Yoga Beginners Introduction: In-Studio (Darwin) or Online


Yoga Beginners Introduction: In-Studio (Darwin) or Online


This short Yoga Beginners Introduction is for a complete beginner. It establishes a framework for you to attend regular classes with confidence. Learn more below, or get this yoga pass now.

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This Yoga Beginners Introduction is from 2.30-4pm, on each of Sunday 12th & 19th May 2024, both online & in-studio, at Bishop Street, Woolner, Darwin, NT. (See more details below.)

Below, at the dropdown menu as you check-out, choose the date, & format (online or in-studio). Via the dropdown menu, any other dates available for Introductions will also show.

Just ONE yoga pass will cover both of the one and a half hour classes in the Introduction.

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Both classes are normally a total of $39 in total (or $19.50 each), or less if you have any discount.

Whenever you want, after the Introduction, you may join the ongoing, beginner level classes. They’re listed on the Beginner timetable.

In each Introduction, to maintain social distance, there are limited spaces.

All poses taught will be easy beginner level poses that all can do. 

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This 2-class mini-course of 1.5 hours each is not part of the normal beginner level classes. So it can’t be done via the 2 week free deal when you buy a pay-by-the-week package, or 10 pass package. Please buy this mini-course separately.

You can also buy the pass with cash or EFTPOS at the studio at some point before the Introduction. If you want to do that, you need to let us know that you will do so, and still also reserve your spot in the class (or ask us to reserve your spot).

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Beginner yoga online

The 2 introductory classes will teach easy yoga poses that all can do, using yoga props as needed (like the belt in this picture).


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Summary of Introduction Deal

Want a yoga beginner near me class? Then try Flametree’s Yoga Beginners Introduction. It’s a tiny beginners yoga course in 2 classes of one & a half hours each (2 X 1.5 hrs). Then join our ongoing yoga classes for beginners or above. It’s a new way to start whatever beginner yoga class that is best for you. If appropriate, the Introduction may even guide you to the level above beginners classes. It’s online or in-studio, in Darwin Australia.

The online Introduction works well for various reasons. In particular, smaller regions may not have the Special Focus yoga beginner options mentioned above, or the quality yoga teachers, or the wide range of yoga class times.

To help you decide, there’s more below about about the Beginner Introduction. 

But now, or at any point you’re ready to go ahead, just buy via the “Add To Cart” button above. 


Attend Yoga Beginners Introduction with other total beginners

But if you’re considering the Yoga Beginners Introduction right now, here is more about it.

You’ll feel comfortable attending a short course where everyone is new to yoga, or recent to yoga, or are returning to yoga after a long break.

Over two classes you will be guided thoroughly in what is useful to know to start attending some regular yoga classes or yoga courses.

Based on your individual medical condition, and body type, the teacher will also give personal advice on what level, style and mix of yoga classes are best for you to attend.

This short beginners yoga course is conducted by Senior Iyengar Yoga yoga teacher Chris Lalor.

Below, you read how yoga can increase agility, stamina, focus, and career success. In addition, it can help you get a better relationship.

Immediately below, we’ll first outline more on the benefits of yoga.

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Sun salute

This pose is part of the famous sun salutation sequence of poses. In the Yoga Beginners Introduction, your yoga instructor will teach you some of these individual poses, in a preparatory and easy way. In your physical practice, they can later be put together in a moving sequence.

Content of Beginner Introduction

At the Introduction, you get:

  • a framework to go to beginner classes confidently
  • basic yoga poses learning & practise
  • a start, or re-start, on your road to fitness & flexibility
  • an outline of the what, why, & how of yoga
  • info on how yoga also helps any weight issues
  • discussion on how yoga otherwise helps your health
  • detail on why yoga fitness classes work best
  • advice on the best mix of further classes for you (further classes include the HALF price, & 2 wks free deals)
  • online set-up guidance if needed (at class or before).

The studio has constantly monitored, excellent air quality and ventilation.

Learn more on the many aspects of yoga

Over two classes you will be guided thoroughly by Chris Lalor, a Flametree Yoga accredited Senior Yoga Teacher and yoga therapist. With her extensive training, she has immense knowledge of the many aspects of yoga and breath meditation (aka pranayama).

