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Online & In-Studio Class Options, & Special Focus Classes

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Flametree Yoga Palmerston options. For example, see the Flametree Yoga times, for the wide range of classes in-studio & online. They’re excellent for Palmerston yoga students & far beyond. Try Flametree Yoga Palmerston NT at 3 locations in the Darwin region, including Palmerston. Students of Flametree’s yoga classes Palmerston NT get top deals, including either a half price 10 class pack (with 2 classes FREE), or a a FREE 1st class when you reserve it, here. Get top quality Palmerston massage and yoga alternatives & deals.

Each week, Flametree Yoga Palmerston NT has two beginner yoga classes at the brand new, beautiful, Gray Community Hall.

Palmerston yoga class times are 6-7pm on Mondays & Wednesdays.

At the bottom of this page, see the picture of the Gray Community Hall (at cnr of Essington Avenue & Victoria Drive, Gray.) It’s safe, with plenty of parking right beside the Hall.

See the Flametree Yoga Timetable for all in-studio & online classes for all beginners or non-beginners class times.

Standard beginner classes are easy. They’re suitable for all ages, sizes and genders. In addition, either at other Darwin locations, or online, both beginner and non-beginner yoga Palmerston NT students can access Special Focus classes such as Gentle Yoga, Back Neck & Shoulder Yoga, or Easy Restorative Yoga. All class types are described in the next section.

Learn The Best Yoga In Palmerston

At a physical level, any forward bends stretch hamstrings, tone the spine, activate abdominal organs, & help energy.
At a mental level, they calm you, make you more reflective, & less prone to upsets.
This is an advanced forward bend. But beginners learn easy, introductory verions.

Types of classes and special focus options

At the links, you find descriptions of Flametree’s class levels and Special Focus optional classes. See the Flametree Yoga timetable for class times (via the above links).

“All level” classes are for both Beginners and Non-Beginners. Those classes marked for Non-Beginners can be attended after at least six weeks of non-beginner yoga.

All classes are online and in-studio.

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Flametree Yoga students in the pictures above

The pictures above are of students from Flametree Yoga Palmerston, or its other locations, including Miriam doing online yoga.

The first person in the pictures, in the yellow top, is Raj. He tells how he used yoga at Flametree to recover from a terrible back injury.

Silvia, in the pink top, has spoken about the many and diverse benefits she has gotten from beginner yoga, even anger management.

Colin, also shown, talks in his video (at the link), about how he uses yoga to improve his cycling at Charles Darwin National Park.

If you wish, follow the links to hear more about the many benefits of yoga they’ve gotten.

In addition, for more on yoga benefits, visit the other page about Flametree options in Palmerston, or our summary page on yoga benefits.

It’s best to attend a class at your level

Flametree teaches yoga in 5 levels:

  1. Beginner
  2. Transition to Intermediate (or Trans)
  3. Intermediate (also called Level 1 in Iyengar studios)
  4. Experienced (also called Level 2 in Iyengar studios)
  5. Advanced (also called Level 3 in Iyengar studios).

When you look at the timetable, you’ll also see that some classes are combined levels.

It’s best to attend classes at your level of yoga skills. (There’s also more about this below).

When you attend a yoga class that is at your level of skills, you’ll get the most benefits, and learn the most.

You’ll also avoid de-motivating yourself, by being faced with classes that are more of a challenge than you may want!

If you’re ready to start or re-start yoga, then see the Flametree Yoga Timetable for all in-studio & online classes for beginners or non-beginners.

Get top quality Palmerston massage and yoga alternatives & deals. The right yoga is the best alternative to massage. See Flametree’s top value deals.

Side Plank For Strength, Flexibility, & Focus

All yoga poses are learnt in easy stages suitable for every size, age, & gender.

At Flametree Yoga Palmerston, beginners don’t need to be flexible!

Yoga can be done by any age, size of level of flexibility. For the beginner level, you don’t have to be flexible!

It’s assumed that those starting beginners have a very low level of fitness, strength or flexibility.

Poses are easy introductory poses that all can do.

We know that many start yoga at least partly because they are NOT flexible. That’s OK! Beginners usually want to get more flexible, plus get the many other benefits that yoga offers.

The teacher will also adjust poses to who is actually in each class, or offer alternatives, or both.

Non-beginners usually do a first class at trans level

Unless you are highly experienced, non-beginners should aim to start at the TRANS level or above.

Click on the sub-menu items under the “CLASSES” tab of this site to see more details of any class level or type.

Flametree teaches in the Iyengar yoga style. Poses are likely to be more challenging than you have probably done in other yoga styles.

(You’ll also get even more benefit from the poses, because you’ll be doing them in a way that better activates glands, hormones & more).

So, as a non-beginner, when you first come to Flametree, it’s usually best to at least do one or more poses at the so-called TRANS level, or the Trans / Intermediate level.

It is also considerate to others, so you don’t disturb their class with the extra help you may well need from the teacher.

If you’re unsure about what level is best for you, either ask a teacher, or contact us, or come along and check it out (at the Trans level).

You can always quickly move around between levels, and class types, to see what class and / or teachers work best for you.

The large and convenient schedule of non-beginner classes is on the Flametree Yoga Timetable for non-beginners.

Next four pictures show typical beginner level yoga poses you’ll learn

The yoga postures below are typical some you would learn in the Yoga Beginners Introduction.

You’ll also hear about what they do, and how they do it.

The poses are demonstrated by Kim. She teaches the two yoga classes a week at Palmerston, Darwin NT.

By the way, you can also of course start yoga at any time. Just turn up at any of Kim’s classes, and she will get you underway.

