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For Darwin Gifts To Delight, Try Our Yoga Darwin Gift Cards. Best Gift Shop Darwin.

QUICK option. Click & buy one of the gift cards below. 

Let the lucky person getting your gift choose the yoga deal or class that suits them. So, try top Darwin gift vouchers via Flametree Yoga Darwin gift cards. Check out the best gift vouchers Darwin has. For Darwin gifts, they’re also the easiest gift shop Darwin has.

These gift cards are quick and easy to send, and delightful to get.

Send these Darwin gift cards with a personalised message, emailed at a date you choose.

Just click on any one of the Darwin gift vouchers shown, and quickly fill in the details, including your message.

Alternatively, pay with cash or EFTPOS at Flametree’s Woolner NT studio, and pick up a printed gift card or voucher for the amount you’re giving.

You’re choosing the best gift vouchers Darwin has. People will love your choice of these easy Darwin gifts.

If you wish, from the list above, check out Flametree’s other Gift Cards with different gift amounts. 

The person receiving your gift to will get an email, with easy instructions on how to use whatever yoga gift vouchers you choose. Essentially, they simply go to our list of yoga packages and choose whichever yoga class or pass suits them. Your gift voucher is credited towards the yoga pass they choose.

Retreats, video courses, training, private classes, online or studio yoga

Your money, via the gift voucher, will be there for the receiver of the gift to pay for all or part of the gift. Enjoy the best gift shop Darwin has.

For example, your gift vouchers can range from part or all of a Bali Retreat, to yoga teacher training, yoga video courses, or online or in-studio yoga packages, or private yoga classes, or whatever.

With any of the generous yoga package deals Flametree has, the person getting the gift gets the full value of the deal.

For instance, you could give a HALF price beginner newcomer 10 pack, with 2 FREE classes. It’s full, normal value is $121, but the deal only costs you $49.50.

With that particular beginner deal, the person receiving your gift gets any mix of 12 beginner yoga classes, online or in-studio. You can see the class options on our Beginner Yoga timetable (including Gentle Yoga, Yoga For Backs, and more).

You can indicate the package you were thinking that your friend or loved one may like, but they can choose whatever suits them best, used whenever they like.

Or, maybe tell your partner or friend what you’d like them to give you!

As you can see from the gift cards displayed, they can be for set amounts like $50 or $100, or variable amounts from $22 upwards. (If you buy the variable gift card, you choose the amount via the dropdown menu on the card).

See more details below, or just go ahead and buy the gift card you want. If you have questions, contact us, or use the CHAT button on this page.

For Darwin gifts, these Darwin gift cards are the easiest gift shop Darwin has.

So, to get on with it, just choose Gift Cards displayed on this page.

pilates classes darwin

Choose a gift card. Fill out the personal message, the email of the person who gets the gift, and when you want them to receive it. Then, buy the gift card just like in any other online shopping cart process.

Gift cards are used for any package of classes the new student chooses

Above, we’ve already outlined essentially all you need to know about buying and using gift vouchers. However, if you need it, there is more detail below.

The person receiving the gift card can be a new yoga student who is a newcomer to Flametree, or someone already doing yoga at Flametree.

The lucky person getting your gift can also be a beginner or non-beginner. At the list of classes and packages, they just choose what suits them best.

There are lots of low cost package deals, especially for newcomers to Flametree. So both you, and the person getting the gift, will be getting great value for money.

These Darwin gift cards can also use it for Flametree Yoga periodic retreats or workshops. The April 2024 Bali Retreat is just one example.

All Flametree classes, retreats, and workshops are both online or in-studio. (For retreats that go to a particular place at a particular time, the student obviously has to get to wherever the retreat is located.)

These Darwin gift vouchers are a credit against a future purchase, whenever the new student chooses to make the purchase.

In other words, these Darwin gift cards are setup as a monetary value to be used for any package of classes that the person receiving the gift chooses.

Gift vouchers work in a similar way to a discount code. When they checkout, the receiver of the gift just puts the gift code in a box. Then they get a credit for that amount towards whatever they’re buying.

