Iyengar Yoga Retreat Bali 2024, By Flametree

USD$1,089.82 USD$1,579.55

Iyengar Yoga Retreat Bali 2024, By Flametree

USD$1,089.82 USD$1,579.55

Learn about, or buy, Flametree’s Iyengar style, 6 day Bali wellness, breathwork, and hatha yoga retreat from Saturday 27 July, until Friday 2nd August 2024. It builds further on the success and popularity of Flametree’s Iyengar yoga retreats 2023, as well as the sold out initial Iyengar yoga retreats 2024.

The EARLY BIRD prices are available until fully sold out, or otherwise midnight on 1 June 2024.

But, due the popularity of Chris Lalor’s Iyengar yoga retreats, her retreats have a history of selling out quickly. So, don’t miss out.

Certified Senior Teacher, Chris Lalor, will teach all yoga and breath meditation classes. She’ll also deliver the evening presentations on various yogic topics (possibly with an Assistant in some cases).

The lower price is for sharing in the roomy, air-conditioned, villas at the resort. The higher prices are for a single room at either the same resort or in a very nearby resort at 4 star standard (only walking distance away, and around 300-400 metres), with a chauffered car shuttle available.

It’s taught by an accredited Senior Teacher (using the Iyengar yoga style), in very do-able Iyengar yoga style. But, those from any yoga style are very welcome, and will get huge benefits and learning from it.

It will be an informative, relaxing, yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, and wellness retreat, centred on the highly attractive, and magical Pondok Pisang resort at Candidasa, Bali.

Flametree has done the Candidasa yoga retreats for years. Our students love the unique and delightful retreat venue. In addition, we have a strong relationship with the retreat owner. So we trust she and her team to look after us all very well, and they do.

This yoga retreat venue also has a customised and dedicated yoga room, equipped with a wide range of yoga props. See it in some of the pictures below. You won’t find anything to equal this custom built yoga room overlooking the sea.

As well as all that, to see a little of the idyllic Bali setting and facilities, flick through the pictures on the top left, or below.

Enthusiastic reviews about our reviews

Commenting on Flametree’s recent 2023 retreat at Pondok Pisang, Kelley said in an email to us:

The retreat has been amazing…. I’m not quite ready to go home tomorrow.

Plus, Helen, in a post you’ll see on Facebook, said:

An experience never forgotten… to be repeated again!

If you wish, see more Flametree yoga or meditation retreat reviews.

Flametree also has many other very positive reviews of it’s yoga, pranayama, meditation, retreats, and breathwork.

Yoga & breath meditation retreat dates

You arrive at the retreat at any convenient time on Saturday 27th July 2024. (Do whatever suits your travel schedule. Some even arrive a day or 3 earlier, and stay at Pondok Pisang, nearby, or elsewhere on Bali).

Then, you leave during the day on Friday 2nd August, whenever suits your travel schedule best.

On one afternoon, there’s an afternoon off for local excursions, resting, chatting, or whatever.

So you get 6 full days of pranayama breathwork (aka breath meditation), yoga, yogic presentations in the evening, and mindfulness development.

It’s suitable for anyone with at least 6 months of yoga. To attend, no pranayama breath meditation experience is needed. You can start learning breathwork at the retreat.

In addition, as soon as you buy, you also get a FREE 4 class pranayama breathwork video course, & 10 FREE LIVE pranayama classes at Flametree’s regular classes. (See more below).

A separate Retreat Information page has very useful detail on the 3 types of room options, and you can also use the drop-down menus below for a quick snap-shot of those options.

The Retreat Information page also gives you an indication of what to expect, the daily schedule, what to take, and other travel and local tips.

Pay by instalments, or in full

To reserve your spot, you pay a deposit as soon as you book, and then 3 instalments you will see at the dropdown menu.

Price if sharing a 2 story bungalow at Pondok Pisang, with air conditioning.

To share one of the upstairs / downstairs bungalows. the deposit when you book is $299.

Then, there are 3 further direct debit payments of $450 on 10 May, 10 June and 10 July 2024

Alternatively, you can make one single payment of $1,649.

Single room at Pondok Pisang, with aircon.

For a single room at Pondok Pisang, the deposit when you book is $449.

Then, there are 4 further direct debit payments of $500 each on 10 May, 10 June and 10 July 2024.

Alternatively, you can make one single payment of $1,949.

