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Women Only Classes

Women Only Classes-We offer two classes. One is a Beginner level class. It runs on a Wednesday afternoon 4.15pm -5.15pm.And the other is a  Mixed level class to  suit Transition to Intermediate and above students. It runs on a Tuesday evening from 7.30pm-8.45pm.Both classes are taught by Chris

Both classes seeks to help women find balance in the way they live.Women live very busy lives. They have multiple roles and often the struggle of family, and work leads to exhaustion and frustration. Biologically women face specific issues;the physiological and hormonal changes that occur monthly and with age as they progress to and beyond menopause bring their own set of unique problems and internal conflicts.

These classes will show women how to use asana and pranayama to find physical and mental well being. In each class there will be women of all different ages. some will be menstruating regularly , others will be peri menopausal ,some menopausal and some will be post menopausal. There will specific poses given to each group as well as a group of poses that will be able to be practiced by the whole group.