Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a series of simple postures using props (like bolsters, chairs and blankets). The poses are easy, but still give you many benefits.It does not matter how far you can or can’t go in terms of being flexible, or how weak or unused your muscles may be.

If you are the sort of person who knows you should do more exercise, but don’t know where to get started, then a beginner restorative class is a good option.On the other hand, if you know or suspect that you are more stressed than you would like, then regular restorative classes will work well for you.

Aim to do at least a weekly restorative class, even while doing various other types of yoga during the week.If you follow the instructions and demonstrations of the teacher, anyone can get into the poses, and get a lot of benefits from them.Even better, you can do restorative yoga even when you are feeling exhausted from hot weather, or tired from running around being busy during the day.

As you steadily work your way through a series of restorative poses, you’ll slowly gather more energy, and you’ll feel yourself calming down.
Restorative yoga works because it targets glands and other features of you anatomy so as to create de-stressing.

One of the most immediate benefits of calming down is that you will sleep better that very night.In turn, that means the next day you’ll feel refreshed and productive. A clear mind will give you the resolve and focus to get on with the many things you probably have on your list.You’ll also be much nicer to people around you, and consume less weight gaining food and drink.

At Flametree yoga, restorative yoga can be done at either beginner or non-beginner level. For Non Beginners there is a Restorative class on Wednesday at 7.00pm and Friday at 5.30pm and Sunday 4.00pm

There’s more below about the beginner restorative yoga below.

At Flametree, there is a Beginner (Easy Restorative Yoga) class on Wednesday 7.00pm  taught by Richard and on Saturdays at 4pm, taught by Flametree’s Senior Yoga Teacher, Chris Lalor.

Restorative yoga can be done by almost anyone, no matter what condition or ability you may have.The poses are easier. You hold them longer, via using props.So you get heaps of concentrated benefits, including de-stressing.

In the pictures, we demonstrate some restorative poses with some of the many props at the Flametree Studio.

At the end of a series of restorative poses, you feel calmer, rejuvenated and relaxed.

Restorative yoga also steadily builds your ability to do all types of yoga poses, as they still build flexibility and strength.

Restorative poses are also regularly used in many of the sequences designed to help with particular issues, including anxiety, depression, relationships, backs, menstrual pain, menopause, and more.

There are currently five types of classes in the beginner yoga course. They include normal (hatha) beginner yoga, woman only yoga, dynamic yoga, youth yoga and restorative yoga.

Each week, you can choose any mix of these various classes.

There is no need to do the same classes each week. You’re encouraged to try different types of classes and teachers and see what works best for you.

If you wish, you could start with the Beginner (Easy Restorative Focus) class and then steadily try out other classes.


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