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Half Off At Yoga Darwin NT, Or Online

Yoga Darwin City, regions, & ONLINE: half price 10 class pack, & 2 FREE. Use at 3 Darwin NT yoga studios, for Darwin yoga classes, or online. Try this newcomer & lapsed deal for the best yoga in Darwin, & for online classes.

DOUBLE Deal Too:

  • Get TWO half off 10 packs (beginner or non-beginner).
  • When beginners buy 2 ten packs, you get 4 FREE classes.
  • But, 2 pack deal only available at the time you 1st buy.
  • Non-beginners can use it for meditation classes too.
  • 2 FREE class bonus only if you buy via e-commerce.

However, anyone can buy 10 HALF price classes at class, with cash (or EFTPOS at Woolner).

FREE Trial Class Too: As well, everyone still gets a FREE trial class, before or after you’ve bought.

GUARANTEE. Plus, get your money back for 48 hours after you’ve bought, even if you did FREE trial class. So, no risk.

Beginners: get a discount code below, learn more, or scroll down to buy now (with or without any discount code).

NON-Beginners: see  HALF off 10 packs, & concession, & online options (& 2 FREE classes). Or, learn more below.

Or, see yoga VIDEO deals, including HALF price packages.

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Beginners | Best yoga in Darwin region deal:

  1. Any mix of up to 7 yoga for beginner classes a week.
  2. Ten one hour classes at $4.95 each.
  3. Plus, immediate start at Darwin yoga classes, & beyond.
  4. Total flexibility about when you attend.
  5. Electives: Gentle Yoga, Yoga For Backs, & Restorative Yoga.
  6. Improvements in fitness, performance, & flexibility.
  7. Plus, helps anxiety, stress, & more. (See diagram below).
  8. Addresses at least 117 conditions yoga is proven to help.
  9. Guidance on doing yoga poses safely, without injury.
  10. Advice on specific conditions, and / or pain relief.
  11. Helps with weight (if that’s important for you).
  12. And, meet new friends, & a new network.

* Newcomers, or lapsed 3 months. The discount must be used in a month of getting it. But then, you have 3 months to use them.


New NON-Beginner, Or Lapsed 3 Months? 

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Get NON-Beginner HALF Off 10 Packs, & Concession & Online Only Rates, & 2 FREE classes too.

Half Price 10 Class Yoga Packs.

Beginner or NON-Beginner Options.

BEGINNERS: New or lapsed 6 months

Get 10 HALF price beginner classes at our 3 Darwin locations, or online.

Classes are at Woolner, Palmerston, & Casuarina (Lyons).

This 10 pack is usually $99 ($9.90 each). Instead, you get 10 in-studio or online classes, for just $4.95 each ($49.50 in total).

Plus, you get a BONUS of 2 FREE classes if you buy in 7 days of getting the code. Then, you’ve 3 months to use them.

Plus, if beginners buy the DOUBLE deal offer, you get 4 FREE classes.

Just enter your email, & you’ll get a discount code worth $49.50, within a minute or less. (If you don’t, check your spam mail file or contact us).

Then, use the half price code to get your 10 pack, and 2 FREE classes. If you need it, here’s the class timetable, or see it in the reservations app.


NON-BEGINNERS: New or lapsed 3 months

A non-beginner 10 pack is normally $195, or less for Concessions, or online only.

Instead, for new and lapsed 6 months, you get 10 at $9.75 each (or $97.50).

Plus, concessions get 10 at just $7.75 each ($77.50).

Online only, and online concessions, are even cheaper.

For more, & the discount code, go to the red links above.

Plus, FREE trial class, & GUARANTEE

Plus, everyone still get a FREE trial class, before or after buying. But, reserve it via TIMETABLE menu on our site.

Remember, the 2 FREE Beginner classes are only when you buy via e-commerce.

Plus, NO RISK, because you can get your money back for 48 hours after you’ve bought, even if you did a FREE trial class.

So, get the discount code for this special HALF price offer.

seniors gym in darwin nt

Beginners & Non-Beginners can get TWO half price 10 packs.

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Ongoing, basic yoga classes with other beginners

Our ongoing beginner level classes can be joined at any time, by total newcomers.