Airconditioned single room at the very nearby 4 star sea front Sea Breeze Hotel Resort

For a single room at the Sea Breeze, the deposit when you book is $590.

Then, there are 3 further direct debit payments of $600 on each of 10 May, 10 June and 10 July 202.

Alternatively, you can make one single payment of 2,390.

By the way, a partner can share this type of room with you (as a double), or it can be configured as a twin room (if you wish to share with a friend who is or is not going to the retreat). 

For all the above room options, there’s also more details at our Retreat Information page.

Or, if you wish, see more about the powerful and wonderful benefits that retreats deliver.

For more details, or to make a payment, see the dropdown menus below.

Come along to one of the best Iyengar Yoga retreats Australia has.

Make a deposit now via the dropdown menu below, or see further details below.

The purchase of this retreat is on the condition that you complete and return the information form that can be downloaded in Word or PDF format.

So, see more details below, or buy a pass via the “Add To Cart” ecommerce checkout below.

If the “out of stock” box is showing below, then it means that the room option, is SOLD OUT. So, try another room option. Plus, contact us to put you on the waiting list, including for this retreat.

BUT, if you’re in a couple, & need to buy a second retreat pass, & it’s sold out, please contact us

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Top Iyengar Yoga Retreat Bali 2024 (July). All Styles Welcome. See Videos.

Try the best Bali yoga retreat Darwin region has.

Try the best Bali yoga retreat Darwin region has. If you’re looking for an Iyengar yoga retreat near me, then come along to Flametree’s Bali 6 day retreat from Saturday 27 July, until Friday 2nd August. In Darwin NT, Bali is in our front yard. So, if you’ve been looking for the best of yoga retreats near me, or a wellness or breathwork meditation retreat, then you’ve now got them rolled into one enjoyable and informative 6 day Bali retreat deal. Our proven experience, including with our Iyengar yoga retreats 2023,  and at the sold out initial Iyengar yoga retreats 2024, and many more retreats in prior years, delivers one of the best Iyengar Yoga retreats Australia has.

You’ll spend the retreat with certified Senior Iyengar yoga teacher, and yoga therapist, Christine Lalor (aka Chris).

The essence of Flametree style of Iyengar yoga teaching is summed up in this review by a student (now also a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher):

“I like Flametree because it’s an inclusive yoga school. It caters for all kinds of bodies. Chris understands the body in a holistic way, as both emotional and physical. I think this is what makes the Flametree teaching so special.

Yoga is supposed to do this, but I feel that at Flametree it is really lived.

….this deep understanding pervades the teaching throughout the school.” (Salome).

The purchase of this retreat is subject to the conditions in the personal information form. It can be downloaded in Word or PDF format.

The Private Bali Retreat Resort We Fully Occupy.

See why students love the Flametree Darwin Iyengar yoga retreat in Bali. Just 18 spots in total. Don’t miss out.

Especially if you’ve been considering Iyengar yoga retreats 2023 at Flametree, then, we hope to see you at this one, the next of our Iyengar yoga retreat 2024 (and likely the second and last in 2024).

Flametree Darwin Yoga Retreat In Bali 2024 (July/August)

In the course of this informative and relaxing retreat, you’ll get:

  • 11 yoga classes (in the morning and afternoon, with one afternoon off)
  • 3 highly informative evening talks and presentations on yoga and breath meditation topics and issues
  • 6 pranayama breathwork sessions in the earlier morning, before breakfast
  • a mix of Iyengar Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Immune System Yoga, including some asanas
  • unlimited access to 4 pranayama breath meditation training videos by Senior Teacher Chris Lalor (from when you book)
  • 10 FREE weekly pranayama breathwork classes before or after retreat, with Senior Teacher Chris Lalor, online or in-studio, from when you book
  • 6 nights accommodation in the delightful, modern Pondok Pisang Bali resort, or a resort near by
  • 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day, for 6 days (including a vegan option)
  • a half day off in the middle for relaxing at the resort, sightseeing, chatting, or shopping
  • time for yourself during the retreat to swim, snorkel, relax with friends, visit the local village, and more
  • time to chat privately with your empathic and highly trained accredited Senior Yoga Teacher (plus her Assistant/s).

See more below about Flametree Darwin Iyengar yoga retreat in Bali in 2024. If you’ve been looking for things like Iyengar yoga retreats 2023 / 2024, or similar, then grab this retreat while spots are still available, or see more details of the Retreat Information page. 

So, see more details below, or buy a pass via the “Add To Cart” ecommerce checkout above.

Deck at Pondok Pisang

Looking out to sea from the Bali retreat resort. Try the best yoga and breathwork retreats near me you’ll find. Place your deposit for one of the best Iyengar Yoga retreats Australia has.

Have about six months of regular yoga

To attend the retreat, by the time you actually get to the retreat, please have about 6 months of regular yoga (of any style). This makes it fairer to both the other students, and the teachers. It’s also easier on you.

Obviously, at the retreat, your ability to do two yoga classes a day, for a total of 6 days, with a half day off in the middle, depends somewhat on your individual flexibility, strength, and overall health.

Chris will also customise every class for the individuals at the retreat, to whatever level you’re at. Suitable alternatives, and props, will always be offered so it works best for you.

The restorative yoga retreat classes (including immune system yoga) in the afternoon will also be less active, so that will also make the yoga schedule easier to manage. (If you have any worries about whether you can handle the yoga schedule, feel free to contact us about it.)

Every morning, before breakfast, there’ll also be a recommended, but optional pranayama breathwork class (aka breath meditation). In the class, you can learn, practise, and further develop the most popular types of pranayama. (Chris is also a certified and senior pranayama teacher).

Customised to wherever you’re at

As you’d recognise, in terms of your yoga level, what you are able to manage is to some extent an individual thing.

In general, those who started beginner yoga some six months prior, or have done yoga in the past, are able to come along, provided they have kept up, and are keeping up regular yoga.

To prepare you best for the retreat, Flametree suggests you be doing you do at least 2-3 yoga classes a week during the months before the retreat. (In this regard, most students will find the pay-by-the-week deals are the most cost effective ways to do this type of regular yoga).

Of course, the teacher at the retreat will, as usual, customise the yoga poses for you, and yoga props are available. (Remember, if in doubt about whether your yoga level is sufficient, please talk to Chris Lalor, the retreat teacher, or contact us).

At Our Iyengar Yoga Retreats 2023, & Beyond, We Get The Details Right!

yoga retreat bali Australia

We know the toilet & shower is always important! They’re modern & very clean. It’s another reason why our students keep returning to this resort with us. For example, after the last retreat, Gillian Sanders said to us “…as always please can you put me down for a spot on the retreat. Can’t wait.” It’s another reason why you get one of the best Iyengar Yoga retreats Australia has. 

Breath meditation is helpful & powerful

On a related front, it would also help if you were doing at least one pranayama breath meditation a week, such as either of Flametree’s two regular classes a week (at 6.30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays). They’re online and in-studio.

If you have never done this type of mindful meditation, then please also consider learning the basics at courses such as Flametree’s existing Pranayama video mini course, or the long weekend breath meditation mini courses.

But, you can also just learn pranayama breathwork at the retreat. These retreat classes won’t assume prior knowledge or skills.

In addition, as soon as you pay for this retreat (in part or more), you’ll also get the FREE 4 class pranayama video course, and 10 FREE online or in-studio pranayama classes.

This Flametree Darwin yoga retreat is a wonderful opportunity to take your yoga and breath mediation to a whole new level. But, it will work best for you and others if you are building on a sufficient foundation.

Chris says how you get so much from retreats, on so many fronts.

Hear Chris say what she gets from retreats, plus see a small sample of some versions of yoga poses taught at the retreat.

But the level of poses will be customised to your situation.

High quality, compassionate Iyengar Yoga teaching

Chris Lalor has taught yoga and pranayama breath meditation for over 25 years.

Her classes range from Beginners through to Advanced (Level 3).

All Flametree’s classes, including those by Chris, are taught with compassion, understanding, and individual attention to whatever level of skills you have at the time.

As needed, props are provided, and advice is given on how to use them best. So you can work at your level, but still make appropriate progress.

Senior Iyengar Teacher at Flametree’s Iyengar Yoga Retreat Bali

best Bali yoga retreat Darwin region

Join Chris Lalor, accredited Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, certified Pranayama Breathwork Teacher, & Yoga Therapist, for a the best Bali yoga retreat Darwin region has.

So, see more details below, or buy a pass via the “Add To Cart” ecommerce checkout above.


On the Flametree blog, Chris has shared generously about the huge contribution that yoga and breath meditation has made to her life, during her 30 year journey with yoga and breathwork.

There’s also many other posts on the Flametree blog, and Flametree Facebook Page, about yoga, breathwork, and wellness issues.

For example, in a post on the Flametree blog, a student talks about the benefits of yoga for her. Telling her own story, she says:

“…The benefits start with posture, and the positivity, and the improved circulation that flow from that.

It’s also led to more resilience in my health. Now I don’t get every lurgy that’s going around.

With my asthma, I don’t have to use medication any more.

I’m also more aware of myself, and I can see when things are starting to slip. So I can then get more rest and sleep, and let the body heal itself.”

As you can see, this student (and many others) got huge wellness benefits from yoga, and much more. Over the course of the retreat, it’s part of what Chris will be able to tell you more about, in terms of her own journey, or what she has observed with others.

Plus, she’ll design yoga class sequences so you get the best from your wellness yoga retreat.

For more about the many benefits you’ll get, see our retreat benefits page.

While there are still spaces in this yoga retreat Darwin style, buy your pass at the “Add To Cart” button above.

Custom built yoga room at Flametree’s Bali retreatFlametree Yoga Darwin Retreat Bali Wellness

The dedicated yoga room at Flametree Darwin yoga retreat in Bali overlooks the sea.

Come along to one of the best Iyengar Yoga retreats Australia has, including breathwork.

Conditions of the best yoga retreat Darwin has

The purchase of this retreat is on the condition that you complete and return the information form that can be downloaded. In addition, when you purchase this retreat, by any means, you thereby agree to the following Iyengar yoga retreat Bali 2024 conditions and cancellation terms.

  1. By purchasing our Flametree Yoga Studio (“Flametree”) retreat, you agree that you have read the conditions below, and you agree to them.
  2. Airfares are the responsibility, or you, as an individual. You will supply Flametree with your flight details (as above).
  3. Your payment includes 6 nights’ accommodation, yoga classes, & 3 meals a day.
  4. Transfer to and from airport is an extra, if you require it and pay for it. (Otherwise, please arrange privately as you see fit). A taxi will cost AUD$10-45 each, via sharing with up to 4 in a car, via the driver we will put you in contact with. (Or, see more details on the Retreat Information page).
  5. Unless you have paid a single rate, you agree you will share a room (but you can specify who you wish to share with, as outlined above).
  6. Travel insurance is mandatory.
  7. Bolsters and mats are supplied at the retreat, but you’ll bring your own block/s, belt/s, thick towel/s, and blanket/s.
  8. You agree to the cancellation policy below.
  9. You have arranged for and gotten any inoculations your own GP recommends, and that you wish to use.
  10. Flametree is not liable for any injury, loss or damage to property, cancellation costs, or disruption to programs that are beyond its reasonable control.
  11. You will make your own arrangements for looking after valuables. (But, please note, the retreat venues themselves are very safe and secluded).

Cancellations and refunds

If you cancel, it must be in writing, and delivered by email to [email protected].

  • Cancelling between 45-30 days before departure leads to 50% loss of total cost, (& 50% refund).
  • Cancelling 30 days or less before the retreat, or failure to turn up. or leaving the retreat, leads to 100% loss of total cost you paid.
  • If a suitable replacement can be found, who Flametree agrees to, the amount paid which Flametree is otherwise not obligated to refund, may be refunded or credited towards another retreat (in Flametree’s discretion).

Also, any extra cost because of circumstances such as the above will be your responsibility (i.e., the yoga student).

So, see more details below, or buy a pass via the “Add To Cart” ecommerce checkout above.

iyengar yoga retreats 2023

Yoga room upstairs. Retreat dining room downstairs. If you’ve been looking for a “wellness retreats near me”, or similar, then please consider this magnificent opportunity at our Iyengar yoga retreat Bali 2024.

Yoga practice above one of Bali’s great local restaurants

With the private group of students on the retreat, you’ll do yoga in the upstairs yoga room (where you look out on the sea).

It’s right above the dining room shown in the picture immediately above. So, it’s a bit like a large “tree house” yoga room.

In your free time, you can relax with the sea view also shown in other pictures and videos.

People go to exotic places for yoga retreats. We’ve seen people focus on sea lions, Galapagos penguins, lava tunnels, endemic giant tortoises, and other parts of the Pacific Ocean.

But for us, the star of this retreat is the relaxing, quality yoga and breathwork you’ll do, the wonderful food, and this delightful Bali venue.

It’s all makes for a perfect place to chillout, get fit, and build wellness. That’s why we’d love you to come to the Flametree Darwin Iyengar yoga retreat in Bali.

An Iyengar yoga retreats 2024 escape

If you’ve already been excited by our Iyengar yoga retreats 2023, the don’t miss an even better opportunity.

If it’s your first time on a Flametree retreat, then rest assured that we’ve found no better place for retreats.

In your double or twin room, or otherwise, you can of course use the yoga mats to get in whatever additional yoga you choose.

Based on what we found last time, you’ll be getting the perfect melding of yoga, relaxation, good food, and a closeness to the natural world.

Across the beautiful bay, you can see ships coming and going. But you’re secluded in a beautiful world, with wonderful people.

Meanwhile, apart from daily yoga classes, plus breathwork, or any day trip you choose on the half day off, you just relax.

Forget our public classes at our very own Flametree Darwin yoga space (or wherever)! Instead, come with us to one of the great wellness escapes from Darwin City, or from wherever.

Again, to discuss, our Australian phone numbers are +61 (0)468 362 641, or (0)448 11 22 51, including via the free WhatsApp call or chat service.

Swimming at Flametree’s Iyengar yoga retreat Bali resort

Chris Lalor's students swimming during down time

Swimming at the essentially private beach that is part of the Pondok Pisang resort where Flametree’s Iyengar yoga retreat Bali 2023 /2024 is held. Come along to one of the best Iyengar Yoga retreats Australia has.

Delightful double or twin rooms, healthy food, and untracked adventure

A yoga retreat is one life experience you definitely should have.

Your yoga can be still developing. For example, we’ll include plenty of easy restorative yoga and deep relaxation.

There’s no need for spa treatments. Yoga and breath meditation will do it for you instead. But, if you want it, the resort can organise extras like upper back massages, and similar.

Bali is especially easy for reach for those of us in North Australia, Western Australia or the NT. So grab the low prices before the dates when they’ll increase.

Come along to one of the best Iyengar Yoga retreats Australia has. At our Iyengar yoga retreats 2023 / 2024, as always, we get all the details right!

Island of the Gods

On the half day off, there’ll be time to take in Balinese culture. For example, you can visit the immaculate, sculptured rice fields, lush gardens, and beautiful boutique property.

The yoga retreat venue for this weeklong Bali retreat is in a secluded setting, but where the everyday life of Bali is very accessible.

Alternatively, you can take more time with the Flametree Yoga friendly staff, and enjoy the idyllic views of this aesthetically beautiful environment.

In this perfect yoga environment, those same views are there for you both in yoga sessions, and afterwards.

Chris Lalor: Teacher at our Darwin Yoga Retreat In Bali 2023 / 2024.

Iyengar Yoga retreats Australia

With the expert guidance of Chris Lalor, retreats are an excellent opportunity to learn poses of all types. For more about our Iyengar yoga retreat 2024, see more on daily schedule of this year’s 2023 retreat . 

Some little details we know are important

We know all of the matters below are also important factors for many retreat guests.

  • ​The closest beach is right beside the resort.
  • The private bathrooms in each bungalow are modern, and immaculately clean
  • You get delicious food, plenty of fresh fruit of the tropics, and there are wholly vegan options if you want
  • All of the great food is vegetarian cuisine, with very healthy meals, closely oversighted by your resort retreat hosts
  • Although its not officially an organic restaurant at the retreat, all food is very fresh, and deliciously prepared
  • It’s just a short walk to the local Balinese village
  • ​We will do the room choice when we know the final mix of guests, but please talk to us about it if you wish
  • Because its more convenient for singles or groups, you organise you own taxis, for whatever additional fee you wish (hotel to airport is around $45 Australian, each way, and you can have up to 4 in a car)
  • The airport is about an hour drive in good traffic, but can be double that sometimes
  • The resort can arrange these airport transfers, or ask us for advice about a local driver we work with in Bali
  • The bungalows all have lots of space in them, and between them
  • At the retreat, you’re surrounded by traditional Balinese architecture.

All of these factors, and many more, make it among the best Iyengar Yoga retreats Australia has.

Further Information on the Retreat’s Iyengar yoga teacher

Your teacher, Chris Lalor, has around 30 years practice of Iyengar yoga and breathwork. Among much other yoga study and practice, her training includes many a year of study of the teachings of Mr BKS Iyengar, Geeta Iyengar, and Prashant Iyengar.

Chris Lalor is an accredited senior-level Iyengar Yoga Instructor and breathwork teacher. Her own yoga studies, and many years experience, which she has passed on to many in her Flametree Teacher training, includes a lot on the healing benefits of yoga, Buddhist philosophy, and the inner layers at the core of our being.

Chris also of course has own ongoing personal practice. Among other things, if you wish, she can give you some guidance on what your own good yoga practice, outside of classes, could involve.

There will be plenty of time for such discussions, as well as any other specific needs that the yoga practitioners on the retreat may have.

The daily asana classes for your physical body and mind, at the retreat center, are at the center of our retreat, along with the daily breathwork classes. But, the ocean views and beautiful scenery are a still a key part of what makes this retreat so special.

Along with regular yoga asanas, in the daily classes, as well as before and after, there will also be some restorative asanas, time for daily practice of pranayama breathwork, some discussion of the philosophical context of the yoga practice, and plenty of leisure time.

Students usually find that in the afterglow of your practice at the retreat, and the relaxed response it engenders, there is plenty of self realization, the deepening of our life experience, and insights about life’s challenges,

Followers of other yoga traditions, such as vinyasa, yin yoga, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, or whatever, are also of course welcome to join us. We see the experience of yoga, especially on retreat, as something that’s possible with almost all of the many styles.

A great opportunity to learn at our Darwin Yoga Retreat In Bali 2024.


Flametree teacher demonstrating the powerful Bhramari meditation technique. Join us for one of the best Iyengar Yoga retreats Australia has. Don’t miss the early bird prices. 

Best yoga retreats in Bali

Retreats are the best things for both your physical health and mental health.

For this reason, they are also one of the best places for a holiday.

At this retreat, each yoga session will be surrounded by the natural beauty of this unique yoga retreat resort.

The yoga retreat center is a beautiful place at any time of year. But the good thing is that we’ll be there at one of the best times of year.

All in all, it’s a great opportunity for a yoga retreat vacation.

With all daily meals provided, all you need to do is get on the yoga mat in the yoga styles that you follow, and enjoy the breath meditation sessions.

This breath work adds a whole additional dimension to yoga.

So have an open mind about what you can learn, and you may be surprised at what you learn about your inner self, or other personal growth you experience.

The daily routine, over 6 days of yoga and breathwork, allows time for whatever yoga experiences you most prefer. While you’ll be guided through a mindful yoga practice, you can also adjust your practice to be more gentle yoga, or whatever works best for you.

Between your yoga and breath meditation classes, at this yoga and breathwork retreat, there’s also plenty of time for water activities like swimming and snorkeling.

iyengar yoga retreats australia

The yoga room, overlooking the sea, has swings for our version of aerial yoga, as well as easy and useful inversions. You’ll learn or improve a range of yoga skills. So, come along to one of the best Iyengar yoga retreats Australia has.

A true investment in inner peace

Get the special rates until the early bird price expires. So, don’t miss this retreat week.

It will be excellent for both experienced practitioners of yoga and breathwork, and those with less experience.

By the way, on our “About page“, you’ll find bank details for a direct bank transfer, such as via the Transferwise app. Or use the e-commerce above.

If you wish, see more details about the information on this 2024 retreat program at this Bali yoga retreat.

Otherwise, secure your spot by using the ecommerce facility on this page.

Have you been looking for things like Iyengar yoga retreats 2023? Then, we hope to see you at this top Iyengar yoga retreat 2024.

Deposit, plus instalments

To reserve your spot, you pay a deposit as soon as you book, and then 3 instalments on each on 10 May, 10 June and 10 July 2024.

If your deposit is later than any or all of the instalments, then you will need to pay any such instalments direct to our bank account.

If you wish, you can also immediately pay the full amount.

Any of the amounts to pay can also be made to the Flametree bank account, or by EFTPOS at our Woolner NT studio.

For more details, see the dropdown menus above.

Come along to the Flametree Darwin Iyengar yoga retreat in Bali in 2024.

But, if you wish, see more about Flametree Iyengar Yoga Studio timetables, generous deals, & our upcoming Darwin yoga retreat schedule.

And don’t miss the best Iyengar yoga retreats Australia has.

Plus, based on the success and popularity of Flametree’s Iyengar yoga retreats 2023, as well as the sold out initial Iyengar yoga retreats 2024, these retreat spots will go quickly. So pay a deposit now.