All mats and other equipment are provided. Just wear comfortable clothes.

Get top quality Palmerston massage and yoga alternatives & deals. The right yoga is the best alternative to massage. See Flametree’s top value deals.

Information especially for Palmerston yoga students & others driving to & from Palmerston Darwin

Palmerston yoga students find these things especially convenient about yoga classes with Flametree

  • There is large timetable of both online and in-studio classes
  • Online & in-studio classes can be mixed in any combination you want
  • Flametree has 3 locations for in-studio classes, in Palmerston, Casuarina, Woolner (near Winnellie). There’s Google maps and address at the links.
  • Students who work in the city do classes among the three locations, as well at home (via online).

If you want a yoga pass that includes both online and in-studio classes, then see the list of most popular passes. 

Some Special Focus classes have mixed levels

Flametree Yoga has classes with a Special Focus. These classes are also useful to any yoga student at that level.

Palmerston yoga students can access Special Focus classes either online, or when they drive Palmerston Darwin (or vice versa), at the Flametree Woolner studio (just off the Tiger Brennan highway).

The Beginner Special Focus classes are all taught at a mixed Beginner and Open level. In other words, all levels of yoga students can attend.

There are also some Special Focus classes that are only for non-beginners. These are marked in the above list of classes.

The Beginner Special Focus classes are

  • Easy Restorative,
  • Back Neck and Shoulder Yoga,
  • Gentle Yoga.

The classes in the list immediately above are suitable for all levels of yoga students. When needed, the teacher will give alternatives.

Students with some experience can even get a lot from several of these Beginner or ALL level Special Focus classes.

On this Flametree site, for more details of any class type, click on the sub-menu items under the “CLASSES” tab.

Get top quality Palmerston massage and yoga alternatives & deals. The right yoga is the best alternative to massage. See Flametree’s top value deals.

Palmerston yoga students, & other Darwin region beginners, get a FREE 2 weeks.

FREE 1st class when you reserve it, here.

Popular Flametree deals, including HALF price 10 pass.

Yoga Palmerston Darwin is not New Zealand’s Palmerston North

Flametree Yoga practice is in Australia, with Australian yoga teachers.

Below, there’s a few other things to note.

  • Flametree Yoga, at its Woolner studio, uses ropes and slings for a dynamic and fun version of aerial yoga.
  • At Palmerston Yoga, and Flametree’s other locations, your fitness level improves at a do-able rate.
  • In addition, you’ll see more personal growth, self awareness, & other improvements that give you a greater quality of life.
  • Any damage to soft tissues in the past are likely to steadily correct themselves. If not, get some customised hints from your teacher.
  • At our various venues, a yoga mat is provided, but feel free to also bring your own mat.
  • If you’re also engaged in conventional sporting endeavors, many improved results have been reported, such as this story about cycling, by Colin.
  • Whatever is your current position with strength, flexibility, and mindfulness, and more, try the best yoga in Palmerston and beyond.
  • Get top quality Palmerston massage and yoga alternatives & deals. The right yoga is the best alternative to massage. See Flametree’s top value deals.

Map of Flametree in City of Palmerston, Northern Territory, and more

  • Here is a Google Map of the Flametree Yoga Palmerston location, about half way along Essington Ave., from the corner of Chung Wah Tce., in Palmerston City.
  • At all Flametree locations, there is plenty of free parking, plus free wifi at the Woolner studio.
  • Flametree Palmerston is closed on public holidays, but the Woolner studio is usually open.
  • If you’re visiting Palmerston, or its satellite of Darwin, then try our generous newcomer deals as your fitness centre.
  • Flametree yoga provides much more rounded fitness and other benefits than you’ll get in an outdoor pool or Palmerston swimming centre.
  • For any questions, including class times and deals, reach out to Flametree’s customer service officers.

Get a pass, & reserve a class for Palmerston Yoga or far beyond

Those attending Palmerston Yoga classes can usually just turn up. If you’re new to the class, you can pay cash (or via online e-commerce) for a casual beginner class ($11).

If you come regularly, a ten class yoga pass, or a pay-by-the-week pass, will get you each class in the $4-9 each range. It depends on how many classes you do each week, as outlined on the page about the most popular passes.

To be sure of enough space in a class, please reserve the class you plan to attend, via the links at then end of this section.

Flametree locations, including for yoga classes Palmerston NT, have excellent and monitored air quality. as well as safe social distancing.

To get started, you can see the Flametree Yoga Timetable for all in-studio & online classes for beginners or non-beginners.

On the Flametree class reservation app, you can also see the class times as and when you reserve a class. (See the links below).

Once you reserve an online class, the ZOOM link for the class is immediately emailed to you.

Some of the most popular yoga deals, and the reservation app, are at the links below.

The Yoga Beginners Introduction runs every several weeks.

But you can also start beginner level classes at any time via some of the other packages below. The HALF price 10 class pack for newcomers is especially popular. You get 10 beginner yoga classes at just $4.95 each.

With any of these options, you get a wide range of Palmerston massage and yoga alternatives.

Summary of top Flametree Palmerston Yoga packages, plus reviews

So, get a yoga pass, and then reserve a class. Follow the links below for very attractive yoga prices and packages, as well as the class reservation app.

Reviews by others, including Palmerston yoga students

If you’re still not sure about our yoga classes Palmerston NT, read reviews of what customers say.

Get top quality Palmerston massage and yoga alternatives & deals. The right yoga is the best alternative to massage. So, see Flametree’s top value deals.

In addition, see the wide range of yoga benefits and the many conditions it has fixed or assisted.