They’re easy, beginner yoga that you can start right away, without any introduction or other background.

You’ll be with other beginners, doing just basic yoga poses.

You’re teacher will also give everyone some yoga props, so as to help you get the full benefits of the poses.

Sometimes, the teacher will give you additional variations to help with particular conditions you may have.

If you have any worry about whether you can do it, the Yoga For Backs class, and Gentle Yoga classes, are the very easiest places to start.

Or, feel free to contact us, or use the CHAT button on this page.

So, get the discount code for this special HALF price offer.

Flametree Studio easy postures

You’ll be learning easy yoga poses that are accessible to all ages, genders, and levels of fitness. Remember, with the DOUBLE deal, your discount code can be used TWICE. So, you get two HALF price passes, at beginner or non-beginner level.

Flametree Yoga Darwin NT locations

Flametree Yoga Darwin city classes are in-studio at 19 Bishop Street, Woolner, NT (see location here) or LIVE online via Zoom. It’s in a very central Darwin location, just 3 km from the CBD.

Plus, in the Palmerston NT region, our yoga classes are at Gray Hall. (See the Google map at the link).

In addition, you can go to beginners yoga classes at Flametree Yoga Casuarina NT.

And, this same 10 class pack can be used for all beginner level classes. So grab this deal at less than $5 a class!

2-Class bonus if you buy within 7 days

Buy within 7 days & get an extra code for 2 additional, FREE beginner yoga classes.

So, get this special HALF price offer and get 50% off the current price.

If you don’t have the discount code, get it via putting your email in the box above. We’ll send the discount code immediately.

Then, use the code to buy the pass at one HALF OFF.

Then, for in-studio classes, JUST GO TO our above locations 10 minutes before class.

However, if attending online, make a class reservation, & a ZOOM link will be sent.


Alternatively, get the discount code for this special HALF price offer.

(When you ask for the discount code, you’ll get the link where you can use it.)

Beginner Yoga (& NON-Beginner) 10 Packs. Plus, 50% Off For New & Lapsed.


Beginner Yoga (& NON-Beginner) 10 Packs. Plus, 50% Off For New & Lapsed.


Get 10 beginner yoga classes, in-studio or LIVE online. 

Normally AUD$99. For newcomers and lapsed 3 months, only $49.50 to get 10 one hour classes at $4.95 (Australian dollars) each.

(To see the price in other major currencies, use the buttons in the top right).

If you’re new or lapsed, at “Add To Cart” below, use the discount code HALFOFF 

Plus, if new or lapsed act within 7 days, you get 2 extra classes for FREE.

To use discount codes for various NON-beginner 10 packs, follow the links at the non-beginner 10 pack pages.

To get this BEGINNER YOGA 10 pack right now, just click “Add To Cart” at the end of this section.

Then you’ll go direct to check out to complete the transaction.

Then, as you check out, use any discount code you have (or see more below).

HALF Price Newcomer Or Lapsed Deal.

If it’s your first time visiting Flametree, you can get 50% off your very first 10 pass.

Get these half price deals via a discount code from Flametree, or via our partners.

Half price deals are for beginner newcomers, or those lapsed 6 months.

So, if you’re eligible, to get the half price beginner yoga deal, at “Add To Cart” below, use the discount code HALFOFF 

OR, just use any other Flametree partner discount code you already have.

For any of 7 beginner level weekly classes

This Beginner Pass (half price or otherwise) can be used for any mix of 7 weekly beginner classes. 

(To attend non-beginner classes, you’ll need to buy a separate NON-beginner pass).

Beginner classes are at many times across each week.

Options include standard beginner yoga, Backcare Yoga, Restorative Yoga, & Gentle Yoga.

See details studio and LIVE online classes are at the Beginner and Open Level Timetable.

Contents of the rest of this page

If you need it, further down this page, there’s more on the following topics, or you can just go direct to the relevant link.

Otherwise, you can just go ahead and buy now via the “Add To Cart” e-commerce process below.

How to use a discount coupon

If you have a discount coupon for this Ten Pass, (or the above online only ten pass), when you check out, insert the code into the discount coupon box.

