6 Week Beginner Yoga Course.

USD$59.22 with a 2-week free trial

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6 Week Beginner Yoga Course.

USD$59.22 with a 2-week free trial

6 week Beginner Yoga COURSE, including a two week FREE trial. Unlimited mix of many beginner classes each week.

PLEASE NOTE there are no dates set at the moment for the beginner course. In the meantime, we suggest you consider the popular, 2 class mini-course called the Yoga Beginners Introduction. If you are a Newcomer to Flametree, you can also get a third OFF the Beginner Introduction.
There is also a popular HALF PRICE Beginner 10 pass class. It’s for Newcomers who want to start any mix of the 8 ongoing Beginner Level classes that Flametree runs each week. You can start these at any time. Unless you choose otherwise, you can start these without doing a Beginner Introduction. All classes are adjusted for who is actually in the class.

More about the 6 week beginner course.

For this $89 course package right now, press “Add to Cart” button below, & go straight to checkout.

This course is LIVE online, or in 3 Darwin locations, or both. (The studios are in Woolner, Casuarina, and Palmerston).

Start at any class in 2 weeks from the course start date.

If you’re still undecided, and you are a newcomer to Flametree, try a first online class totally FREE. 

If you only want ONLINE beginner course classes, then another top value option is the 6 week ONLINE beginner course. It also includes a free two week trial. It’s just $37.50 for the whole 6 weeks.

In contrast, the Beginner Course pass on this page is an IN-STUDIO and ONLINE beginner course package for $89 for the whole 6 week package.

In addition, the Yoga Beginners Introduction is a good option to get started with beginner yoga. The Introduction is two classes for a total of 3 hours, on Sundays over 2 weekends, online or in-studio. It includes poses and background to set up up well to join whatever beginner class is most suitable, or even to join our higher level class.

Pay-by-the-week & start right now

Alternatively, pay in weekly payments at the links below.

See IN-STUDIO weekly payment deal ($15.95 a wk), including a 2 week free trial.

OR see even cheaper ONLINE weekly payment deal ($9.95 a wk), including a 2 week free trial.

OR learn about DOUBLE BEGINNER pass options for 2 beginner courses, at 25% OFF for each.

OR see the two NON-BEGINNER deals.

If you want, scroll to the bottom of this page to see short videos of some beginner poses, their benefits, & the beginner deals.

There’s also short videos on Gentle Yoga, and Backcare Yoga.

Other details are also below.

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Are you looking for “yoga for beginners near me”?

Do you want the best “yoga for beginners near me”?  Then, check out this 6 week beginner yoga course online or in-studio. Then use the 2 weeks free to try this yoga for beginners classes. You get  2 FREE weeks of beginner yoga from  the  official course start date, so you can try it without any obligation to continue.

If the course dates don’t suit, then you can still start Flametree’s ongoing beginner classes at any time.

With the beginner course, in total, you get SIX weeks of classes (including the 2 week free trial). You’ll be learning new skills through the whole 6 weeks, with plenty of revision.

You get any mix of LIVE online or in-studio beginner yoga classes, or both. (In-studio classes are in the Darwin, NT, Australia, in Palmerston, Casuarina, or Woolner).

Do an unlimited mix of many yoga for beginners classes each week.

Options include:

See more details below, or in the beginner yoga timetable.

The pictures on this page show some examples of the many postures you’ll learn. No flexibility is needed to start! All postures are easy beginner poses that all can do. Even easier poses are given where appropriate for particular individuals.

If you have a friend or partner who also wants do yoga, buy a double pass and get 25% OFF for each of you.

If you need it, here’s more information on the numerous benefits of yoga.

For this $89 course package, press “Add to Cart” above to go straight to checkout.

Kim twist

Use this beginner yoga course online or in-studio to start or re-start a yoga practice. In the hatha yoga physical practice, you’ll learn basic yoga poses. Later, they can be linked together in well known yoga poses like sun salutations. At Flametree Yoga studio, your accredited yoga teacher will, if needed, give you customised physical exercises for issues like lower back pain. This beginner yoga course is also a great way to calm your nervous system. 

Start the course in the first 2 weeks after course start

Start on the date advertised, and at any class for the first two weeks after the course start date.

All props are supplied at Flametree’s 3 yoga locations in Darwin, If at home, have a yoga mat or a non-slip surface. If you wish, see more about yoga props.

It’s $89 for the whole 6 week course. You get  2 weeks free. Just click the “Add to Cart” button at the top of this page.

How the free trial period works with this package

With this $89 package, you pay for the whole package at the time you start. But the first two weeks are a free trial.

This free trial means that if you don’t want to continue after the free trial, then let us know via customer service, or the contacts at the bottom of this page.

Flametree Yoga will refund all your money immediately, with no questions asked. There’s no obligation to continue.

The week-to-week passes below, which also 2 weeks free, is another way to get started. With these weekly packages below, there is no charge at all made to your credit card until the end of the two week free trial period.

