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To help you check out Flametree Yoga’s online or in-studio classes, here are yoga classes testimonials & yoga teacher testimonials by Flametree students. There are yoga reviews, yoga testimonials & yoga studio reviews from a wide range of students.

The reviews come from Flametree’s Google and Facebook pages, as well as emails sent directly to Flametree.

For the first of Flametree’s yoga testimonials, here what a Flametree student got from her online yoga classes Alice Springs.

“Hi Chris,

Just wanted to thank you you all for the fantastic yoga classes this year. I am so in love with yoga and look forward to each class immensely.

And I am completely intrigued by the way it works. I love all the subtleties and details that make a difference.

For example, you can start class not feeling that great, and come out the other end of class, feeling amazing.

Your online classes are just so good and consistent.

Plus, having the library of past yoga video classes has been a wonderful resource that I like using.

I never thought I would ever be doing headstands!

I find it amazing that I have learnt so much… being hundreds of kilometres away.

I hope you keep up the blogs as I love reading how yoga works. I also like hearing about the benefits of yoga, and looking at the picturesque poses in all those fab locations.

Your classes have made a big positive difference to me through your patient, humorous and concise teaching.

Hoping you all have a good Christmas break.  Thanks and see you next year.”

[quoted with permission of this online Alice Springs yoga Flametree student].

alice springs yoga

Read on to see the many surprising things that yoga can impact in a hugely positive way for you.

New NON-beginners & lapsed: 30 days unlimited for $79.

HALF price beginner yoga 10 class pack, with 2 FREE classes too.

Non beginner deals: from 30 days for $14.95 (AUD), for online, unlimited class. 50 cents a day!

A very recent review

On the public Google profile page for Flametree, among its yoga studio reviews, see this recent review from a current Flametree student.

She says:

“I’ve been attending regular classes at Flametree for 12 months and they’ve had such a positive and transformative impact on my health and wellbeing. 

I’ve struggled with chronic back pain for a few years, which has contributed to substantial weight gain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. 

Starting with the beginner program I’ve slowly regained strength and mobility, as well as a sense of control over some of the spiraling effects these conditions have had. 

Through regular practice, attending various workshops, and focus classes, I’ve learned to adopt a more mindful approach to movement and food choices, and have lost 30 kgs in the process. 

A year ago I could not foresee this as being remotely possible. 

The instructors at Flametree are amazing – really knowledgeable and welcoming, and the classes cater to all ages and levels of experience.”

Below, see more of Flametree’s students giving yoga teacher testimonials.

Yoga Reviews from Google

Google reviews that can be seen right now on Google from students. They are real yoga teacher testimonials by Flametree students, with nothing changed or added.

“A great space to learn yoga. Teachers are excellent at accommodating for each individual, very inclusive. Chris is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, was fantastic throughout my whole pregnancy. Flexibility with in person and online classes at an affordable price! What more could you want!” (Mel).

“I can’t imagine life without Flametree Yoga Studio – Head Teacher Chris and her team are incredible. Classes often have a theme and always have a logic that takes us from active to wind down – always with a fantastic blend of challenge, stretches and breathing exercises – along with really helpful Iyengar philosophy. I owe a great deal to Flametree – fitness, optimism, can-do attitude are all benefits that I have experienced – and courage!” (Karen).

“After 3 months of regularly attending beginner classes at Flametree my back pain disappeared. Even one yoga session gives me more relief than a trip to the chiro or a massage. The use of props let’s everyone give all the poses a go and the teachers make everyone feel very welcome.” (Patricia).

“Flametree Yoga Studio has wonderful teachers, and I am grateful for their knowledge, sharing, and caring of everyone who attends their classes. Love Yoga at Flametree.” (Kerry).

Great teachers Iyengar style and good for all bodies no matter how stiff.” (Jill).

“Very happy with the positive results I can see in my body!” (Evelyn)

Loving beginner’s yoga at Flametree.'” (Kaylene).

“Amazing beginners class, can’t wait to come back.” (Tako).

studio reviews

Flametree offers classes for all ages, genders, and levels. Use our great deals to learn basic yoga, and then steadily progress as far as you wish. You’ll get expert yoga tuition at every level. Get started now.

Pranayama breath meditation & breathwork reviews

“I loved attending the pranayama breath meditation… It was great to come back each day and feel the level of calm intensify. The videos you provided of the weekend have been great to use while I’ve been travelling too. I have a more rested sleep after doing pranayama. Thank you Chris for your expert instruction.” (Jo).

