Yoga for women only classes are available for beginners and non-beginners. The classes also include good options for yoga for period pain, and menopause. Hear certified yoga teachers explain matters you’ll only hear about in yoga classes for ladies only. Plus do the poses recommended in regular classes online or in-studio. They you can be sure the poses are built into your regular weekly routine.

In other words, the Women Only classes focus on poses that a woman of any age should do regularly to maximise female health.

Attending class, online or in-studio, or via yoga video, is the best way to ensure you learn the poses, and do them regularly.

The poses are suitable for all phases of a woman’s life cycle.

You’ll get many physical and mental benefits from regular Women Only yoga.

Start beginner yoga, including Women Only yoga, via the Beginner Course package deal, or easy weekly payments.

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Survey shows female health concerns

In 2019, a survey of 10,000 Australian women had worrying findings. More than 40 per cent of women said they had been previously diagnosed with anxiety disorder or depression.

In addition, the survey also said that a “concerning” number of all ages had trouble sleeping. Many worried “excessively about different things”.

The study also found the biggest health concerns of women across all ages were:

  • menopause
  • period pain
  • cardiovascular disease
  • breast cancer
  • bowel health, and
  • painful physical intimacy.

Younger women in the study were also concerned about fertility, and endometriosis.

Clearly, there is much that can be addressed that is of particular concern to women. Issues include both physical and mental well-being.

Flametree’s weekly Women Only yoga classes will address many of these issues. You’ll learn yoga postures, get commentary from the teacher in class, and be able to participate in questions and answers.

There are things you can only comfortably talk about in yoga classes for ladies only.

Many of Flametree’s other regular weekly yoga and breath meditation classes also help with addressing these women’s issues. They also provide additional time for focussed practise of what you’ll learn in these classes for women.

Busy lives lead to exhaustion & frustration

Women live very busy lives. They have multiple roles and often the struggle of family, and work, leads to exhaustion and frustration.

Biologically, women also face specific issues. First, they face the physiological and hormonal changes that occur monthly.

Second, they face changes and challenges with age as they progress to and beyond menopause.

These challenges bring their own set of unique problems and internal conflicts.

Flametree’s Women Only classes also help women find more calm and balance in the way they live. Plus, as discussed, it’s a class as address their specific health concerns for women, via yoga.

Yoga for women only in the BEGINNER packages, including 2 weeks FREE.

NON-BEGINNERS: Including  yoga classes for ladies only. Get $29 for 14 days unlimited.

Weekly Women Only classes for Beginners & Non-Beginners

Each week, Flametree has two Women Only classes.

These classes will show women how to use asana (yoga postures) and pranayama (breath meditation) to find physical and mental well-being.

In each class there will be women of all different ages. Some will be menstruating regularly, others will be perimenopausal, some menopausal and some will be post-menopausal.

So there will specific poses given to each group. There’ll also be a group of poses that will be able to be practised by the whole group. It will include yoga for period pain.

The main difference between the beginner and non-beginner classes is that the beginner postures will be limited to easy, introductory poses.

No matter where you are located, use our online classes to get your own “ladies only yoga near me”. Or if your in Darwin, Australia, come along to the studio.

Time and location of classes, including yoga for period pain

Both of the weekly Women Only classes are simultaneously live online and in-studio (in Darwin, NT, Australia). A selection of the classes are also available in Flametree’s On-Demand option.

Both in-studio classes are at 19b Bishop Street, Woolner, Darwin.

One Women Only class is suitable for beginners and above. It runs on a Wednesday afternoon 4.15pm-5.15pm. It’s taught by certified Iyengar yoga teacher, Belinda Hoult.

The other is a mixed level class to suit Transition to Intermediate and above students. It runs on a Tuesday evening from 7.30pm-8.45pm. It’s taught by Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Chris Lalor.

Women Only classes include more restorative yoga poses than the average yoga classes. There’s more about the restorative yoga style here.

yoga for period pain

Using props makes yoga accessible & effective

Separate information on menopause and menstruation

At these links, Flametree has addressed yoga for menopause or menstruation with substantial further information. There is also some details of the yoga poses taught and used in the Women Only yoga classes.

At Flametree’s page of links about the various benefits of yoga, you can see various links that you may find especially relevant to this topic.

There’s also a range of useful articles in the Flametree yoga Blog. 

Or see stories frome women about how yoga for women has helped Wayan or Chris.

Beginner & Non-Beginner Yoga & Breath Meditation Deals, including, or leading to this type of Special Focus class:

yoga classes for ladies

Imaginary “Tail tucking” is something to avoid, says the author of “Pelvic Liberation”. It’s one of many issues you’ll learn to avoid.