Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Online & In-Studio

90% OFF your first weekend; plus 50% OFF all of the next four

“I started the yoga teacher training because I wanted to teach yoga. I do now and I love it.

But there are things I didn’t expect. I’m more resilient, and my energy is better.

I’m also more confident with my voice. Plus, I’ve made some lifelong friends.”

Salome, who’s done 300 hours of Flametree Teacher Training.

Flametree’s Iyengar yoga teacher training is both online and in-the-studio. This Iyengar yoga teacher training course has both intensive sessions, and ongoing posture classes. For Iyengar teacher training, when you include the potential wages while you train (see more below), you get a low yoga teacher training cost, and a very high value qualification. So you get top value yoga teacher training Darwin, Australia, & online. Try the best value Iyengar yoga teacher training Australia has.

In Year One of your training, prior to when you may be eligible to work as a teacher trainee, Flametree also provides huge discounts on your fees. The discounts apply to newcomers and lapsed trainees. See more below (or at the link).

So, check out why yoga teacher training, and it’s many benefits. Consider doing it for your interest, or for your personal development, or to further develop your yoga and breath meditation, or for a new or additional role in life as a yoga or breath meditation teacher. It will give you a mega-transformation on a mix of fronts.

I know this about teacher training, yoga and breath meditation, because I, Christine, have experienced plenty of transformations, as have many Flametree Yoga students.

Hear direct from yoga teacher graduates and teacher trainees

One of the yoga teachers trained by Flametree’s Chris Lalor, who attained Iyengar Yoga Teacher certification as a result, has written this about yoga teacher training, and Chris. “Doing massage for 20 years gave me a good understanding of the human body, but becoming a yoga teacher has increased that knowledge beyond measure….I now also live more simply, and with less environmental impact, because yoga makes me happy. My teacher and mentor Chris, from Flametree Yoga, has guided my journey on every step… and continues to inspire me.”

In addition, Cheryl, who has already done 300 hours of the Flametree yoga teacher training course, has told how she initially started the course to further her interest and knowledge in Iyengar yoga. However, Cheryl says, she “fell in love with teaching through appreciating how teaching gives much richer insights into yoga practice.”

Yoga teacher training Darwin and online

Kim Faehse, who has already completed around 200 hours of Iyengar Yoga teacher training with Chris Lalor. Here, Kim is demonstrating the use of blocks. It’s just one of the many yoga props that were invented and pioneered by Iyengar Yoga.

Kim (pictured above), who works as an accredited occupational therapist, is another yoga teacher at Flametree. She says this in her video. “…Apart from teaching yoga part-time, I work in the health industry [as an Occupational Therapist]. Yoga gives me an whole new insight into mind and body, and complements the other health work I do with individual clients.”

Flametree’s many regular students have also highly recommended the many features they love about its teaching, quality, and yoga.

Train with an accredited Senior Teacher, with 12,000 hours, & a Certification Assessor

The teacher training programme is conducted by Christine Lalor. Chris is a Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher with over 12,000 hours of her own teacher training. She is also accredited to offer and practise yoga therapy

Chris is also an Assessor in the yoga teacher certification process conducted by Iyengar Yoga Australia. She therefore has an excellent knowledge of what is required in order to be certified as a trainer, what it takes in order to achieve that level, and some of the best ways to legitimately get there.

Chris also offers coaching and private classes to help yoga teachers improve or accelerate their skills. This yoga teacher coaching is online or in-studio, or both.

In the video below, as a tiny example of her yoga and teaching skills, you can hear Chris describe how to get into the advanced Tortoise yoga pose.

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♬ original sound – ChrisLalor – ChrisLalor

Chris can teach you whatever yoga pose you want to learn. But to get started with teacher training, your yoga skills can be relatively ordinary.

You’ll improve your skills by a huge amount over your yoga teacher training journey. Try the best value Iyengar yoga teacher training Australia has.

Get the “Rolls Royce” yoga teacher qualification

To qualify for teacher training, you need to have 3 years of existing Iyengar yoga practice.

The course prepares students to be referred to the BKS Iyengar Association of Australia in order to sit assessments at the Introductory Level.