“I got a new and vastly improved range of meditation benefits. For instance, there was a large and sustained increase in energy and clarity. After a pranayama session in the morning, these powerful effects lasted through the day, and even over several days. I was also calmer, and less grumpy. As a result, my partner also found me easier to live with! I also found that pranayama quietens the mind, and mind chatter, to an even greater extent than anything else I had tried.” (Stuart)

“Simply the very best way to start the day! As a lapsed Pranayama student it feels like coming home!” Lynden (with 5 stars on Google Flametree Reviews).

“I am so grateful for this wonderful Pranayama class [which included Bhramari breathing & Ujjayi]. It’s given me relief from stiffness & aches…. Today’s session … was ideal, aligning my movement with breath. It’s extraordinary how effective & enormously helpful quiet measured breathing can be.” (from Lynden by email).

“Bhramari pranayama … It is a wonderful way to start (or finish) your day. You will feel more grounded, focussed & energised doing this practice. Thanks.” (Nico)

Flametree Bhramari pranayama

Chris Lalor demonstrating a hand mudra for even more powerful Bumble Bee Breathing (Bhramari). See more yoga studio reviews below.

John and even more yoga classes testimonials

Here are even more yoga teacher testimonials, or yoga studio testimonials, or both.

“I have always found Chris and her team of instructors very helpful and informative. When COVID arrived early 2020 in Darwin, which made going to classes difficult, Chris was quick to provide classes online which made it possible to continue yoga classes from home, and in addition access classes from a library whenever it was convenient to the student. I cannot recommend The Flame Tree Yoga School too highly!” (John).

I love Flametree Yoga! Whenever I am in Darwin I make sure I book into classes because they are:

    1. fun
    2. fantastic for technique. I take away what I learn in “my muscle memory”, and apply it to my practice when I am out of town. If you are new to Iyengar yoga, don’t be put off by the chairs, blocks and belts. When used properly they can teach you a lot!
    3. the classes aren’t rushed, so you leave feeling you’ve had an uplifting experience. Go try! (Colin).

“2 weeks of holidays in Darwin amounted to almost 2 weeks of excellent Yoga under Chris’s instruction. A very well-equipped studio, with lessons that flowed. Thank you for this experience Chris.” (Elizabeth).

“Love Flametree yoga The teachers take time with you and make sure you do poses correctly so as not to injure the body Wished I’d started a lot earlier.”(Fiona).

Friendly yoga at my pace with layers of depth and health benefits.” (Jo).

“Great yoga studio, knowledgeable and kind teachers, nice and organised space. Highly recommended.” (Francesco).

Great teachers Iyengar style and good for all bodies no matter how stiff.” (Jill).

Even more about Flametree’s ONLINE yoga classes

Flametree’s online yoga classes also get excellent yoga reviews, like the yoga testimonials below.

“Initially, I attended at the studio, and then when I moved, I went online. Flametree changed my life. It’s all about the quality of instruction from the teachers, their training and understanding, and how they pass that on. It has helped me to practise yoga and gain a better understanding of my body, how it moves, and how I can improve it. As well as a quieter mind to help me deal with life in general. Thanks 🙏🏻to all the teachers and students at Flametree.” (Gillian).

“Flametree Yoga’s range of online yoga classes is exceptional and they are conducted so well that you feel like you are in the studio with the teacher. I’ve enjoyed participating in online classes at home or whilst travelling. Improvising props is an added bonus of exploring the poses.” (Dee).

“I have been enjoying Yoga at Flametree for some years, both online and in the studio, with significant health benefits, both physical and mental. I have participated in the classes of four teachers. All are excellent, friendly, and make the yoga journey both comprehendible and fun!!!!”. (David)

“For me, Yoga [online] classes at Flametree have been a lifeline through Covid, and continue to engage, motivate, and to strengthen my practice. Thank you!” (Jan).

teacher testimonials

Flametree’s flow yoga options, plus other classes, will build fitness, strength, and flexibility. Plus, you’ll get a wide range of mental health benefits, like calmness, de-stressing, and even more mindful eating.

Short visits work too, says one of the yoga studio reviews

This visitor learned a lot if just a short visit to Darwin.

Amazing yoga! The studio is so well set up. Plus, teachers are genuinely dedicated, very knowledgeable, and keen to help each and every one of us in class! Their comprehensive explanations to poses and benefits is of top class! I learned at Flametree in 4 or 5 sessions what I have not learned in years of doing other classes over the years.