At Checkout, on the left, you’ll see the box for the discount code.

Insert the code, and press “Apply Coupon”. Then the price will be cut in half.

Plus, if you’ve acted within 7 days of visiting, then 2 additional FREE classes will be added to your shopping cart.

You’ll see the two extra classes when you use the 50% discount code: HALFOFF

So, if you want flexibility and top value for a “beginners yoga course near me”, or any other beginner level class, then try 10 Pass Online & Studio.

To get this 10 PASS now, just click “Add To Cart” below.

Then you’ll go direct to check out to complete the transaction (& use any coupon code)

SKU: FT-OSCLASS7 Categories: , ,

10 beginner yoga classes, for any mix of in-studio or LIVE online

Are you searching for a beginners yoga course near me, or ongoing beginner level classes. This yoga pass gives you a flexible 10 class pass to join Flametree’s ongoing beginner level classes. You get the same learning and practise that you’ll get via Flametree’s mini Iyengar yoga beginners course, otherwise known as our Yoga Introduction. But, with this pass, you can start as soon as you like. It’s online, or in-studio in Darwin, Australia.

Plus, if you’re a newcomer to Flametree, or lapsed 3 months, then you get your first 10 pass at HALF price.

Flametree has many beginner classes each week, so this pass can be used for any mix of them, including three Beginner Level Special Focus classes. You can see this mix of classes on the Beginner Yoga Timetable. 

There is no need to do the same beginner classes each week.

yengar yoga beginners course,

Chris Lalor, a certified Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, demonstrates one of the many beginner level poses taught at Flametree. Remember, with this 10 pass, you get the same learning and practise that you’ll get via Flametree’s mini Iyengar yoga beginners course, otherwise known as our Yoga Introduction. But, with this pass, you can start as soon as you like.

Separate online only 10 class pass

Please note that Flametree has a separate pass for 10 online only classes.

If you are just coming to online classes, then that pass is at a lower cost. It’s just $79 for 10 classes, or $7.90 a class.

Plus, if you have a newcomer half price discount code, it also works for this pass. So, if you only want online classes for yoga at home, use the half price discount code to get 10 classes at just $3.95 each.

However, if you plan to come to both online and in-studio classes (in Darwin Australia), then this combined 10 Pass, for online and in-studio classes, will work best for you.

Not for non-beginner classes

The half price beginner pass cannot be used for any non-beginner classes, (excluding Open Level classes).

So, this 10 pass also can’t be used for Pranayama (Breath Meditation).

If you’re unsure, see the classes that are on the Beginner timetable.

“Refer-a-friend” half price option for others

If you and a friend each buy this beginner ten pass (even if you are an existing student), then you also each get half off your 10 pass.

If your friend is also a newcomer, or lapsed 6 months, then you can both of course just buy this pass at half price.

A newcomer is a person who have never done yoga classes, or pranayama, at Flametree yoga.

However, if you an existing Flametree student, and you’re bringing a friend, then both you and your friend can get a half price 10 class pass.

See more at our refer-a-friend page.

beginners yoga course near me

With online yoga, you always get the option of a beginners yoga course near me. Plus, with this 10 class pass, you can start learning right now.

Get a pass & reserve a class

Once you’ve bought the ten pass, reserve your class here. This link will also be on your receipt.

This pass for ten classes gives you total flexibility, at $9.90 a class. It’s a saving of $1.10 per class from the casual rate of $11 per class. It’s a very good option if you plan to come to one class a week or so.

In-studio classes are at Flametree’s three Darwin locations in Woolner, Casuarina and Palmerston.

(The Google maps at the above links shows you more details, including street addresses.)

Maybe best of all, no class is closer to you than a LIVE online class you can do in your own living room or bedroom. Many Flametree student do a mix of online and in-studio classes.

If you need it, check out the easy online set up steps.

Cheaper pay-by-the-week options

If you’re likely to come to two or more yoga classes a week, then check out the in-studio weekly pass at $15.95 a week (or $8 a class for two classes a week, or $5.2 for three classes a week).

With this pay-by-the-week pass, you can come to unlimited classes, so they can be even cheaper.