The programme takes a minimum of 3 years (300 contact hours) to complete as a full time student.

A referral from Christine Lalor is needed to sit for assessment.

This referral requires the trainee to have the skill level to present for assessment. In some cases this may take longer than the minimum 3 year period. Chris will guide you about when she thinks you’re ready to be assessed.

Certification to Introductory Level enables the trainee to call themselves an Iyengar Yoga Teacher (Level One). You can also use the Iyengar Yoga trademark. It is recognised world wide.

See more about Iyengar yoga, and the Iyengar style at Flametree.

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Online Iyengar yoga teacher training cost and poses

I went from as stiff as a board in early middle age, to an accredited Senior Yoga Teacher. So anything is possible with yoga, & teacher training. If you wish, see more about my story. Try the best value Iyengar yoga teacher training Australia has.

Why do teacher training at Flametree?

Here are some good reasons to do yoga teacher training at Flametree Yoga Studio, plus a brief outline of the many benefits you’ll get from it.

Highest quality yoga

First, Flametree teaches the very high quality Iyengar yoga. For a range of reasons, it is the best type of yoga. For instance, it uses an alignment based yoga style that correctly gets you into poses, with or without the use of props. It is only if you and other students are correctly in the yoga poses that you can get the full effect of the many yoga benefits.

Get paid while you train

Second, subject to your progress, you will get the chance to actually teach LIVE online or in-studio classes. This paid work can be available both while you are a Teacher-In-Training, and afterwards. You’ll start in shared and supervised classes with Chris, and then be able to run your own classes (providing that Chris and students are clearly happy with your teaching skills). Teaching your own classes is the very best way to prepare for a successful Iyengar yoga assessment. After suitable preparation, there is no better way to learn skills and confidence than to teach regular classes. In addition, for instance, if you’re teaching a class a week, you’ll earn $3,360 (48 weeks at $70 a class) a year from such part time work. This obviously offsets the yoga teacher training cost. (See further below).

Senior Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist

Third, you will get taught and ongoingly coached by highly experienced, and knowledgeable, teacher trainer, Chris Lalor. She teaches in a compassionate style, but still causes you to rise to the challenge. Chris’ regular classes, which you will also spend a lot of time in, are interesting and creative, as well as packed with a wide range of skills and knowledge that you can imbibe. (Chris has also built her personal knowledge base from the existing large range of Iyengar yoga books and articles. You’ll get the benefit of her command of such materials). Chris’ videos (and the photos you’ll see through this site, and Flametree Facebook), also demonstrate her command of a wide range of yoga poses at all levels.

Learn to actually teach

Fourth, Mr BKS Iyengar pioneered teaching methods that have become accepted approaches in Iyengar yoga. For example, there is a focus on precise, verbal instructions to help students actually get into yoga postures. In addition, such instruction, when it is done well, will take a student further into postures then they may have thought possible. In Iyengar teacher training, with Chris Lalor, you’ll learn and practise these yoga teaching methods. You will of course learn and do the postures, but you’ll also learn to actually teach in a whole new, highly effective manner.

Excellent personal development course

Fifth, the insights and personal growth you get are huge. You’re delving into yoga and breath meditation as a higher level than you’re ever otherwise likely to do. In addition, you’re also getting a higher level of small group and one-to-one coaching than is otherwise available. Even if you currently think you never want to teach, yoga teacher training is great value as a personal development super course. See our separate post on yoga teacher training for personal development.

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iyengar yoga teacher training online

Chris Lalor demonstrating a 3 point headstand. Inversions give you powerful yoga benefits. (Sadly, inversions are not taught in many studios or yoga teacher training courses).

More good reasons to do Flametree yoga teacher training

In addition to the above reasons, here are other important reasons to do a yoga teacher training course at Flametree Yoga.

Learn and / or teach pranayama breath meditation skills too

  • Chris Lalor is also a very experienced teacher of pranayama (aka breath meditation). She has been doing it for at least 20 years. She also practises daily, and teaches two classes of it a week. Many studios don’t teach this powerful and important skill at all, or include it in teacher training courses. So in your training at Flametree, you’ll be able to both practise this skill, and learn how to teach it extremely well. Even better, as a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, you’ll be accredited to teach either yoga, or pranayama breath meditation, or both. (As you may have seen from the Internet, there is a very significant and growing demand for all types of breathwork, meditation classes, and breath meditation (aka pranayama)).