You’ll also hear about the next level of yoga, and the Special Focus classes you can go to at Beginner level.

For instance, you’ll hear about the content and rationale of popular beginner class options for Back Neck & Shoulder Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and Easy Restorative Yoga.


Kim from Flametree Yoga Palmerston

Kim, a Flametree instructor, demonstrates a beginner pose with blocks. The sooner your start yoga, the better it will work for you. But it also helps at any age. 

Why yoga is better, different, & powerful

Among many other things, at the Yoga Beginners Introduction, Chris Lalor will also outline:

  • how poses are individually customised in any class so as to suit everyone, including at the Introduction.
  • how yoga fitness classes will give you both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and why you need both.
  • why and how yoga works for important issues like core strength, cardio fitness, as well as the positivity of your mindset.
  • the extra ways yoga helps you beyond conventional exercise (via working evenly on both your nervous systems).
  • how yoga often provides better solutions than physio, massage, psychology, occupational therapy, and chiropractic sessions
  • what classes are best for any particular health or fitness challenge you are managing (including via one to one discussion)
  • how yoga prepares you for powerful breathwork or breath meditation practices.

Of course, you’ll learn to do an appropriate range of basic beginner yoga postures (such as the one demonstrated above).

There’ll also be a question and answer session, where Chris will give you a useful and interesting answer to anything you raise.

Yoga props, & what to wear

In all of Flametree’s classes, all yoga equipment and yoga mats are provided. Some examples are in the picture below.

If attending online, it’s a good idea to have a yoga mat or non-slip surface.

For those doing yoga at home at any time, you’ll also learn how to improvise props from items in your home or office.

The Introduction will also include plenty about how to use your yoga props to do yoga so you maximise the many proven benefits of yoga.

Props Supplied At Studio,

But Here’s How To Improvise At Home.

yoga props

Online students can improvise as outlined in this short post on yoga props. We’ll also show you during the Introduction.

If you’re attending in-studio, just wear comfortable clothes suitable for movement. Nothing special is required.

More information, student reviews, or special advice on conditions

If you wish, there’s a range of further information below about why to choose this Introduction.

In other words, you’ll see more on why Flametree’s Beginner Introduction offers you the best beginning yoga.

If you need more detail now, the Introduction will also cover some of the extra topics and detail you see outlined in the sections below.

There’ll also be plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Before or after the Introduction, or by contacting Flametree, you can also get any additional advice you need from accredited Senior Teacher, and Yoga Therapist, Chris Lalor.

In addition, you could check out how Raj used yoga to fix his back, or why yoga is often an excellent alternative to physio.

You may also like to check out the quick links to personal yoga stories by our students, or their reviews of Flametree.

On the Flametree blog, there are also many other stories of success with using yoga for particular conditions.

Beginners yoga course benefits

Different people seek different things from the ancient practice of yoga. For instance, some just want a yoga workout, or workout plans. After attending the Yoga Beginner’s Introduction, you’ll have a much better sense of what you may want to get, and how basic yoga poses can deliver them.

So before we move on to discuss more on topics like how to choose among different styles of yoga, here’s an overview of the beauty of yoga, and its benefits.

Some of the many benefits of yoga’s training programs, including from beginner yoga poses, include:

  • Better breathing techniques, such as via extending your chest.
  • Weight loss (if that’s an issue for you).
  • Calming your nervous system, especially via restorative yoga
  • Addressing lower back pain, any other spinal issues beyond the low back
  • Improving overall fitness, including abdominal muscles
  • Better mental health, including via bringing you more into the present moment
  • Helping manage, reduce, or tolerate chronic pain
  • Increasing your range of motion via yoga’s physical postures
  • Better sleep, even without yoga nidra
  • Improved intimacy, without anything like Kundalini yoga
  • Better physical health, with over 100 medical conditions, proven clinically in recent years
  • Improving blood flow, especially in areas like the pelvis
  • Strengthening connective tissue throughout your entire body
  • Addressing particular conditions with a yoga therapist
  • More inner peace.