With the ONLINE ONLY Beginner Course, the 2 week free trial works in the same way as with the weekly package. That means there is no charge made at all to your credit card until the end of the two week free trial period.

yoga for beginners classes

Science is now proving the many benefits of the ancient practice of yoga. At Flametree’s beginner yoga course, you’ll get easy preparatory poses that will slowly stretch tight muscles. Over time, you’ll learn poses like child’s pose, cow pose, down facing dog pose (or downward dog), tree pose, and plank pose. At this level, there are no advanced poses. You’ll also start to learn very simple breathing techniques. Together, this beginner yoga course online or in-studio, will all calm your entire body, and improve your range of motion.

Week-to-week payment option lets you start anytime

With pay by the week options, the first two weeks are also free.

You’ll need to give a credit card, but it won’t be charged until a full two weeks after your first class. There’s no obligation to continue. The full 2 weeks free is your chance to make up your own mind.

You can also pause or cancel weekly payments at any time.

With this beginner yoga course online or in-studio, some popular and low cost weekly payment options are:

If you wish, see a list of all beginner deal options, including:

If you have a friend or partner who also wants do yoga, buy a DOUBLE PASS and get 25% OFF for each of you.

For the $89 course package, press “Add to Cart” above to go straight to checkout.

beginner yoga course

Each beginner student will learn yoga postures called Iyengar yoga. For various reasons outlined in a page about Iyengar, Flametree considers it more effective than styles of yoga such as yin yoga, ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga, bikram yoga, kundalini yoga, and hot yoga, Try these yoga for beginners classes with your free two week trial of Flametree’s types of yoga, & see for yourself.

Even easier Yoga for Beginners classes are available

If you want easier than average classes, or have an injury or condition, try any of this group of classes.

We sometimes call them pre-beginner classes. They’re also part of these beginner deal packages, and part of the beginner course.

Buy the Yoga For Beginners Course Pass, & then reserve your classes

Once you’ve got a beginner yoga pass, you can reserve a class.

Go to the Reservations tab on the Flametree site, or just see the timetable, and reserve your first class here.

If you have any questions about buying a pass, doing the free classes, reserving a pass, or anything else, contact our  customer service team.

The Customer Service contacts are at the bottom of each page of this site.

For the $89 course package, press “Add to Cart” above to go straight to checkout.

Best yoga for beginners near me, with money back GUARANTEE

The beginner course or week-to-week packages include a money back guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back at any point during your first paid week of the beginner course package, or the week-to-week deals.

Just reach out to our Customer Service contacts at the bottom of this page.

Pay at studio too, or online now

To get started with your 6 week Beginner Course package, click “Add to Cart” button at the top of the page, and complete the purchase.

For in-studio beginner classes, you can also pay at the studios with cash, of EFTPOS at 19 Bishop St, Woolner, Darwin.

To get started, get a yoga pass, and then reserve a class.

If it’s on online class, the link to join the class, will be emailed to you. The section below has more about the easy once only set up to do online classes.

You’ll see the beginner class timetable on the link where you reserve classes. 

Or you can also check out the many beginner class times and options in the beginner yoga timetable.

If you’re still undecided, please consider our many other beginner yoga packages.

For the $89 course package, press “Add to Cart” above to go straight to checkout.

Once only set up for beginner yoga online classes

This Beginner Course pass gives you the option of online or in-studio classes, or both.

Here’s how to set up for online classes:

  1. Get the ZOOM Client app on your computer, phone, iPad. (Bigger screens, like a laptop, are best).
  2. Reserve your beginner class via the links at https://flametreeroom1.punchpass.com/ .
  3. At class time, follow the beginner class link that you’ll get by email, once you’ve reserved the class.
  4. Set up the camera, on your phone or PC, so the teacher can see you. (Leave your camera off if you prefer, but then the teacher can’t give you feedback).

Videos on beginner yoga benefits and deals

Still thinking about beginner yoga? Check out these videos of some beginner poses, their benefits, & the beginner deals.

Gentle yoga is an option in our “yoga for beginners near me”

The Beginner Course, and weekly beginner class deals include two Gentle Yoga Classes each week. This video tells you more about Gentle Yoga.

Video on benefits of beginner yoga

This beginner yoga course online or in-studio, includes the type of poses you’ll see in the video immediately below. Plus, the Flametree Senior Yoga Teacher, Chris Lalor, gives you a summary of how the regular practice of yoga will give you many benefits.

What students say about Flametree Yoga and it’s benefits

If you’re still not sure about yoga, check out reviews of what customers say about their yoga classes at Flametree.

In addition, see the wide range of benefits they say they have received from both online or in-the-studio yoga at Flametree.

Or have a look at one of more of these very quick, informative videos.

Or come along to the next Yoga Beginners Introduction.

Kim’s video story of her yoga journey.

(Kim is one teacher of beginner classes)

Raj’s video story of how yoga fixed his back

Yoga for back, neck and shoulders is another option in the beginner course classes.

Want yoga for beginners near me?

Then try our yoga for beginners classes online or in-studio classes. Check it out with a 2 week free trial

If you need, contact our Customer Service Team. They can talk you through any of the above steps. The Team contacts are on the bottom right of this page.

For the $89 course package, press “Add to Cart” above to go straight to checkout.