Iyengar Yoga Yoga Teacher Training Overview

The teacher training programme is conducted by Christine Lalor. Christine, a Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher trained for many years under Alan Goode, Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher. It is open to practitioners of Iyengar yoga who are Australian residents. To qualify for the programme one needs to have been practising Iyengar yoga for a minimum of 3 years. The Course prepares students to be referred to the BKS Iyengar Association of Australia in order to sit assessments at the Introductory level.

The programme takes a minimum of 3 years (300 contact hours) to complete as a full time student. A referral from Christine Lalor is needed to sit for assessment. This referral is subject to the individual having the skill level to present for assessment. In some cases this may take longer than the minimum 3 year period. Certification to Introductory level enables the trainee to call themselves an Iyengar Yoga Teacher and to use the Iyengar Yoga trademark which is recognised world wide.

Yoga Teacher Training Programme

This Programme will help trainees appreciate that Yoga is a unique mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application. The word yoga means union and in the context of yoga philosophy, yoga is the journey to unite the individual soul with the universal soul. Yoga philosophers through the ages have written extensively on the practical steps one needs to take in order to progress towards spiritual union. One philosopher who holds a central position in yoga philosophy is Patanjali . He lived around two thousand years ago and is the author of the Yoga Sutra. On the numerous occasions that BKS Iyengar has been interviewed about the style of yoga he teaches he has always maintained that he teaches the Yoga Practises of Patanjali . In this Programme trainees will study both the Yoga Practices of Patanjali and The Iyengar Yoga method.

Programme Structure

The Programme is delivered into four parts.

  1. The first part is via 5 three day intensive sessions each year. Each session will run from Friday mid morning  through till Sunday late afternoon. Friday (11.30am – 4.30pm) Saturday Morning General Class 7.15-8.45am Saturday (11.00- 12.30) (1.30-3.30 pm) Sunday (12.00-4.00pm.)
  2.  The Second part involves regular teacher training sessions (1.5 hours) during the month.
  3. The third part involves trainees participating in  practice sessions  at regular intervals through out the year.
  4. The fourth part involves attending a one hour Feed Back interview with Chris .Generally these interviews will take place in the week after the Teacher Training Weekend.

In addition to the above trainees will be allocated to observe and assist in one class per week conducted by Chris Lalor

Dates for 2021

Dates are being finalized and will be out soon.

Friday 12th February-14th February 2021

What will be covered in the 3 day session?

  • Theory subjects – study the subject of Yoga . The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali
  • Study “Iyengar yoga” Look at specific methods of teaching the different aspects of Iyengar Yoga. Look at Techniques, Timings , Repetition and Sequence
  • Study the art of teaching Yoga , Communication skills ,Practise teaching exercises to develop skills in demonstrating, teaching and delivering Asana
  • Practise observation and adjustment skills
  • Discuss ways to handle diversity in a class room
  • Remedial yoga . Review articles written by both BKS Iyengar and Getta Iyengar on the methodology of Remedial yoga and address in a practical way specific conditions ,for example how and what to teach to students with lower back , shoulder , knee problems.
  • How to address menstruation and menopause in the class room
  • Pre and post natal yoga
  • Introductory 11 Assessment poses and Assessment sequences
  • Introductory 11 Syllabus Teaching under assessment conditions

Iyengar Yoga Training Requirements

Intensive Sessions

In addition to the five 3 day intensive sessions outlined in the Programme, Weekly and Practice Requirements must be met.

Weekly Requirements

Trainees are required to attend two Experienced level classes a week, one pranayama class .It is a requirement of the Programme that trainees record via stick figures each class that they attend.

Trainees will be expected to read material that will be delivered electronically between the weekend sessions. During the three year training period trainees should not attend classes with other teachers

Practice Requirements

Trainees are required to develop a personal yoga practice It is expected that the trainee will set aside 1.5 hours a day, 6 days a week to practice. A home practice informs, guides and inspires one’s teaching. In yoga one learns from oneself, one teaches oneself.

The Programme will address issues around how to practice :

  • How to teach the pose to the body,to the breath and to the mind
  • How to shift ones practice from being mechanical to being a reflective practice
  • How to sequence a practice, to have an affect in the body, in the breath, in the senses and in the mind.
  • Practice logs are expected to be filled in each day and then submitted to Chris one week prior to the training sessions.

BKSIYAA Membership . Membership of the BKS Iyengar Association of Australia(BKSIYAA) is essential to participate in this programme.

Training Applications & Fees

How to apply to join the 2020 intake

Application must be made in writing to Chris Lalor no later than Saturday 9th December. In your application you should include details of your yoga background, age, health and family issues that may impact on your study. Names of other teachers that you have studied with should also be included.

Application does not confirm a place. Places in the programme will be offered by Wednesday 17th January 2021. All enquires should be directed to [email protected] or phone 0448112251.


Cost for each Training Session is $550 .There are 5 training sessions per year. Payment must be made 4 weeks prior to the start of each of the sessions. Weekly classes are to be pre-paid at the going rate. Intensives and Workshops paid at the going rate.

More information about Iyengar Yoga and teacher training and certification in Australia is available online from Iyengar Yoga Australia.