Yoga and mindfulness is useful for & complementary to other professions

  • Several of Flametree’s existing teacher training graduates or current students already have professions such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, or professional massage. They have done yoga teacher training to complement their existing profession. It’s becuase they recognise that a huge amount of yoga’s principles and practices have direct application in the work they now do.

Additional online teaching skills too

  • You will learn the skills of teaching both in-studio and online yoga. Teaching yoga is of course a specific skill. Like anything, there are tested and successful ways to do it. Such teaching skills take time to master. There are additional skills involved in teaching online. At Flametree, you’ll learn the theory and practice of both of these types of yoga teaching. If you teach in Flametree classes, you’ll also have the immense opportunity of also learning experientially on the job.

The skill of innovation in challenging times

  • Chris Lalor, and Flametree Yoga, are constantly evolving and innovating the skills used, class types taught, and more.  All businesses face a world of massive technological change, and ever increasing competition. So, it’s critically necessary to innovate constantly, for both business survival, and also to be able to continue to bring high quality yoga to the world. Flametree is one of the most innovative yoga studios in Australia. So you will learn not only the latest yoga skills for which there is a demand, but also how to do evolve with such innovation and development all around you. In other words, in the world in which you will be teaching, the only constant is and will be ongoing change. So such innovation skills, and learning what works best now, are essential.

Energy, stamina, strength, core, calmness. Get it all from Forearm Balance yogapose. HALF price Novice 10 pack ($5 a class) #yoga #onlineyoga #darwin

♬ original sound – ChrisLalor – ChrisLalor

Hear Chris describe how to do various levels of Forearm Balance yoga pose.

Mr BKS Iyengar, in Light On Yoga, gave an essential tip about lifting the head as high as possible.

Business and marketing skills to run a studio or whatever

  • Chris is also a very experienced business owner. She has owned and developed Flametree for 20 years. Prior to that, she also ran other very successful businesses. So you’ll get to watch and learn how business management, marketing, and business development is done. As Flametree further develops its own business activities, there may well be opportunities to be involved in such developments. This will include the opportunity to participate in key elements of modern marketing, such as video, photography, and social media.

High value independent, external certification

  • You get a yoga teacher qualification that is certified by an independent and objective group of external Senior Iyengar Yoga Teachers. In contrast, most yoga teacher trainers are effectively only qualified in the eyes of their own trainer who they have paid to train them. So the Flametree Iyengar qualification is much higher value, due to being certified by independent third parties. Try the best value Iyengar yoga teacher training Australia has.
So, please read more below, or contact me to get started, or learn more about Flametree’s in-studio and online Iyengar yoga teacher training cost, or for whatever other questions you may have. At Flametree, you’ll get top quality yoga teacher training Darwin and online.
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Yoga Teacher Training Programme

You’ll learn how yoga is a unique mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application.

The word “yoga” means union. In the context of yoga philosophy, yoga is the journey to unite the individual soul with the universal soul.

Through the ages, yoga philosophers have written extensively on the practical steps to progress towards spiritual union.

Patanjali is one philosopher who holds a central position in yoga philosophy. He lived around two thousand years ago, and is the author of the Yoga Sutra.

BKS Iyengar said that he teaches the Yoga Practises of Patanjali.

So, trainees will study both the Yoga Practices of Patanjali, and the Iyengar Yoga method.

Rope practice by Chris Lalor

Rope yoga, plus using the bars from which ropes are suspended, is another example of equipment you’ll use at Flametree. Chris also periodically teaches teaches teachers how to teach others to use such equipment.

Programme structure for Iyengar yoga teacher training online & in-studio

There are 3 parts to the teaching program. Each part can be done in a mix of online, and  in-studio, learning.

The first part is 5 regular intensive sessions through the year. Each of these sessions is a number of hours over a 3 day weekend. Depending on who is in the group of trainees, each session can vary. In 2023, the next weekends are in early April, and mid-May. The times for all these weekend trainings are:

  • Saturday 12 noon-3.30pm;
  • Sunday 11.30am-4pm;
  • Monday: 11.30am-4pm.

