Flametree’s Online & In-Studio Yoga Class Levels, Options, & Deals

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Yoga Beginners Introduction.

Yoga classes options online or in-studio, including for Palmerston yoga students. See more at that link, or below, on the best options for yoga Palmerston NT. In addition, check out the best Darwin yoga studio and it’s deals.

Depending on your locations, see more details of a top package and class times for Casuarina yoga beginner students.

Or, see more details of Darwin yoga beginner deals.

It’s best to attend a class at your level

Flametree teaches yoga in 5 levels:

  1. Beginner
  2. Transition to Intermediate (or Trans)
  3. Intermediate (also called Level 1 in Iyengar studios)
  4. Experienced (also called Level 2 in Iyengar studios)
  5. Advanced (also called Level 3 in Iyengar studios).

When you look at the timetable, you’ll also see that some classes are combined levels.

It’s best to attend classes at your level of yoga skills. (There’s also more about this below).

When you attend a yoga class that is at your level of skills, you’ll get the most benefits, and learn the most.

You’ll also avoid de-motivating yourself, by being faced with classes that are more of a challenge than you may want!

Beginners don’t need to be flexible!

Yoga can be done by any age, size of level of flexibility. For the beginner level, you don’t have to be flexible!

It’s assumed that those starting beginners have a very low level of fitness, strength or flexibility.

Poses are easy introductory poses that all can do.

We know that many start yoga at least partly because they are NOT flexible. That’s OK! Beginners usually want to get more flexible, plus get the many other benefits that yoga offers.

The teacher will also adjust poses to who is actually in each class, or offer alternatives, or both.

Non-beginners usually do a first class at trans level

Unless you are highly experienced, non-beginners should aim to start at the TRANS level or above.

Click on the sub-menu items under this “Class Types” tab to see more details of any class level or type.

Flametree teaches in the Iyengar yoga style. Poses are likely to be more challenging than you have probably done in other yoga styles.

(You’ll also get even more benefit from the poses, because you’ll be doing them in a way that better activates glands, hormones & more).

So, as a non-beginner, when you first come to Flametree, it’s usually best to at least do one or more poses at the TRANS level, or Trans / Intermediate level.

It is also considerate to others, so you don’t disturb their class with the extra help you may well need from the teacher.

If you’re unsure about what level is best for you, either ask a teacher, or contact us, or come along and check it out (at the Trans level).

You can always quickly move around between levels, and class types, to see what class and / or teachers work best for you.

Information especially for Palmerston yoga students & other driving to & from the Darwin region

Palmerston yoga students find these things especially convenient about yoga classes with Flametree

  • There is large timetable of both online and in-studio classes
  • Online & in-studio classes can be mixed in any combination you want
  • Flametree has 4 studios… Palmerston, Casuarina, Woolner (on the edge of Winnellie), & one in the CBD
  • Students who work in the city do classes among the 4 studios & at home.

Special focus classes have some mixes

Flametree also has classes with a Special Focus. These classes are also useful to any yoga student at that level.

The Beginner Special Focus classes are all taught at a mixed Beginner and Open level.

There are also some Special Focus classes that are only for non-beginners. This is the level we call Non-Beginner Mixed level, or Open Level.

The Beginner Special Focus classes are

  • Easy Restorative,
  • Women Only,
  • Backcare,
  • Gentle Yoga.

These classes are suitable for either Beginner or Open level, and the teacher will adjust poses, or give alternatives, as needed.

Students with some experience can even get a lot from several of these Beginner & Open Special Focus classes.

For example, Intermediate or above students sometimes attend these classes.

Click on the sub-menu items under this “Class Types” tab to see more details of any class level or type.

Get a pass, & reserve a class at the best Darwin yoga studio

Please also remember to reserve the class you come to. We are required to do this to ensure safe COVID19 social distance.

If you’re still not sure about yoga, read reviews of what customers say about their yoga classes at Flametree.

In addition, see the wide range of benefits they say they have received from both online or in-the-studio yoga at Flametree.