Yoga In Darwin City Regions & Online Via Unlimited Weekly Beginner Pass. PLUS 2 Weeks Free Trial

$15.95 / week with a 2-week free trial

Yoga In Darwin City Regions & Online Via Unlimited Weekly Beginner Pass. PLUS 2 Weeks Free Trial

$15.95 / week with a 2-week free trial

A yoga for beginners pass for unlimited in-studio beginner level classes with a PAY-BY-THE WEEK SUBSCRIPTION. It’s for any of Flametree’s several studios in Darwin. Try yoga in Darwin Australia. (It includes online classes too. But if you only want online beginner classes, then see the even cheaper deal via the link in RED below.)

To buy this $15.95 weekly pass right now, click the “Sign Up Now” button below, & go straight to checkout.

Or see more about ONLINE WEEK-TO-WEEK beginners yoga deal at just $9.95 a week, including a free 2 weeks to start.

Beginner COURSE classes that you attend are included in both this pay-by-the-week deal for in-studio classes, as well as the pay by the week deal for online classes.

Or you can buy the 6 week beginner COURSE separately. (It’s $89 in the studio, and $37.50 for the online beginner course. Both packages also include 2 weeks free.).

In addition, the Yoga Beginners Introduction is a good option to get started with beginner yoga. It’s two classes for a total of 3 hours over a weekend, online or in-studio. It includes poses and background to set up up well to join whatever beginner class is most suitable, or even to join our higher level class.

Free 2 week trial included in pay-by-the week deals

This IN-STUDIO weekly pass, and the week-to-week passes, include an extra 2 weeks FREE.

You need to supply a credit / debit card number, but there is no charge made to the card until after the 14 day FREE trial.

There’s no obligation either. If you don’t proceed beyond the first 2 week FREE trial, just let us know and it costs you zero.

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Non-Beginner Deals

NON-BEGINNER introductory deal is 14 days online or in-studio, or both, for just $29.

Alternatively, see Non-Beginner ONLINE ONLY deal of 30 days for just $14.95 (for those new to Flametree or lapsed 6 months).

More about Beginner deals

Another good option is the DOUBLE BEGINNER yoga pass options for 2 beginner courses, at 25% OFF for each.

All these beginner level classes include options for Gentle Yoga, Back Neck & Shoulder Yoga, Women Only Yoga, & Restorative Yoga For Heart Health. See more below.

Studios across Darwin

Flametree Yoga Studio teaches yoga in Woolner, Palmerston, & Casuarina.

Details are in the Beginner Timetable.

Easy poses that all can do

The pictures on this page, and in the videos below, are examples of some of the many basic yoga postures you’ll learn. No flexibility is needed to start.

Poses for each class are adapted depending on who is in the class, and the type of beginner yoga class it is.

Classes are suitable for all ages, genders, and fitness levels. Try it with 2 weeks FREE, & no obligation to continue.

For more information, scroll to the bottom of this page to see short videos of some yoga for beginner poses, their benefits, & the beginner deals.

The videos include Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Back, Neck & Shoulders, & Kim’s story of how she got into yoga. (Kim is one of Flametree’s teachers).

Try the Beginner IN-STUDIO WEEK-TO-WEEK Deal

If you don’t proceed beyond the first 2 week FREE trial, just let us know and it costs you zero.

For this $15.95 per week in-the-studio beginner 2 week FREE trial deal…

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Best Beginner Yoga In Darwin City & regions (& online). Check Out This Beginner Class Pass Option.

It’s for Beginners Yoga in Darwin City & Regions “In-Studio” Beginner Yoga Pass. It’s an excellent option to try the best yoga in Darwin Australia.

You get a 2 week FREE beginner trial, money back guarantee, & high quality yoga.

You can start anytime… at any class, in any week. Your pass will activate from the first class you attend.

If you want to buy this pass, click the “Sign Up Now” button above, and go straight to checkout.

Other options are Beginner Online Only, or Combined In-studio & Online Beginners

If it suits you better, check out the online only weekly pass, OR the combined online & in-studio pass.

In addition, if you wish, scroll down to see short videos of poses you’ll learn at any of Flametree’s beginner classes.

At the very end of this page, you’ll find some very easy steps to set up so you can do yoga online at home.

If you’re doing yoga at home in any form, consider getting at least a few yoga props.

Done yoga recently? Then try these cheap, introductory NON-BEGINNER DEALS

Consider the unlimited NON-beginner yoga for 14 days, for just $29 in total.

Or, get 30 days of unlimited ONLINE NON-beginner yoga for just $14.95

Darwin yoga space

Chris Lalor, an accredited Senior Yoga Teacher, and owner of Flametree, demonstrates a beginner pose with a a chair. Flametree also offer regular workshops, annual training, and some community activities. Flametree is the NT’s home of quality yoga. You can do weekly classes yoga, or other yoga practices for people of all ages. If you wish, some also start with private classes, or use them for special conditions. 