How to choose a top beginner yoga course

When you choose a beginners yoga course for yourself or a friend, you want to be sure you’re getting something that will work for you on a range of fronts.

The Beginners Yoga Introduction will briefly cover some of these issues, as well as teaching you actual yoga poses that you’ll do in the class, and whatever ongoing classes you choose.

Like anything you purchase that you may not know much about, it’s important to first find out the various factors upon which you will choose.

Then you need to know how any beginner yoga class stacks up in terms of those various factors. That includes even what it can do for any relationship you’re in (or want).

Therefore, on this page, we list and discuss the factors that other yoga students have indicated are important criteria for them.

For a beginner student, your choice may not need to take account of all of these factors. Some factors may also be more important to you than others.

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Downward dog pose

In this Yoga Beginners Introduction, because it’s your first class, there is obviously no advanced pose included. In short, the poses are all easy, preparatory poses. But they still give you many benefits, including for your nervous system, weight loss (if that’s an issue for you), and physical health. This pose is the famous downward dog pose. We will of course use English names, rather than the Sanskrit adho mukha Svanasana.

Factors in choosing any “yoga beginner near me” class

The links for more details, or to buy a our short, or long, beginner yoga course, are in orange on this page.

The criteria we suggest for choosing a beginner package are listed below. Under such headings, further down the page, we’ll outline more about them. Plus we’ll let you know what Flametree offers under each item in the list. (Below, we’re talking about items other than the benefits of yoga. There’s more about benefits above).

  1. Convenience of class times
  2. Physical factors like air-conditioning, centrality etc
  3. Prices and deals per yoga session, or block of sessions.
  4. Length of classes
  5. Training & independent certification of yoga teachers
  6. Appropriate level for beginners
  7. Yoga styles, or style of yoga training
  8. Improving your relationship via yoga
  9. Dealing with medical and menstrual conditions
  10. Senior teacher availability and training
  11. Yoga props to help get into postures
  12. Yoga versus other workouts
  13. Why men choose yoga
  14. What customers say.

Here’s some more about each of these factors to consider when choosing a studio or package, including what Flametree Yoga Studio offers you under each criteria.

Convenience of class times

First, for your yoga classes for beginners, you need a wide range of class times across a week. That is to say, you need to be able to easily get to one or more of the yoga classes at a time that works for your schedule.

Clearly, online yoga can also be helpful here, especially if you are a parent. But, even for online, it will work best if you have a wide range of LIVE online class times.

(LIVE classes means the yoga teacher can give you helpful feedback on the spot).

Second, you ideally need to have the option of getting to more than one class a week if you choose. Yoga training, like any other training, will work better for you if you do it as regularly and often as you can.

In other words, avoid long periods between whatever “yoga beginner near me” classes you choose.

Flametree currently offers eight yoga classes for beginners a week. Most classes are outside of normal working hours, but there are some during the day as well.

All Flametree classes on both online and in-studio, (including this mini beginners yoga course), at three Darwin locations, in Woolner, Casuarina and Palmerston. (The map at the respective links shows you more details).

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beginner yoga course

For the Yoga Beginners Introduction, Flametree is three hours of introductory beginner classes. The classes will be on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Online students will start up to a half hour earlier. They will get some extra help with their online set-up.

Physical factors like air-conditioning, air quality, centrality etc

Air-conditioning, or de-humidifying, is important and pleasant in at least your hottest months.

Without air-conditioning, you probably won’t do as much, or come as much.

If you’re online, have a place where there are no insects, and no interruptions. Ideally, have your yoga props close to you, such as a yoga block, and yoga strap. In addition, that includes any you improvise.

If you’re in North Australia, air-conditioning is especially important in the “build-up” months or weeks, when you sometimes feel drained of energy by the sticky conditions.

At the same time, if you’re in Darwin, given that you’re likely to be moving around Darwin for various activities, it’s useful to have a studio that is centrality located. Locations in each of the major parts of Darwin is also a plus.

Flametree yoga locations are air-conditioned, with good air filtration. You can also use the same yoga pass at each location.