The second part is an additional 4 hours of training. It’s done, on a weekend, between each of the 5 sessions outlined in Point One above.

The third part involves attending a half hour feedback interview with Chris Lalor, at a mutually agreed time. There’s one interview or meeting, per trainee, after each weekend.

As required, the weekends and interviews can be online, or in-studio, or both.

All of Flametree’s regular yoga classes are also in-studio or online. So, ongoing posture practise is manageable.

In addition, the teacher trainees will be allocated to observe and assist in classes conducted by Chris Lalor. Observing online is possible, although it’s better to do it via occasional intensive visits to Darwin (around some of the weekends). At least in the early part of the 3 years of training, trainees should observe in one class a week. Such observation can be done partly online. These periods of observation are counted towards the 300 hours of training required over the three years. If you commence teaching as a Teacher-In-Training, then that can be done instead of being an observer in classes.

Dates for Iyengar yoga teacher training online & in-studio

New teacher trainees can normally join at any time. Please get in touch if you need details of upcoming sessions.

However, the discounts we offer may not still be available in future.

Intensive session content for Iyengar yoga teacher training course

The weekend and other trainings will include the following.

  • Theory topics include the overall subject of yoga, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and the writings of BKS Iyengar (and Geeta Iyengar).
  • Specific methods of teaching the different aspects of Iyengar Yoga, such as teaching techniques, timings, repetitions, and sequence.
  • The art and skill of teaching yoga will include communication skills. In the process, there will be teaching exercises to develop skills in demonstrating, teaching and delivering asana.
  • Practising the observation of student poses and appropriate asana adjustment skills. (Over time, you’ll will have an advanced “eye” for looking at a student’s stature, pose, or poses, and knowing the best way to help them).
  • You’ll learn how to handle diversity in a class room. It will include to customise poses to particular levels of skills in beginner yoga.
  • Remedial yoga learning will include review articles written by both BKS Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar on the methodology of Remedial Yoga. Your training will address specific conditions in a practical way. For example, you’ll learn how and what to teach to students with lower back, shoulder, and knee problems. In addition, you’ll be able to observe Flametree’s innovative classes such as Back, Neck, & Shoulder Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga For Immune System, and more.

The asana sequence on which you’ll be assessed

The asana sequence on which you’ll be objectively assessed, plus other topics taught in weekend sessions, also include:

  • How to address menstruation and menopause in the class room
  • Pre and post natal yoga
  • Introductory 1 and 2 Assessment poses and syllabus, as well the Introductory 1 and 2 Assessment Sequences. (These sequences are the specific poses which you are required to demonstrate in the personal asana part of the independent assessment process).
  • On an ad hoc basis, there’ll also be discussion of other key aspects of yoga teaching success, such as the use of voice, including voice modulation. Other aspects of teaching success, such as the communication of passion, enthusiasm, compassion, and personality, will also be discussed in both group sessions, and one to one coaching sessions.

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Chris with barrel

Yoga barrels or yoga wheels, such as Chris is showing here, is one of the many pieces of yoga equipment included in your teacher training.

Iyengar Yoga Training Requirements

Intensive Sessions for Iyengar yoga teacher training course

In addition to the intensive weekend sessions outlined above, weekly asana practise requirements must also be met.

Again, unlike some styles of yoga, and yoga teaching, Iyengar yoga expect you to be able to do yoga well.

You’ll find many additional yoga skills are developed in the course of your yoga teacher training.

Weekly Requirements

Trainees are required to attend at least two Experienced level classes a week, and one pranayama class.

It is a requirement of the yoga teacher training course, that trainees record, via stick figure postures, the sequences of each class they attend.

Trainees will also be expected to read material that will be delivered electronically between the weekend sessions.

During the three year training period, except as agreed, trainees should not attend classes with yoga teachers other than Chris.

Practice Requirements for Iyengar yoga teacher training online & in-studio

Trainees are required to develop a personal yoga practice.

It is expected that the trainee will practise 1.5 hours a day, 6 days a week. (Some of this may be done at classes).