This IN-STUDIO pass starts with 2 week FREE trial

As soon as you have bought the pass, you get the two weeks of free classes.

You’ll need a credit or debit card for the 2 week free trial, but there’s no charge until you’ve done your 2 free weeks.

If you don’t want to continue during or after the trial, just let us know via the Customer Service contacts at the bottom of this page.

The first paid week of classes will start at the end of the two free weeks.

You also get a money back guarantee for that first paid week of the pass.

So that means there is absolutely no risk to you. You can try out beginner yoga and see if it works for you.

Beginner COURSE included in any week it’s running

Flametree runs regular beginner yoga courses at its 4 Darwin studios.

With this in-studio pass, you can attend this in-studio beginner yoga course, in any week it is running.

Otherwise, you simply attend the Beginner LEVEL classes that run each and every week.

The beginner level classes are structured so you can attend them with or without doing the formal beginner course.

Yoga is taught in the Iyengar yoga style, with easy, introductory beginner poses.

If you need it, here’s more information on the numerous benefits of yoga.

Good location for yoga in Darwin City & regions

You can use this in-studio yoga pass at any of Flametree’s Darwin, Australia, studios.

The main yoga studio is at 19B Bishop St., Woolner (beside Parap).

There’s also many beginners yoga classes each week online.

In addition, there are beginner yoga classes at Palmerston NT, and Casuarina NT.

Please check the beginner timetable for times and exact locations.

If you want to add online beginners yoga classes so you can also do beginner yoga at home, then check out this combined online and in-studio pass.

The TIMETABLE for all beginner classes is via the class reservations app below, or find the yoga class timetable here.

Try yoga in Darwin Australia.

To get this beginner pass now, click the “Sign Up Now” button above, and go straight to checkout.

beginner yoga near me

Stuart demonstrates an inverted pose. It’s good for energy and calming. Flametree has a focus on good alignment principles for your physical health. Poses also work on your hormonal systems. Just turn up at the yoga class time, watch the teacher’s demonstrations, and then do the poses. You’ll rapidly feel the benefits. Flametree Yoga Darwin, at Bishop Street, Woolner, plus Palmerston and Casuarina, offers the widest range of class styles, and the best deals you’ll find. 

Classes at $4 a class or lower

This pass can be used for any mix of the beginner classes in Flametree’s two Darwin yoga studios.

There’s no need to do the same classes each week.

As you go to many classes, your per class price is very low. For example, if you come to just 3 classes a week (including the free trial weeks), it works out to an average of about $4 a class.

Even easier Yoga for Beginners classes are available

If you want easier than average classes, try any of this group of classes. We sometimes call them “pre-beginner classes”. They can also be done with this beginner yoga in-studio pass.

With the yoga class options listed above, you have special focus yoga near me options that are otherwise almost impossible to find online.

Once you’ve done six weeks of beginner yoga, you can check out the two weekly Breath Meditation classes, with or without yoga. It’s top quality meditation on the breath (aka pranayama). It will strongly complement your practice of yoga.

Other than the Women Only class, ladies and gentlemen of all ages use the above optional classes. They are especially good for the stiffness that afflicts all ages in these times.

Buy a pass & then book a class for the best deal for yoga in Darwin Australia

This pass is bought and paid weekly via a debit or credit card.

Once you’ve bought a pass, reserve your spot in each class, and see the timetable, here.

For all packages, please choose a class that is suitable for your levels of skills. That will make it easy on you, and also is considerate of others in the class.

To get this pass now, click the “Sign Up Now” button on this current page, above, and go straight to checkout.

Online only option, or COMBINED online & in-studio option

Beginner (& non-beginner) classes are also online. With the online yoga option, you’ve always got “yoga near me”, even when you can get to yoga in Darwin city.

Online classes, or combined online and in-studio classes, are especially good options for Palmerston, Casuarina, & remote areas.

So two other popular weekly payment options are:

Another option is a Beginner 10 pass package. You get online and in-studio classes for $9.90 each.

Learn more about all beginner deal options, including casual beginner classes.

yoga in darwin city

Kim, in this easy beginner yoga pose, is one of Flametree’s yoga teachers. Flametree has a supportive environment, and teaches top quality yoga. You’ll get a wide range of classes, quality teaching, and (if you want) opportunities for personal growth via yoga. We offer classes that suit whatever levels of experience you may or may not have with yoga. The yoga is online, as well as in beautiful studios across Darwin, Australia. 