Use the gift cards on this page as a pre-paid, multi-purpose gift voucher

So, the Darwin Gift Cards displayed allow you to buy and send a prepaid, multi-purpose gift card.

The lucky owner of any of these Darwin Gift Vouchers can:

  • Use it to pay for orders by entering a code directly at checkout from Flametree’s online store.
  • Choose a particular pass from the list, and, at checkout, credit your gift towards the purchase price.
  • Add the gift card to any existing Flametree yoga class account they have.
Darwin gift vouchers

Flametree teaches all levels of yoga. So the lucky person getting a gift voucher given to them, just selects the Flametree Yoga package of yoga classes, and the level of classes, that suits them. In this picture, Senior Teacher Chris Lalor demonstrates a very simple beginner yoga pose.

The voucher amount is stored in the student’s account at Flametree

If you are an existing Flametree student, and you get a gift, you can credit the amount of the gift towards whatever Flametree yoga package you want, now or later.

By the way, with the many levels of yoga available at Flametree, almost anyone can do yoga, and get more fitness, plus a huge range of other yoga benefits.

If you, or the receiver of the gift has any questions, our Custom Service Team will sort it quickly.

Summary: Darwin gift vouchers are sent by email, on a date your choose, with your message

To summarise the key benefits of these unique Darwin gifts, you can:

  • Choose a delivery date for your Darwin gift cards to be emailed to the receiver of the gift
  • Send a personal message to the lucky person getting any of the Darwin gift vouchers
  • Add multiple gift recipients
  • Choose a gift card to suit any occasion, like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, workplace rewards, and more.

So, all you need to do is specify an amount for the Gift Card. The amount you choose may or may not be guided by the price of any particular package of classes at Flametree.

After that, you leave it to the lucky gift recipient to choose exactly what Flametree package best suits them.

Flametree classes run all year, so students can start as soon as they like. See class schedules via links at the TIMETABLE tab on the Flametree site.

So, go ahead now and choose a Gift Card from those displayed, or read more on these options below.

To get on with it, just choose one of the Darwin Gift Vouchers at the display.

Darwin gift vouchers from $22 upwards

By way of recap, you just choose the Gift Card at the amount you want to give, within the range on our gift card with variable amounts.

Or choose one of the gift cards for a pre-set value, like a $20 gift card, or a $50 gift card, or a $100 gift card.

But, ideally, choose a gift voucher value that is close to the value of a particular package of classes that you think would be suitable for the person receiving the gift.

Or, just let them credit your gift towards whatever amount they want to spend.

In other words, you can just leave them to sort out the details, and get what they want. They will easily work out how to spend your gift!

These Darwin Gift Cards, include one where you can choose from several different amounts, in the range from $22 upwards.

See the gift card options via the links above, or via the dropdown menu at the “Add To Cart” function (on the card for variable amounts).

Some popular Flametree Darwin gifts for yoga

If you wish, as a guide for you, here are some typical yoga class packages at Flametree. Use these as a guide to the amount of your Darwin gift package.

Please notice that there are also online & in-studio options, as indicated, as well as for total newcomers to Flametree, or existing students.

Introductory deals for Beginners who are new to Flametree (or lapsed 6 months)

Deals for Non-beginners new to Flametree (or lapsed 6 months)

Deals for beginners (who are not newcomers to Flametree)

Packages for existing Flametree Non-Beginners

Private classes, teacher training weekend, or retreats

Video courses

If you wish, you can write in your email message the name of the package that you have in mind for them. But you don’t have to even bother to do that.

Instead, for instance, you can just say that its entirely up to them to pick what they want. The above passes are just examples. They, or you, can be guided further by the full list of yoga packages. 

To get on with it, just choose a Darwin Gift Card displayed on this page.

Darwin gifts

Around a third of Flametree’s classes are men. So a yoga gift voucher is also a good gift for men. So, for Darwin gifts, these are the best gift vouchers Darwin has. For you it’s also the easiest gift shop Darwin has.

Perfect Darwin gifts for yoga lovers

The best gifts of yoga allow your loved ones to start yoga, or do more of it.