A home practice informs, guides and inspires your teaching. In yoga, and Flametree’s yoga teaching course, you also learn to learn yoga from yourself. To an extent, you also learn to teach yourself.

For example, Chris Lalor has learnt and improved a very large number of yoga poses by teaching herself the poses. She has also then improved the poses by the use of pictures and videos of her own practise of the poses.

So the yoga teaching course will also address issues around how to practise yoga, such as:

  • teaching the pose to the body, to the breath, and to the mind
  • shifting your practice from being mechanical, to being a reflective yoga practice
  • sequencing a yoga practice, to have an affect in the body, in the breath, in the senses, and in the mind.

Home practise logs are expected to be filled in each day and then submitted to Chris one week prior to the training sessions.

Membership of the BKS Iyengar Association of Australia (BKSIYAA) is essential to participate.

Once you complete the first 200 hours of the course, over a minimum 12 months, you are able to get the insurance that allows you to do teaching as a Teacher-In-Training.

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Training applications & yoga teacher training cost

How to apply to join

If you’re considering this yoga teacher training course, it’s best to initially have an informal chat with Chris, or to otherwise get in contact.

Then, in due course, a formal application should be made in writing to Chris Lalor, via the contacts at the bottom of this page.

In your application, please include details of your yoga background, age, health, and family issues that may impact on your study.

In addition, please also include the names of other teachers that you have studied.

Chris will be in touch in order to advise if she recommends yoga teacher training at this point in your yoga journey.

So, in summary, all enquires should be directed to [email protected] or phone 0448 11 22 51.

Alternatively, reach us via the Customer Service contacts, or via those at the bottom right of this page.

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iyengar yoga teacher training course

Doing teacher training, for your interest, or to further develop your yoga, or for a new or additional role in life, is a mega-transformation! If you’re interested, please contact me.

Iyengar yoga teacher training course costs & discounts

Yoga teacher training cost for each of the 5 weekend Training Sessions per year is $550.

For now, for newcomers, the cost is discounted 90% for the first weekend, so you pay only $55 initially.

In addition, the other 4 weekends in your first year are discounted 50%. That means you pay $275 for each of those subsequent 4 weekends in Year One.

The discounts are another reason why its the best value Iyengar yoga teacher training Australia has.

A newcomer is someone who has not yet arranged with Chris Lalor to commence teacher training. It includes anyone who has been lapsed as a teacher trainee for 6 months or more.

Here is more detail about the yoga instructor training payment methods, including the codes for these very large discounts.

Payment must be made prior to the start of each of the weekend sessions.

Weekly classes are also to be pre-paid at the going rate for the yoga classes you attend.

Any other Intensives and Workshops are also paid at the going rate from time to time.

So, please contact me to get started, or learn more about Flametree’s in-studio and online Iyengar yoga teacher training cost, or for whatever other questions you may have. At Flametree, you’ll get top quality yoga teacher training Darwin and online. It’s also the best value Iyengar yoga teacher training Australia has.

 Offset the training fees with a job while you complete training

When considering the cost of yoga of this in-studio and online iyengar yoga teacher training, please remember this. Flametree yoga is one of the few trainers where there is a real option of a teaching job for  lot of the period during which you are a trainee.

As mentioned, in order to get and maintain such a job, you will need to work hard at your teaching skills, and achieve good student evaluations.

However, if you’re teaching a class a week, you’ll earn $3,360 (48 weeks at $70 a class) a year from such part time work. Quite a number of Teachers-In-Training have in fact taught two or more classes a week. For example, two classes a week would earn you $6.720 a year.

This obviously offsets, or fully neutralises, the yoga teacher training cost.

More information about Flametree’s Iyengar yoga teacher training course, the yoga teacher training cost, teacher training and certification in Australia, or whatever, is available. Just contact Chris Lalor via the Customer Service contacts at the bottom of this page, or above.

Try Flametree’s in-studio and online Iyengar yoga teacher training. We’d also love to be able to offer you a part-time job so you also get high value yoga teacher training cost.

iyengar yoga teacher training online & cost

The Iyengar yoga teacher training online and in-studio, will steadily improve your poses, teach you to teach, and give you huge self-development.

