Iyengar Yoga Head Wrap For Migraine, Anxiety, & More

Want Iyengar yoga for migraine? Or anxiety, or a range of other issues? Let me quickly outline a powerful solution for you to consider. From time to time, I teach an Iyengar yoga head wrap technique that’s especially good yoga for migraine or headaches, as well as for reducing anxiety, sleeping better, getting calmer, getting […]

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8 Limbs Of Yoga Course For Life

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How to live a happy, healthy, meaningful life.   ‘The goal of yoga is to encourage us to be a little better than we were before. We become better by making an effort and by practising…. Our efforts may change in intensity, but over a period of time we will gradually experience progress.’ The Understanding […]

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Looking for a certified yoga therapist?

Want to find a yoga therapist or certified yoga therapist near me? Or see registered yoga therapist classes?  See also below for very affordable and effective in-studio and LIVE online yoga therapy classes. Quite often, I have students in a class, who are over 70 or 80. They’re also often ongoingly managing conditions with the […]

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Yoga for body breath and mind.

Yoga for body breath and mind & flexible mind and body, & for spirit and soul & Beginners too

Yoga for flexible mind and body package If you want a bigger and better brain, then do more yoga, or start yoga. So you can have it all. You get can have yoga for body, breath, and mind, as well as for a flexible mind and body. Or, depending how you see it, call it […]

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Patanjali Online Yoga Classes, Or In-Studio.

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Implementing Key Elements of Patanjali’s “The Yoga Of Action.” Change is the result of our own actions. Patanjali online yoga classes at Flametree, as well as those in-studio, teach a Kriya Yoga approach first described by the yoga sage, Patanjali. (Flametree’s approach also offers a Patanjali yoga retreat, and Patanjali Yoga teacher training course). In […]

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