Beginner Online Pass & Free 2 Week Trial. Best of “yoga studios near me”

USD$6.62 / week with a 2-week free trial

Beginner Online Pass & Free 2 Week Trial. Best of “yoga studios near me”

USD$6.62 / week with a 2-week free trial

A yoga pass for unlimited ONLINE ONLY beginner level classes each week. You pay for online classes by the week, as you go. Get any of 8 beginner classes a week at $1.24 a class! Start anytime.

Please note that this pass is only available to you if you’ve already used either a half price newcomer beginner 10 class pass, or any other bought package (such as the Yoga Introduction), and you then commence this direct debit pay-by-the-week beginner yoga subscription below.

These pay-by-the-week deals are debited weekly. You can pause or cancel anytime. These are the lowest cost, best value packages for regular, beginner students.

This low cost, high value packages will debit until you pause it or cancel it. (For instance, they’re like a Netflix subscription). If you don’t attend, the cost of the classes you miss, for whatever period, is NON-refundable. 

The weekly direct debits start and continue on the day of the week that you first start them.

The 2 week free component is only available to you once, no matter how many times you stop and start a weekly packages.

To go straight to check out, click the “Sign Up Now” button at the end of this section.

Alternatively, see the IN-THE-STUDIO beginners deal (in up to 3 Darwin studios), for just $15.95 a week.

If you’re still undecided, and you are a newcomer to Flametree, reserve your class, and then try a first online class totally FREE. 

Another low cost, very flexible option is the Beginner online ten pass. 

In addition, the Yoga Beginners Introduction is a good option to get started with beginner yoga. It’s two classes for a total of 3 hours over a weekend, online or in-studio. It includes poses and background to set up up well to join whatever beginner class is most suitable, or even to join our higher level class.

Free 2 week trial included in this pass

As we said, this ONLINE weekly pass, includes a 2 weeks FREE trial.

You need to supply a credit / debit card number. But with this weekly plan, there is no charge made to the card until after the 14 day FREE trial.

There’s no obligation either. If you don’t proceed beyond the first 2 week FREE trial, just let us know and it costs you zero. But, as above, before you get this pass, you must have done some type of paid yoga package at Flametree. Some of those package, such as the Yoga Introduction above, include free classes.

In other word, this package is a trial of a subscription process, and not just a free yoga trial.

To get this pass now, click the “Sign Up Now” button below, and go straight to checkout.

Non-Beginner deals

If you’ve done yoga in the recent past, try these top non-beginner deals.

See the NON-BEGINNER deal, where you get 14 days unlimited non-beginner classes for only AUS$29.

It’s for those new to Flametree, or lapsed 6 months.

Alternatively, see the Non-Beginner ONLINE ONLY deal of 30 days for just $14.95.

Unlimited beginner classes with many options

All Beginner passes include options for Beginner Gentle Yoga, Back Neck & Shoulder Yoga, & Easy Restorative Yoga.

The pictures on this page show some of the many beginner (Iyengar) yoga poses that you’ll learn.

No flexibility is needed to start!

All postures are easy beginner poses that all can do.

In the LIVE interaction with you, the teacher can give you particular variations of the poses as needed.

If you want, scroll to the bottom of this page to see short VIDEOS of some beginner poses, their benefits, & the beginner deals.

Start this Beginner Weekly ONLINE Deal as soon as you like

If you don’t proceed beyond the first 2 week FREE trial, just let us know and it costs you zero.

For the above $9.95 per week, unlimited LIVE ONLINE ONLY beginner classes each week, with a 2 week FREE trial to start.

Click the “Sign Up Now” button to go straight to checkout. Or learn more below.


Online Beginning Yoga Classes Pass for LIVE online yoga.

Want the best of “yoga studios near me”? FREE online beginning yoga classes are part of this pass, via the FREE 2 weeks you get at the start of the pass. A top option to get you beginners yoga near me.

It is a weekly pass for any of Flametree Yoga’s many LIVE online beginner classes each week.

The pass starts with the two-week FREE trial. As soon as you buy the pass, you get 2 weeks of free beginning yoga classes online.

The paid week of online classes will then start at the end of the 2 weeks of free beginning yoga classes online.

If you don’t proceed beyond the first 2 weeks, just let us know and it costs you zero dollars.

You also get a money back guarantee for that first paid week of the pass.

So there is absolutely no risk to you. You can try out free beginning yoga classes online and see what you think.

Alternatively, if you’ve done yoga in the relatively recent past, try the NON-BEGINNER DEAL with 14 days unlimited non-beginner classes, for just $29.

It’s hatha yoga taught in the Iyengar yoga style.

Here’s the Online Beginner Timetable. You can also see it via the class reservations app.

If you need it, here’s more information on the numerous benefits of yoga.