I am so grateful to Chris for facilitating my short visit to her studio in Darwin. Their attention to detail made me consider taking their online classes. It’s the latest way of doing yoga. Until I met Chris and Kim I was quite skeptical about it… but now I can’t wait! (R)

Flametree Yoga retreats

Gillian spontaneously provided the Facebook comment below. Gillian is a long-term Flametree Yoga student who’s been on several of our Bali yoga retreats. She said:

“Flametree Bali Yoga retreat is the highlight of my year.

The yoga, location, accommodation, company, & food are amazing…. I highly recommend this Flametree Yoga retreat package.”

Below, is a tiny video of the retreat resort, where Flametree’s runs its Bali retreats, that Gillian is talking about.


Holistic yoga, both emotional & physical

In addition, the essence of the Flametree Yoga style of Iyengar yoga teaching, at retreats and everywhere else, is summed up in this review.

“I like Flametree because it’s an inclusive yoga school. It caters for all kinds of bodies. Chris, [the Senior Teacher], understands the body in a holistic way, as both emotional & physical.

So, I think this is what makes the Flametree teaching so special. Yoga is supposed to do this, but I feel that at Flametree it is really lived.

All the teachers have been trained by Chris, & I think this deep understanding pervades the teaching throughout the school.”

(Salome is now a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher at Flametree Yoga, but provided this review prior to that time).

Check out if these yoga studio reviews are true

On top of making you feel better and happier, yoga heads off health costs that often crop up when we least expect them.

Again, there are free trials and easy packages to start or re-start yoga at Flametree.

So, get started now. Don’t leave it until you have an emergency health situation on your hands. And don’t even put up with any more pain or discomfort than you have to.

Flametree has health and exercise solutions that you may not have been aware of. But they work. As you can see above, many others have already found those solutions too.

If you only want one beginner class a week, then the HALF price 10 pack, at the orange link below, is a good option.

Plus, after that, you can still get very low cost yoga. In this regard, the pay by the week online option is cheapest.  It also starts with the two week FREE trial.

Alternatively, learn more about the beginner course deals and beginner timetable.

New NON-beginners & lapsed: 30 days unlimited for $79.

HALF price beginner yoga 10 class pack, with 2 FREE classes too.

Non beginner deals: from 30 days for $14.95 (AUD), for online, unlimited class. 50 cents a day!

yoga studio reviews

Easy poses that all can do, including options like Gentle Yoga. Try it and see if our yoga teacher testimonials hold true for you.

Longer stories as yoga teacher testimonials

The proof of the pudding is what the customers say about the benefits and experiences they get from yoga, including their yoga teacher testimonials.

On the Flametree Facebook Page, and it’s Google page, you’ll find detailed posts from many students about the very wide range of benefits they received.

On Flametree’s Facebook Page, or blog, or both, there are also many extensive stories by Flametree teachers and students, of the many benefit they have received from yoga.

For instance, here’s what have proven to be a popular testimonial stories by Belinda, by Stuart, by Gary, and by Miriam.

Flametree Yoga online class times

Class times for beginners and non-beginners.

The classes are all standard, introductory hatha yoga poses.

There’s also options, including Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Back (& Neck & Shoulders), and Easy Restorative Yoga.

At the non-beginner level, there’s extra options like Yoga For Immune System, Fifty Plus Yoga, and more advanced levels.

If you’ve already done some yoga, you can also get ten FREE breath meditation (pranayama) classes.

Yoga in-studio on online options

A Flame Tree Yoga Studio Darwin Beginner level yoga class can be started at any time.

There’s also a two week free trial. You need a credit or debit card, but unless you continue after the trial, you pay zero.

Follow the relevant links to learn more about the most popular of Flametree’s beginner yoga deals.

Beginners can just pay week to week, or there is also a beginner course, in-studio or online.

Some students also start with a private class or two, and then move onto regular online or in-studio classes.

One of your yoga studio reviews please?

Have you found these yoga classes testimonials & yoga teacher testimonials helpful? Flametree greatly appreciates yoga reviews, yoga testimonials & yoga studio reviews its students.

If you’re doing yoga at Flametree, please help via a tiny Google review.

These yoga studio reviews help reach others, so they also may get all the numerous benefits of yoga, including those mentioned above. 

New NON-beginners & lapsed: 30 days unlimited for $79.

HALF price beginner yoga 10 class pack, with 2 FREE classes too.

Non beginner deals: from 30 days for $14.95 (AUD), for online, unlimited class. 50 cents a day!

Flame Tree Yoga Studio private classes, online or in-studio

Facebook Page for Flametree

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