Here are some of Flametree’s most popular, & low cost, in-the-studio beginner yoga class deals. In most cases, you also have online options too, or both. Because all classes are online too, its super convenient. If you want “beginners yoga near me”, then check out these top deals. On this page, you can also get “yoga classes near me prices”.

The passes all include special focus classes like backcare, gentle yoga, and easy restorative.

So, if you’ve been doing searches like “beginners yoga near me”, then look no further. Try one of these great value deals.

Popular in-studio & online beginner yoga passes

Check out the very low price per class for these beginner yoga deals.

1.  Weekly in-studio UNLIMITED pass at $15.95 a week via direct debit. Includes 2 weeks FREE.

For example, if you do 2 classes a week, the class price amounts to $7.98 each. When you take account of the free 2 weeks, if you did 2 classes a week for six weeks, then the price per class for those 6 weeks would be $5.32 each. You can start any time.

The Orange link at the top of this page, or here, also gives you the online version of this weekly unlimited online beginner yoga pass, for just $9.95 a week, including 2 weeks free. Both passes can be paused or cancelled at any time.

2. Ten passes in-studio at $99. Includes online. Plus HALF Price for Newcomers.

The class price is $9.90 a class. In any week, you can attend as much or as little as you want.

Beginner yoga newcomers get their first 10 pass at HALF PRICE (or just $4.95 each).

The pass can be used online, or in-studio. Start anytime.

Flametree’s three Darwin studio locations in Woolner, Casuarina and Palmerston. (The maps at the links show details). Or see the HALF price 10 pass for NON-Beginners yoga (at $9.75 a class).

3. Two class beginner course. (Mini-Course Introduction). $29 in-studio & online.

If you want, get a third OFF this Beginner Yoga Introduction.

After the Introduction, you can still use the above HALF price 10 pass or free 2 week trial deals.  (Or use them right now).

See the full Beginner Timetable, including local time zones. Mini-courses only start every several months.

Use the passes in Items One & Two above, for starting our ongoing beginner level classes as soon as you like.

4. FREE first class for beginner yoga or NON-beginner yoga, so long as you reserve the class. In-studio & online.

Just go to the link above. Make a free account, & follow the prompts to reserve your class.

So, if you’ve been doing searches like “beginners yoga near me”, then look no further. Try one of these great value deals.

Get HALF OFF the fast Yoga Introduction, & 5 FREE classes

Beginner yoga online & near me

Some of Flametree’s most popular passes are the Newcomer HALF price 10 pass for either beginner or non-beginners. Learn more at the links.

See more options, or ALL “yoga classes near me prices”

A larger list of beginner (& non-beginner) class packages and deals is on this Flametree site under the “PASSES” tab.

It’s a list of all the most popular passes.

Among other options, you’ll see a casual beginner class is $11 each (online or in-studio). So, the passes listed above, are all top deals.

All of the above packages can also be bought on the Flametree Yoga site below, under the PASSES tab.

The easiest way to buy, or see more about the four options above, is to just click the link at the pass option above that you want.

For the best “yoga near me”, get a pass & reserve a class

For class times, see the beginner timetable.

Buy a pass, and then reserve a class. Use the best yoga classes near me prices you’ll find.

You’ll also be able to see the timetable at the beginner class reservations page.

Contact us, or buy online or at studio

If you have questions, call Customer Service on 0468 362 641 or 0448 11 22 51

Packages can also be bought via EFTPOS or cash at 19B Bishop St., Woolner (plus via cash at Casuarina or Palmerston).

Newcomers: HALF price Beginner 10 class pass (10 X $4.95 a class)

Get HALF OFF the fast Yoga Introduction, & 5 FREE classes

Non-beginner deal for newcomers: 14 days unlimited for just AUS$29

Fogg Dam

Chris Lalor, Flametree’s accredited Senior Yoga Teacher, and yoga therapist, demonstrating how a beginner yoga postures are adapted to suit all genders, ages, & fitness levels.

Flametree beginner yoga practice

In Flametree’s hatha yoga, there’s a suitable range of physical practice options.

Your yoga teacher will choose the best basic yoga poses and physical exercises for your situation.

Sometimes, there will be sun salutations. However, in classes for lower back pain, or your nervous system, the focus would on getting you other benefits of yoga.

So just get on your yoga mat, and the teacher will guide you. This ancient practice is a great way to deal with tight muscles, or whatever else your entire body needs.

A beginner student, starting their yoga journey in Flametree’s Iyengar yoga, will be shown the best way to get whatever deep stretch or other range of motion you want.

Sometimes, child’s pose may be best. Other times, you may do cow pose, plank pose, down facing dog pose, or others. They’re all suitably adapted, such as in the picture above.

There will of course be no advanced poses. In addition, the yoga postures will be more customised to your situation, than you’ll find in yin yoga, ashtanga yoga, or vinyasa yoga.

In every pose, you’ll steadily be shown breathing techniques, as well as the use of yoga blocks, or other props (where appropriate).

Flametree’s social media, especially TikTok, has many instructional videos for every pose from downward dog onwards.

Whatever your body type, it is a good idea to just take a deep breath, lie down in a resting pose, and wait for the teacher’s instructions.

On your journey, you’ll learn different types of yoga, and different styles of yoga, for your abdominal muscles, upper body, shoulder blades, managing chronic pain, or whatever works for you in the present moment.

The important thing is to choose the right class to provide you a good way, and an effective way, to practice yoga, via beginner yoga classes.

So, if you’ve been doing searches like “beginners yoga near me”, then look no further. These yoga classes near me prices are the best value deals you’ll find.

Newcomers: HALF price Beginner 10 class pass (10 X $4.95 a class)

Get HALF OFF the fast Yoga Introduction, & 5 FREE classes

beginners yoga near me deals