Other options include the even lower cost unlimited online pay-by-the-week pass at $9.95 a week.

Online only 10 pass creates a “beginners yoga course near me” in your bedroom

If you’re only doing online classes, and want total flexibility, then the Online Only Ten Pass is a good option. It’s $79 for ten classes ($7.90 each).

Many Beginner level classes run every week. See more about them in the videos below.

yoga course for beginners

You can also use your PC, tablet or phone to join Flametree classes.

Includes Gentle, Women’s and Backcare classes

All beginner level classes have easy poses that all can do.

There’s also options like Gentle Yoga, or Back, Neck & Shoulder Yoga.

You can use this pass with all the many weekly beginner classes shown on the Beginner Timetable, (except the Yoga Beginners Introduction).

If you want to see more about the classes, scroll down to some of the videos below.

Beginner Introduction is a “beginners yoga course near me” option

The advantage of this 10 pack is that you can start beginner yoga classes immediately.

All beginner level classes are adjusted to the level of those in the class. The teacher will also give discrete, individual variations as needed.

For example, the teacher will provide a prop to assist with getting the most from a particular yoga pose.

However, if you prefer, then another easy, fast and guided way to get started with yoga, is the Yoga Beginners Introduction.

yoga man

Beginner classes at Flametree are for any gender, size, age, or level of fitness.

Start Beginner Level classes at any time

But, just to be clear, you can also start Beginner Level Classes at any time, without attending an Introduction.

If you’re coming to in-studio classes in the Darwin region, you can also just turn up to class, and buy a pass via the teacher.

Apart from buying this pass right now, you can pay with cash at the studio (and EFTPOS at Woolner).

For these in-studio classes, there is no need to reserve your first class.

Those coming to online classes will be a sent a ZOOM link as soon as they reserve a beginner class. 

How to use a discount coupon 

If you have a discount coupon for this Ten Pass, (or the above online only ten pass), when you check out, insert the code into the discount coupon box.

So if you want flexibility, and top value for a “beginners yoga course near me”, or any other beginner level class, then try this 10 Pass Online & Studio

Use this pass for classes at Flametree Yoga Palmerston, Flametree Yoga Casuarina, or Flametree Yoga Darwin.

This pass is not transferable to another student, & must be used within 3 months.

To get this 10 PASS now, for a beginners course near you, or whatever, just click “Add To Cart” above.

Then you’ll go direct to check out to complete the transaction.

Kim with blocks

To start right now, buy this pass, & reserve a class. Start your own “beginners yoga course near me” right now.

Videos on beginner yoga benefits and deals

Are you still thinking about beginner yoga, or the beginner yoga benefits you’ll get from it?

Then check out these videos of some beginner poses, their benefits, & the beginner deals.

Remember, if you want flexibility and top value for a “beginners yoga course near me”, or any other beginner level class, then try a 10 Pass Online & Studio.

If you’re not in the Darwin region, then then there the LIVE online & video combination is another good option.

Or check out all popular passes.

Kim’s video story of her beginners yoga course journey

(Kim is one teacher of beginner classes)

Video on benefits of beginner yoga, and / or mini beginners yoga course

Gentle Yoga Classes are a top option with a beginners yoga course near me ten pass

The Beginner Course, and weekly beginner class deals include two Gentle Yoga Classes each week. This video tells you more about Gentle Yoga.

Remember, with this 10 pass, you get the same learning and practise that you’ll get via Flametree’s mini Iyengar yoga beginners course, otherwise known as our Yoga Introduction.

But, with this pass, you can start as soon as you like. However, if you wish, see more about the next Yoga Beginners Introduction.

Raj’s video story of how yoga fixed his back

If you want flexibility and top value for a “beginners yoga course near me”, or any other Flametree beginner level classes, then try 10 Pass Online & Studio.

At Flametree’s Iyengar yoga beginners course and other beginner classes, you get easy, introductory yoga poses that all can do. Plus, if needed, yoga poses you’ll be given in each class are customised just for you.

What students say about Flametree Yoga and it’s benefits

If you’re still not sure about yoga, check out reviews of what customers say about their yoga classes at Flametree.