No lock-in, & pause at any time

  • This pass is for one person only, and is not transferable.
  • The pass continues by direct debit each week. but there’s no lock in contract or fixed term.
  • The pass can be paused, changed to another package, or cancelled at any time (although there are no part weeks).
  • There are no refund or credits on part weeks you may have used, and no make-ups carried over week to week.
  • If you are sick, or on holidays etc, please advise us to pause, or downgrade your pass.

Easy steps to set up for online beginner yoga classes

Getting set up for beginner yoga will also help if there are lockdowns, now or later, in your region. Here’s how to get started.

  1. Get the ZOOM Client app on your phone, iPad or PC.
  2. Reserve your beginner class by following the links at (for most beginner classes).
  3. When it’s time for the class, follow the link for the beginner class that will be emailed to you when you book.
  4. Position the camera, on our phone or PC so the teacher can see you. (You can also leave your camera off if you like, but then the teacher can’t give you as much helpful feedback).

Feel free to call our Customer Service Team. They can talk you through any of the above steps, or give you any other help you need. The contacts for the Team are on the bottom right of this page.

If you’re looking for top yoga for beginners, then this yoga beginner program is the best you’ll find.

With four studios, and online yoga, it’s also an excellent option for “yoga classes near me”.  You’ll get easy yoga, at a beginner yoga level that works for you. With the many options offered by Flametree, you’ll find a “beginner yoga class near me” at an unmatched quality and price.

Don’t take just our word for it, use the free 2-week trial, and a money back guarantee, to make sure you get the many yoga benefits available.

Best yoga in whole region of Darwin City Australia

To get this beginner pass now, click the “Sign Up Now” button above, and go straight to checkout.

If you’re still looking for more information, please consider why and how to choose a studio.

Videos on beginner yoga benefits and deals

Still thinking about beginner yoga? Check out these videos of some beginner poses, their benefits, & the beginner deals.

Gentle Yoga Classes

The Beginner Course, and weekly beginner class deals include two Gentle Yoga Classes each week. This video tells you more about Gentle Yoga. You’ll also get a feel for Flametree’s serene atmosphere. These yoga poses will help physical health, as well as your nervous system. Flametree offers a Darwin yoga space, and lifestyle support, that is world class.  Check out this video to get a sense of it all.

Video on Flametree’s Beginner Yoga NT Deals, including online.

Flametree is the NT’s place for the widest range of beginner class options, and best deals for beginners. This video tells you more it’s introductory deals.

Still thinking about beginner yoga NT? Check out these videos of some beginner poses, their benefits, & the beginner deals.

To get this beginner pass now, click the “Sign Up Now” button above, and go straight to checkout.

Video on benefits of beginner yoga NT

At Flametree, all equipment and mats are provided. If you wish, you can of course have a BYO mat. Use the free two weeks with this deal to try our yoga Territory style. Or use our gift cards for getting a loved one involved.

Kim’s video story of her journey into yoga NT in Darwin Australia

Kim is one teacher of beginner classes. She teaches yoga in Darwin city and online.

To get this beginner pass now, click the “Sign Up Now” button above, and go straight to checkout.

Raj’s video story of how yoga in Darwin city fixed his back.

Check it out, & try any mix of the several yoga space options at Flametree, or the online classes, or both.

Looking for “yoga studios near me”, but not close to the Darwin region?

If you’re looking for something like “yoga classes near me”, and you’re not in the Darwin Australia region, then try Flametree’s yoga online.

Many students who can reach any of Flametree’s in-studio classes, also choose to do at least some classes online. Online yoga classes work very well, and give you an extra convenience and effectiveness.

Flametree Yoga offers a wide range of online yoga class deals, for beginners & non-beginners.

Non-beginner online yoga deals start as low as $15 (AUD) for 30 days of unlimited non-beginner yoga. They’re perfect for experienced asana practitioners to try out a new yoga class provider.

There are five different levels of yoga classes online, from Beginner Yoga Level to Advanced Yoga. Some yoga passes also include yoga videos.

In addition, there is a wide range of Special Focus Classes such as Gentle Yoga, Yoga For Immune System, Women Only Yoga,  Yoga for Back Neck & Shoulders, Fifty Plus Yoga, Get Up & Go aerobic intensity yoga, Breath Meditation (Pranayama), & Restorative Yoga.

Several of the Special Focus classes are for any level of student skills, but some are only for non-beginners. The above links, and the timetable, give you more detail.

Each Flametree online yoga class has excellent quality of sound, and high-definition video pictures. In addition, Flametree’s Iyengar style teachers are highly trained to deliver audio instructions that allow you to do a pose more easily, in a way that gets you the most yoga benefits

NON-beginners: $15 (AUD) for 30 days of unlimited non-beginner yoga.

To get this BEGINNER pass now, click the “Sign Up Now” button above, and go straight to checkout.