Origin of the certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher system

Mr BKS Iyengar set up and taught from the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, in India.

From this same Iyengar Yoga Institute, his son, Prashant Iyengar, some other members of the Iyengar family, and other senior teachers, are still extending the Iyengar style. Among other things, they teach the practice of asanas, the Iyengar method, and much more on the practice of yoga in the Iyengar tradition.

B.K.S. Iyengar, or Mr. Iyengar, or Yogacharya BKS Iyengar, as he is variously known, is famous for many things. One was one of the first and few yogis who took a very high quality yoga system, including pranayama classes, to the West.

(Yogacharya is a title of respect given to a teacher of yoga who as immense years of teaching experience.)

Emergence of the Iyengar Yoga Certification Mark

Under the guidance of his Iyengar Institute, many other Iyengar Yoga centers were set up. At the same time, larger numbers of Iyengar teachers were trained, and a wide range of students emerged.

For example, the Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States was created. In turn, the standards of various Iyengar yoga associations were created.

For instance, you can find a student of Iyengar yoga from Darwin to Santa Cruz, and to San Diego, or wherever.

In due course, many countries set up a level of certification process. It led to the ability to offer a teaching certificate, and a recognised certified teacher process.

Meanwhile, you could find a B.K.S Iyengar study group, and the Iyengar Yoga certification mark, in many places. As well, you could find a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor, in many and diverse parts of the world. Nowadays, this means you get a widely known teaching certification.

in-studio and online Iyengar yoga teacher training postures.

Get started with your in-studio and online Iyengar yoga teacher training. You too can learn these and many other poses, or work towards them. Make your investment in the yoga teacher training cost, and join Flametree’s yoga teacher training Darwin and online.

The Iyengar yoga network gives a huge level of support

This Iyengar system development means there is excellent support for you to develop all the necessary skills for teaching.  You an also move to higher levels of sustained yoga practice.

Along the way, you’ll appreciate the innovative approach of the Iyengar teaching style. You’ll also be appreciative of the quality of teaching, the levels of health the style can deliver, and the art of teaching yoga.

Other issues such as class control, the role of spiritual practices, the use of online teaching techniques, the tradition of BKS Iyengar, will become known to you.

You’ll also enjoy, and get huge value, from Iyengar National Conventions. As well, you get great value from the Flametree advanced level Iyengar yoga class (in due course), and many other finer points of the Iyengar method of practicing.

Chris Lalor will guide the development of your regular practice (or so-called personal practice). She’ll also provide your in-depth training as a student of yoga, your abilities with the syllabus of asana, how to do advanced asanas, and many other yoga studies.

As mentioned, Chris has also begun using online classes as well, depending on an individual’s needs. This gives you additional options for study, and training.

As you progress, Chris will ongoingly provide detailed information, based on her many years of committed practice, to allow you to pass the written exam that is required for certification.

But your personal yoga practice, as well as demonstrations of teaching skills to an independent panel of Iyengar Senior Teachers, will be the major parts of your certification.

So get started with your in-studio and online Iyengar yoga teacher training. Make your investment in the yoga teacher training cost, and join Flametree’s yoga teacher training Darwin and online.

Use our payment plan to become a registered yoga teacher

The independent, objective certification of an Iyengar yoga teacher gives you a higher value accreditation than does Yoga Alliance.

With Flametree, you’re also getting a higher value 300-hour certification, instead of lower value 200-hour yoga teacher training (or so-called 200-hour program).

Via our yoga teacher training program, you’ll also be able offer private classes, just like a personal trainer.

You’ll also be able to give a yoga class to special populations such as for those on NDIS.

Via the practical teaching skills you’ll learn, even the first time you meet a student, you’ll be able to modify any yoga asana.

In turn, you can therefore have profound impacts on the everyday life of huge numbers of students.

Chris Lalor, as you sole and lead instructor, will also teach you the extra matters we’ve mentioned, such as developing a pranayama practice. In addition, you’ll learn things like the best asanas for a student’s nervous system, how to manage everyday business transactions, mobile applications of yoga training, how to manage students on the first day of class, and many other aspects of what is commonly known as hatha yoga.