In addition, see the wide range of benefits they say they have received from both online or in-the-studio yoga at Flametree.

Remember, with this 10 pass, you get the same learning and practise that you’ll get via Flametree’s mini Iyengar yoga beginners course, otherwise known as our Yoga Introduction.

But, with this pass, you can start as soon as you like.

Or watch some of these very short videos.

To get this 10 PASS now, just click “Add To Cart” above. You’ll go direct to check out to complete the transaction.

Need more information before you buy, or get discount code? No problem.

Take a look at the full description of this 10 pack of classes (or follow the link for non-beginner pass details).

Remember, when you buy, your HALF price discount codes can be used TWICE.

yoga darwin nt

Flametree’s yoga classes Darwin options will suit any age, gender, or fitness level. Don’t miss this Darwin yoga studios deal.

Types of yoga at Flametree Darwin yoga studios

Beginner class type options include these:

  • hatha yoga (in the Iyengar style)
  • restorative yoga (closely related to yin yoga)
  • gentle yoga online or in-studio
  • yoga for seniors (via either Gentle Yoga or Yoga For Backs, as below)
  • pregnancy yoga, or prenatal yoga online or in-studio

Additional class types for NON-Beginners

  • Any of the above classes, PLUS
    • flow yoga (similar to vinyasa yoga)
    • immune system yoga
    • therapy yoga with a registered yoga therapist
    • breath meditation (AKA pranayama or mindfulness meditation)
    • fertility yoga online or in-studio.

Even more on the yoga benefits you can get

Benefits of asana

Yoga for body, mind, & mood. Get a HALF price deal with Darwin yoga studios & online.

Christine Lalor, Flametree’s registered yoga therapist at our Darwin yoga studios, runs 2 weekly classes which are suitable for those wanting yoga therapy. In the above list, these classes are Gentle Yoga, and Yoga For Back Neck and Shoulders.

So, depending on your situation, you might to do either or both. Come to either class and speak with Chris before the class, or contact us as below.

Other class options, including Bali Retreats

Beginners can also do Immune System Yoga, and breath meditation, after 3 months of beginner yoga. (But all yoga will immediately also start helping your immune system).

As long as beginners have done 6 months of yoga, they can also attend our regular Bali retreats.

Private classes and Corporate Yoga can also be started at any level, at any time. (See our site for more information).

Contact us if you need guidance, or use the CHAT button.

All yoga poses, even inverted ones, at taught in small, do-able steps.

You learn easy preparatory poses that all can do.

Flametree Yoga Darwin NT props & mats

The best way to start is simply get a pass and attend a first class.

At the studio, Flametree provides mats and other yoga props. All you need is comfortable clothes with room to stretch.

So, just turn up 10-15 minutes before the class starts, and check in with the teacher.

If you’re online at home, it’s a good idea to have a least a non-slip yoga mat, or any non-slip surface. If you wish, see more on yoga props, including how to improvise them for online yoga.

Please note that only 5 of Flametree Yoga’s beginner classes are online too. You can see these at the beginner timetable.

So, get the discount code for this special HALF price offer.

darwin fitness centres yoga for beginners

Get 2 extra (& FREE) classes if you start within 7 days of getting the discount code from us.

Top quality yoga in a supportive environment

Situated just 3 kilometres from Smith Street in the Darwin CBD, Flametree Darwin City is right in the middle of what you might call the city yoga zone of the Northern Territory.

In true yoga Territory style, classes continue right through the Wet and Dry Season (except during the very occasional cyclone!).

Flametree classes are fully airconditioned. Air quality is also safe, and monitored.

As well as all that, Flametree’s great teachers offer classes that include individual attention, with a great deal of attention to delivering you quality teaching.

In addition, our breath meditation classes (when you get to that level), are also a very practical and convenient way to get all the benefits of the practice of extra options like Kirtan chanting.

Overall, Flametree Darwin NT classes are a great way to get the wonderful gift of yoga in your life. In addition, please contact us about any other lifestyle support you may want.

​So, that’s all part of why this HALF price 10 pack is such a good option for new students.

So, get the discount code for this special HALF price offer.