That’s why these Darwin gift cards are the best gift vouchers Darwin has

So in this holiday season, or whenever, your yogi friend will love one of these Darwin gifts.

Flametree is an excellent place for quality yoga. It also has 3 yoga studios in Darwin (at Woolner, Casuarina, and Palmerston), plus online classes. There’s also many special focus classes such as Gentle Yoga, Yoga For Backs, and de-stressing Restorative Yoga.

Helping a family member, or a best friend, build a yoga practice is one of the best ways to contribute to their lives.

The option of actually learning or improving yoga poses is a great way to give for any other special occasions too.


Chris Lalor Senior Teacher at Flametree Yoga Casuarina

Yoga class gift vouchers give the gift of yoga for fitness, calmness, happiness, and much much more.

Yoga class gift vouchers for anyone

You can already see why these are the best gift vouchers Darwin has, with a big value price range, and exclusive offers of yoga class passes.

Flametree’s many yoga student reviews give it an excellent user rating. At the reviews, you’ll see the very positive and detailed user feedbacks we have. Students have all had excellent and similar experiences. They all find Flametree the perfect place for yoga.

Flametree’s gift vouchers make it the easiest gift shop Darwin has, for anywhere in the Northern Territory, or beyond.

You and the person getting the gift will also love the great service at Flametree.

Give a gift card by itself, or put one or more in gift boxes, gift baskets or even Christmas hampers. It is the easiest of gift ideas, and you’ll be supporting one of Darwin’s local businesses.

Buy a gift card from your desk, mobile device, or armchair. There’s no need to worry about whether you get free shipping, or whatever.

For the perfect gift, at a very reasonable price, there is no need to trek to Casuarina Square or Darwin Mall.

Flametree options give you the best gift shops from your home or work.

The easy alternative to any gift shop Darwin, or elsewhere

Just select a gift card, insert the email address of the person getting the gift, and you’ve bought from the best shop for yoga in Darwin.

That’s why our gift cards are a great alternative to other popular gift shops.

Use yoga class gifts for any special gift you need, including for occasions after New Years. Yoga class gift give you a great place to meet any occasion, instead of chasing around your favourite gift shops.

Your credit card details are fully secure, and Flametree does not hold any any such information after the transaction.

If you have questions, our gift shop details are at the bottom of this page, or you’ll see them as you complete the transaction.

However, in case you miss it, here the Flametree gift shops contact details, including mobile number, full address, and more.

Get a gift voucher, choose from among our great gifts of yoga, and save a lot of time!

Flametree Yoga online

For yoga gifts online, or in Darwin, use Darwin gift vouchers for yoga. Try the easiest gift shop Darwin has. For our online yoga, people just need a phone, PC, or tablet. It’s done via Zoom.

A digital gift card for any special occasion

The date of issue, or the date the person gets the email with your gift, can be weeks or months after the date of purchase of the gift card.

There is no expiry date, pin number, or proof of purchase needed.

There are also no administration fees, difficult terms of use, or other tricky gift voucher terms or administration fee.

After the gift recipient has initially bought a yoga pass, they can also put any unused balance towards their next yoga pass.

So, Flametree Yoga gift cards are the perfect way to give a loved one a one-way ticket to health and fitness.

Just fill out the very basic personal information needed to send the card, fill out the payment method, and you’re done.

A gift card for online yoga is also perfect for interstate relatives, especially if they live in remote places. Give them the option to try out one of the top local brand names.

Everyday, people join Flametree online yoga classes from all over the world.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly team.

Choose any voucher value, or choose based on the price of a package

At the class package links above, you can see more about particular class packages. This may help choose value of the gift voucher that you select.

At this link, you can also see the most popular Flametree yoga packages.

If you have been given a yoga gift voucher, or when others have, it’s possible to check the gift card balance, at any time, on a student’s account page.

Obviously, the person getting the voucher, can also do this, once they have a Flametree yoga account.

In conclusion, try out these retreat vouchers, or yoga class gift vouchers now.

To get on with it, just choose from among the best gift vouchers Darwin has.

When you’re done, check out the many interesting and useful posts on Flametree’s Facebook Page.