Yoga Classes Online 10 Pack For Non-Beginners


Yoga Classes Online 10 Pack For Non-Beginners


Get 10 online yoga, non-beginner classes, for one person only. If you’re looking for online yoga near me, then just buy & log in. If you’re new or lapsed 6 months, get your 10 pack for online yoga classes at HALF price. (Use discount code below).

Use for yoga or pranayama classes, or both.

Alternatively, check out Flametree’s other yoga passes & deals.

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With this pass, get all this

With this 10 pack, you get:

Once you reserve a class, the link to join the online ZOOM class will be emailed to you. (If it does not show up, please check your spam folder).

If you need it, here’s more information at the easy set-up for classes. 

Again, if you need it, here’s more about yoga props, including improvising props at home.

So, for the best online yoga near me, try this or other great deals.

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HALF price for new or lapsed NON-beginners

If you’re a newcomer or lapsed 6 months, then get this pass at HALF price.

At checkout, just use the discount code below.

When you reach checkout, put it in the box on the left, & press “Apply Coupon”.

Use this code, exactly, in capitals.


With the HALF price deal, you get all 10 non-beginner classes for just $69.50, or $6.95 each.

Other Non-Beginner 10 packs

For those who are new or lapsed 6 months, the above discount code can also be used with these non-beginner 10 packs.

These passes are to start or re-start non-beginner yoga. You can only use one of them, once.

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See below for Bring-A-Friend deals

Get a FREE class, & a half price 10 pass. Refer a friend. 

Shoulder stand by Flametree Yoga

Chris Lalor, Senior Teacher At Flametree, demonstrates shoulderstand.

To get this pass now, just insert the number you want, below, & proceed to checkout. 


Online yoga 10 pack deals

If you’re looking for online yoga near me, then try the best online yoga classes near me you’ll find. Packages include half price 10 class passes for current & new yoga students at Flametree.

Get 10 LIVE yoga classes online, valid for up to 6 months.

  • Once you get the online yoga ten class pass, use our class booking app, called Punchpass, to reserve your classes, here.
  • You can reserve these LIVE yoga classes online for up to a week in advance.
  • As soon as you reserve a class, a ZOOM link login for an online class will be sent to you.
  • If you have not already, you’ll need to (once only) download the Zoom app, here. 
  • For LIVE help & feedback in class, have your video on. If you don’t want to be seen, turn your video camera off.
  • There’ll be a reminder just before the class.
  • For LIVE yoga online, props are useful. You get even more value from your yoga. Props can be from around home, or bought props. See more about props.
  • It’s helpful to set up a space at home or office where you’ve got all you need for LIVE online yoga.
  • For all passes, please choose a class that is suitable for your levels of skills. That will make it easy on you, and also is considerate of others in the class.

Go here for the Online 10 Pass Concession for $110.

Newcomer NON-Beginner HALF price introductory deal

Special offer. If it is your first time visiting us at Flametree, or you’re lapsed 6 months, you can get 50% off your very first online 10 pass.

Alternatively, if you’re a Beginner newcomer to Flametree, go to our lower cost HALF price BEGINNER 10 pass. 

online yoga classes near me

Flametree has excellent ten pass options for non-beginner yoga, with half price newcomer and bring-a-friend options.

HALF price online yoga for Newcomers & Lapsed

So, to get the half price newcomer, non-beginner, online yoga deal, go to checkout on this page and then use this half price coupon code (or the code already mentioned above)


With the half price deal, the normal price above is cut in half.

This Non-Beginner Pass (half price or otherwise) can be used for any mix of weekly Non-Beginner and Open Level classes, including Pranayama (Breath Meditation).

To confirm the non-beginner classes you can attend, see the Non-Beginner timetable.

Try the lowest cost and best online yoga near me you’ll find

Get a FREE class, & a half price 10 pass. Refer a friend. 

yoga online classes near me

Non-beginner yoga is taught at various levels. Introduce a friend, and make it easier for both of you to participate. You’ll both be getting the best online yoga, at the best rate, that you’ll find.

Bring-a-friend half price online yoga for existing Flametree students

This section applies if you’re an existing Flametree student, and you introduce a newcomer friend to Flametree.

For these purposes, a newcomer is a person who has not as yet bought any other Flametree passes.

Please consider referring a friend or friends to Flametree.

As soon as you do so, you get one FREE casual class.

In addition, for every friend who buys a half price 10 pass due to your referral, you also get the offer to buy a further HALF price 10 pass.

Also, if the existing student is a beginner, and their friend is a non-beginner, then each of you can get a 10 pass at the level that works for you.

You can also use the refer a friend program for the concession and online only 10 pass packages.

This gives you the lowest cost non-beginner classes you’ll find. Learn more about the refer a friend deal.

If these deals don’t interest you, then for other very cost deals, please consider the pay-by-the-week non-beginner deals.

Get a FREE class, & a half price 10 pass. Refer a friend. 

Unlimited yoga pass

Chris Lalor, the Senior Teacher at Flametree, decades ago, also went to her first class on the recommendation of a friend. Plus, her friend went along with her. Who could you invite to come to yoga with you?  Or who may take up online yoga, or in-studio, because you proposed it?

Newcomers & lapsed get just one half price 10 pass

Whether you’re a newcomer to Flametree, or lapsed 6 months, or you come with a friend, you can only get ONE half price 10 pass in total.

In other words, you could get a half price deal as a newcomer (see above). Or you could get a half price 10 pass because someone referred you to Flametree Yoga. But you can’t get two such half price 10 packs

Of course, a newcomer can refer other newcomers to Flametree. If those newcomers buy a further half price 10 pass, then they can of course get a half price 10 pass.

Existing students can of course introduce as many friends as they like. You get one half price 10 pass for every newcomer you introduce, who buys the half price deal. (Plus, you’ll get one FREE class as soon as you first refer someone).

Learn more about the refer a friend deal.

Whichever package you choose, you’ll be getting the best value yoga classes Darwin has.

It’s also a wonderful concession for COTA Darwin and any other seniors, or unemployed.

What students say about Flametree Yoga and it’s benefits

If you’re still not sure about yoga, check out these genuine reviews of what current students say about their yoga classes at Flametree.

In the process, you’ll see the wide range of benefits they say they have received from both online or in-the-studio yoga.

If you want to do online classes, here’s more about the easy online set-up. 

To get this online yoga pass now, just insert the number you want, above, & proceed to checkout. 

We look forward to seeing you online at Flametree Yoga Studio.