Chris Lalor Flametree

A backbend posture, by Flametree’s accredited Senior Yoga Teacher, and Yoga Therapist, Chris Lalor. In Beginner yoga, you’ll steadily learn do-able poses to introduce you to some of the main types of yoga postures.

Flametree newcomers get low-cost yoga classes with many benefits

Flametree’s hatha yoga classes are the best form of exercise for any any age, gender, or fitness level. They will do more for you than any massage therapists, or whatever top gym Darwin option you may consider.

Moreover, some of the many benefits you get include:

  • high quality yoga that builds both physical strength and flexibility
  • a wide range of group fitness classes
  • yoga pose sequences that will work for all major parts of your nervous system
  • aerial yoga options
  • proven yoga benefits, backed by scientific research, that will help deliver a healthy lifestyle
  • ​regular yoga sequences that keep your heart rate where it should be
  • do-able steps in learning all yoga postures taught
  • most yoga teachers trained over at least 3 years and 300 hours (much more than the average in most other studios)
  • a system that will deliver inner peace, personal growth, and much more
  • ​regular yoga retreats that you can attend after just 6 months of beginner yoga
  • ​the Flametree Yoga weight loss program (see more below)
  • postures that systematically target all your major internal organs
  • ​free supply of a great range of yoga props in our studios
  • free trial options, including after you’ve used this HALF price 10 pass
  • a wide range of low cost packages.

So, come to any of our Flametree yoga locations and fitness centres, or online, and try it for yourself.

Yoga Darwin City & Region, & Online

Gertrude Knight Of Flametree Yoga

A Flametree Yoga Darwin city teacher demonstrating a simple stretch to straighten the spine, and improve posture. Try our Darwin yoga studios in Woolner, Casuarina, or Palmerston.

Weight loss via Flametree Yoga Darwin City & beyond

​Flametree’s yoga classes are also one of the best places to manage or reduce weight.

​Flametree’s style of group fitness classes, with a mix of flow yoga, and restorative yoga, plus advice on related issues from our Senior Yoga Teacher, can help you with any weight issues that are important to you.

For instance, on the public Google profile page for Flametree, see this recent review from a current Flametree student. She says:

“I’ve been attending regular classes at Flametree for 12 months. They’ve had such a positive and transformative impact on my health and wellbeing. 

I’ve struggled with chronic back pain for a few years, which has contributed to substantial weight gain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. 

Starting with the beginner program, I’ve slowly regained strength and mobility. In addition, I’ve got a sense of control over some of the spiraling effects these conditions have had. 

Through regular practice, attending various workshops, and focus classes, I’ve learned to adopt a more mindful approach to movement and food choices, and have lost 30 kgs in the process. 

So, a year ago I could not foresee this as being remotely possible. 

Plus, the instructors at Flametree are amazing – really knowledgeable and welcoming, and the classes cater to all ages and levels of experience.”

If you wish, check out other Flametree Yoga Darwin city and regions reviews.

yoga darwin nt classes

Don’t miss the many health and other benefits of yoga or breath meditation, or both. Ask for the HALF price discount code for Flametree’s yoga Darwin City region & online classes.

Flametree yoga Darwin NT FREE class deal

As you can see, Flametree’s teachers’ work processes include all you’ll get from a personal trainer, or personal training, and much more.

Remember, with this HALF price deal, beginners get a total of THREE FREE classes.

At Flametree Yoga Darwin NT, or online, each of those beginner yoga classes are normally $11 each.

So these FREE classes are normally worth a total of $33.

But, for just $16.50 more, this $49.50 deal gives you a total of 13 classes altogether (including the free trial class).

In other words, you get a total 13 beginner yoga classes at just $3.81 each. 

So, try Flametree Yoga Darwin NT classes, in 3 locations, and online.

 Get the discount code for this special HALF price offer.

This great start to your Darwin yoga classes is brought to you by Flametree Yoga Darwin City. 
Our Darwin yoga studios also work in association with yoga classes by Flametree Yoga Palmerston NT, and Flametree Yoga Casuarina NT.
Plus, we also acknowledge the Larrakia people. They are among the first peoples of Australia, and the traditional owners of the land on which our Darwin yoga studios are located.