The Woolner studio is on Bishop St, close to the corner where Bagot Road flows into Bishop St. That means it is also just off Tiger Brennan, via the Benison Road exit, where you see the sign to the Narrows.

Buses come from all parts of Darwin along the Stuart Highway, just behind Bishop Street. The closest bus stop on the Stuart Highway is between Ross Smith Avenue and Parap Road.

Casuarina classes are at the modern, comfortable Lyons Centre.

Palmerston classes are at the new and beautiful Gray Community Centre.

Prices and deals (beyond this mini beginners yoga course)

Any type of training needs to be affordable, without regard to how much you choose to do it.

A beginner course should offer you unlimited access to all the available beginner classes.

This includes letting you come to yoga several times a week if you wish.

It’s called an UNLIMITED beginner pass.

It’s also proven that you’re more likely to continue with your yoga fitness training if you involve one or more friends in the process, such as joining the class together.

Doing yoga with friends is an extra incentive to come. For example, you’ll see your friend or friends, and you’ll also feel inclined to be there so you don’t let them down.

So a GROUP PURCHASE DEAL for deal for your friend or partner, or for your workmates, for at least some packages, is very helpful to you.

If you happen to be a manager or owner of a workplace, your team will also be more productive if they’re fit. A group deal helps if you are inclined to subsidise your team’s fitness activities.

Flametree Studio offers unlimited and big discounts via various beginner and non-beginner deals. You can do these without the Beginner Yoga Introduction, or after it.

At Flametree, you can also pay by the week, with two weeks free dating from when you attend your first class.

If you wish, you can also repeat the beginner yoga course (or mini-course), several times.

After Beginners, you also get heavily discounted access to the next level (called Transition to Intermediate).

Together, these great deals are just another good reason to try Flametree, and its mini beginners yoga course.

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Or start yoga classes for beginners via TEN PASS options

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Chris Lalor

Chris, Flametree’s Senior Teacher, and the author of yoga posts on the Flametree blog page. Chris is the teacher of this mini beginners yoga course.

Length of classes and time doing them

Once you start or re-start yoga, it’s worth staying long enough to be sure you get the yoga, fitness, calmness, focus, productivity and other benefits you want.

It’s common sense that what you get is a function of the time you put into it. In other words, there is a straight line from your investment of time, and the benefits you get. In particular, there is especially true where de-stressing and medical benefits are part of the package you are seeking.

It’s also a matter of value of money. In short, the more classes you do per week, the cheaper they get.

We find that many students do up to 4-5 classes a week. So you get maximum value for money, and maximum benefits from be beginner yoga you’re doing.

But you can do any number of classes week – between one and six – depending on what works for you. Any amount of yoga will start giving you a mix of mental and physical benefits.

One of the great things about yoga is that it never gets boring or repetitive. You are able to zone into it, and the time just flies. That’s also a key reason why is works well for any condition you have that needs physio. If you have a long term condition, check out NDIS yoga.

Training & independent certification of teachers

Some key factors in the quality of teachers are the quality of their own yoga, the length of their training, and whether they have had to pass an objective, third party level of training assessment.

There’s two major types of yoga teacher certification being used in Australia, including in Darwin. One is called Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), and the other is certification by the Iyengar Yoga Association.

Iyengar is just a hatha yoga style. It was documented and developed in the 20th century by a modern yoga master (Mr BKS Iyengar).

RYT simply means the person has completed a yoga teacher course (often over as little as several weeks). In addition, they then registered themselves as having completed the course by paying the registration fee.

Registration is allowed on the say-so of their paid trainer. The training provider (subjectively) says they completed the training. It does not objectively certify they reached any particular level of proficiency in their own yoga or their training skills.

In contrast, certification by the Iyengar Association, involves not only completing a much longer training course over 2-3 years at a minimum, but also then being rigorously and objectively assessed for both their own yoga and their training skills.

In other words, Iyengar yoga has an objective certification teacher training system, and not just a paid registration system.

Iyengar training also requires a higher standard of personal yoga before you can start teacher training, and requires many more hours of teacher training overall.

As mentioned, Flametree uses teachers who are certified by the Iyengar Association.

