher, Chris Lalor. Her proven innovations, combined with tested yoga practices, have been shown to get you excellent health outcomes.

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