Free Yoga Classes Near Me? Get Options For All Levels Forever.

Try these yoga pose sequences FREE, with pictures & tips

Plus get 2 FREE Breath Meditation classes

Looking for “free yoga classes near me”? Use the many FREE sequence of poses below. The sequences are pictorial lists of poses you can do whenever & wherever you choose. So, it’s the easiest and best option for free yoga near me. Also looking for free yoga in the park near me? Or for free beach yoga near me? Check out the free sequences for all of these venues, and more.

In addition, there’s also hours of FREE beginner level yoga videos.

The order or sequence of the yoga postures plays a very important part in the mental and physical benefits you get from the yoga poses.

Below, there are yoga sequences for beginners & higher levels of yoga, plus for menstruation & menopause.

Use for yoga at home, or to supplement online or in-studio classes at Flametree Yoga. Save the links so you have them for later.

Doing classes as well as home practise will help you with motivation. It will also accelerate your learning of yoga.

Free beginner yoga videos

In addition, there is 4 full length yoga video classes for beginners, at various beginner yoga levels.

The yoga videos include Yoga For Backcare, and Gentle Yoga.

These classes can be used for free for as long as you like. As well as that, the video yoga classes are good example of what a real beginner yoga class is like at Flametree Yoga Studio.

Hear & see a quick video on the Flametree Beginner Yoga Deal, including a TWO week FREE trial and money back guarantee. (No charge is made until your free trial is complete).

The classes are taught by Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Chris Lalor.

FREE pictorial yoga sequences by a Senior Yoga Teacher in the Iyengar style

Sequences of yoga poses for menopause & menstruation

Yoga video classes by a certified Senior Teacher

Sequences at various levels of beginner yoga, Intermediate Yoga, & Experienced Yoga

TWO FREE Pranayama (Breath Meditation) classes, with a certified Senior Yoga Teacher

Choose from weekly Breath Meditation classes at 6.30am Tuesdays & Fridays (in local time of Darwin, Australia).

Please also consider using these sequences and videos in conjunction with Flametree’s online, in-studio, or on-demand classes. The low cost or free class deals and options are listed in the next section.

As a result of using the free sequences and video classes above, it’s easier to do yoga. As well, you’ll learn more when you are using an experienced and certified teacher to guide you.

See the options below for starting yoga, or doing more yoga.

free yoga in the park near me

Looking for “free yoga in the park near me?  Try a yoga sequence for anywhere.

Buy a pass & then reserve a class

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Flametree’s NON-beginner deal ; 14 days of unlimited yoga for a total of just $29.

All other packages, passes & deals.

Reserving a class

When you buy a pass, here’s more about how to reserve a beginner class or a to reserve a non-beginner class.

free beach yoga near me

Pictorial yoga sequences of poses are a good option for free beach yoga near you.