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Whereis Flametree Yoga?

Flametree Yoga Studio teaches online, & at 3 Darwin locations at 19B Bishop St, Woolner NT, (3 km from CBD),  Casuarina region (Library, via staff carpark, at Wulagi Primary, 24 Brolga St., Wulagi NT), & Palmerston NT (Gray Hall, Essington Ave, Gray). Google maps are at the links.

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If you want, here are more criteria for choosing a studio, or more about the huge benefits of yoga.

From this page, and via the links, there’s a wealth of information about why Flametree is a top Darwin yoga space.

You can access Flametree via yoga videos.

The Flametree beginner timetable, or the links below, shows the addresses for each of the In-Studio beginner classes.

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Senior Yoga Teacher to ensure the best yoga & fitness

Flametree studio was established in 2002 by accredited Senior Yoga Teacher Christine (Chris) Lalor.

Chris actively trains and manages her teachers to ensure you get the best yoga online, in-studio, or on-demand.

Chris also teaches many classes each week, at each of the 5 levels of training that Flametree offers.

Flametree is a vibrant yoga centre offering a wide variety of classes to cater to a diverse range of people.

Get 10 HALF Price Beginner Classes & 2 For FREE

Our Location

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We offer a 7 day a week timetable and a teacher training programme. The style of yoga taught at Flametree is called Iyengar yoga.

The style can be practised by both men and women at any age, any body shape and any level of flexibility.

Flametree teaches yoga in a secular or non-religious manner.

Teachers that ensure you get the best yoga online or in-studio

All the teachers are passionately committed to delivering you the best yoga online or in-studio. They also know how to ensure you get the power of yoga to transform whatever is important to you.

In addition, all Flametree teachers are long term practitioners, qualified through many years of specialist training.

The number in each class is limited to ensure individual needs, and social distance requirements, are met.

The studio offers a friendly learning environment where students can enter as a complete beginner. They can then progress safely through to being an experienced student with an established home practice.

We place great importance in teaching students how to adapt their yoga practice to the changing seasons. This is helpful, no matter where you are located. The result is that students nourish and energise their bodies, quieten and soothe their minds, and restore balance.

Get 10 HALF Price Beginner Classes & 2 For FREE

Chris Lalor, Flametree Yoga Senior Teacher

Flametree teaches yoga in do-able stages, so it can be done by all ages, sizes, & genders. Try it.

Paying direct to Flametree bank account

Apart from our online ecommerce, class payments can be made to the Flametree bank account.

If this is done, please also let us know. Details for payments are below.

  • Flametree Yoga Studio at 19B Bishop St., Woolner NT, 0820
  • ABN: 188 011 899 67, BSB 065-901,  Account No. 10464634, Account: Flametree Yoga Studio

Teaching & policies to help ensure the best yoga online & in-studio

Flametree uses modern training methods. They’re based on the best evidence of what works well to help students learn.

Our approach includes providing a supportive environment, as well as using constructive encouragement in class, and in other communications with students.

Among other things, students are encouraged to raise any issues with teachers or contact the Senior Teacher, Chris Lalor.

More about how to choose the studio for best yoga online or in-studio

Go to this link for what to look for when choosing a studio, and how Flametree measures up.  You’ll see more about why Flametree is a top Darwin yoga space.

Alternatively, see student reviews at the bottom of this page, or even more student testimonials at Flametree Reviews.

Codes of conduct at the Flametree yoga space

The bullying and sexual harassment policy that Flametree follows can be found here:


We acknowledge the First Australian Traditional Owners of this land

“Flametree Yoga Studio operates on Larrakia country.

We acknowledge the Larrakia people as the Traditional Owners of this country on which we practice.

We pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.”

Passes & Deals for Flametree Yoga classes online, & in Darwin, Australia

All passes are under the “Passes” tab on this site. Here are some of the most popular package deals.

All classes and packages are both online and in-studio, or both, including private classes.

Get 10 HALF Price Beginner Classes & 2 For FREE

Yoga videos at all levels

Personal yoga trainer for one, several, or a group

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Images, sketches, and text are copyright

All original images, sketches, & text on this site is copyright to Flametree Yoga Studio. You may use such, providing it is acknowledged with a link to the relevant page of our site. Other use is not permitted.

As yoga businesses will be aware, breaching copyright is also contrary to the honesty principle of the yoga yamas.

Teachers, Testimonials, & Questions


New to yoga or super experienced, we know you will have questions.

Meet our Teachers

Find out more about our experienced teachers

Student Reviews Below.

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How yoga taught me patience

I had always been the type of person going from one activity to the next. I thought that a good run, or game of sport meant that I had worked out. And really, what did it matter if I couldn’t touch my toes? Or, even after trying to stretch, my hamstrings were still really tight? But seriously, no matter how damn hard I tried I couldn’t bend forward without feeling my concrete hamstrings and that was that.

Starting Iyengar at Flametree

My Friend Gary came out from Sth Korea to work in Darwin January‐ June 2017.