Alternatively, the Flametree teachers must have completed at least 3 years of their own yoga, and one to two years of the rigorous teacher training course, and be well on the way to completing their certification tests.

Appropriate level of classes for beginners

If you get thrown into a “one size fits all” yoga class, you’ll find that you either can’t do much of the class, or its too exhausting, or the level of the yoga offered is very poor. It may be a combination of all those factors.

You’ll also find it harder to keep coming to class, because it’s too difficult, or you’re not feeling the benefits, or both. You may also feel intimidated by the level, or embarrassed by what you can’t do.

Sadly, you’ll find some studios that insist you need little of no beginner training in order to move straight into the level and type of standard “one size fits all” classes they offer. (It’s more about what works for the studio owner, than what works for you as a new yoga student).

Where you join a one size fits all class, you’ll obviously find people at all different levels, and the usually under-trained teacher won’t be able to offer much or any individual assistance (because there’s not enough time to do so, given the wide range of levels in the class).

Even worse, if you are a beginner and have no assistance, you are likely to injure yourself, or get little or none of the many benefits of a posture. You’ll get few benefits because you probably are not actually able to get into the posture fully or correctly.

For these reasons. Flametree studio offers five levels of classes. They are yoga classes for beginners, Transition to Intermediate, Intermediate, Experienced, and some periodic Advanced classes.

In addition, even at Beginner level, there are some milder classes, such as some of the Gentle Yoga classes, and the Back, Neck, & Shoulder class. (Your Flametree teacher can advise you on the best class or classes for you).

At each level, you get training and assistance at doing postures appropriate to that level, so you maximise the many benefits of yoga.

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Stuart Edith

Check out the new Beginner Introduction. In 3 hours, spread over two days on a weekend, the Introduction establishes a framework for you to attend regular classes with confidence. Depending on your skills and situation, you’ll be set up to attend an appropriate mix of the Special Focus classes, regular beginner classes, Transition level classes, or even the next beginner course, or mini-course.

Type or style of yoga training

In Darwin, and in much of the world, the two main styles of yoga are Vinyasa yoga, and Iyengar yoga. For your purposes as a beginner, Vinyasa mainly uses variations of the well know sun salute process, with a more limited range of postures, and less verbal instruction, than does Iyengar.

In particular, Vinyasa (and yin yoga) does not include inverted postures. A major part of the benefits of yoga come from these inversions. So Iyengar yoga teaches a much wider range of postures.

In a beginner yoga course, you’ll cover standing postures, forward bends, twists, sun salutes, and introductory inversions like the shoulder stand. The Yoga Beginners Introduction will also introduce you to these poses.

Using the Iyengar method, Flametree’s beginner level classes or course will give you a mix of all sequences of postures, and posture types. Therefore, you get the physical, mental and other benefits of yoga.

Yoga props will be used, and instructed on, depending on your level, so as to ensure you learn in a way that works for you.

By the way, Iyengar yoga pioneered the development of yoga props. They help you quickly get all the many benefits of yoga. Other yoga styles, such as Ashtanga yoga, Bikram yoga, hot yoga (and even most types of yoga app), won’t use them at all, or very little.

Improving your relationship

Based on feedback to our studio, one important reason that students do yoga is to have a more satisfying relationship, in all it various capacities, including physical.

They also want to look more attractive, both in their face, and their body.

As you know, if a relationship does not involve physical satisfaction, then it is just a friendship. It probably also has much less chance of lasting, due to the powerful chemicals produced by touching, hugging, and more.

So we find students often bring their partners, so they each get these powerful benefits for their relationship. (As well as being something they can do together).

Many people also, quite rightly, want their physical relationship to continue well into later years. This especially appeals to mature couples.

QUALITY yoga can offer all these benefits. But we stress the word quality, as you do need to be doing the full range of posture types that we mentioned above.

Badly done postures, without props or sufficient verbal instruction, or not the right range of postures, won’t get you the relationship or other benefits you may be wanting.