Along the way, Chris will explain how the Iyengar style differs from, and improves on, styles like Ashtanga yoga, or yin yoga.

The next step is to drop a note to my email address to get started, of if you have questions about terms of use, or whatever.

best value Iyengar yoga teacher training Australia

Try the best value Iyengar yoga teacher training Australia has. So get started with your in-studio and online Iyengar yoga teacher training. Make your investment in the yoga teacher training cost, and join Flametree’s yoga teacher training Darwin and online.

Flametree’s yoga teacher training programs and courses

Flametree works with its yoga students who want to become a certified yoga teacher. Students can be online, or in-studio, or both.

Flametree’s 300-hour trainings follow best practice Iyengar methods.

With our payment plans, both the teacher training, and the regular classes, are excellent value for Iyengar training.

In the process, all Flametree yoga courses will give you the same benefits as health clubs, and much more.

The benefits of yoga have now been proven by exercise science and health professionals.

As a yoga teacher, you can be in the business of yoga, while you further develop your own practice.

Pose by pose, all of the great teachers, combined their love of yoga with many months of consistent yoga practice of each pose. You can too.

Of course, along the way, you’ll learn how to do yoga nidra equivalents, plus what you need to know about matters like prenatal yoga, and much more.

You’ll emerge from your training with much more than any day-to-day fitness instructor could ever do.

You’ll also greatly surpass what’s done in a regular 200-hour training.

Instead, you’ll be guided through Flametree’s comprehensive program to develop new yoga teachers.

In the process of this yoga certification program, you’ll learn how to give the type of yoga instructions that help students achieve breakthroughs in their yoga.

In-studio & online trainings

At Flametree registered yoga school, you train at your own pace.

In doing so, you’ll soon get to the equivalent of the so-called 200-hour YTT level.

Then, in conjunction with the studio owner (Chris Lalor), you can buy the necessary insurance. Insurance allows you to teach in such classes that Chris may agree you are able to teach.

Being a Teacher-In-Training, with insurance, is a new step in your professional development, and knowledge of best practices.

That’s also why having the opportunity to teach is a huge opportunity to get certified, and to emerge as a successful yoga teacher.

It’s also why Flametree is one of the best yoga teacher training courses you’ll find. The yoga teacher training cost will also be one of the best investments you make.

In other words, as well as teaching as a trainee (subject to your performance), the yoga teacher training course will give you a solid foundation for building your knowledge of yoga.

Practical focus, with experiential learning

Flametree’s yoga certification programs, as well as giving you the formal 300-hour training, therefore have a very practical focus on in-studio and online yoga teacher training.

So, our comprehensive trainings will also give you the best shot at the teaching positions that Flametree has.

We are a growing studio where such options are likely to come up.

Of course, if you are just doing the in-studio and online courses for your self-development, then that is also fine.

Flametree has an ongoing yoga retreat program. It’s another good option for learning and skill development.

As a result of physical yoga practices, and yoga education that you’ll get, all other teacher graduates, have ended up with the equivalent of what you would only get in a 500-hour yoga teacher training.

Whatever your years of experience with yoga, consider what may be the best decision of your life.

Arm balance

arm balance by Chris Lalor

Discounts will cease as soon as we completely fill the Flametree Iyengar yoga teacher training course. So, please consider teacher training, for your interest, or to further develop your yoga, or for a new or additional role in life. Get started now.

Review of Flametree teacher training

Belinda Hoult, a current Flametree teacher who I (Chris Lalor) have trained, who is now an accredited yoga teacher. She’s written her story of the huge number of benefits she has already gotten from yoga. (It was during both regular classes, and yoga teacher training. The latter was due to her investment in the yoga teacher training cost).

In terms of teaching training at Flametree Yoga, she says:

“In Iyengar yoga, there is a rigorous process of training and assessment of teachers. I now see the rigorous assessment process as a huge gift. It makes you come to terms with who you are. It’s part of the internal journey towards mastery. It also teaches you more about yourself in the process.”

In a separate email to me (Chris), she also added:

“Flametree Iyengar yoga teacher training … asks you to look inwards, at your habits, ways of thinking, and being in the world. For me, it not only got me a teaching qualification, but also some lifelong friends.”

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