For beginners yoga near me, then nothing is closer than doing yoga at home!

If you want to get this pass now, click the “SIGN UP NOW” button above, and go straight to checkout.

free beginning yoga classes online

You’ll learn easy poses that all can do. In this picture, Kim, who is a Flametree yoga instructor, demonstrates how to use blocks in an easy forward bend pose. Online yoga is convenient, safe, and excellent value. You’ll also get a convenient timetable with a wide range of optional classes, like Gentle Yoga, Backcare Yoga, Women’s Health Yoga, and Restorative Yoga For Heart Health. There are also prenatal yoga options. You work a the skill levels that suit you. Try 2 weeks free, starting now. Use the trial to make up your own mind about the if we are the best yoga studio. 

Online beginner course included each time it runs

Flametree runs regular beginner yoga courses online.

With this online week-to-week pass, you can attend this online beginner yoga course, in any week it is running.

At other times, you simply attend the Beginner LEVEL classes that run each and every week.

The beginner level classes are structured so you can attend them with or without doing the formal beginner course.

That means you can start this online weekly pass at any time. You’ll learn lots in each week you attend some mix of online classes.

LIVE online classes for the practice of yoga

LIVE online classes mean that the teacher can see you and hear you as you do the class.

You can of course turn off your video, so the you can hear and see the teacher, but the teacher can’t see you.

If the teacher can see you, you’ll get ongoing feedback and guidance during the class.

The feedback is discretely done in a very helpful manner, so as to cause no embarrassment.

You’ll also be able to hear the teacher giving feedback based on what they are generally seeing others do in the same LIVE class. Many of the teachers comments and instructions will be useful to you as well.

If appropriate, the teacher will also give you on-the-spot alternative postures that may be more appropriate for any situation or condition you are managing.

If you want to get this pass now, click the “SIGN UP NOW” button above, and go straight to checkout.


Whatever your fitness level, use the 2 week free trial to try developing a yoga practice at Flametree Yoga. At the Flametree studio space, you’ll work with a wonderful instructor. They have completed extensive teacher training at Flametree with Chris Lalor. She is a certified yoga teacher with over 12,000 hours of training. It’s all part of why Flametree is one of the best yoga studios you’ll find. Another option is to at least start with Flametree’s private sessions.

$2.21 per class or lower from the best of “yoga studios near me”

This pass can be used for any mix of the online beginner classes.

There’s no need to do the same beginner online classes each week.

As you will have the option to go to many classes, your per class price is very low.

For example, if you come to just 3 classes a week (including the 2 free trial weeks), it works out to an average of about $2.21 a class.

Even easier online beginning yoga classes are available

If you want easier than average classes, try any of this group of classes. We sometimes call them “pre-beginner classes”.

They can also be done with this online beginning yoga classes pass.

If you wish, there’s more about each of these classes, & other beginner classes, at the “Class Types” tab on this site.

Remember, if you want beginners yoga near me, then nothing is closer than doing yoga at home!

To get this pass now, click the “SIGN UP NOW” button above, and go straight to checkout.

free beginning yoga classes online

Preparation for Tree Pose. Used in Gentle Yoga and Back, Neck & Shoulder Yoga. With many easy class options, and a convenient range to classes, Flametree gives you a unique experience of beginner yoga. New students can start anytime. Use the free trial to try one of the best studios you’ll find. Chris, Flametree’s Senior teacher, in the picture, is a firm believer that people of all walks of life should be able to access easy yoga. She has created a welcoming space online and in-studio.

Buy a pass then book a class at Flametree

This pass is bought and paid weekly by an automatic transaction via a debit or credit card.

You can pause or stop it at any time, as outlined further below.

Once you’ve bought a pass, reserve your spot in each class, and see the timetable, at the beginner class reservations page.

For all packages, please choose a class that is suitable for your levels of skills. That will make it easy on you, and also is considerate of others in the class.

To get this pass now, click the “Sign Up Now” button above, and go straight to checkout. Then reserve your first beginner class.

If you want to get this pass now, click the “SIGN UP NOW” button above, and go straight to checkout.

yoga near me

Chris demonstrates the easy poses done in options like Gentle Yoga. It’s one of the types of class in you’ll see in the videos below, and in Flametree’s YouTube channel and YouTube videos. Classes also include options very similar to yin yoga, plus a little bit of corepower yoga, preparatory arm balances, and strength training. The two weeks free access allows you to check out all these options. Advanced yogis should also consider our non-beginner deal (30 unlimited for $14.95). For beginners, we always use English names, such as salute to the sun instead of surya namaskars. If your best friends are also considering yoga, then the HALF PRICE ten pass deal is also a good option.