Flametree studio openly deals with being better in these areas, in several ways. First, Iyengar yoga spends a lot of time teaching you flexibility and strength with the pelvic area. Most people have little flexibility in this key fulcrum of the body. Yoga is unique in how it works on this part of the body.

Secondly, in workshops such as Women’s Only, we will point out and do the many other poses that work on building your capacity in relationship building areas, including how to increase blood flow to critical areas.

Sadly, most yoga studios consider this topic to be taboo, or know insufficient about the benefits of postures, or both. (Even when we post about this topic on Facebook, we have to be careful how we discuss it and the terms we use, as it can otherwise get seen less or not at all).

Dealing with medical and menstrual conditions

Many students have a range of particular conditions, ranging from knees or backs, through to anxiety, depression or cancer recovery. Flametree modifies your yoga postures accordingly, as necessary.

Menstruation also requires modified sequences for a few days a month. If anyone tells you otherwise, ask (for a start) if they have heard of gravity. (Fluids obviously don’t flow uphill).

You need teachers who know are trained to modify postures, or provide specific postures to address particular conditions.

Before starting yoga, or at appropriate times, Flametree ask you to confidentially tell your yoga teacher about conditions you have from time to time. The yoga instructor will then address conditions or situations for you as needed.

Please get in touch if you want to check we can handle your particular condition, and how we would do so.

By the way, the Flametree founder and certified Senior Yoga Teacher is the author of yoga blog posts, or pages, on topics such as Women Only yoga, pre-natal yoga, Yoga for Men,  Menopause, and yoga for painful periods.

Jade seated twist

Jade, a Flametree teacher, in a seated twist. Jade teaches at Beginner Level classes, plus the Beginners Yoga Course, and higher levels. All these levels are can be open to those who’ve done the Beginner Introduction, depending on their skills and fitness. The Introduction will guide you to the levels that will work best for you. 

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Senior teacher availability

A key factor in what you should get from yoga is the knowledge, skill and level of the accredited Senior Yoga Teacher of a studio (if they have one).

This impacts their supervision and training of your other teachers, and will also give you direct access to them as the senior teacher (in class and out of class).

Check out if there is a senior teacher, what is their ranking, and how much of the time they are in residence at the studio.

Sometimes you will also find they are away for the whole period of your course, and longer.

Flametree’s senior and certified yoga teacher is Chris Lalor, who has 25 years of yoga experience. She is at the studio all year, apart from a short holiday and retreat period.

Props to help get into postures

Some studios use a lot of yoga props, and some use virtually none.

Props help you get into positions, and get the full effect and benefit of the positions.

Some props give you the benefit of inversions before you can do them yourself, and others help you stay in the positions long enough to get additional energy and restorative benefits.

Flametree beginner courses and classes include the use of a range of props. They include the free use of mat, yoga blocks, blankets, yoga belts, yoga bolsters, and specialised yoga chairs.

In addition, as you move into higher levels, you’ll get free access to an ever-wider range of props, and training in how to use them.

If you doing yoga online, our post on yoga props outlines how to improvise them, or good spots to buy them.

For the online version of the Beginner Yoga Introduction, you just need a yoga mat or non-slip surface.

Mini beginners yoga course, versus other types of workout

It’s worth considering the difference between yoga on the one hand, and all other types of physical exercise like gym, walking, running, cycling, aerobics, swimming, or circuit training.

A key benefit of yoga is that you get physical fitness, as well as mental, emotional, and greater medical benefits.

First, its important to understand that yoga involves a solid workout that builds strength, stamina and fitness. Yoga is about movement, as well as serious muscular exertion. It’s not about sitting cross-legged and saying OMMM.

Second, yoga exercise is done in a way that stretches, strengthens and flexes muscles, rather than just building them up. A problem with muscle building in all other types of exercise is that the strength build-up simply makes you more inflexible.

Yes, being “muscle-bound” is real.

Third, in yoga, you are getting fit via doing postures that are proven to give you many more mental and medical benefits than standard gym or fitness activities.

There’s more in Flametree’s blog post about the differences between yoga and gym.

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beginners yoga course & beginner yoga class

At Flametree, yoga is for all genders, sizes, & ages. The Beginner Introduction, the Beginners Yoga Course, and all other levels, usually have about 25% men in the each class.

