Back Care Focus – All Level & Beginner Suitable Class

Back pain is the single leading cause of disability in the world. When surveys have been conducted into why people start yoga, one of the major reasons people give to why they start yoga is to find relief from back pain.

Yoga can offer relief from pain associated with a stiff upper back, a tight mid back, and a tender or weak lower back.

That’s why Flametree offers a weekly Special Focus Backcare class that is suitable for all levels of students. Here’s more about the class.

Yoga is a practice that helps you become aware of yourself. Often we are completely unaware of how our posture can produce stiffness in the ligaments or muscles of the lower back, or weak abdominal muscles.

Both correcting posture and mindfully practising suitable yoga poses can help strengthen the lower back area. Poor posture also plays a significant part in weakening the midback area (such as muscular strains, arthritis, or strains in the ligaments, and herniated discs).

Upper backache can be both a product of a sedentary lifestyle, sitting long hours at the computer, stress and anxiety causing weak muscle tone.

The class is also designed to help you understand that while yoga  can strengthen bones, improve muscle function and work with fascia imbalances, it can also change your mental and emotional outlook. We all know that back pain impacts negatively on our quality of life. Living with back pain affects your relationship with yourself, with family and friends.

Those with backpain often tend to become very cautious around exercise and limit movement for fear of “putting” the back out again.

Each week the class will take you through a series of asanas that are designed to develop suppleness in the spine and improve posture. The class is a slower paced class. There are explanations given as to how certain poses work and how to adapt them to suit where you are at.

Everyone coming along to this class will benefit from learning more around how posture and habits can be altered to bring freedom to the back area.

This class is suitable for all levels of yoga students, both beginner and non-beginners. Like all Flametree classes, the actual level of postures will be adjusted depending on who is actually in the class on the day. In some cases, alternatives will be given to particular students or groups of students, depending on what will work best for them at the time.