Redeeming a Flametree giftcard

How to use a Flametree gift voucher

Those who have received a gift card, will get an email on the date chosen by the sender.

As you can see in the picture below, the gift card that is emailed to the person getting the gift, will indicate the amount of the gift, the gift code to use, and any message that has been sent with the gift.

The receiver of the gift can add the gift to their Flametree account, or just use the  gift code at a normal Flametree online checkout process.

Picture of gift card received in an email (with message at top).

The unique gift code is at the bottom.

See also the button to add the amount to the person’s Flametree account.

Picture of gift card received in an email

Option ONE: Choosing a pass and using your gift code

A person who’s received a gift can use the amount of the gift to buy a Flametree package or yoga pass.

First, select a pass that you want from either the list of yoga passes, or the Flametree online shop.

Then, use “Add to Cart”, and checkout in the normal way.

At checkout, on the right of the screen, you’ll see a box to add the gift card coupon that’s available at the bottom of the email above.

When you then press “Apply Coupon”, the amount of the gift is credited towards whatever is being bought.

Below, the picture of a shopping cart below shows the gift card coupon box, and how the amount of the gift it credited towards the purchase.

Picture of shopping cart with box for entering gift coupon code.

Shopping cart

Option TWO: Adding a gift to “Your Account” page

At Flametree, online accounts are created for students, or prospective students who’ve received a gift.

This account page is shown in the links at the footer of the Flametree site.

It gives you another way that you can use any gift received.

This process starts when you receive the email notification of the gift, and you press the button saying, “Add to Account”.

Then, that amount will be shown on Your Account page.

On Your Account page, at the bottom left, you can also click on the heading for “Gift Cards”.

An example, of a $22 credit from a gift, is shown in the image below.

As you can see, there is also a box that allows you to add to your account, any gift card that has not been otherwise used.

For example, this is one way, and one place, you can enter the code from the above email advising you that you have received a gift.

Picture of a Flametree account with a gift credited to it

Your account dashboard

Using money in your Flametree account

When you buy a pass or package, if your Flametree account has money in it, such as via a gift being given to you, then you can just credit some or all of the money towards whatever pass or package that you buy.

In the picture below, a single beginner pass is being bought.

On the right hand side, you get the option to tick the box, shown below in blue, to authorise the use of the money you have in your account.

Alternatively, in the box on the bottom right, you could also directly enter a gift code that you have received. (That was the process demonstrated earlier in this discussion).

Picture of buying a pass with any money in your Flametree account

Gift card redemption


If you have any questions, or difficulties, please contact us, or use the CHAT button on the Flametree site.