Why men do this mini beginners yoga course

In the West, even though men invented yoga, yoga now has more women trainees than men.

There’s at least three matters to address here.

First, men mistakenly think that fitness is about muscular build up, as in western fitness work.

In reality, yoga builds a leaner strength and stamina, while the breath and chest work is also good for the heart.

Second, men often already have some muscular build up, so they’re less flexible.

So men are challenged when a woman with less apparent muscle can initially do more than they can do. Flametree deals with this by including a good mix of poses of standing and other poses that men are quite able to do.

That’s especially true of poses involving upper body strength, which men are relatively good at. We also use props to help men (and women) with the postures that are initially more challenging.

Third, there are some areas where men especially need yoga. For instance, these poses for depression, emotional volatility, grumpiness, suicide, prostate cancer, diabetes, trauma, and other PTSD (including in veterans). Sadly, for example, the suicide rate for men in Australia is especially high.

Yoga has unique and proven benefits in all of these areas. Then, or course, good yoga offers you the type of relationship building advantages we already discussed above.

So our point is that as long as you are choosing the type of quality yoga such that we teach at Flametree, you (if you are a man) will be getting the lean strength that you associate with getting fit, plus a range of other powerful benefits that normal fitness training won’t deliver.

Flametree beginner courses are now about 25% men, with the percentage growing.

There’s a link here to the Flametree page that has more information about yoga for men.

What Flametree customers say

The proof of the pudding is what the customers say about the benefits and experiences they get from yoga.

On the Flametree Facebook Page, and it’s Google page, you’ll find detailed posts from many students about the very wide range of benefits they received, and how they have found their experience as a student.

At this post, we have exactly reproduced some of the recent reviews on Google, by Flametree students. They’re still on Google, so you can verify they are real people, and are accurately reproduced.

On Flametree’s Facebook Page, or blog, or both, there are also many extensive stories by Flametree teachers and students, of the many benefit they have received from yoga.

For instance, here’s what have proven to be a popular testimonial stories by Belinda, by Stuart, by Gary, and by Miriam.

If you want more stories of the benefits of yoga, go to Amazon and search “yoga stories”. You’ll find whole books by students about what they have gotten from yoga, including fitness, career skills, relationship benefits, medical recoveries, and more.

Another post taught in the mini beginners yoga course

yoga classes for beginners & beginner yoga class

Childs pose, with head on a block, is another example of a restorative pose. Child’s pose is one of the poses you’ll learn in the early stages of yoga. It’s especially used in the Special Focus class called “Restorative Yoga For Heart Health”, on Saturdays at 4pm.  

Child’s pose is typical of some of the poses you’ll learn in the early stages of yoga, including in the mini beginners yoga course.

Make fitness your resolution

Get a fitness powered brain, improve your relationship, and the many other benefits we’ve mentioned. In addition, hear more on how to choose the best beginner yoga deals for yourself, for friends, or work mates.

Do all this by coming along to Flametree’s Yoga Beginners Introduction, either online or in-studio. You’ll hear much more about the “yoga beginner near me” options you may be looking for.

In addition, for over and hour on each of the days of the Introduction, you’ll learn and do easy introductory yoga poses like mountain pose, child’s pose, and beginner restorative poses.

The Introduction will stick to poses for the total beginner. There’ll be nothing like any advanced poses, such as plank pose.

Your yoga instructor will give clear, easy to follow demonstrations and verbal, step-by-step directions. But we won’t be pedantic about where to exactly put your right foot, right knee, right thigh, or whatever.

However, the yoga teacher will explain things like the downside of hunched shoulder blades and a good way to fix that.

The best part is that you’ll get a strong foundation to work from in future. You’ll finish with a simple deep breath relaxation. New students will walk away immediately feeling some benefits.

If you’re attending in-the-studio, the Woolner yoga studio is just off Tiger Brennan Drive (at 19 Bishop St. Woolner). It’s between Tiger Brennan and the Stuart Highway, near the city end of Bagot Road. So there is fast, easy access from all parts of greater Darwin.

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