Flametree Yoga  offers a customised class for people over fifty. There are several types of optional classes for student over 50, including yoga for seniors. You can also do yoga for seniors at a Beginner or Non-Beginner level. Try Flametree’s in-studio or online yoga classes for seniors.

The Non-Beginner yoga class for Seniors is called “Fifty Plus Focus”. It is at 8.30-9.45am on Wednesday morning, taught by Belinda Hoult.

The class teaches easy poses that are entirely suitable for those with the typical situations of the Fifty Plus age group.

Persons who are not yet 50 are also welcome to join the class.

As a non-beginner class, the Fifty Plus Focus class has a range of students who have been doing yoga for years, many of whom have an impressive range of yoga skills.

If you are a beginner, please initially attend some of the other Beginner Level classes mentioned under the heading below about the types of classes we have for beginners over 50, as well as for seniors. In particular, we recommend Gentle Yoga, Backcare Yoga, or Easy Restorative Yoga.

You can then also attend this Fifty Plus Focus class once you move to the Transition Level or above.

In all Flametree’s classes, poses are also further customised for particular situations.

For those coming ONLINE the teacher is using two way video so individual alternative poses can be offered as needed.

Huge benefits of yoga over 50, & for seniors

There is now a growing body of evidence that shows that a regular yoga practice can reduce the need for prescription drugs, ease pain, reduce stress,  boost the immune system, calm the nervous system, help relieve chronic tension, assist the heart, help balance blood sugar levels and keep the mind sharp. (See Suza Francina “The New Yoga for Healthy Ageing”).

Many believe that once they reach a certain age yoga is beyond them. In fact, yoga has a great deal to offer the mature or senior person.

As Geeta Iyengar noted:

“Yoga is a gift for older people. One who studies yoga in the later years gains not only health and happiness, but also freshness of mind… since yoga gives one a bright outlook on life. One can look forward to a more healthful future rather than looking back into the past. Yoga is a rebirth which teaches one to face the rest of one’s life happily, peacefully and courageously”.

In this class, yoga props, like chairs, blocks, and bolsters, are used to help you feel your body and make the poses easier and more enjoyable.

The classes have both active and restorative poses in them, so you will leave feeling like you have stretched out your spine, are less anxious, and also very relaxed.

We use safe and secure procedures for online classes

Almost all Flametree classes both online and in-studio. Only the teacher can be seen by students.

You and the teacher can see and hear each other, so the teacher can give you one the spot guidance. If they wish, the student can also turn off their video, so not even the teacher can see you.

Classes are done on Zoom. If you wish, Flametree’s Customer Service team can help you with the very easy setting up to initially get started.

Flametree uses a very secure and safe process for the online parts of this class. Students are first registered in Flametree’s online booking system.

Second, just before each class starts, students check into an online waiting room. They are then checked individually into the online classroom by the teacher, as he or she greets each one of them.

It is not possible for anyone to attend or see the class who is not authorised to be there, and vetted by the teacher.

In-studio & online yoga classes for seniors class options

The Fifty Plus Focus class runs each week.

You can mix this class with other options like Gentle Yoga, Gentle & Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Women’s Only Yoga.

Please also consider the Pranayama (breath meditation) classes. These classes offer additional and complementary benefits. They are also entirely within the capability of anyone doing the group of classes discussed on this page. Read more about Pranayama here.

All these classes, including Flametree’s non-beginner started deal of 14 days for $29, are at the Non-Beginner Timetable.

Yoga for over 50 beginners, including yoga for seniors

There are several Beginner Level classes that prepare you for this non-beginner over 50s class. Beginner Level classes that is suitable yoga for seniors, or for those over 50, includes:

All these so-called Special Focus classes for Beginners are described further at the above links, and their times are in the Beginner Timetable.

Try Flametree’s in-studio or online yoga classes for seniors, at beginner or non-beginner level.

Beginner & Non-Beginner Yoga & Breath Meditation Deals, including, or leading to this type of Special Focus class: