When surveys have been conducted into why people start yoga, one of the major reasons people give to why they start yoga, and keep it up, is because it gives relief from back pain.

Yoga can offer relief from pain associated with a stiff upper back, a tight mid back, and a tender or weak lower back.

That’s why Flametree offers two weekly Special Focus Backcare classes. They are suitable for all levels of students.

The fascia throughout your body is a key reason why yoga works so well. The nerve endings in fascia also helps explain why back issues can be so painful.

Easy yoga for backs works when little else does

Backcare yoga is very effective and do-able exercise for the back, including lower back stretches, and gentle hamstring stretches.

It is also much more than that.

Yoga is a practice that helps you become aware of yourself. Often we are completely unaware of how our posture can produce stiffness in the ligaments or muscles of the lower back, or weak abdominal muscles.

Both correcting posture and mindfully practising suitable yoga poses can help strengthen the lower back area. It will also get you moving more easily, with either no pain, or much reduced pain.

Many who attend the class are simply stiffer than average, and want to slowly and gently start moving more.

The backcare focus class is taught by Chris Lalor, Flametree’s Senior Teacher. She brings 25 years of high level learning and teaching experience. Her popular backcare yoga has a track record or delivering solutions to often intractable problems. Try the best yoga for back pain.

You’ll also get the other and many benefits of yoga. If you want, there’s more about that on our site or below.

To try it out, just get a pass, and reserve a class, online or in-the-studio.

Online yoga for backcare works especially well, so you can do backcare yoga from your home or hotel room. Check out these deals.

Beginner & Non-Beginner Yoga Deals

If you’ve already heard enough, give it a try, and go straight to Flametree’s best yoga packages.

See the beginner deal, including options for Back Care Yoga, with a 2 week FREE trial:

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Improve mental & emotional outlook, plus quality of life

Poor posture also plays a significant part in weakening the mid-back area. Examples include muscular strains, arthritis, or strains in the ligaments, and herniated discs.

Upper backache can be both a product of a sedentary lifestyle. This includes sitting long hours at the computer, stress and anxiety causing weak muscle tone.

The Back Care classes help you understand that how yoga can strengthen bones, improve muscle function and work with fascia imbalances.

You’ll also learn how yoga can also change your mental and emotional outlook.

We all know that back pain impacts negatively on our quality of life. Living with back pain affects your relationship with yourself, with family and friends.

Gently reduce fear of putting the back out

Those with back pain often tend to become very cautious around exercise and limit movement for fear of “putting” the back out again.

Each week the backcare classes will take you through a series of yoga postures that are designed to develop suppleness in the spine and improve posture.

The classes are slower paced. There are explanations given as to how certain poses work and how to adapt them to suit where you are at.

Everyone coming along to these classes will benefit from learning more around how posture and habits can be altered to bring freedom to the back area.

This classes are suitable for all levels of yoga students, both beginner and non-beginners.

Like all Flametree classes, the actual level of postures will be adjusted depending on who is actually in the class on the day. If needed, particular students, or groups of students, are given alternative poses.

The teacher, Chris Lalor, also teaches poses that work partly via your fascia. This is often neglected by other teachers or treatments. Chris has written about working with fascia.

 Weekly backcare class, online & in-studio

Yoga for Backcare is a weekly class for either beginners or non-beginners. It’s at 7 pm, Wednesdays, local time in Darwin NT. It’s at 19B Bishop St., Woolner, NT (near Parap).

This class is part of a set of very easy classes such as Gentle Yoga, and Easy Restorative Yoga. All these classes are also usually suitable for those with back issues. If in doubt ask your teacher, Chris Lalor.

All beginner classes, including the above, are at the class reservation app, or the beginner timetable.

To try it out, just get a pass at the links below, and then reserve a class, online or in-the-studio.

Another good option is to see the success story about backcare yoga, told by Raj, a Flametree student.

Beginner & Non-Beginner yoga deals to try the best yoga for back pain

See the beginner deal, including options for Back Care Yoga:

See the non-beginner and lapsed student deal, for non-beginner Back Care Yoga: