Private Yoga Classes Pass For Private Yoga Instructor Online & In-Studio


Private Yoga Classes Pass For Private Yoga Instructor Online & In-Studio


Private yoga classes pass for one class by Flametree’s personal yoga trainer. See more below on a private yoga instructor online or in-studio, including for groups.

Arrange directly with us at a mutually convenient time. Contact Customer Service via contacts at bottom of this page.

Then prior to the pass, please buy this $95 private yoga classes pass. There’s also other groups options around this private yoga class price.

If you’ve arranged more classes, buy more than one private yoga classes pass.

Get started by reading more below, or go direct to check out by adding the correct number of passes to your shopping cart.

Then proceed to checkout.


Private Yoga Classes Pass, For Private Yoga Instructor Online, Or In-Studio

To get a private yoga classes for groups or individuals, online or in-studio (in Darwin, Australia), follow these easy steps. There’s also more below about your personal yoga trainer or private yoga instructor. Plus there are more details of the value you get for the private yoga class price.

Starting with a private yoga instructor or personal yoga trainer

  • Prior to getting a pass, liaise with Customer Service (see bottom right of page), or your teacher by phone or text, for a suitable time or times.
  • Then buy the number of private yoga instructor passes that you need (via this page).
  • Arrange the location for the class (including suitable size if private yoga classes for groups).
  • For online classes, the teacher will send you a link for the Zoom class. (Give the teacher all the names and email address of the persons also attending.
  • See the tips at the bottom of our online class timetable for how to best access a Zoom online class.
  • Please also consider what yoga props you want to have for the private class, as they will give you even more value from your yoga. Discuss it with your teacher if you wish, and also see more about props here.
  • All passes must be bought via one collective purchase in advance of class delivery. You will get a receipt from Flametree Yoga.

Private classes give you a high level of attention to particular situations. You also make more rapid progress due to the one-to-one attention.

It’s also especially cost effective if the price is split among a small group.

A private class allows the class to be tailored totally to your needs, as an individual or group.

Classes with private yoga instructor can be combined with Flametree’s online or in-studio needs. One option is to do them prior to starting to attend online or in-studio classes. Some people also use a personal yoga trainer for health holidays.

Finding and using a personal yoga trainer is an excellent option for a workplace, as a way to build camaraderie, and improved work performance.

Teachers & focus for yoga private classes

During the class, you get the exclusive attention of a highly experienced yoga teacher.

You can request a Special Focus in the private class. For example, the focus may be around gentle yoga, or backcare, trauma, anxiety, relaxing, improving sleep, working out, immune system, positivity, individual condition, or whatever. Some of the numerous issues address by yoga are outlined on the Flametree blog page. 

Whether online or in-studio, the class is two-way and interactive, with the teacher able to clearly see your postures and situation. The teacher can then demonstrate and talk you through the exact poses that will work best for the benefits you want to get.

Classes can be for individuals, or 2 or more people.

You still get a large amount of individual and customised attention, but the price per person is lower than a class for one person.

Clearly, a group of individuals can split the class cost among them.

Class length

The class will vary between 45 minute and an hour.  If you wish, subject to the teacher, a longer class can be negotiated.

If there is a long period of travel involved, there may be an additional charge for the travel.

Minimum yoga props needed

The minimum yoga props needed is a non-slippery surface such as some types of mats. Ideally, a low cost mat is best.

Other props can be improvised from around a home or office, such as small a belt, small block, and chairs.

Safe, online procedures as needed

Students are first registered in Flametree’s online booking system.

Just before each class starts, students check into an online waiting room. They are then checked individually into the online classroom by the teacher.

It is not possible for anyone to attend or see the class who is not authorised to be there, and vetted by the teacher.

Summary, and contact point

If you have questions, or wish to book a class, please contact Chris on +61 448 11 22 51, or via our Facebook Messenger.

If you wish, read more about our private classes.

Or you can contact the Customer Service Team via contacts at the bottom of this page.

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Belinda Hoult, certified & experienced private yoga class teacher. Check out the private yoga class price options.