Other payment options

Beginner IN-STUDIO classes are in Flametree’s 3 studios in Darwin Australia (at CBD, Woolner & Palmerston). So, if you wish, you can do some in the studio, and some at home, or a combination.

So two other popular weekly payment options are:

  • Unlimited IN-STUDIO weekly beginner classes, including Special Focus classes for $15.95 a week. Buy or learn more 
  • Ultimate (COMBINED) Unlimited IN-STUDIO & ONLINE weekly beginner classes, including Special Focus classes for $19.95 a week. Buy or learn more 

OR, see all beginner deal optionsincluding ten passes, and casual classes.

No lock-in, & pause at any time

  • This pass is for one person only, and is not transferable.
  • The pass continues by automatic debit each week. But there’s no lock in contractor fixed term.
  • The pass can be paused, changed to another package, or cancelled with 2 days notice. Just reach out to Customer Service at the contacts at the bottom of this page.
  • There are no refund or no credits on part weeks you may have used, and no make-ups carried over week to week.
  • If you are sick, or on holidays etc, please advise us to pause, or downgrade your pass.
near me options

Kim demonstrates easy restorative yoga. With classes available 6 days a week, Beginners get almost daily classes. You can use physical asana (or postures) to achieve your fitness goals, plus much more. Once you’ve done at least 6 weeks of beginner yoga, you can also try ten free breath meditation classes. All Flametree’s group classes are a great way for first time yoga students to take part in a yoga community. Best of all, you won’t get the stiff muscles that come from starting with power yoga, or other inappropriate options for beginners. In Flametree’s welcoming environment, you’ll get personal training. It’s done by adapting classes for whoever is in each particular class. Over time, it will deliver a total body makeover. 

Easy steps to set up for beginner online classes (Iyengar style). 

Setting up for beginner yoga online will also help if there are lock-downs or movement restrictions, now or later, in your region. Here’s how to get started.

  1. Get the ZOOM Client app on your computer, phone, iPad. (Bigger screens, like a laptop, are best).
  2. Reserve your beginner class via the links at .
  3. At class time, follow the beginner class link that you’ll get emailed, as soon as you reserve the class.
  4. Set up the camera, on your phone or PC, so the teacher can see you. (Leave your camera off if you prefer, but then the teacher can’t give you feedback).

If you need, contact our Customer Service Team. They can take you through any of the above steps. The Team contacts are on the bottom right of this page.

If you’re still looking for more information, please consider why and how to choose a studio.

To get this pass now, click the “SIGN UP NOW” button above, and go straight to checkout.

free beginning yoga classes online

If you have either no yoga experience, or a low yoga skill level, the this unlimited beginner pass even allows almost daily practice. It’s all for less than $10 (Australian) a week. That’s another reason to consider if you want the best online yoga classes. With a related pass, you can also ongoingly get new videos of yoga classes at this beginner level. It’s part of Flametree’s on demand classes. If you have a busy schedule, doing yoga at home in your living room is very convenient and effective. Flametree’s online courses are included in this pass. These virtual yoga classes, via live streams, with unlimited access, and learning new poses regularly, will give you huge benefits.

With online, you’ve always got “beginner yoga near me”.

If you’re looking for “Beginner Yoga Near Me” or just “Yoga Near Me”, or any version of it, then this is a great option.

That’s because you can keep up your classes at home, or when you travel. So this is where unlimited beginner classes are especially wonderful.

And it’s also why this pass is a top option to get you beginners yoga near me.

To get this online beginner pass now, click the “SIGN UP NOW” button above, and go straight to checkout.

yoga studios near me

A Flametree student in Triangle pose. Flametree yoga instructors will also come to your location for a private session for small groups, or whatever class size or fitness levels you have. Whatever your needs, get in touch with Flametree Yoga center. At the studio, our ropes and slings also give you an Iyengar version of aerial yoga. Stay in touch as there are also special events, and weekend workshops, on key topics. In addition, there are Experienced Classes for the advanced student or advanced practitioner. With the backing of the science of yoga, you’ll always learn a new way to extend your skills. Try our top notch and knowledgeable instructors. 

Video on benefits of this beginner yoga near me option.

All the yoga benefits outline here are available in easy weekly instalments. They start after the 2 week free trial. Its much more flexible than monthly membership.

If you wish, private instruction is also available.

Gentle Yoga. Another of the class types that are part of your beginner practice with this pay-by-the-week pass.

The Beginner Course, and weekly beginner class deals include several Gentle Yoga Classes each week. The video below tells you more about Gentle Yoga.

Gentle Yoga is part of the variety of classes in Flametree’s beginner level.

It can be accessed in the LIVE online classes that you get as part of your virtual classes with this pass.

It’s also been called a slow flow yoga class. It’s just one of the various styles of yoga class that all beginners can access.

