Restorative Yoga Classes Online, In-Studio, & On-Demand.

Restorative yoga classes online, or in-studio, is a series of simple postures using props (like bolsters, yoga blocks, chairs, blankets, and even an eye pillow). The poses are easy, but still give you many benefits. Try restorative yoga classes training online or in-studio, including restorative chair yoga. Non-beginners get top deals like 30 days for $15, or beginner get 2 weeks free.

It does not matter how far you can or can’t go in terms of being flexible, or how weak or unused your muscles may be.

If you are the sort of person who knows you should do more exercise, but don’t know where to get started, then a beginner restorative class is a good option.

On the other hand, if you know or suspect that you are more stressed than you would like, and you already have done some yoga, then regular restorative classes will work well for you.

Aim to do at least a weekly restorative class, even while doing various other types of yoga during the week.

As well as the deals at the buttons below, there are also LIVE stream beginner online courses, including restorative yoga.

If you wish, also check out Flametree’s private classes, using restorative yoga.

If you’ve already done at least 6 weeks of beginner yoga, you can also try ten free classes of breath meditation practices.

For a restorative yoga course, do either or both of the restorative yoga classes a week, with the deals below.

See the beginner deal, with Restorative yoga:

See the non-beginner and lapsed student deal, for non-beginner Restorative Yoga:

Improves sleep, energy, productivity, calmness & more

Just get on your yoga mat and follow the instructions and demonstrations of the Flametree yoga instructors. Then anyone can get into the poses, and get a lot of benefits from them.

Even better, you can do restorative yoga even when you are feeling exhausted. For example, exhaustion from hot weather, or tired from running around being busy during the day.

Restorative yoga is one of the best ways to systematically relax, as well as improve your yoga via flexibility, and more.

It’s a type of slow flow yoga, but much more effective. It will bring you into the present moment. It the process is reduces concern about the past or future. Among other things, it is an excellent opportunity for deep rest, and much more.

As you steadily work your way through a series of restorative poses, you’ll slowly gather more energy, and you’ll feel yourself calming down.

Don’t want to commit to a weekly pass?

If you are unsure that a weekly pass will work for you, then why not try a ten class pass or a single casual class? This pass allow you to attend 10 classes at a time that suits you. Concession prices are also available.

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Restorative yoga works because it targets glands and other features of your anatomy so as to create de-stressing.

One of the most immediate benefits of calming down is that you will sleep better that very night. In turn, that means the next day you’ll feel refreshed and productive.

A clear mind will give you the resolve and focus to get on with the many things you probably have on your list. You’ll also be much nicer to people around you, and consume less weight gaining food and drink.

At Flametree yoga, restorative yoga can be done at either beginner or non-beginner level, online or in-studio.

Research on exercise

What ever you may have heard, yoga is excellent exercise. Restorative yoga is exercise, but with some additional benefits we discuss further below.

The esteemed Mayo Clinic, in the USA, says that research shows these reasons to exercise.

  1. Exercise controls weight
  2. It combats health conditions and diseases
  3. Exercise improves mood
  4. Plus it boosts energy
  5. Exercise promotes better sleep
  6. It puts the spark back into your sex life
  7. Exercise can be fun … and social!
restorative yoga with head rested

Here’s how to do a restorative yoga forward bend.

Although restorative yoga may look like a passive practice, it is working in key ways via your mental and physical body.

Why get started now?

If the above reasons to exercise are not sufficient, it’s worth think about whether there are other particular pains that you want to solve.

Alternatively, how badly it will continue to cost you if they don’t make a change fast.

private yoga instructor

Relaxing pose used in Restorative Yoga to extend the chest. In Sanskrit, it’s called supta badda konasana. It is another of the many restorative chair yoga that are part of Flametree’s restorative yoga classes. Among other things notice the yoga block under each knee. It’s typical of the use of props in restorative practice. 

For example, blood pressure is a common issue that many want to address. Another is low back, or lower back pain. In addition, immune system issues are also common.  In daily life, there are plenty of other examples.

Why restorative yoga?

The key advantage of yoga is that it helps both or your nervous systems. The first nervous system revs you up. Most exercise does this, including yoga.

Your second nervous system is your parasympathetic nervous system. It triggers a relaxation response that calms and de-stresses you. This is the major advantage of yoga. Many other types of exercise do this very little.

In particular, restorative yoga poses generate deep relaxation which are positive for your heart rate. In addition, you will find that it leads to a deep breathing that also calms you.

So restorative yoga is especially good at working on both of your nervous systems. It is the best style of yoga for this.

Flametree timetable Palmerston

Kim demonstrates easy restorative yoga, using a bolster. Many forward bends are done like this. Many also sit on folded blankets. This allows poses to be held longer, thereby giving you more benefits. Obviously, it’s also another example of restorative chair yoga. Try online restorative yoga training, or in-studi0.

Depending on your fitness levels, you can do as little or as much as suits you. Among other things, the long holds in restorative yoga practice are a key reason that it works so well. Maybe best of all, you can be in a comfortable position, but also let yoga generate whatever benefits you’re after.

Why use Flametree for restorative yoga

Flametree Yoga uses the Iyengar style of yoga. This type of yoga invented restorative yoga as it is now known.

In particular, this yoga style uses the props that are central to restorative yoga. In turn, the props are what allows it to work so well

childs pose

Child’s pose, with head on a block, is another example of restorative postures. This pose would like be a part of any restorative yoga session. 

Every yoga teacher as Flametree Yoga Studio has spent longer periods of time learning and doing restorative yoga than other yoga styles. Such restorative yoga goes much further than just hatha yoga, or vinyasa yoga, or yin yoga practice. So Flametree teachers can use it effectively for your benefit.

With good quality restorative yoga at Flametree, you also won’t need yoga nidra. Just use one of Flametree’s generous payment plans to work with a restorative yoga instructor.

Restorative yoga class times for non-beginners

For Non-Beginners, there is a Restorative class on a Friday at 5.30pm.

There’s more below about the beginner restorative yoga below, or here.

In the pictures, we demonstrate some restorative poses with some of the many props at the Flametree Studio.

Restorative yoga can also be done very effectively from home. Many household items can be used as yoga props.

At the end of a series of restorative poses, you feel calmer, rejuvenated and relaxed.

Restorative yoga also steadily builds your ability to do all types of yoga poses, as they still build flexibility and strength.

Restorative poses are also regularly used in many of the sequences designed to help with particular issues, including anxiety, depression, relationships, backs, menstrual pain, menopause, and more.

If you wish, at beginner level, you could also start with the Restorative Yoga For Heart Health class, and then steadily try out other classes.

Alternatively, see Flametree post on fascia, for h0w restorative yoga helps your connective tissue.

Summary of restorative yoga online & in-studio options

Flametree’s Beginner and Non-Beginner starter deals include restorative yoga classes, online, in-studio, or on-demand.

Online restorative yoga training can be done very effectively from your home. But we do recommend that you consider what yoga props you can assemble from home, or elsewhere.

If you wish, there are also instructional videos with unlimited access plans. They also include restorative chair yoga options.

Flametree has the best range of options to facilitate your personal practice, including your home practice, or restorative course.

The Restorative Yoga Beginner and Non-Beginner class is at 4pm on Saturdays. (Please check our timetable for seasonal times). Go to the beginner deal button below. It also includes our beginner timetable.

In Flametree’s non-beginner and lapsed student deal, there’s also two non-beginner Restorative Yoga classes each week. Go to the button below. It also includes our non-beginner timetable.

For more on restorative yoga online training, as well as in-studio, search on the Flametree Facebook Page , or join our Facebook group.