If you’ve ever done vinyasa yoga, but have not been practising recently, we suggest you try out at least the 2 weeks free trial. You’ll be able to see whether Flametree’s beginner or non-beginner level suits you best.

So if you’re looking for best of “yoga studios near me”, then you’ve found it.

Kim’s video story of her beginner journey.

Kim, in the video below, is one experienced teacher of beginner classes. Flametree offers you a supportive community of yoga teachers.

At the studio, all equipment is provided. If you’re at home or work, it definitely helps to have a non-slip yoga mat. Most other props can be improvised. In this post, there’s more information about props. For beginner yoga, you certainly don’t need hot yoga in a heated room! In the beginning, you’ll be learning simple, easy beginner poses. There’ll be nothing challenging (such as power flow, power yoga, or vinyasa flow level that you may have heard about).

However, there are options for advanced students.

Moreover, Flametree does offer yoga therapy. Please reach out to us via the Customer Service Contacts.

Raj’s video story of how beginner classes fixed his back is below.

For many of those looking for “yoga studios near me” or “beginners near me”, Flametree’s Back Neck & Shoulder class has become one of their favorites.

It’s available in all the beginner class packages. If you have a particularly bad condition, then also consider private classes as another way to get started.

In this class, as well as Gentle Yoga, you’ll also find a lot of chair yoga.

Over time, among the various specialty classes, you’ll find the perfect class, or classes, for wherever you are at.

From Flametree’s various styles of hatha yoga, you’ll find peace of mind, fitness, calmness, and much more.

In the video below, Raj quickly tells how Flametree Yoga transformed his daily life, from his first class onwards.

Video on Flametree’s Beginner Yoga NT Deals, including online

Try any mix of the 3 in-the-studio yoga space options at Flametree, or the online classes, or both. In holiday periods, there’s also beginner’s workshops that you’ll be notified about. For now, if you want nearme yoga, try Flametree’s convenient online beginner classes. Try a class option that gives you mental and physical health, plus any other sensory yoga experience you may want.

Flametree classes give you a wellness center, as well as a powerful option for personal growth.

By the way, if you want yoga nidra, then try the restorative yoga taught at Saturdays at 4pm. Try our free beginning yoga classes online now, or reserve a class for later.

If you want to get this ONLINE BEGINNER pass now, click the “SIGN UP NOW” button above, & go straight to checkout.

Are you ready to try your ONLINE “beginners yoga near me”? The free trial is an easy option to get started, with no risk to you.

Remember, online yoga is an excellent opportunity to have the best version of “beginners yoga near me”. You can take the class with you wherever you go.  Do yoga at home, at work, or in your travels.

If you don’t proceed beyond the first 2 weeks, just let us know and it costs you zero.

Don’t be alarmed at the poses done in some of those videos. Many are showing advanced yoga poses. If you try these options to get you beginners yoga near me, you’ll only learn EASY beginner poses.

Want beginners near me? Then try Flametree. Its the best of “yoga studios near me” for yoga classes online.

Free beginning yoga classes online

Flametree teachers have many more hours of teacher training than most studios. So they are among the best teachers you’ll you’ll find.

As a result, your yoga home practice will help you quickly reach any specific goal you want. For example, the benefits of online yoga classes that you will get can include weight loss, mental health, more of a mind-body connection, upper body strength, reducing low back pain, general physical strength, or whatever.

Your online yoga practice at Flametree, with unlimited access to different styles of yoga, via our live stream classes, are the perfect option of online fitness classes for the complete beginner.

Try it, starting with 2 weeks of unlimited beginner yoga for FREE.

To get this ONLINE beginners pass right now, click the “SIGN UP NOW” button above, & go straight to checkout.

What students say Flametree is the best of “yoga studios near me”

If you’re still not sure about yoga, check out reviews of what customers say about their yoga classes at Flametree.

In addition, see the wide range of benefits they say they have received from both online or in-the-studio yoga at Flametree.

Or come along to the next Yoga Beginners Introduction.

Want beginners near me? Then try Flametree. Its the best of “yoga studios near me”.

To get this ONLINE beginners pass right now, click the “SIGN UP NOW” button above, & go straight to checkout.

Try our free beginning yoga classes online now.


In your “beginners yoga near me”, breathing exercises will be built into the different poses. Your initial free yoga classes with this deal are also a perfect time and perfect place to experiment with our yoga styles. It’s a good idea to see what suits your individual needs best. Maybe you want a slower pace? Or maybe a more dynamic practice? In your free trial, the important thing is to use the unlimited beginner class deal to see what type of yoga suits your entire body. As an absolute beginner, Flametrees free trials are the best way to try a variety of yoga classes to see the class styles that work best for you. Try our free beginning yoga classes online now.